Short Brown Hair With Highlights

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You love colouring your hair but growing them long for it seems like an impossible task? Fret not, colours look equally amazing on short hair as much as they rock on long. It deducts a couple of years off your age and makes you look younger and desirable. What can be better than that? Short hair is a tricky business and going to a professional is the best idea, however, ditching the plan to colour your hair just because your manes are short is no way a solution. You have a buffet to select from. Bolds, subtle or edgy, choose whatever you feel like and paint your hair accordingly. And when you have a canvas that is in the shades of brown, there is nothing that can stop you to look fabulous. Hair colour has the power to bring a completely different change to the entire look. And when it is done in the form of highlights, it looks beautifully natural. Here are our best picks for highlights that compliment brown short hair. Pick anyone from them that best defines you and get highlighting. 

Brown Hair With Sandy Highlights

Skin Tone: Suits a fair-medium skin tone. Ever wanted hair that always looked like it is straight out of the beach? Well, sandy highlight on light brown hair[1] is the solution to that. The beauty with brown hair is that if you choose the right shade, it is going to look the most natural whilst adding a prominent change to your entire look. Opt for sandy hair on light brown highlights to justify the look entirely. 

Tip:  This naturally adds volume to your hair and opting for a cropped hair with a side sweep will look the best with this highlight. You can also save yourself from curling or waving it as straight or natural hair[2] goes well with this hair type. If you want to give full justice to the highlights name, you can always add waves to give a very beach-like feel to it. Short Brown Hair With Highlights


Balayage Brown Hair With Highlights

Skin Tone: Depends on the highlight and hair tone.  Gone are the days when using only a single technique to colour the hair was the rule of thumb. Hair stylists got bored with the rule and decided to break it by mixing hair colouring[3] techniques to create something fabulous. Balayage on brown hair with highlights is exactly the same. You can opt for a single highlighting shade based on your natural hair colour. You can also opt for something which is a little bolder to make your hair stand out. Use the same shade to balayage your hair first and then add highlights. 

Tip:  Modern loose waves look the best with balayage brown hair[4] with highlights. It adds depth and dimension to the hair whilst adding volume. You can always ask your stylist to add lighter highlights on the hair that is closest to your face. This not just make the hair looks different but also brings out the facial features.


Toffee Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Skin Tone: Ideal for medium to dusky skin tone. This also falls under the beach-look highlight shade. If you are looking to deduct a couple of years off your age without going through surgeries and medications, toffee brown hair with blonde highlights is the way to go. It can bring a touch of fun to the entire look, making you pop out in all the parties you go to. Someone with short hair can easily opt for this option as the toffee brown melts well with the blondes and does not require a lot of hair to justify the work that goes behind achieving this look. 

Tip:  If you have hair that can be put in a bun, always opt for it and play around the types of the bun. If it is very short and the bun is out of the question then add tight curls for a fun and bold look or go with loose waves and pin the front of either side behind the ear to look young and peppy. It does not require a lot of your attention hence leaving it as is will work too.


Bronze Highlight With Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Ideal for medium to dusky skin tone. While bronze is always a colour that represents someone who stands 3rd in the race, with bronze highlights on brown hair, you will be breaking that rule to look number #1. If you are going from a lighter to a darker shade, you can always opt for a balayage highlights as the morph will be very natural and subtle. For example, if you have light brown hair and want a darker bronze highlight, always opt for balayage. However, if you have darker hair and want a lighter bronze highlight on it, it will be like a breeze. The shades will add a lot of dimensions and movement as well. 

Tip:  Bronze reflect back the best from medium to dusky tone however, playing around the darkness and lightness of the bronze can easily make it suitable for any hair colour. Opt for a graduated wavy bob to best support this hair highlight. It will add dimension and also minus a few years of your age making you look professional and fun at the same time.


Brown Hair With Golden Highlights

Skin Tone: Ideal for fair to very fair skin tone. While this is the most commercially done hair colour, a lot of people majorly go wrong with it. It's either because the chunks of the highlights are uneven or the skin colour makes it look very gaudy. It is important to understand that golden highlights with brown hair suits people with a very fair to fair complexion[5] because if the golden comes with a shine and isn't matte, which happens in most cases, it can look really wrong on someone who is on the duskier to the dark side. They look the best when done on chocolate brown hair and gives an illusion of melting caramel. 

Tip:  If you are looking for a hair colour that would bring very subtle contrast to your hair, then brown hair with golden highlights is your best bet. You can opt for a straight bob cut, as that will make it look very professional and something that you will be able to carry even in your office or college. However, one can really go wrong with this shade and hence it is important to get this particular shade done by a professional who is skilled.



Thin And Soft Highlights

Skin Tone: Depends on the highlights shade.  Thin highlights are one amongst those highlights that fall under the "natural" category. Unlike original highlights, which are done in modest chunks, thin and soft highlights use a very tiny amount of hair streaks. It is because of the same reason, one should only opt for highlights that are very close to their original hair colour rather than being too bold. The tinier the highlights streak, the more it will attract peoples attention hence, if you have dark brown hair then opt for shades like caramel or bronde. If you have light brown hair, you can opt for highlights like ash and blondes. 

Tip:  Both straight, wavy and curly hair will go wonderfully with this highlight and it also requires very minimal maintenance. A continues wash will only lighten the highlight which can be retouched after 2 months or so unlike with other highlights which needs a touchup every 3 weeks. A bob would look the best with this highlight.


The Bronde Style

Skin Tone: Suits all skin type. A lot of hair colour looks perfect when worn in a certain season. However, when it comes to highlighting done in the form of bronde, you can practically rock it whenever you wish. It is the most versatile and the easiest to carry. Brondes with a hint of golden can be a choice for someone who is trying hair colouring[6] for the first time and wants a subtle look that still manages to make a big difference. You can also skip the worry of mixing your base colour with highlights for this one. Both brown and blonde melt into each other, giving out a very natural look which is easy to carry and very low on maintenance. 

Tip:  Considering it adds a natural volume and dimension to your hair, it is always better to choose layers to enhance the look. Loose, beachy waves justify this look entirely wherein laying it flat and straight might steal its charm out. 


Brown Hair With Caramel And Ash Brown Highlights

Skin Tone: Fair to Medium skin tone. Blending multiple colours to achieve a beautiful highlight on hair[7] is nothing short of a masterpiece. It requires a skilled person to blend them well and make your manes fall in the most beautiful way possible. One amongst the best shade to mix and match for a short brown hair is caramel and ash brown. They are very close to each other and hence wouldn't need a lot of hair for the transition. While this might not suit someone with very short hair as blending needs a little space to look assorted, someone with hair a few inches above shoulder can carry this look the best. 

Tip:  Loose waves look perfect with this hair colour. You can first prep your natural brown hair by colouring it if required and then spray your hair with blends of these shades to best justify this look. The waves will add dimension and would be a great easy to do hairstyle for your workplace.



Messy Bob With Contoured Highlights

Skin Tone: Depends on the highlight and natural hair colour.  This trend requires a subtle highlight of any preferred natural colour that is closest to yours, done to the entire hair. It then needs chunks of hair from the section that is closest to your face to be highlighted in the same shade. This brings all the attention to the face, making all the facial features very prominently visible. If you have tried and tested a lot of hair colour and want something that looks different than all of them, messy bob with contoured highlights should be the next thing on your bucket list. The best haircut to support this hair colour is an adorable bob. Considering you don't have a lot of canvas to work on, this highlight will bring a very drastic transformation by still looking quite fine. 

Tip:  The best way to flaunt this look is by using your straightener or styling tools to add a natural sweep to the chunky hair that is highlighted. You can add waves to the entire hair or leave it as is. It is the sweep on the highlighted chunk that will bring the most difference. This colour is very low on maintenance. Washing it a lot of times will maintain the hair highlights and you would only need touch-ups every 2 months if you opt to stick to this hair colour.

Short brown hair with Ash Highlights

Skin Tone: Best reflect from a dusky skin tone. Brown hair with ash highlights is the ideal choice for someone who wishes to bring a drastic change in their entire look without much effort. Anything that is lighter reflects back from a skin tone that is dark, however, you can opt for ash highlights on brown hair even with fairer skin tone to have a mellow look. That is the beauty of this shade. They set two entirely different moods for lighter as well as darker hair type. Fully blonde no doubt scares all and ash is the most subtle replacement to it. If you are looking for something in between blonde and brunette, this is your best bet. 

Tip:  Hair with highlights is a better way than any other hair colour technique as it adds dimension to the hair. If you have thin hair, go with a layered hair cut[8] as the lighter shade will naturally add volume and when mixed with layers, it gives a nice, natural volume.

Brown Hair With Multitone Highlights

Skin Tone: Depends on the shade picked. Well, if mixing different techniques like balayage with highlights have entered the market to achieve a new look, colours are no behind! A lot of colourist mix two to three shades to add volume, dimension and even texture to the hair. Brown hair with multitone highlights is exactly the same. While the canvas is yours and you can go crazy by using different shades of blue and greens together, you can also opt to go subtle and choose shades from the brown family itself. 

Tip:  The options with multi-tone highlights are endless. You can play with blue hues, green shades, keep it subtle using only browns or go crazy by mixing blue and green or reds and purples. While the opportunities are endless, try to maintain the warm family to warm and cool to cool to have an out there yet subtle highlight.

Brown Hair With Chunky Highlights

Skin Tone: Depends on the shade picked. While the horizon of hair colour might be very vast, sometimes all of them end up looking the same. This could be a result of your haircut or even hair texture. The stylist's effort, your patience as well as your money, everything seems useless and you just sit and sulk. Well, thanks to certain hair colour techniques that can save our situations just like chunky highlights. While this might not be for a weak hearted person considering it requires tastefully carrying it, chunky highlights can manage to change the look entirely. They are from the family of highlights except for the fact that they are highlights done in chunks. Tip:  It is important to choose a highlight shade that compliments your skin tone as the chunky hair highlights will bring all attention to the head. Opt for shades that are very close to your natural hair colour or go crazy and pick brighter, bolder colours, but make sure, don't choose something that would make a dusky complexion even darker or a fair complexion further flushed.

Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Skin Tone: Suits all skin type  Short hair is a little tricky to handle and hence a dash of caramel on short brown hair can do wonders. It has the power to completely change your look from dab to fab. Caramel is a colour which would look formal and not entirely out there but still manage to bring visible changes that will amp up your style quotient. It's a shade that suits all, considering there are caramel shades from warm to even cool tones. Someone with short hair be it in layers or even shaggy can opt for this option as it will justify the colour and make all eyes turn to you. Tip:  This highlight is perfect for someone who has straight hair as the caramel highlights can bring more definition to their look. If you have naturally curly hair, even then this highlight is a great option as it helps in emphasising the curls.

Brown With Red Highlights

Skin Tone: Best reflects from a dusky to darker skin tone.  Red is the most commercial hair colour once people exhaust all the browns. It is easy to maintain however, it will require touch ups if you want to hold onto the same shade. Reds bleed more than browns but lesser than colours like blues and pastel. This exactly defines reds personality. It is the middle ground between subtle and bold. Something that everyone can carry and something that is meant for everyone. Red reflects the best from someone who is dark and have dark hair colour like brown. Adding a dash of red on brown brings a touch of vibrancy to the whole look. It is one of those hair colour that does not require an effort to carry. If you wear red, you will automatically get a sense of confidence and power which will always make you walk with your head held high. 

Tip:  You can curl it or even leave it straight. If you have short hair, try and opt for bob as it will look very sophisticated and sharp and will also enhance your overall look. You can also opt for waves or even curls. Red highlights work exactly like a chameleon, it sits on a hair type and makes it look very natural by melting into its colours perfectly.

Brown With Pastel Purple Highlights

Skin Tone: Medium to Dusky skin tone. There is no way to not be at peace looking at the pastel colours. The hair colour industry understood that and bought in the palate of pastels for people to try and have fun with. While some trend becomes a FAD as they come and instantly go away, there are certain that stays. Pastels were exactly the same. Pink and purple being everyone's hot favourite. Both these colours have the power to make one look very dainty whilst making them look absolutely fun. If you want all eyes glued to you and want to throw a flirty, feminine and unique vibe wherever you go, the pastel purple highlight is your best friend. 

Tip:  Purple and especially pastel purple is not a colour to be done at home. Leave it to a professional as only they can do justice to it. To make your purple look better, you can add ash balayage to it. This will make it look even dreamier whilst adding a lot of volume to your hair. Try to use a purple shampoo to sustain the colour for a very long time as they tend to bleed faster.

Brown Hair With Rose Gold Highlights

Skin Tone: Medium to Dark skin tone. Rose gold became very prominent when it entered the market through I-phone. However, markets saw the number of money people were shedding for the colour and started using them for their products as well. From makeup to its packaging, from nail colours to even a crazy fashion trend, it was raining rose gold and exactly then, the colourist saw the craze and implemented it in the hair colouring business as well. It now is a trend that doesn't seem to come off the racks as it has been flaunted beautifully from actresses like Kylie Jenner to the very own Sansa Stark aka Sophie Turner. 

Tip:  Rose gold needs a lot of attention and will not look nice if it falls matte. Make sure to use colour protective, shine enhancement serums and treatments to keep your locks shiny. This would give the hair colour the justice that it truly deserves. A graduated bob with waves looks delicious with these hair highlights.

Chestnut Highlights

Skin Tone: Suits all skin tones. Chestnut highlight is one amongst the commercial hair colours that all skin tones can easily flaunt. It is a very natural blend from both dark or light brown hair. Chestnut highlight is absolutely low maintenance and wouldn't require you to go to your stylist to get the touch ups done every now and then. It adds a sense of dimension to your hair and is perfect for someone whose hair[9] falls flat. It would add a natural volume to the hair and bring movement to it. This does not even require you to touch up your natural hair even a little. All you have to do is pick your preferred shade of chestnut, be it slightly on the darker or the lighter side and get highlighting. 

Tip:  This highlight sure is low maintenance but if you want it to last longer, then use colour protecting products like shampoo, conditioner and serum to make the colour stay healthy and for a longer period of time. You can always opt for purple shampoos to prevent any sort of brassing on the highlight colour.

Pink Highlights On Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Fair to Dusky skin tone. Who doesn't like pink? It makes one look young, peppy and fun. It is the best way to add a splash of fun to your otherwise mundane hair[10]. Pink does not mean you go all out with shades like neon. You can always opt for pastel pinks or faded pink highlights to get a very sophisticated yet fun look. However, whichever pink your choose, it will scream bold and requires a lot of confidence to carry it without being too conscious. While pink might look like the colour that stands out, it will be surprising for you to know that it blends with shades like brown beautifully. You can also mix lighter and darker pinks to create an intense hair highlight that will add dimension and depth to the hair. 

Tip:  If you are someone who washes their hair every alternate day then this colour is not for you considering it bleeds very fast. You will need a heat protecting serum every time you want to style your hair as using high temperature on this colour can fade it out, making it look very patchy and uneven.

Mocha Highlight

Skin Tone: Reflects best from a dusky to darker skin tone. You don't need a colour like pink and purple to make a visible difference to your hair[11]. You can also opt for subtle colours like light brown and caramels and they will look equally amazing. Mocha highlight on brown hair is also one such hair colour that you can easily try if you work or if you need a hair to revamp but bright and bold colours wouldn't be appreciated in your college. It is subtle and acceptable, not just by people but also by you, which will make it easier to carry and flaunt. This is also one of those shades which can be further enhanced by mixing it with lighter and darker shades of brown to add depth and dimension. 

Tip:  This is the perfect hair to put up on your Instagram with a caption "I woke up looking like this". To make sure that the colour stands out, use dry textured shampoo, as hair[12] separated will look much better with this hairstyle than hair in the sleek form. If you are businesswomen and working hard in that corporate world of yours, you can definitely add this to your look and create a charming impression. Curls or even straight natural hair will do with it.

Mahogany Highlight On Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Reflects best from a dusky to darker skin tone. If it belongs to the family of red, there is no chance of it not fitting in. You don't necessarily have to make it bright and bold. You can always opt for a sun kissed variation of this shade for highlights that look subtle and easily blended in. This again is a very contemporary hair colour and would work perfectly for someone who is in the corporate world and needs that subtle dash of colour in their life. This would look very natural on someone with brunette hair as it beautifully melts in. 

Tip:  Considering it is a shade of red, it will bleed and hence use colour protective shampoo, conditioner as well as serums. You can always ditch the copperish mahogany that tends to look very close to rustic browns and instead opt for blue-based red to make it look very dramatic and noticeable. This would also make your hair look naturally rich and intense without the hassle of going through any treatments and sessions.

Light Brown Highlights On Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits all skin tones. If you have brown hair and you have coloured your hair before, this surely was your first trial. And if you are someone who has never tried colouring their hair and wants a very decent transition, then brown hair with light brown highlight is your best bet. It looks very natural and is the most commercial. You can go about and wash your hair as normally as you were doing before the hair wash. If you are someone who loves hair colouring and changes them every season, then the light brown highlights are your perfect thing to wear during fall. 

Tip:  It is a lived-in colour and even if you start it as a highlight, it will grow and turn into balayage which is the best part of this hair colour. You can keep your hair[13] into a basic short U cut or layers as this highlight will reflect the best out of them. It requires minimum maintenance hence a basic colour protect shampoo is all that it will take to keep this colour stuck to your hair. If you want to go for an entirely short cut then blunt will also give complete justice to this highlight.

Grey Highlight On Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits a medium to dusky skin tone. Grey highlights on brown hair is definitely a non-conventional way of hair highlighting and is perfect for someone who is bold enough to carry it. The best skin tone that would easily flaunt this highlight are people falling between the duskier to darker skin tone. It looks beautiful to see how brown melts down into the lighter grey shade. This trend entered the market in 2018 and is in no way planning to step down. While shades like pink and purple might be too feminine for you when looking out for a change, you can always opt for grey if edgier is your style. It has become more of a persona than just a hair colour. 

Tip:  A silver ash grey would look out of this world when done on brown canvas. It does not even require a lot of maintenance. All you have to do is wash it with a purple shampoo to maintain the gloss and the exact colour. You will have to bleach your hair till level 1 which is almost platinum hence, it is best if you use a lot of hair serums to protect the quality of the hair. If you have short hair, a graduating bob will look amazing with this hair colour.

Smokey Silver Highlights On Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits all skin types. This one falls in the grey and silver family itself except the fact that it is way more subtle and can be carried even in places like the office. It will sure add a touch of fun to the subtle base brown hair colour but it will at the same time look very sophisticated and stylish. The beauty of this hair colour is the elegant light that the grey adds to the otherwise dark and flat looking hair. It creates beautiful levels of intensity and depth, making the hair look dimensional and full of movement. If you are someone who is bored with the browns and find bright colours to risky to play with, this is your best bet. While an entirely grey highlight might still be too much for the eye to take, a smokey silver highlight on brown hair would be a pleasure to the eyes. 

Tip:  Silvers require a lot of maintenance as there is a lot of bleach that goes in to reach the look. The aftercare is the first thing to take into consideration as you will have to protect your hair from going dry and looking entirely damaged. After this, you would be using toners and special shampoos to protect it from fading out and turning into blonde. However, all of that is a one-time investment. The results after the silver highlights will be totally worth it.

Mermaid Highlights For Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits Fair to medium skin tone. Whoever said that there is not a lot that can be done with short hair in terms of colour most definitely did not try thinking out of the box. Anything can be achieved on any hair length and texture, it only requires an expert to help get that perfect shade that you dreamt off. Mermaid hair might look absolutely gorgeous on hair that is long and wavy, but it sure adds a sense of edgy for someone with short hair as well. This hair colour requires a lot of courage to flaunt and a lot of confidence to carry. It is not your girl next door look but will definitely make all the neighborhood turn to you when you walk. 

Tip:  Everything about these highlights is very difficult. From its maintenance to carrying and flaunting it with head held high. But if someone chooses this hair colour [14]she is for sure ready to conquer the world in her own way and small worries like maintenance wouldn't stop her from doing that. You will need to touch it up every 1 month if you plan to continue with the look. If not, just to protect your highlight from bleeding and turning into the shades of blonde, use colour protecting shampoo that also comes with added shine. An A-line bob will look like a masterpiece with this haircut. Add in some waves and you are ready to set some trends for people to follow.

Dawn Blue Highlight With Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits dark skin tone the best. It isn't necessary that when someone says blue you only think of something electrical and bright. You can opt for a dawn blue which melts like ice with brown and especially on dark brown hair. It will not take away from the futuristic look that you wanted and keep it tamed by making it look very natural. The black mixed with the blue gives perfect midnight feel to your hair which manages to add colour without looking, out there. 

Tip:  A thing to note with dark blue highlight is that if you do it on lighter browns, it will stand out and defeat the purpose of looking subtle and natural. So if you are looking for a subtle look, you will have to do it on dark brown hair and if you have light brown hair, then you will have to darken it first to achieve this. It will bleed hence use purple shampoos to protect them at all times. A bob or even a shaggy cut will give justice to this highlight. Add in a few waves to make it look dark and mysterious just like those midnight hours.

Sorbe Highlights With Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits very fair to fair skin tone. Sorbe colours will instantly take you back to the world of candy and pastels. It is a beautiful blend of candy colours that bring out the fun and notorious side in you. If you are looking for a drastic change in your hair colour, then this is your best bet. How do you want to play with it is entirely your choice? Keep it very mellow and blended with the browns or make it loud and put it out there. You can also opt for a blonde on brown first and then add a tinge of these shades as just reflective colours. You can always change the shades that go in these highlights. If you don't like the classic pink and orangish blend, you can always add a little purple to balance it out. 

Tip:  These highlights need expert advice based on your skin tone as well as your hair colour. These shades tend to fade really quick hence keep it safe from heat protecting serums before styling it. Use purple shampoo to maintain its shine and prevent bleeding. If you are someone who has to wash their hair every other day, this hair colour might not be the best option. You can maintain a shaggy or a straight cut with this hairstyle. Add waves and layers to it to bring dimension.


Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Skin Tone: Suits fair to medium skin tone. You don't need to have dark hair to play with your hair. There is a lot that can be done even with light brown hair, and blonde is one of the easiest options. This highlights blends in the most natural way possible and yet bring out a change not just for the hair but for your entire face as well. If you are someone with thin hair, then you must close your eyes and pick this shade up as it will add volume and bounce to your hair. 

Tip:  The only maintenance blonde highlights need is that of protection from damage after the hair colour. A few serums put together can take care of that. Considering it is such a natural blend, it will look great even on hair as short as a pixie. 


Green Highlights With Brown Hair

Skin Tone: Suits dark skin tone the best. Green is one such cool colour that compliments warm-blooded people beautifully. If you are someone who is on the darker side and wants a colour that would sober up the hair look while adding some colour to it, then green is your best bet. Well, this trend surely started by celebrities wearing green wigs to events, but then hair stylist saw this as an opportunity and used them in highlighting the hair. You can opt for emerald and hunter if you are looking for something on the darker and subtler side and opt for neon's and pastels if lighter is what you want. In either case, your hair will have to go through intense bleaching. Green highlights don't just change your hair colour but also your persona altogether. If you are ready to take care of it and treat it right, it sure will help you become the centre of attraction as well as put you under the spotlight. 

Tip:  Considering the amount of bleaching required, it is advised to use custom-coloured conditioner on your hair which you can easily ask your stylist to provide. Try to never use warm water as it will make the bleeding process faster and instead opt for cold water as it locks the colour in.



Metallic Bob Hair

Skin Tone: Suits dark skin tone the best. When you have short hair they tend to look very less in terms of quantity as well as very thin. Adding a colour that would add a natural volume to it will work nothing short of a godsend. You need texture and layers on your hair to actually make your short hair stand out especially if it is cut in a bob. All you have to do is pick a colour that will make it look extra and wouldn't tame it down further. Shades like dusty pink or blue work wonders for cases like these. You can also go for pastels as they are very well capable of adding that extra volume to the hair. You can also play around these shades and choose a shade darker or lighter to mix with. This would add dimension and depth to your hair. 

Tip:  If you choose a non-conventional colour, which is your best bet with this hairstyle, they will bleed. And to stop that from happening, all you have to do is use a purple colour protect shampoo. Add layers to it and curl them outwards to add onto the bounce and volume. 


Just because you have short hair[15] does not mean the possibility of your hair colour end with subtle shades only. If you had the guts to cut it really short, you sure have it in you to carry shades like pink and purple as well. If fun is not what you are looking for, then there a lot of edgier shades that are easy to carry. They will be the perfect balance between bold and subtle and will make you look class apart. The key rule with highlights for short hair is the confidence that you need to carry it. With that, you can pull off even a wrongly done hair cut or hair colour. Short hair is tricky and hence require a colourist who can handle it better than anyone else can. So paint the town in whichever colour you wish to by adding them onto your manes. As someone wise once said, if you cannot change your surroundings, change your hair colour. It will bring all the difference that you need in your life!

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Short Brown Hair With Highlights

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