Sunglasses For A Heart Shaped Face

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Someone wise once said that sunglasses are like eye shadow, they make everything look younger and prettier. And well, we cannot agree less. Sunglasses have the power to amp up the look without wanting any sort of a support from any other accessory. It is a statement piece and nailing the one that best fit your face type or your personality can get a little tricky to hunt. 

While your earring or a piece of necklace might not speak anything about your personality, a sunglass sure can scream your attitude and narrate your style story to people out loud. The fashion industry have seen a lot of drops and raise when it comes to accessory but the sunglass have become a constant fix and doesn't seem to go anywhere anytime soon. 

When you have an accessory that not just enhance your look but also works functional, say by protecting your eyes, the cost of it is going to be 100% worth it. But like we mentioned, nailing one which best goes with your face type can get tricky. Well, we are here to solve that problem out for one set of people. The heart shaped face. 

However, before jumping onto the shades or even the style tips, it is very important to know what a heart shaped face exactly looks like. So, shall we?

Sunglasses For A Heart Shaped Face

How To Determine A Heart Shaped Face

Before figuring out the right sunglasses for your face type it is important to know the characteristics of a heart shaped face. Lets first look at them so that finding the right shade which suits your overall appearance becomes easy. Someone with a heart shaped face will have a forehead that is broad and a chin that is narrow. For some the chin can also be slightly pointy. A widows peak is also one of the characteristics of a heart shaped face but some might not have it and still have a heart shaped face. If you are having trouble imagining this hairstyle then you can think of an inverted triangle and you will easily be able to connect and relate to that. Some of the famous celebrities with a heart shaped face are Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Hyland or even Chloë Grace Moretz. Some hairstyles that go best with this face type is Side-swept bangs, Fringes, Pixie or even a layers. It is one face type that accommodates everything. Now, that you are certain about the characteristics, lets straight away dive into the top sunglasses that best suit a heart shaped face.

Sunglasses For A Heart Shaped Face

Well, now that you know the characteristics and also some fun facts about a heart shaped face, it is time to dig in and find sunglasses that best suit your face type. Remember, you can experiment with it and also follow trends but that will not change the fact that when it comes to face type, there are certain guideline which when followed gives the best result. The choice is entirely yours, you can opt to go crazy and choose shades that you like or you can stick to the norms and go with the one that actually suit your face and not just your likings. 



  1. Round Sunglasses
  2. Cat Eye Glasses
  3. Metals
  4. Feels Of Retro
  5. Browline Accentuators
  6. Translucent Frames
  7. Translucent With Brow Defines
  8. Aviator Sunglasses
  9. Over sized Square Sunglasses
  10. Curvy Brow line
  11. Club Master
  12. Modified Wayfarer
  13. Rimless Frame
  14. Heavy Bottom Frames

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses[1] are the most adorable looking and thankfully to your luck, it is something that goes brilliantly well with a heart shaped face[2] as well. You can opt for the color of the frame when it comes to a rounded sunglass but keeping it semi transparent[3] is the best bet for your face. You can also let your personality speak through the color of your frame because that actually is true.  If you opt for a light pink or purple you will be immediately considered very dainty and feminine, something like a cheetah print will give you a bolder look wherein something like black will show that you like being in a place that is comfortable. 

Tip: If you are someone from very fair to fair complexion[4], then opt for a light almost pastel colored rounded glass as they beautifully on the face accentuating the cheekbone[5] whilst making you look chic.

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Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye had been rocking the beauty industry when it also decided to make an appearance in the world of sunglasses. A trend from the history, the cat eye entered the market yet again and took people by storm, AGAIN. Almost everyone was seen wearing this shaped sunglasses but the one face type that do the maximum justice to it has to be the heart shaped face. If you have always found yourself googling your eyes through things that are vintage[6], well, then the cat eye must be in your top list. It gives a very sharp look and also makes your face very angular. It has the capability to make the top half of the face very narrow and spread out because of its own shape. 

Tip: If you want to make a statement then opt for a cat eye glass with a color that will pop and scream confidence. A couple of these colors are hot pink, bright blue, Sap green or cherry red. What you pick totally depends on your complexion and also how comfortable you are with that particular color. 

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A lot of trends enter the market but goes crashing down. But then, a lot of trends come and conquer the market in a way that it feels that they belonged to it. One such trend was rose gold[7]. The rise of it was when Apple as a brand released their first ever rose gold phone and the market went crazy. Well, not everyone can afford an apple and the beauty and fashion market realized that soon enough and started making outfits like jackets[8] and makeup[9] with these shades. Well, the sunglass industry was not behind. They also bought this shade in the market and it got sold like hot cake. The rose gold as a color is very feminine[10], dainty but in a way also speaks power. And we feel that the best shape that will do justice to this color has to be a rounded frame. 

Tip: If all rose gold is not your cup of tea[11], you can add a trendy twist by getting translucent[12] beige frames with brushed rose gold arms to it. This way when the metals meets a color that is neutral, it will give a very trendy yet modish look. It will also help and define the high points of your face including your cheekbones. 

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Feels Of Retro

Who doesn't like retro. As much as we love the modern changes in terms of trends and fashion, there is reason why designers keep going back to the history to seek inspiration. Well, the reason is the ability of it being a classic. When you experiment with something that is a classic, there is no way it can go fad and therefore even when it comes to shades or sunglasses, the classic wired frame are the best bet. If you are opting for an exact vintage look then you can look for metallic colors like silver or copper but if you are the one who loves mixing old with new then you can go ahead and use some interesting colors there as well. If you have seen photo shoots from the 70's or the 60's, you must have seen these shades on the cover because they are iconic. They are not cutesy so if you are looking for that then you can maybe try something else. This is for people who love experimenting and who loves to be taken seriously.

Tips: If you are going for a complete old school[13] vibe then you must wear a straight cut or as we know it now boyfriend jeans[14] and pair it up with a t shirt or a sweater[15] and go ahead using these glasses. If you have short hair add rough curls to it or mostly keep them tousled and rough. You will quite easily nail the look. 

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Browline Accentuators

When you have a face that is heart shaped, you surely have bone structure that is very sexy and eye catchy. It is where you speak the most and it is exactly the place from your personality scream its character. So finding a sunglass that would accentuate these high points of your face like the cheekbone or the brow line is very important. And hence, you can opt for shades that are called or are famously known as the brow line accentuators. We get that you love your brow line and also want to flaunt it, but how must be the question. Well, you can opt for shades that are half-rimmed from the top. This way you can also decide upon the color that you want their which will again define your personality. Trying staying away from extremely bright colors though. 

Tips: Opt for shades like metallic's or pastels for this. Also choose arms that are thin as they will bring a nice balance between the two. While the arms are subtle and sober the metallic top rim will catch all eye and make your entrance to everywhere, grand. You can decide what you want to do with it. You can opt for a casual look by adding a little quirk to it or go all vintage. 

Translucent Frames

This has to be the years biggest trend and you are at luck because they go quite well with a heart shaped face. If you have a heart shaped face then you have high cheekbones and an angular face, for this, translucent frames suit the best. They are a trend from now but you can make them look vintage by adding round frames to it. Translucent frames have the capacity to become your current favorite and stay in that position for a very long time. They’re subtle, they are ultra-modern, and amongst all that, they are also unbelievably chic. 

Tip: You can very well play around the shape of the frame. A round will bring a vintage look wherein a cat eye will give your angular shaped face even more angle by making them look sharp. These will look extremely hot even when you wear them to office. That is the power of a translucent frames. They can look sexy and subtle at the same time. Something that will suit your parties as well as those corporate events too. 

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Translucent With Brow Defines

All translucent can be a bold decision and we understand that. Well, you can opt to add a brow defining thin frame to it if you are looking to add a different character to it. This way you will be comfortable wearing it and it won't look like a blob of transparency to your look. The best part about this look? Well, you can play around the colors that you want to use on the brow line definer. You can opt for bolds and bright if you are going for something adventurous or you can also opt for something neutral that mostly go best with transparent as they are an easy blend. Shades like browns and nudes will go really well with these. If you are someone who likes classic things but also find yourself inclining towards something contemporary, well, then the translucent brow definer is your best bet. 

Tips: There is a lot that you can experiment with this look but make sure that whichever color you choose, it looks like an easy blend and not a forced block. when you opt for a color that dwells in, it melts very naturally and does not look odd to eye of someone who is talking to you. A heart shaped face is a blessing and you must not take away from its features by opting for colors for your sunglasses that will bring all eyes to them and not evenly distribute it to your entire face. 

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Aviator Sunglasses

Who doesn't love aviators! They were pretty much the first names that most us learned from the sunglass or shades industry well, for all the right reasons too. Aviators have a lot of options when it comes to their details and hence the aviator are a perfect sunglass for heart shaped face. The reason why aviators look amazing on this face type is because of it thin wire frames and a double bridge. This equally distributes the face proportion and cause the face to look well framed. It was the Ray-Bans that first introduced aviators to the world and now they have seen way to many alterations. You can now find them in the classic, square or teardrop shape. The classics suit a heart shaped the most. Aviators are the most comfortable shades as they suit all kinds of face type. 

Tips: Try opting for aviators that has a slightly thick rim as they look the best with heart shaped face. Also try opting for colors or shades that are a little lighter. Aviators need the right amount of attitude if you are planning to rock them in the most natural way possible. You cannot just wear it and hope for them to work for you. They are worth it and you will have to make it work any which way.  

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Over sized Square Sunglasses

The name says it all. An oversized square sunglass is the best pick when it comes to face that is shaped in heart shaped. If you have a heart shaped face, you most definitely have a broad forehead and when you wearing something oversized, it balances the whole face out by giving an illusion that everything is proportionately divided. If your upper half is wider, you whole face can look wide. Well, the oversized square plays its charm in such cases. It gives a great contrast for a heart-shaped face making the face look narrow and toned. You can opt for black frames, tortoiseshell, or colorful, the bigger it will be the better it will be. The best part about oversized square sunglasses is that they are the most ideal accessory for all kinds of outfits. You can pair them up with formals a little carefully or go crazy with it with casuals, they will satisfy them all. 

Tips: If you are looking for a sporty and active look, an oversized square sunglass can be your best fit. This is surely not something that you can wear to your work place, but whenever you have an office party lined up or a vacation, these shades will make you go from nothing to glam in a second. So give it a chance and play around colors as well. You can opt to go neutrals or even choose bold colors. Just make sure that whichever shade you pick, it goes well with your tone. 

Curvy Brow line

It is an established fact that a broader half frame around the brows is a great sunglass option if you are looking for something for a heart shaped face. However, if there is something that looks even more better than this, then it has to be the curvy brow line sunglasses. It is an alternate to that but it looks equally awesome. The brow line gets its name because of the fact that it looks like an extra pair of brows on the head. However, just unlike aviators or Wayfarers which are made of metal, these are made of plastic. The curvy brow line was a rock star in the 50's as well as the 60's and has once again come to the rescue for the heart shaped face. 

Tip: These are the best options when it comes to casual looks so opt for it only when the occasions are casual and not formal. They might not be the best bet if you are looking for shades for a formal event. However, there are a lot other options for heart shaped face when it comes to your casual events like circle or squares. 

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Club Master

Club masters are also one amongst the sunglasses that fit a heart shaped face perfectly. The club master is a bold as well as a very stylish sunglass when compared to wayfarer as well as the aviators. It is very subtle as well as classy and something that will suit a suit very well. If you are confused which shades to wear for your next important meeting or official day out, the club master is your best bet. The thicker frames usually made of plastic and thinner arms will go perfectly fine your face type. Sunglasses that were invented in 1947 saw a turn to the present and has been your famous A listers most preferred and favorite kind of sunglass. It won't make a difference and will also look really nice with a laid back summer outfit, but it is better with a suited or a posh vacation outfit. 

Tip: Pair it with a smart suit and rock it for your formal events. It will look amazing and people will take you quite seriously. You will look bold and at the same time extremely beautiful. It was the film Falling Down which connected the idea of club masters with white people in suits which did a portrayal of powerful people. So if you want to replicate the same, then go for it with eyes closed. 

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Modified Wayfarer

If there is one sunglass that beats them all then it has to be the modified wayfarer or a normal wayfarer. Wayfarer have become so popular that its name has become synonymous with its shape. There are a lot of shapes that now go by the name of wayfarer but if you want to identify an original wayfarer then look for these characteristics. It comes with a thick plastic frame, square lenses and rounded corners. There are also one amongst the most famous sunglasses that have been shown in movies a lot of times. The wayfarers can make the person look extremely stylish and hot, so if you are looking to go for this look, then opt for wayfarers, closed eye. It is a timeless piece and you can choose this. 

Tips: Style this with casual wear or formal, they look pretty well with both of them. Wayfarers work brilliantly with 3 piece suits or even shorts paired with a T-shirt at the beach. There are certain trends that come and never leave and wayfarers are one of them. 

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Rimless Frame

Rimless glass is a great option when you are looking for a sunglass that looks amazing with heart shaped face. If you are looking for something classic then the rimless framed sunglasses is your best bet. There are a lot of variations and options when it comes to rimless shades and you can pick one according to your skin tone and personality. You have the option to choose from vivid colors and match them to your personality. Black, black matte, metals or even neutrals, opt for whichever one best suits you. They are one amongst the most trendiest sunglass as it helps gives a very clearer look. The best part about these sunglasses are how they are stylish, subtle and fashion forward, all at the same time. 

Tips: You can make them extremely stylish by wearing it with a torn down look or you can opt for a very neat formal look like a pencil skirt, tucked in shirt, pencil heels and the famous rimless sunglasses. They are the best of both worlds and you can quite easily rock both of them. This can also help you if you are planning to go from work to party. They are great when you are looking for transformations. 

Heavy Bottom Frames

Heavy bottom frames helps in dividing the face proportionately which in the case of heart shaped face is quite disproportionate. It is usually a broad forehead and a narrow face, but when you wear heavy bottomed frames, it provide a lot of volume and width even to the second part of the face. This way it looks all aligned and sorted. The heavy bottomed frames create an appearance which makes the face shape look very wide from the bottom. as if your face shape is wider at the bottom. The best option when it comes to a heavy bottomed frame has to be the one where the sunglass covers a very wide area of the second half of the face. 

Tip: You can pair them up with more of your cooler outfits as they give out a very chilled out vibe. They might not be the best option for formal, but for smart formals you can most definitely carry it in style. Opt for colors like browns, tans, black and brown if you are trying to keep it a little formal. And opt for shades like pastels or from the cooler family if you are planning to take them out and rock it on vacations. The color of the heavy bottom frame will also define its character. Also, if you are feeling bold, you can also opt for detailing like lazer cut or textured heavy bottom frames. 

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Fun Facts About Heart Shaped Face

The expert in face reading Dr Jean Haner disclosed some of the most interesting facts when it comes to a heart shaped face. Read through them so that you are all set to dive into the glasses that would best suit your heart shaped face. Consider this as a warm up before you get to the good stuff.

  1. People with a heart shaped face have a magnetic personality. They can allure people with their sex appeal and keep eyes glued to them.
  2. People with a heart shaped face are known to be highly creative. And they definitely don't like keep it in the darks. They are proud of it and they love showing it off.
  3. Rejection is something that scares a heart shaped person the most.
  4. You seek attention but in all the positive and good ways and hence you can be a tad bit of a drama queen sometimes.
  5. You can also sometimes come out as indecisive.
  6. It is very difficult to hurt a heart shaped face. You are quite tightly shut.
  7. A heart shaped person also comes with an abundance of energy which you like shedding out using your creativity.
  8. You are extensively competitive but in a good way.
  9. A heart shaped face cannot choose to settle. You need everything perfectly done and as how you planned for it. If something goes wrong and not as per the plan, it can make you anxious.
  10. You can be extremely impulsive at times too.

As its characteristics says, the heart shaped face is actually quite tricky and difficult to handle and flaunt. You would need a lot of trial and error even with the sunglasses that are mentioned above. Just because it is mentioned in the list does not mean it will suit your personal style as well. These are sunglasses that very generically suit heart shaped face. But what is life if you don't try and instead find the perfect fit right from the very beginning. 

Sunglasses is one such area where you can experiment and get what you want and what best suit your personality. But that does not mean that you don't have the liberty to try on other shades. The best thing about fashion is not how well it works and runs with trends, but how comfortable you can get after wearing it. That pretty much defines weather it has made a cut in your wardrobe or not. So experiment away but keep the basic guidelines in mind. 

Take that risk, take a leap and you will be able to look as stylish as your famous film stars. Lastly, be confident in whatever you choose for yourself. If you are ever in doubt about which sunglass to pick, you can always come back here. Go ahead and look fabulous.

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