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  • Sudha Chandran trying controversy route for publicity?
    Posted 14 days ago by Jayashree Singh in

    On one hand, she says she will not enter Sabrimala temple even if allowed, and that day my friend showed me a video clip where she was seen dancing...

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  • Query regarding breast buds in babies - is it treatable or will they go away on their own?
    Posted 8 days ago by Jayashree Singh in

    My newborn niece has developed these, in the first place breast buds in babies is a point of concern, or it is normal?? please tell me soon...many ...

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  • How can I choose a perfect lipstick shade for lips?
    Posted 26 days ago by geetha in

    Hi friends, I am little bit confused to choose the perfect lipstick for my lips. Suggest me some tricks to choose the right one.

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  • Satya Nadella wife - Anupama Nadella
    Posted 8 days ago by Dhaaranikrishnan in

    <p>Mrs.Anupama Nadella is the wife of Mr.Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft and daughter of Mr.K.R. Venugopal, former secretary to the PM, in-charge of...