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  • designer for ranveer singh and deepika padukone
    Posted 22 days ago by Khushi Agarwal in

    what was the designer outfit worn by bride and bridegroom ?

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  • Is satya nadella son a Muslim? His name is confusing me...
    Posted 8 days ago by Khushi Agarwal in

    Zain, though he is satya nadella son , his name sounds like an Islamic one... anybody also has similar observation as mine?

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  • Satya Nadella wife - Anupama Nadella
    Posted 8 days ago by Dhaaranikrishnan in

    <p>Mrs.Anupama Nadella is the wife of Mr.Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft and daughter of Mr.K.R. Venugopal, former secretary to the PM, in-charge of...