Short Dark Hair With Highlights

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So, the shorter the hair the harder they stare is something that we totally believe in. Shorter hair has a great character to it. It not only makes you look young and peppy, but it can also give your hair a lot of movement. While we get that the summers are gone and the season for short hair is gone with it, just imagine wearing short hair with those fall dresses. They will be perfect. 

Short hair also mean that you need less maintenance and lesser time in getting dressed. I mean imagine not having to spend endless hours on de tangling your hair and then wasting another half hour on styling them. Now all you need is a max half hour even for the most complex look. However, just the short hair is not enough. 

Short Hair With Highlights

If you truly want to accentuate its elements, you will have to add in colors to it and what better way to do it than through highlights. Highlights are the best way to merge two colors as one peeps out from the other in the most mysterious way possible. There are a lot of options for you so let's dive in.

Top Highlights For Short Hair

Shaggy Bob with Caramel Highlights

Bob is one amongst those hairstyle that has been a part of the hairstyle industry from a very long time. It has been one of our favorite hairstyles in the 80's and it still manages to rock those charts. However, it sure has seen a lot of ups and downs and transition when it comes to how it looks. People are experimenting now and they love trying on different ways to pump their bob up. The shag is just one amongst those alternatives. Apart from looking great, it also is functional where it helps in adding volume to the hair. Perfect for greasy and oily hair[1] isn't it? The way to further enhance it is by adding highlights to it. Caramel is the best pick. It is not extremely blonde but it sure isn't too dark as well. This way you get the best of both worlds. 

How To Achieve It: All you have to do is get your hair cut in a bob and add a lot of layers to them. Make sure they start from the crown itself. This will help it get volumised which is a win win for someone who has oily-greasy hair. However, if you have an oval, elongated face, then make sure you add the shag on the lower ends and not on top, it will further elongate the face. 

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Two Toned Burgundy

Burgundy is an extremely rich hair color and the hair that best suit burgundy is a blunt. This way it looks very formal yet the color touch is a fun add on to the otherwise simple hair. You can give it a good turn around by adding front bangs to it as well. Just a great blend of dark browns with burgundy is great for times when you are tired of your lighter shades and want a real change. Burgundy is the most magical hair[2] color. This and its family of wine and maroon are the only shade that stands out without stealing away from the facial features. If you are looking for a good shade to suit your warm undertone, then the burgundy with brown will be your best bet. This hair can pretty much solve all your problems. Have a long and elongated face, the bangs will balance them out. Have a round face, the blunt haircut will help in taming and making the face seem longer. 

How To Achieve It: You don't need much effort with this. All you need to achieve this is hair cut in blunt and colored either with burgundy roots and brown highlights or vice versa. Add in front bangs to nail the look as it will bring the whole thing together. You don't even need much to set it. Just a hair wash and a comb through on damp hair is enough. h

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Funky Shag

We are in love with shag. While it might look very messy, we love the relaxed look that it leave. The best part about it is how versatile it is. You can tame it down by opting for shades like brown and caramels or you can go all crazy. For this one, we will be going a tad bit crazier. The best part about it how crazy you can go. For example you can mix in shades like rich purples with golden like this one or you can op for reds and blues. This however might not be great for your work place but this can totally give you a pass for the days when you are planning to make a statement. It is a very rock and roll look and will instantly take you back to era of it. 

How To Achieve It: It is pretty simple. The first thing you do is get them chopped real nice in layers to justify the shag. Make sure you keep the edges very rough. The inspiration has to be one of those anime shows that blows our mind almost always. Once you have got the base ready, all you have to do is paint the hair[3] in whichever shade you like. And by whatever, we mean WHATEVER! 

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Tousled Bob Medium Brown

When you have short hair the best way to keep it is by keeping them messy. The messier it is, the better it will look. Of course if maintaining a formal hair is not your only option. In a case like that, something tousled might not be your best bet. However the best part about them is how you can tame them using creams and straighteners and let them have fun when you are out. It is better than having really boring hair. The best way to flaunt the tousled bob look is to keep it naturally colored. Remember that the area is really less and if you go on to add bold colors it can end up looking very clumsy, hence opt of shades from the browns to best nail this look. 

How To Achieve It: A tousled is nothing but a shag. You can of course decide on the intensity of the shag by keeping the layers less, more, close or sparced out. Once you have achieved that, just add in shades of brown onto your hair to highlight your hair[4]. Lighter and darker browns in terms of highlights will look fab with it. 

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Blunt Bangs With Wispy Blonde

Who is in love with blunts? Well, at least we are. It is formal and you can do so much with it when it comes to styling it. If you are in the confusion of which length to keep, short or long, this can be your best escape. It is long as well as short enough to pass for a comfort hairstyle. It is an unapologetically chic hairstyle which will give you an overall classy look. To further enhance this look, add some front bangs and the shade of blonde to it. Trust us, there is no way you will not be the boss of everything. Considering it is cut in the same length, the only maintenance with it lies in getting it chopped whenever it grows out of proportion and in different lengths. But honestly, when you get to have such a bold and professional look, don't you think it is worth it. 

How To Achieve It: The trick here is to keep the hair[5] straight so if you don't have that, we recommend getting it by either using creams or straightener. Waves will take away the look from it so to maintain it, make sure you use these products. Get straight sharp blunt to justify this look to the maximum. Throw in blonde highlights with you natural roots to further enhance the look. 

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Curly Bob With Bangs

Wondering what to do if you want short hair with curls. Well, we have a solution to that as well. If you thought bob is only good for straight hair, you are wrong. They look good, in fact a lot better with curly hair. It brings the character out and make the hair[6] look volumised. It also beautifully cups the face and make a frame for it that the attention will automatically go to them as well as the facial features. And if you want to further enhance this, go with chocolate brown shades to add as highlights. Bangs on them can make you look like a stunner. Don't opt for an extremely short bob as it can look weird considering the length of your hair but a medium bob with bangs is perfect. There is no way you will not look extremely adorable with this look. 

How To Achieve It: You must be going for this look if you have already curly hair but if you are opting for it with straight hair, we recommend using texturising cream and then using curler to add tight curls to your look. This can also give you a very different look than usual. If you have curly hair[7] already then use some serum to enhance it further. Get them cut in bob and add bangs on the front. If you are a cold undertone person then opt for shades like blonde roots and platinum highlights. If you are warmer, then go for dark brown with light brown highlights. 

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Punk Inspiration

Wasn't this one of the era which you would love to re-live? Well, that might not be possible but bringing that era onto your hair[8] sure is. You can do it from the punk hairstyle. This basically is a modified pixie where the bangs are too long, almost touching the cheeks. And the way to achieve the punk factor is by adding in those striking colors to nail it to the T. This is hardcore rocker look and hence is not very suitable for work environment. But if you have broken the barrier and are already into the creative field, you shouldn't be scared to try this on as well. The end result for this is going to be more of a master piece than a hairstyle. It will look like a piece of art than anything else. 

How To Achieve It: This is a little tricky compared to the rest. You will need an expert to give you the perfect pixie for starters. Then you needs to add in the most wildest of colors ranging from a combination of blonde with blues or blonds with bright reds. Note that just because you can go crazy with this look does not mean you can mix everything. Keep the cool undertones and warm separate. 

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Blonde Duet

It is very safe to think that  light brown and dark browns are the only subtle way of mixing family shades with each other. And we honestly don't blame you. We mean, imagine mixing a light red with a dark red in terms of highlights or even blue for that matter. The thought in itself is just weird. But there is one shade apart from the browns that melt in well with each other and that is the blonde. Blonde has a lot of shades in it and when you mix in say, platinums or ash with it, it still stays in the family but looks very different in real. This look needs a lot of texture in it because otherwise it won't look as flattering. So go for graduating A line bobs with it and add subtle layers. The way to know that you have nailed the look is when you cannot differentiate between the blonds but you still know there is two different shades there. It just melts in, in the most beautiful way. 

How To Achieve It: The trick like we mentioned is to add texture to the hair[9] which you will get only from layers. However, too shaggy is also not something that we want to go with so keep that subtle. The best way to nail this look will be by adding blonde to the entire hair and then going on with platinum highlights to enhance the look. The platinum will add a sense of character to the look and brings a natural movement to it. 

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Dark Hair Bright Lights

The best and the most classic combination has always come from the right balance between the darks and the lights. That is what this look is all about. We however don't want you to confuse what we are trying to achieve here. Just because we say dark and light does not mean you have the liberty to confuse the tones. You have to keep the cool and warm undertones separate if you are looking for something that will come together as a story rather than looking like separate chapters. We are sure you remember the classic haircut from the past which was light as well as dark. Something that spoke volumes, this is exactly that. It will bring a certain level of movement to the hair[10] as in, it will move when you move. 

How To Achieve It: The classic way to nail this is by adding darker browns with lighter ones. Or Browns with blonds. This way, it is a very subtle transition rather than being too much in the eye. The best way to flaunt this look has to be a textured graduated bob again. If you leave it straight, it can look okayish but not very justifying to the overall look. So if you want to nail the look, we recommend going with waves, a lot of textures and the right subtle shades that blends in like magic. 

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Red Hair With Copper Highlights

Red heads can conquer the world they say. Well, we totally agree. It is fierce, powerful, and can make you standout the most. This more than a hairstyle or hair color looks like something natural setting in, just like sunset. The shades when blended with each other in terms of highlights looks the best. It melts in like molten lava, even when it comes to the shades. The best way to highlight this shade is b adding a lot of volume at the back of your hair head. And that can be achieved with an exaggerated bob. While extremely short hair[11] can be very tricky to play with when it comes to bold colors, but when you have a lot of volume on top of your head, there is no stopping when it comes to trying on different kinds of bright shades like the reds. 

How To Achieve It: Like we said, it is like a molten lava melting so you need to get it done from a professional if you want to master it. However, if you have experience you can go ahead to do it by yourself too. If looking like Milesandre from Game Of Thrones has been your dream, you can reach a little close to it by opting for this color. Get them chopped short with a lot of layers at the back of you head so it gives you volume and then splash some red onto the roots and copper as highlights to nail this look. 

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Ice Cream Sundae

No, we are not mistaken. It is what we will love to call this hairstyle. When we ask you about two most common ice creams, there is no doubt vanilla and chocolate will come to your mind. Now what if we tell you that you can have this look right on top of your head. Quite cooling isn't it? Well, this hairstyle is just that. The base of the haircut is truly upon you. You can keep it bob, blunt, graduating or even pixie but it is the colors that play a major role. Just imagine what a stunner your hair will look when it looks like a swirl of ice cream sitting on top of your head. This is not a traditional hairstyle as it might sound but it can if flaunted in the right way can make eyes turn. Make sure however, whichever option you choose, you give it the rough, edgy look from top to bottom. 

How To Achieve It: Like we said, the base of it is totally upon you. You can keep it bob, blunt, graduated bob or even pixie but the trick is the hair[12] color. We however will recommend adding bangs which are deep side parted so that it actually looks like a swooping swirl of ice cream. The next way to master this look is to color the roots and the rest of the hair into dark chocolate brown and then adding highlights which is not platinum white but like a blonde white shade. Maintain layers if you want them to stand out and add curls or waves to accentuate it further. 

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Wavy Bob With Subtle Highlights

Who does not like going on vacation? We all do. The relaxation, the time away from work, but it is not always possible to have that. However, there are ways you can bring the holiday to you and that is by adding waves to your hair. Remember how wavy your hair becomes when you are out on the beach. Well, a beach might not be the perfect idea with your crunching work life or even a perfect choice for all seasons but when it sits on your hair, you have no restriction. And the best way to flaunt a wavy beach hair is by getting it chopped in a bob. Bob will bring out that smarty pants looks and when you blend it with subtle highlights there is no way you will not make a statement. Sometimes subtle stands classy and this hairstyle is the perfect representation of it. It is simple yet it manages to impress all. 

How To Achieve It: You will first need to get a perfectly chopped bob cut. Graduating or simple plain is your choice. Add in bangs if you want more elements to your look. Once you have got the perfect look, the next important step is to sprinkle it with some highlights which will further enhance this look. We recommend going for shades like dark brown with light brown or dark brown with blonde if you want a pop on your hair[13]. Give it a side part, this will further enhance the hair and also bring all attention to your face features. 

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Rose Gold Hair

We all are a huge fan of rose gold and that is a discovered fact. it came into the market through I-phones and then every one from fashion, beauty to even hair coloring industry adapted it in the most beautiful way possible. It is a very feminine shade and you can do pretty much whatever you want with it. You can give it a very angular look by going for pixie or opt for a settled blunt if experiment is not your cup of tea. Rose gold in terms of highlights is the most beautiful thing to see. They go pretty much with everything. Be it browns, reds or even blonds. All you have to do with it is give it a chance and it can bring out the best color of you. The reason it is most loved is because it has a tinge of red which settles in the warm undertone but then it has platinum in it too, which is a cool undertone. The only reason why it settle for both skin tones. 

How To Achieve It: The point here is to decide the kind of look that you are looking for. If you want it to be very formal then we will recommend a blunt and then add waves to give it a chic look. You can also go for pixie if you are looking for something fun and want a great change. A graduated bob if formal and casual is too extremes and you want to touch the middle ground. Make sure whichever one you pick, you add in textures by using texturing cream and some curls to add loose waves. 

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Red On Black

What if we ask you to take a walk down to the road when you first colored your hair? It has to be either on the the shades of blonds, browns, blacks or reds. Yes, Red! For most of us, red has been the bravest choices we made when we initially colored the hair[14]. It was the big steps that we took back then and give yourself some credits for it. After all it was blood read. However, if you want to go back to the same roots, but still give it a different look then we will recommend going for red with black. How you want it is totally your option. Weather you want to give the black roots a touch of red highlights or vice versa is your choice. If you opt for the darker root and brighter highlight then you will have a subtle look, however, if you want a brighter more bold look then opt for the same options but vice versa. 

How to Achieve It: The best way to flaunt dark colors like this one is to add curls onto them. Even if you have straight hair, we will recommend giving a curl touch to it and by curls we don't mean loose ones, we mean the tighter ones. Until and unless your face is elongated, we recommend giving it a hight using the curl instead of making them fall onto your face. 

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Faux Hawk With Highlights

Faux Hawk is basically a modification to the Mohawk hair but a little subtler in the look. It is not for the light hearted and we will recommend it to people who are ready to take this challenge and go ahead and flaunt it in the most beautiful way. After all, it is an art more than being a hairstyle. The trick here is to master the haircut more than the color. Again, if you are warm toned, we will recommend opting for shades like light browns and reds to add onto the faux hawk and if you are cool toned then there is nothing better than platinums and ashes. This is honestly highlights but when it comes to the looks, it looks like dip dyes more. Not at all appropriate for someone who will be going to their cubicle on a Monday so opt wisely. 

How To Achieve It: Like we mentioned, the trick here is to master the haircut before anything else. If you have curly hair[15] then you are at benefit but if not then to highlight this look, you will have to add curls using your curler. Make sure they well and tight. Keep the base which is not a part of the Mohawk into a dark base and when it comes to the hawk, give it that lighter texture so that it gives a perfect look to it. 

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The options are endless right. Well, we cannot agree more. There is a wide variety of options and you get to choose the kind of look that you want for yourself. While some of them can be easily done at the convenience of your very home, some of them need expert attention. And if you have reached to the bottom of this article then you already know that the key rule nailing this look is to keep the cool and the warm tones separate. 

Now that you have the cheat code to nail the short hair look and flaunt yourself, we suggest go out there and make the world your runway. Explore as much as your capacity allows and make head turn with every single step that you take!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 14/06/2019 

Short Dark Hair With Highlights

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