Short Layered Hairstyle For Thick Hair

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Hair has the power to change someone's look entirely. It can make an innocent girl look edgy and bold, an introvert look confident and outspoken, a tomboy looks like a princess and the ultimate girl next door look like a movie star. That is the magic of hair. It can narrate stories that even words cannot speak. However, they do demand something. That is attention. The biggest problem women must be facing in her life that can truly stress them up is related to the hair. Thin hair, hair that breaks, split ends, to problems are endless. However, amongst them, there are few people, who are naturally blessed with hair that is healthy and thick. 

Thick hair is very rare to find because the external factors pretty much suck out all the nutrients from the skin as well as hair. However, there are few, who still have managed to keep their manes strong, healthy and thick. However, there sure is something that even they lack. Styling them. What is the point of having hair that is healthy and thick if you have left it as is and you fail to work around it to change your appearance entirely? We are not asking you to change yourself, but if there is something that can help accentuate your looks and make them look better, why not opt for them. 

Here, we will talk about hairstyles that best suit hair which is thick. And the best way to flaunt thick hair is by keeping them short. So here is a list of hairstyles that will help your thick mane grab even more attention than before and bring you in the spotlight where you stand confident because it is your hair which is speaking volumes for you.

Best Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Here is a list of best hairstyle which will not only improve your hairstyle but also work around improving your overall persona. You must be great from inside but if you don't reflect back out to people, all of it goes to waste. So here is the list of best hairstyles which will not just change your look, but with that, also change your fate.

Short Layered Hairstyle

While we agree that layers work best when it comes to hair that is thin because it can help treat the problem of thin hair and make the hair look voluminous, who said it does not look great with thick hair? If you are amongst someone who owns thick hair, then you are lucky. Thick hair when maintained can come with great quality. Keep the length of your hair ending right at your neck because layers done to this length looks beautiful. 

If you have seen the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and you loved the haircut that Rachel aka Jenifer Aniston flaunted in season 3 then you will love this because this is exactly that. 

How to Achieve It: Half of the work is anyways done considering you have thick hair, now all you have to do is get them chopped in layers. If you have an elongated face then we recommend adding layers from cheekbone and below. This will help in widening your face and make it look broad rather than long. Give it a nice chestnut colour and you will be able to rock this look quite easily.

Feathered Hair Cut With Highlights

Feathers are a great way to show depth and dimension to the hair. It is such a pretty cut that it will bring all the attention to you and you will become the spotlight. This provides perfect shape, the right length as well as the perfect texture. There is so much that is going on with this look, the texture the dimension that we recommend opting for the right colours instead of something that is too bright or bold. 

Mix in the right shades of brown and give your hair a nice low and highlight. This way it will look natural but yet very attractive. You can work around the shades of highlights but we recommend opting for lighter ones. 

How To Achieve It: This is more of a shaggy look and looks the best on the very first day of wash. Give it a nice feathered look and add in the light as well as dark brown highlights. Blow dry them outwards and you will be all set. Keep the length where the hair ends right in the middle of the neck. Too long will take away from its textures and too short wouldn't look as mesmerizing as this.

The Corporate Cut

If you are looking for a corporate look, it is not important that you get the bob or the pixie only. You can opt for this particular one. For this look, all you have to do is keep a few chunks of hair from the front a little longer than the one which ends at your ear. This will give it a very edgy look and also keep it as chic as possible. This is perfect for when you have a very strict office culture. However, we would love to warn you that it is not much you can do when it comes to styling this look. 

It will pretty much look the same till the hair grows. That is the same reason why it is apt for a corporate environment. Also, this look ensures you don't end up wasting a lot of time on styling. All you need if blow drying the hair and that is pretty much it. These are all hairstyles inspired by the '90s. This was seen sported by Monica Geller from F.R.I.N.D.S again. 

How To Achieve It: If you like the look but you think it is too plain or simple then we recommend adding in a few highlights to pep it up, however, if you want to keep it looking professional, we recommend going for a black or a dark brown. These are hair colour that best goes with all kind of outfits and you will not even have to worry about the ways you can style them.

Smooth Bob

The one drawback that everyone with thin hair has is that they cannot naturally give justice to any look. It requires a lot of blowdrying and volumising serums to pump it up. However, when you are blessed with hair that is thick, you practically have nothing to worry about. All you have to do it get the haircut. The bob is just that. While with thin hair getting a plain smooth bob can be very risky cause it can just fall flat, the thick hair can make it look ravishing. 

This is also great for times when you are looking for something corporate-like. If you are someone who has thick hair which is also straight, don't think any further and rush to a stylist to get this look asap. You can give it a nice layer just in the front and feather it back where it will mix with the volume of the hair. This will not just make it look chic but also add in a sense of movement to the look. 

How To Achieve It: You can keep it one single length or you can also add in bangs or the layer that we were talking about. The choice is yours. Front bangs will give you a very powerful look wherein the side ones will make it a little fun and young. You can choose whichever best suit your personality and go ahead with that. Colours like blonde if you are very fair and fair or browns and even burgundy looks stunning with this hair cut. You can play around the colours but make sure you keep the smoothness of it intact.

A line

You must have seen girls with hair that is voluminous and graduating in the form of the letter A from back to the front where the length is longer in the front. Well, the trick here is the quality of the hair. Anyone can get that cut but the magic happens with the volume of the hair. You can try as much as you want with thin hair to add volume but what natural thick hair can do is something that you cannot achieve with thin hair. There is no requirement of any sort of a blowdry with it. 

You can however just use it once to tame them down. Keep the edges sharp and it will give you a fantastic look. The best way to flaunt this look, however, is to add a little layer to this look. It adds a sense of movement in the hair even if you keep it single toned. If you have straight hair and you are looking for a transformation then look no more, this hairstyle has the solution for you. 

How To Achieve It: You need a professional stylist to master this look. It looks very simple but to get the angles right an to make that graduation look natural, you will need expert hands. Add in layers but keep them very subtle and also keep them long. You can opt for colouring your hair or also leave it as is. The option is yours. This look can be curled for times when you want to go out party and can be left straight for your work environment. Choose whichever best suits you. Make it fun or keep it formal.

Pixie With Shag

Pixie is our most favorite when it comes to hair that is short. Also, if you are looking for something that is edgy yet professional, something that is apt for your work environment too then this haircut will be perfect for you. It is also one of the very few haircuts that are also great when it comes to being something peppy and fun. If you think the classic pixie will be too short for you to handle, then we recommend for you to add in bangs to make this haircut look very feminine. 

The shag will add a touch of fun while keeping it formal and assembled. The best part when it comes to the pixie cut is how easy it is when it comes to maintaining it. It will also be very economical because you will need fewer hair products and lesser care with hair that is this short. 

How To Achieve It: The one thing you need with pixie is precision. If it goes even an inch lower than the standard length, it will take away from the entire look. So make sure you get it done from an expert who will ensure that you get it cut in the best manner. Also, for the shag, you don't need anything more than layers. Considering the amount of shag, you can choose to either keep your layers long or short. Short will be denser while long will give it a more feminine feel. Also, add in good highlights to it in order to accentuate the look further.

Short Stacked Bob Balayage

If you thought balayage is only for long hair, you were wrong. They look stunning even on short hair and will, in fact, it reflects back in a much better way from a short hair. When one thinks of bob, the only thing that comes to mind is something which is at least neck length. However, the short bob is also great. When you have hair that is thick, going for short is the best option. It reflects back the best from it. A short bob ends right where you mushroom cut would. This cut will end right at the nape of the back neck. You can add in layers in the front as they will work beautifully with this look. 

The colour of the balayage can be totally your choice, however, if you are looking for a natural shift, we recommend opting for shades from the browns, if you want something in a little bolder and brighter section, then go for reds  and if you think this is way too subtle for you then you can always experiment with shades likes blue and pink. However, remember that whichever colour you choose, it will be the mood that you will be reflecting. Browns would mean subtle and perfect for work, reds will be a good balance between work and fun and dark bold colour like blue will be great for something edgy. 

How To Achieve It: The trick with this is to chop it in a way that it ends right where the skull ends. It needs to be extremely short, that is when you will be able to nail this look to the max. The second most important element with this look is the balayage that you will do to it. There is less space so make sure that the transition is very subtle and not too drastic. That will make it look very natural instead of making it look too chunky and weird. 

Black And Ash Blonde Pixie

Pixie, as we know, is a great hairstyle when it comes to short hair. However, if there is one colour that looks great when it comes to short hair, it has to be black with ash blonde highlights. The one drawback with this, however, is that it will look good on someone who has very fair to fair complexion. But then again, it is all about how one can carry a colour. Someone dark can also style it in the most amazing way and they will look great with it too. This shade has found a great space in the world of trends and all you have to do is get it done professionally from an expert. This combination will look great with a pixie cut and also add in the sense of edginess to it. 

Two tone hair colour are great options when it comes to short hair. They look extremely fantastic. It is a colour that compliments all season and highlights the mane in the most beautiful way possible. Just make sure that you stick to the same tone i.e warm, cool or neutral. This will help make the colours settle in beautifully with each other and make them blend in. This choice will make it look extremely flattering. Plus the bonus point with this hair colour is how well it compliments different kinds of events, outfits as well as complexions. 

How To Achieve It: The trick here is all about getting the hair colour done in the right way. What we love here are the colours that you can play with. If you are someone who darker complexioned then you can keep the ratio of 70-30 where 70 per cent of the hair is I black while the rest 30 is ash blonde. You can reverse it if you have a fair complexion. This way you will be able to make this look flattering. Blow drying is enough when it comes to styling it.

Side Updo

With great volume come responsibilities. You must be wondering that you sure have thick hair and you don't even mind getting them chopped to a shorter length but what about times when you have to style them. Instead of curling them, what other option are you anyway left with? Well, we understand your concern but it is not that it is impossible to style them. It can get tricky yes, but surely not impossible. This particular hairstyle is that little change which will work brilliantly for short hair. You might not have great length but you sure have a good amount of volume, you can always use fancy clips and tuck them to one side to create this side updo look. 

It needs zero efforts but has the capability to even make a something like Pixie, very feminine and dainty. Pick up hairpins that best suit your personality and that you can carry without a doubt and that's it. That is all you need to rock this look. Even if you are having a bad hair day where your hair refuses to behave the way you want them to, you can opt for this look. It will make the messy into stunning within seconds. 

How To Achieve It: To master this look to the T, we recommend using rustic old pins which comes with a matte finish cause they will give a very Victorian feel to your look and you will be able to flaunt it to parties with gowns as well. However, that is just our recommendation. If you feel like going with pearls, go with pearls. If studs excite you then opt them. Also, to make it look dimensional, add in texturising cream or spray. This will helps in adding nice beautiful, natural wave to the hair. 

Pastel Pixie

All we did was talk about safe colour options that you can go with when it comes to short hair. However, if you are a free-spirited soul and all you understand is being bold and expressing that from the way you dress as well as you live your lifestyle, then we recommend the pastel pixie to you. But we are warning you beforehand, this is not a hair colour for light-hearted people and you should not get it if you are not 100% sure about it. This look speaks drama like nothing else. Firstly the cut itself. Not something that everyone can carry and then topping that, the colour. 

We believe that with the confidence you can carry whichever colour you want however, going by its undertones, this is something specially made for a very fair to fair complexion. However, if you know you can rock it, then close your eyes and trust your guts. It is inspired from none other than all the fantasies that you girls have been dreaming of. Which pastel you want is totally your decision. We recommend opting for the purple. They look extremely great when mixed with a little platinum and black roots. That is the trick, you will have to mix and match in order to keep the hair depth intact. 

How To Achieve It: We hope you understand that magic needs expert hands. You cannot just do this at home until and unless you know the tricks to. We recommend leaving it to the expert. As we said, we recommend opting for purple as they look very feminine and at the same time edgy too. As much as they will match your pants, they will match your dresses too. And when it comes to styling, we recommend straightening it when you are wearing it with a dress and blow drying the top part of the pixie outwards and up in a curl when wearing with a casual outfit.

Brunette Bob With Curled Ends

When one says brunette, a lot of people still think that it is one single colour that someone is talking about. Not true. Just like, how purples have different shades in them, the brunette has the same. It consists of a wide range of shades starting from honey to cocoa to chestnut and even mahogany. The option is almost unlimited and all of them are gorgeous while giving adding panache to your look. But you know what is even better than having brunette hair? Having brunette hair that peeps from a nicely cropped and chopped bob. You must keep the length for this particular one a little longer. 

It will add a sense of dainty to it. Plus it will also provide the hair to move and give it enough space to create its highlights and shadows. However, if you think there is something that is still missing with it, then all you have to do is add in curls right at the end of the hair on the tips. This is how you look like a movie star without having to spend in as much money as they do. Choose for a nice brunette if you are not one naturally. And if you are a brunette, then think about adding in a highlight to it to further accentuate the beautiful colour that you have. 

How To Achieve It: Once again, the trick here is in the colours and the cleanliness in your cuts. Bob has been a trending look because it can instantly turn moods and make one ready from office to party in a jiffy with it. To style this look, firstly, we recommend adding in highlights to create a sense of movement to the hair otherwise they will fall flat. However, it is not a compulsion. You can choose not to as well. Now, get them chopped in a nice bob and use some texturising cream on it. Now, curl the ends using a curling rod or through a straightener as well. And you are done. Make sure to use a serum that will add shine to this look. It will become the glam element for this look. 

Inverted Thick Bob

This seems like it is inspired by the emo culture but that is not the case. It is just an edgy look that we are sure you must have spotted on someone and drooled over. Yes, well, this is that look after all. Drool-worthy. While having hair that is longer at the front an shorter at the back is quite common. What if we say that in this case, it is one of the sides which will be longer than the other. This is more towards the punk side yet manages to look chic. And the best part? You can try on this look even before getting it. All you have to do is pin one side of the hair and leave the other as is. This will show how the final look will look. If you like it you can go ahead with it or else not. This mostly suits all face kinds and might not be very professional but will certainly go for your office too if you don't have an extremely strict dress code. 

The best part, you can rock it with whichever look you want. Denim, skirts or even dresses. You don't necessarily have to colour the hair also. Your natural hair will also look great. However, there is one rule with this look, while it is asymmetric, the neatness of this should not be compromised at any cost. Make sure you use frizz free serums and keep the lines fine. The fly outs will totally ruin this look. Also, make sure that your hair is in the most perfect condition health wise. This does not need great colour but this look does need good quality hair. 

How To Achieve It: This will need you to have an inverted bob in the first place. You will have to give it a perfect A shape and then get it chopped in a way that your preferred side has longer manes. It will be asymmetric throughout and that is how it will work. Wash your hair and apply some frizz free serum in order to keep them looking neat and clean. You can also curl them when you are wearing it with a dress. It will make it look much dainty and feminine. It is a versatile look and you can play around it however you want. 

Thick hair is a bliss. Anyone who naturally has it shouldn't waste it by keeping hair that is extremely boring. Style them, cut them and play with them in a way that it looks like you are proud to own them. Just thick hair is of no use if they are not in the right health. Make sure you keep them nourished and keep them oiled so that the always look healthy and not just thick. Also, hair can express whatever you are feeling in the most beautiful way. It is, after all, an art so choose what you want to express and go ahead with it. 

Not everyone is blessed with a good hair quality so if you are, then make sure that you use it for the maximum of your benefits. Keeping your manes healthy and they will never fail to keep you happy.

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