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Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon and Cosmetic dermatologist


  1. Best Paper Award - CUTICON 2016, Regional Conference-Puducherry 
  2. Won award for Original Article, Scientific society Annual Meet 2017 - SMVMCH, Puducherry


  1. Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists
  2.  Indian Medical Association International Dermoscopy Society


  1.  Nagakeerthana S, Rangaraj M, Karthikeyan K. One Drug-Two Similar Reactions. Report of cases of Ciprofloxacin induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Bullous fixed drug eruption. Journal of Young Pharmacists. 2016 Apr;8(2):161.
  2. Nagakeerthana S, Rangaraj M. Oral sores: a rare presentation of Herpes zoster. Geriatric Care. 2016 Sep 19;2(2).
  3. Nagakeerthana S, Rajesh G, Madhavi S, Karthikeyan K. Bowen's disease: Two case reports of a giant and dwarf lesions. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics.
  4. Nagakeerthana S, Madhavi S, Karthikeyan K. LEOPARD syndrome with late onset lentigines. Indian J Paediatr Dermatol. 2017
  5. Nagakeerthana S, Rangaraj M, Karthikeyan K. Icthyosis follicularis, alopecia, photophobia syndrome. a rare presentation. Int J Trichol 2017;9:67-9.

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  • Pimples problem
    Posted 3 months ago by Farida Jalali in

    My niece has suffering from a pimples problem so can you suggest some treatment or any homemade medicine plz. Thank you

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  • rosacea
    Posted 3 months ago by t**** ***** in

    Red itchy facial skin some bumps want to make red inflammation gone

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  • Stretch marks
    Posted 3 months ago by Liza biswas in

    Does discontinuing the use of any home remedy for stretch marks causes them to come back?

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  • Eyebrows
    Posted 3 months ago by Frances J Cazares in

    My eyebrows stick up, what can I do to relax my eyebrows??

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  • Pimple
    Posted 3 months ago by s**** ***** in

    Hello doctor,i am going to get married in 2 months.my 2 chins are full of pimples,and it is coming again and again and it leaves ugly scares.pls su...

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  • Hairfall
    Posted 3 months ago by suganya in

    Hello,i have severe hairfall,i used to have very long hair 5 yrs ago.my hair started to fall 5 yrs ago,and falling till date.i have consulted the d...

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  • Pimples
    Posted 2 months ago by R**** ***** in

    Hey... M 18 years old... I have oily skin.... So how can I get rid of acne scars effectively

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  • Infection
    Posted 2 months ago by Sehrish in

    Hi I have a problem on my face since 2 years and doctors prescribed me so many different creams and medicines but nothing worked out. I get rash,...

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  • seborreic dermatitis
    Posted about 1 month ago by l**** ***** in

    scales and dandruff in scalp

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  • Surgery
    Posted about 1 month ago by M**** ***** in

    Hello My name is maryan,28years old.I used to weight 80kg then lose my weight naturally through gym and dieting..am soon getting marreid and i wan...

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  • Neck
    Posted 25 days ago by Maitry in

    Hw to get rid off dark neck as am facing hormonal imbalance. Am taking tablet of thyroid and dronis 20

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  • Tanning and dull face
    Posted 23 days ago by S**** ***** in

    My face and hands are tanned severely and it is 3 to 4 shades darker than my inner arms which is comparatively very fair. What should I do to get t...

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  • corns
    Posted 15 days ago by M**** ***** in

    I have corns on my feet. They are on my toes the third and fourth one. they are not painful at all but a little embarrassing. My hands and feet swe...