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  • Is Gulnar Virk Krishna, wife of actor Aadarsh Balakrishna, into event management ?
    Posted 8 months ago by Surabhi Srihari in

    Recently read an article which mentioned one Gulnar Virk Krishna who runs this company in Hyderabad named "HashTag Marketing", is she the same Guln...

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  • why does santa say ho ho ho ?
    Posted 7 months ago by Surabhi Srihari in

    Hi there!! this Christmas I attended my kid's school function, there I noticed this for the first time but couldn't really understand why does sant...

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  • best salons in Indiranagar, Bangalore?
    Posted 8 months ago by Manisha Khanna in

    Hi there! I have recently moved to Indiranagar in Bangalore, please suggest me the good salons here... the online ratings are misleading, anybody w...