Short Haircuts for Long Faces

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It is amazing how different people have different characteristics. Some have dreamy blue eyes, some are blessed with the best skin possible. While a lot of people talk about eyes and lips when it comes to structure and facial features, it is important to note that the face in itself can make a huge difference. It is after all the face that frames the whole hair. And surprisingly what is even more important than the face structure is the hair that supports it. While all faces must be styled with respective hairstyles to best support it, the one we are discussing today is an elongated, long face. The elongated long face has a narrow frame, wider forehead and sharp cheekbones as their characteristics. It is the most attractive facial structure as it provides a natural hourglass shape to the face. This makes it ramp ready at all times. Teaming it up with the perfect hairstyle would help it to concentrate on features that are chiselled and avoid the ones that are problematic. Here are the top hairstyles that you can try when you have a face that is long and elongated. These will ensure that your best features come forward and all your flaws are very well hidden.

short haircuts for long faces

Top Best Hairstyles To Rock A Long Face

  1. Deep Side Parting
  2. Semi-Tight Curls
  3. Long Layers
  4. Front Bangs
  5. Updo With Braids
  6. Side Plaits
  7. Layered Bob And Side Bangs
  8. Shoulder length Hair Long Face
  9. Chin Length Bob
  10. Shaggy Long Bob
  11. Curly Bob
  12. Pixie With Bangs
  13. Sophisticated Bob
  14. The Sassier Look
  15. Soft And Edgy
  16. Inverted Bob
  17. Triangular Bob
  18. Asymmetric A-Line
  19. Versatile Pixie Cut
  20. Rounded Bob
  21. Outwards curls
  22. Uneven Bob
  23. Low Buns
  24. Hair colour Contouring
  25. Wild Curls
  26. Curtain Bangs
  27. Blunt
  28. Windblown Pixie
  29. Teased Centre Parted Hair
  30. Shaggy Bob With Imperfect Bangs
  31. Curly Pixie

Deep Side Parting

The trick with a long face is to add volume to the hair[1] but near the cheek area to give a wider frame. A deep side parting does exactly that while making you look red carpet ready. Short hair is the preferred choice for someone with an elongated face, but if you want to keep your manes to long length, always do a side parting and add as much volume possible near the cheek area. This is one amongst the celebrities most preferred haircuts and it clearly goes to say why. You can team this look up pretty much everything. It, however, looks the best on a gown or a dress. 

Tip: Try to use non-greasy oils or serum to flatten out the top and using your curling iron add volume to the area near cheek. This way the hair would look wide and will also make you face broad. 

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Semi-Tight Curls

Extremely long hair that goes below the shoulder can make the face look even longer and hence texture must be added to it. If you cannot compromise on the length, then you have got to add curls or waves to your hair[2] so that they create volume and lifts up from its original length. The thumb rule here is, the more hair around your face the less long it will look. 

Tip: The best way to achieve this is to flatten the top section out using a straightener and then adding tight curls in the lower section. Use your fingers to gently comb through the hair to volumize it further. 

Long Layers

Layers are the easiest way to add volume, be it for short length hair or long hair. Adding layers on top of your crown will make your hair look volumised and suits someone with shorter face or thinner hair. However, if you have an elongated face, the best place to get these layers would be right where your cheekbones start. This gives the face a square like structure, making it look wide. Layers are also a style that can be carried easily by everyone and is suggested by almost all stylists to solve hair and face structure problems. 

Tips: If your face resembles the oval even the slightest bit, your best bet would be layers that start somewhere below the eyebrow level and goes all the way down. The layers require minimum maintenance and just a hair[3] wash and towel dry would be enough to achieve glamorous looking hair. 

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Front Bangs

A common thing between all elongated faces is a forehead that is narrow and long. But thank god for inventions like bangs, you can cover it up very gracefully. Bangs very precisely and in the most balanced way divide the face proportion. Bangs have their share of memories in everyone's lives and they can be styled in the most personalised way possible. The ideal way to deal with bangs and keep all eyes at them but not your elongated face is washing them more frequently than your wash care routine. Roots tend to get oily the first and bangs are the closest to them. Wash them regularly with a mild shampoo to keep them bouncy. 

Tips: Always ask your stylist to cut your bangs when the hair has dried. Wet hair[4] tends to shrink up and there is a fair chance that you will end up with bangs that end at a weird mid-forehead level. You can always experiment with bangs by trying different textures and styles. However, make sure nothing adds volume on top as it will defeat the purpose. 

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Updo With Braids

Well, who said someone with short hair cannot make an updo? If you have very short hair you can always pin them up to give the illusion of a bun. A bun with braids helps face that is elongated. It takes all the hair away from the face and brings all focus to features like jawline, cheekbone, lips and eyes. While the bun tames the whole look down, adding a braid to it adds a touch of fun while bringing texture to the look. 

Tips: An updo or bun made on top of your head or at a higher level would defeat the purpose of balancing an elongated face. Make a low bun and then add braids to preferably to both the sides so that it adds an equal amount of width to both sides. 

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Side Plaits

If you have hair that is shorter in length it is most likely to happen that if you braid your hair and pull it on the sides, or make a side braid, it will add a lot of volume near the cheek area as the braid wouldn't go sleek due to less hair. And if your hair[5] is further in layers they will naturally create a messy look which will add even more volume. It takes not more than 15 seconds to make and requires no maintenance whatsoever. A band and a few seconds are all you need to balance your face out. 

Tips: Try to keep the braid as low as possible. You can make it at the very convenience of your home. If you have hair that is super sleek, we suggest pulling the hair a little out after braiding it. Don't decorate your braid as it will bring attention to your hair and then again to your elongated face. 

Layered Bob And Side Bangs

An elongated face best suits hair that is short and very close to hair. Longer and lengthier hair will further make your face look narrow and elongated. Hence, try to keep it as short as possible. The trend of bobs took the market with a storm and in the favour of people with a longer face. Bob's wouldn't make your hair look very tom-boyish and styling it a little can even add that touch of feminity to your entire look. However, just a short bob can add a few inches of hair on the crown hair. To avoid that, balance it out with side bangs. It equally distributes hair[6] on the top as well as on the face to balance the face structure out. 

Tips: Don't add layers to your bob that starts on the crown. Instead, add it exactly where they touch your eyebrows. This way you don't elongate your face further but also add enough width to the face. Keep it sleek and add side bangs to it. Always keep your bangs full of volume. 

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Shoulder length Hair Long Face

The perfect length for a face that is long is when it hits right at the shoulder. Anything longer will narrow your face further and anything short can add more volume on the crown, which would also make your face looks longer. There is a lot you can do with your shoulder length hair. Add bangs to it to cut down a few years or add layers to give a more sophisticated and sharp look. While long can be opinionated to feminine and short to edgy and bold, the mid-length hair or shoulder-length hair is the perfect balance between both. A little styling can completely change your look and make you look princess like or turn you into a punk. 

Tips: Try and keep a middle parting when you have shoulder length hair[7] as it helps in flattening the crown. The flatter the crown the less long your face will look. If you are opting for layers, make sure it starts right at your eyebrows so that all attention goes to their cheekbones and jawline. It will also allow to naturally add a sense of sophistication and edginess at the same time. 

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Chin Length Bob

If you want to look as powerful as Anna Wintour, who is running the fashion world in the most stylish way, a chin-length bob should be the first change you're bringing in yourself. This is a perfect hairstyle for a woman who works in the corporate world and someday dreams to conquer it. It automatically boosts confidence and can be carried easily with everything. You can do a few changes here and there and transform your look completely with a chin length bob. The best thing about this hairstyle is the fact that it isn't too short to be uncomfortable nor is it too long to be not manageable. 

Tips: This is the most comfortable bob to carry. A side parting looks the most natural with it but if you are someone with a lot of natural volumes, a mid-parting will look the most flattering. 

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Shaggy Long Bob

Bob's have become every single person favourite. Be it people with round shaped face, or for someone who has a face that is long. While you might find the normal or classic bob very serious and professional, you can add a sense of fun and quirkiness with a bob that is shaggy. Shaggy Bob is also known as the messy bob. The messier is becoming trendier and everyone is wanting it. Having it when you have a long face acts as a cherry on the cake. It adds a lot of texture to the hair giving it dimension. If your hair[8] is absolutely sleek and straight, you will have to add little layers even on your crown to give it a shaggier look. Compensate that by adding bangs. 

Tips: Hair products are a must when it comes to a messy hair look especially if you have straight hair. There is a lot that you can do with a messier bob, all you have to do is find the one that you are most comfortable in carrying. 

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Curly Bob

Bob is every girl favourite and the most amazing thing about it is the number of ways it can be styled and versatile into. If you have naturally wavy hair, you are at luck, but if not, you can always use tools to create fake curls that look very naturally blended in. The curls or waves add a lot of dimension to the hair. It provides a lot of depth especially if you have coloured your hair[9] in the combination of low and high lights. Curly bob just like messier falls on the casual section. However, when neatly combed, it can very well look professional and be paired with a power suit too. 

Tips: The best way to carry this looks is to keep it very natural. If you are adding curls or waves using a tool, we suggest opting for a texture that is closest to your natural hair. Tight curls will look very unnatural and made up when worn by someone who has straight hair. 

Pixie With Bangs

The most difficult to carry but the least difficult when it comes to managing. A pixie cut is one where 90% of the hair is on your head but not volumised. All this requires is a haircut. You don't need any styling appliances nor do you need any serums. The pixie looks the best when left untouched. However, for someone who naturally has a hair volume that looks bouncy, a pixie can further add height to it making them look taller. For them, a bang is a must. A side swept bang looks the best when paired with a pixie. If you are looking to entirely cancel out maintenance, detangling and brushing through hair[10] that always looks messed up, the pixie with a bob is the easiest bet. The bang will also cover up that elongated forehead in the most stylish way possible.

 Tips: Opt for a pixie that does not have layers and sit like a wig on top of your head. Also, make sure that the bang is pointy as it adds sharpness to the entire look and never keep it longer than the chin. 

Sophisticated Bob

If you are someone who likes things simple and as they come, sophisticated bob is your thing. If sharpness and professionalism are all that you are looking for then this is your best bet. A sophisticated bob is a type of bob where all the layers of the hair are cut in one single length and blow dried inside in a way that the hair cups the face. It gives a very round-like shape to the face, taking everyone's attention from those long forehead and face. While everyone likes being sharp, this is the easiest way to achieve it. This also complements really well to someone who has short but thin hair. 

Tips: All that the sophisticated bob needs is a blow dry inwards so that it would cup the face. This comes with bare minimum maintenance, and when worn with power suits and formal skirts, they look a class apart. You can also add in a glass so that when people look at your face, they see your hair, the jawline as well as the glasses but not the elongated face structure. 

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The Sassier Look

The "sassier" screams attention and if you have decided to carry it forward be assured that you might get to hear a lot of comments that might not be pleasing. The sassier look brings a sense of oomph to the entire look while being easy to carry. However, do it only if you are 100% sure about the idea as it can be challenging to carry it with everything you wear. If you are someone who is growing the hair from something very short to long, congratulations to you, it is the most trusted and desirable way of giving the upper layer of the hair a chance. If you are someone who has straight hair, this look will absolutely amp it up and change your physical persona. Try to add a little outwards curls to open the hair as well as the face-up. 

Tips: Add in a little dimension to the hair[11] and pop of colours using highlights if you want an edgy look. All you have to do is wash your hair towel dry and using a blow dry, dry out and style your hair. Use some serums and as much and whichever texture that most suits you. This is also a hairstyle where you can go all out and go crazy with the hair. As far as you are not making it narrower, you are safe. 

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Soft And Edgy

Well, there are only quite a few girls who can actually say no to soft look. But what if we tell you that you can look soft and edgy at the same time? You can carry the same hair, with just minor styling, to a prom event and also to a movie out with friends. The trick here is to keep it very naturally falling but to add in a gentle sweep to it so that there seems like something is going on. While soft and edgy is just a mere category, you can opt for a pixie, shoulder length or chin length, whichever length best suits you. You can also add front bangs, however, don't make it very dense and in fact, keep it only a few couples of strands. 

Tips: The pro tip with a soft and an edgy look is to keep it very natural. This should work exactly how your nude makeup does. Telling people that there is something going on there but it is so subtle that people cannot really pinpoint it. 

Inverted Bob

If you are looking for a haircut or a hairstyle that is face framing, the inverted bob is your best bet. It will accentuate all your features and take attention away from your long frame. The inverted bob also requires layers and hence would do justice when started from eye level. The most comforting fact about an inverted bob is that the layers here starts at the back and then gradually comes to the front. This adds a lot of volumes to the front as well as to the side but keeps the crown area as is. Also due to the layers, the inverted bobs transition is much softer and the hair[12] easily melts into each other. 

Tips: Add bangs to inverted bob or try to at least make a lot of hair fall on your forehead to take away from the width of it. While layers add a sense of volume, shorter hair tends to get oily way faster than normal as most of the hair is very close to the scalp. Keep washing it and buy a mild shampoo so that you don't strip the natural oil away from your hair. 

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Triangular Bob

The way to master a triangular bob is to add tones of textures and not layers. If you are a fan of messy but you are tired of using products and tools on your hair, a triangular bob will be your best bet. It is also one amongst those hairstyles that can be carried by a granny, the mother and the daughter as well. It isn't too bold but it isn't very boring too. Considering its length it falls down and the messier look adds dimension but volume which protects the hair[13] from looking more narrower. A triangular bob also leaves one with a very relaxed and lived in look. Hence, if you are looking for a hairstyle that would best suit your vacations, you have your answer here. 

Tips: If you have hair that is silky straight, then use a styling tool to create this look. You can also rub your hair when dry as they will come out naturally frizzy and will be all over the place, something that everyone tried to achieve through this look. Also, don't comb through hairstyles that are messy and voluminous. Doing so multiple times tames it down a bit, which is not something that you would want. 

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Asymmetric A-Line

The A-line bob is shorter at the back and gradually grows in a symmetric form as it comes forward. However, a whole lot of clan liked the haircut but did not like the symmetric nature of it and that is how came asymmetric A-lines hairstyles in the frame. This hairstyle falls on the edgier side. The only drawback with this hairdo is the height that it adds on top, for which bangs is where you should go for a rescue. This hairstyle as looks stunning. It is a combination of everything. From feminine, edgy to professional, this has the capability to look all that at once. You just have to carefully select the outfit and the vibe that you want to spread. 

Tips: Styling this hairstyle can take it to another level. Use outward curls starting exactly near the eyebrows to add width to your face. It will also help in balancing the height that it adds on the top. A-Line haircuts are too good to be missed. Alter a little here and there to achieve the look that you want to create. 

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Versatile Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a feminine haircut which balances your face structure and hides the long forehead, then the versatile pixie cut should be your blind pick. There are no layers, just flat hair that creates an illusion of longer bangs. It is cut in such a way that the longer fringe not only adds accents to the hair[14] but also naturally contours the face. The bang also beautifully ends at a place which brings all the attention to the persons' eye. This way, the long and elongated face easily goes out of sight and everyone will be left admiring how powerfully strong you look. 

Tips: This look can be easily altered into something punk by adding a few colours here and there. You can also use styling products to give it a completely different look, probably like a mohawk standup. The best thing about this hairstyle is the fact that it looks great with all kinds of hair textures. 

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Rounded Bob

A lot of girls prefer being cute than being edgy or sexy. But no one wants to go through the hassle of growing hair and maintaining it just for that. A rounded feel bob is just the solution for them. This sits around the face like a cup and adds volume to both sides. We suggest to keep it clean as layers will tend to make it look a little messy and take the charm away. If you have a naturally volumising hair then opt for bangs with it to balance the face proportion otherwise it will defeat the whole purpose. 

Tips: Blow drying and volumising products will be your best friend when wanting to achieve this look. All you have to do is apply some serum to damp hair and then use a round brush and blow dry to achieve this look. Finish it by applying a serum to make it look glossy. 

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Outwards curls

This is probably something that everyone has tried at some point in their lives. All you have to do is blow dry your hair outwards. This will give width to the hair and also open up the face. This, however, falls under the casual hairstyle and hence will look good when paired with denim, skirts and shorts. The easiest way to go about this hairstyle is to keep all hair at the same length and only make it shorter in the front for dramatic sweeps. 

Tips: You absolutely don't need anything to maintain it. Just a few trips every time it grows is all that it needs. It just requires you to dampen your hair, apply some styling cream that will help with this look and using a straightener, curling it outwards. This looks the best when it is not tamed. 

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Uneven Bob

An uneven bob is a basic bob which is either given rough and distressed ends or entirely asymmetric look. When one says uneven, it can go to different levels of crazy. You have to decide for yourself how edgy or simple you want to keep it. If you are looking for something on the simpler side, you can opt for a basic bob and add uneven, rough ends. If edgier is your side the possibilities are endless. You can choose to keep one side to basic bob and the other a little longer, or you can side part the hair and entirely trim the side with lesser hair. 

Tips: This when compared to all other bobs, require the most amount of maintenance. If you continue to carry it for years together, you will need a trim every 3 weeks to maintain it as is. But it has the powers to change your look entirely hence the efforts will be worth it. 

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Low Buns

For someone who does not like keeping their hair open, the low buns can come very handy. This look will take you closer to looking like a model with minimum efforts. Tying your hair back and away from your face makes your face look smooth and chic. It also brings all attention to your facial features and takes away from your elongated face. Middle-part your hair and wave the front of your hair into a sweeping loose curl. This will add accent to your hair and also make it look wider. There is a lot that can be done around it. You can add in braids or waves to add more dimension to it. 

Tips: If you want to give a romantic feel to your entire look, a low bun with the sweeping front wave is the perfect bet. Wear it with your gowns or dresses to best justify the look. They are also a great option for a formal event. Wear it at the nape of your neck to give a glamorous and versatile look. 

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Hair colour Contouring

While it is not just about the hairstyles that you wear, it is sometimes about the colours that you use and the way you place them. Adding bright colours on the layers that fall around your cheekbones takes all the attention away from your elongated face and instead bring it to your facial features. It will help accentuate the cheekbones, jawline and other facial features. Lightening the tips of hair can also make the face look shorter and a lot less narrow. 

Tips: You can create a lot of dimension onto your hair and using lowlights and highlights is the best way to do it. The oval shape is just like an hourglass shape and adding depth and textures to it by using colours cuts on the elongated face. 

Wild Curls

Wild curls like the ones Sarah Jessica Parker is seen rocking every now and then is also amazing for someone with an oval or elongated face. It adds up a lot of volumes but instead of doing it on top of the hair, it sure widens it by the sides. All you have to do is apply styling products to your hair and using a tong or curling iron, add tight curls on your hair. 

Tips: The best way to handle an elongated face is by adding width and this hairstyle does it wonderfully. Keep it shoulder length so that most of the volume is around your cheekbones. 

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Curtain Bangs

If you want to be taken seriously and front bangs and side bangs seem too casual and perky to you, we have a solution. You can opt for the curtain bangs. It is spread from the middle and falls on your forehead like curtains, as the name suggests. This is the most professional and subtle way of adding bangs to your hairstyle and still manage to cover the elongated and narrow forehead. 

Tips: Instead of making it fall straight on your forehead, try adding a little texture to it by using few products and giving it a gentle wave. Also, keep washing it as bangs are very close to the roots which are most likely to get oily. While a side bang might still have some bounce, a curtain bang will flat if oily. 

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Bobs might be too much to take for a few people and the blunts are the perfect fit for them. A blunt is a cut that is the same length all over. No layers and no bangs are the keys to achieve a classic blunt. However, if your hair falls flat and is extremely straight, you can also add in a few layers to it or even a bang. This is the girl power hairstyle and if you want everyone to take you seriously at your workplace, a blunt is your best bet. 

Tips: Keeping the blunt classic is the safest option to go with it. Try to use volumising sprays and products to keep the hair bouncy and full of volume so that they circle around the face. 

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Windblown Pixie

Hairstylist is breaking the stereotype when it comes to short hair and the most tried and tested is the pixie. From classic to easy sweeps, hairstylist have tried all that was possible to wamp it up. The windblown is nothing but a branch out to the classic pixie just like others. This hairstyle gets its name from the way hair reacts when the wind blows through it. The messy, casual and rugged look is what defines the hairstyle. There will have to be a lot of layers involved in the pixie when can mean a lengthier and elongated face, cut that by adding messy bangs to support it. 

Tips: Once the haircut is done, you don't have to worry about anything else. It is perfect for someone who wants to keep the hassle of maintenance aside. You can also say goodbye to your brush and use your fingers to gently comb through your hair to give it a more defined messier look. 

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Teased Centre Parted Hair

The key to nail and balance out hair that belongs to an elongated face is through dividing your hair proportionately. The centre part is the best way to deal with an elongated face. While a side parting can add volume to the hair making your face look narrower, a middle part can set everything flat at the top. But to avoid getting a look that seems like you haven't washed your hair in days, apply serum to your hair and then tease it to add volume. This would solve the problem of an elongated face without making you look worn out. 

Tips: The hair that is closest to your face, add waves to them to leave a sweeping effect. This would give the hair a nice frame and also bring all attention to your facial features. 

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Shaggy Bob With Imperfect Bangs

While bangs can save your life the most, especially when you have an elongated face, there are a lot of ways to play around them to have a unique look. Imperfect bangs are just that. While symmetry is loved by all, an asymmetric look is preferred by the majority as it comes with minimum maintenance. To have a look that does not need constant straightening to keep it in place is dream come true and an imperfect bang is that dream. When merged with the shaggy bob, the whole lool creates a very laid back ambience which can be confidently paired with all your denim and sundresses. 

Tips: It is towards the feminine side but wearing it with your favourite Goth outfit or black on black will instantly make it edgy. Try the keep the bob not below chin length to master this look. 

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Curly Pixie 

People with curly hair most of the times prefer going for straight hair when looking for a change as they don't find another way to revamp it, however, the solution to that lies within. All you have to do is gain a bit of courage and chop them to pixie. While you might be losing a lot of hair, you sure will make a statement. A curly pixie is a classic retro hairstyle that has been flaunted by a lot of people in the show biz back then. It needs a lot of guts to carry it but it will be worth it. Keep the curls tight but not too distant. 

Tips: If the transition from medium to extremely short hair is too much to take, you can always add a thin band with a knot to add accents to your hair. You can also give it sharp side bangs to structure your entire look. Whatever you do, make sure that you don't end up adding height to your already elongated hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair For Elongated Face

Considering the elongated face shape and its classic features of a narrow face, long forehead and defined cheekbones, finding the right hairstyle can be tricky. Here we answer the most asked questions revolving around this topic so that the next time you plan on finding a solution to the whole hair and face structure fiasco, you know where to come. 

Q. What are the characteristics of a long face? 

A. A long and elongated face will have a sharp cheekbone, a wide forehead and a narrow face frame. 

Q. What hairstyles suit the long face? 

A.Short hair including- pixie, bobs and blunts look great on an elongated face. Adding bangs to it enhances the effect as it hides the long forehead. 

Q. Does hair colour make a difference when it comes to long face?

A. Yes, any hair that has lighter highlights around the face helps in opening it up. It allows the illusion of a wider look. A combination of low and high lights also make a huge difference when it comes to a face that is elongated. 

Q. Is long hair bad for an elongated face?  

A. Well, yes. A face will look further elongated if worn with long hair as it falls straight down. Try avoiding it at all costs. If you cannot call it quits with your long manes, add a lot of layers to it. Starting right at your eyebrow level. Also, add shaggy bangs to it to add dimension. 

Q. Does a bob suit long face? 

A. A bob suits all face types, even longer. Try not to add a lot of layers on the crown area as it can further elongate the face. If your hair falls flat and you opt to add layers from the very top, balance it out with bangs. 

Q. Which is the most attractive face shape? 

A. The elongated and oval shape is considered the best face for a woman. While it might give a lot of problems while styling it, an oval face looks the best. It resembles an hourglass and is hence preferred even by models. 

Q. Is dark colour good for a long face? 

A. The dark colour, just like how it works on clothes, works on hair[15] too. It makes the frame look slimmer. Try and avoid dark hair when you have an elongated face and instead opt for lowlights or brighter colour. 

Q. What hairstyle suits a big forehead? 

A. Adding bangs, be it side, front or curtain with beach waves suits the best for someone with a big forehead. Try to keep the hair as tight and as close to the face as possible. Avoid for it to fall straight. That elongates the face further. 

Q. Which parting suits a long face the most?  

A. While you can work around both side and middle parting, the middle looks the best. It very subtly tames the hair on the crown making it flat. This way your head does not elongate. You can also opt for a side parting but with that, pair only bobs and blunts. 

Q. What to do to get attention away from a long forehead? 

A. The classic is getting bangs. It will very easily help you with the long forehead problem. You can also opt for a low bun that has front few chunks curled outwards. You can also add layers as they take away the attention from the forehead. Now that you have answers to all your questions related to long face and how you can master the perfect look by using specific hairstyles, try it the next time to see the visible change for yourself. Getting plastic surgery done to change your look or going under the needle to fix your flaws is old news. Today is all about working around the flaws, maintaining it while enhancing it to look aligned and perfect. An elongated face is the most stylish face structure without many efforts, all you have to do is visit a salon and buy a haircut that compliments this ramp ready hairstyle all the time. Deck yourself up with the perfectly cut hair because hair is the best accessory that you can wear at all times!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 16/05/2019 

Short Haircuts for Long Faces

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