Secrets To Win Heart Of A Pisces Man

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If you are onto this topic then it clearly means that you are either having trouble approaching a pieces guy or you like one and you want to know what will be the best way to nail it. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. 

Before even starting, it is very important for all you people out there who is reading this article to know that a pieces man are extremely sweet. But that does not mean you can take them for granted. They are sweet tempered, kind people who must be treated that exact same way. However, if you don't, then be ready to bring out a side in them which is something that you will not be ready for. 

Secrets To Win Heart Of A Pisces Man

Isn't the feeling of liking someone and falling for them the most beautiful. We pretty much want to turn the tables and do everything that will bring them to us. We all dream of our fairytale[1] and everyone knows how much of a real task it is to bring these fairytale to life. Today's world is different though. We like hitting a bulls eyes right where it is needed rather than running around the bush. 

And that is the exact reason why, we are here to tell you how you can attract a guy who is a Piscean[2]. But before jumping to that, let's find out a little more about the zodiac sign[3] and what are some traits if a Piscean man.

Who Are They?

A piscean is someone whose birthday falls anytime between February 19 to March 20. Their element from the elements of life[4] is water which is quite obvious considerer their sign is a fish. They are ruled by the planet Neptune[5] which makes them extremely creative and someone who thinks out of the box. They are known to be very friendly and tend to help people a lot selflessly. There is pretty much only good thins about this planet because we think that the water as their element keeps them tame and calm.  They are generous, compassionate[6] and extremely faithful and caring. 

When it comes to love and relationship[7] in specific, people belonging to this sun signs are known to be deep in their hearts and an incorrigible romantic[8]. Today's time might be changing the perspective of a piscean but a true piscean believes in being loyal and short term relationships[9] is something that they clearly don't understand.

Traits Of A Pieces Man

Now that you have a jest about who people belonging to this zodiac sign are, it is important to dive down to the characteristic that a true piscean man posses. You saw a guy and you got these strong feelings for him. But it is very important to know weather your nature is going to clash with theirs. These dictated traits might not be a 100% true but they do match to some of the extents so before knowing how to attract a man from this zodiac sign, it is very important to know weather your likings fit to his or not. 

So here are some of the traits of a pieces man.


When it comes to love, a Pisces man will give his all to its partner. the constant aim of a pieces man is to bring himself and his partner in full harmony. So if you are someone who is looking to date very casually, then we will recommend not even crossing lines with someone who is pieces. Because even if he says that he wants something casual, he will end up in deep feelings later. They carry their heart of their sleeve and hence end up getting hurt very quick too. To avoid the pain, they tend to divert them-self through alcohol or music.


It will always feel magical in a Pisces mans home. They like keeping the house full of lively things like an  aquariums[10], frogs, or unusual plants. They connect to art a lot which will reflect from their house. Pisces men are sensitive to noise and light pollution, and will hence prefer a serene area for their house. The Pisces man makes a wonderful and gentle father.


A Pisces man must be working in a corporate environment[11] but his heart is surely into something creative. They can even go to an extent of inventing a career for themselves if it was feasible. There are very rare exceptions when it comes to a pieces man being in 9-5 job and being successful or happy. That is just not their domain. The freedom of being able to create their own way of doing things is what truly makes a piscean man happy. They can not work with rules even when it comes to something as basic as a dress code. Money can be very tricky for a pieces man to hold. They believe in spending and investing on their likings which can lead to them spending all the money. A pieces man must learn how to save money and a guidance can help them achieve that.

Gift Guide

Choosing a gift for a piscean man can be very difficult. You must give them something that looks very magical. It needs to be something out of the box[12] and different. It needs to be something which has a lot of value than being something materialistic. The best way to impress a pieces man is by mixing a lot of elements together instead of giving just one single thing. Something religious can also work very well for a pieces man. If you plan on gifting jewelry to your man, then make sure it is made of semi-precious stones. They appeal the most to them. They are also not people who are very comfortable in exploring their feminine side so don't go overboard with it.  A Piscean might like a perfume[13] that smells great too. They are also extremely clean as being and giving products that will help them towards it will just be an added benefit.

How To Attract A Pisces Man

Finally, addressing the elephant in the room. Now that you are clear on what a Pisces man really is, it will be clear for you to make a decision weather you want to get trapped in a net with this fish or not. Lets look at the ways you can attract a Pisces man already.

Be Creative

Well, if they cannot settle for a 9-5 job[14] and like doing things the way you surely know that they will settle for someone who is very boring. You must have a creative angle to you if you want a Pisces man to like or even notice you for that matter. They also need someone they can be extremely comfortable with. Their creative mind needs someone who can understand them without judging them. If you want to have a relationship with piscean where you want them to open up to you then they must be very comfortable with you and that will happen only if you give it that try. Creativity[15] is a huge turn on for them. If you don't want to adapt new creative angle to yourself then embrace the ones that you already have.

Be Gentle

Now, Pisces man are very gentle and kind and they would love someone who can treat them the same way too. Considering that they belong to the water element, they are naturally very calming and they hate people or cannot even stand people who are very loud around them. Just like themselves, they like to be around people who are calm and keep themselves composed almost all the time. If you show them your sweet side, that will attract them the most and win their hearts as well. Apart from being gentle to others, it is also very important to be very gentle to the Pisces man himself. They are very emotional and even the slightest of your harsh behavior can trouble them and disturb them for a really long time. This will also break the comfort level of your with them which can cause a lot of unresolved issues to create a problem for the both of you. So make sure you are exceptionally gentle with them but make sure you never show that you are being gentle just because they are sensitive, that will close them too.

Open Minded

Them liking people who are open minded also comes from a place where everything to them needs to be creative. They like people who are open to all possibility and respect everyones judgment. That for them is better than sticking to a traditional way of thinking about things. They are considerate so whenever it comes to your opinions, make sure that you have a subtle way of expressing them otherwise it will not come off as a great trait for them. Also, make sure that apart from them, you are open minded with other topics as well. Be it political, entertainment or even current affairs. Keep an opinion about everything but make sure you are very subtle when it comes to expressing them to your guy. They can get uncomfortable really quick.


A Piscean man is very generous and likes helping people a lot. They also seek for someone who can do the same. If you are looking to impress a piscean man then be very generous. However, make sure that it is genuine because a fake generosity is also something that a piscean man can identify in a jiffy. If you are into NGO and charity, then there is no way a piscean man will not observe you. But, note to keep it real and genuine if you want it work.


Affection is one the most important characteristic that a piscean man looks in his girl and if you want to be noticed by them, then you must bring out this side of yours out. Apart from being affectionate, they also love someone who is very sensual. They love being comfortable to finally fall in love with them and when you show your sensual side to them, it becomes easier for them to open up to you. We mean, who doesn't love a little affection. And if you show it them openly, it will just bloom the relationship and attract him for you. It will also work the best for the relationship cause a Pisces man loves to prioritize affection the most in a relationship.

Appreciate Art

Piscean man are very creative and they love when their partners are too. It gives them a lot of chance to connect with them cause they have so much to talk and discuss about. Art is something that they absolutely love and if your man is also inclined towards it then taking interest in it will help you in masses. It could be any sort of art. A lot of people find themselves in love with paintings, pottery and even music. Try taking interest in the things that he loves when it comes to art. This is also something that you can do without making it look fake. Plus your man will also like it if you try these things as they will see you putting in efforts.

Go All Emotional

A Pisces man loves it when their girl can express emotions because they are very emotional. However, they can be extremely shy to show it off to other people and like keeping it to themselves until and unless they are comfortable with them. When you show them that you are emotional and you express whatever you feel openly, they come into this safe area where they will not hesitate before sharing things with you or even opening up with you and this will help build a strong foundation. So if you like a Pisces man then go ahead and tell him straight out, he will appreciate it more than anything else.


A Pisces man might take a lot of time opening up but when he does, he will like to have a great amount of transparency in the relationship. He will love for you to share your worries and thoughts. So instead of keeping them locked to your own self, dictate it to them. So if you are planning to indulge yourself with a Pisces man then be okay with sharing and expressing cause these are the only two things that will strengthen a foundation with your man. Make sure whatever you feel, you make it reach your man in the purest way. That is what he will appreciate the most.

The Ideal Date

The first step after you gain the courage to ask the man is going to be the date. When it comes to the date, how much ever your guys insist, if he is a true piscean he will love to plan everything himself, so let him do it. When you let them do this, they will be extremely thankful to you and their creative side will also ensure that you have a lot of fun on your date. It is going to be very creative and different. Something that even you wouldn't have pulled off. However, if he being a true gentleman and he leaves it to you to decide certain things, then make sure you make it OTT romantic. It always works with a Piscean. If you want an inspiration for your date then make sure that you throw in candles, flowers, a beautiful garden and sunset as the time to perfect the date for a Pisces man.

The Dressing

If you are looking to attract a piscean man then make sure wearing something that you are very comfortable wearing. Anything uncomfortable will totally turn his mood off. They love stepping into something uncomfortable themselves and they absolutely hate it when their partner does it too. Also, if you are looking uncomfortable, there is a fair chance that he will be uncomfortable the whole time himself. So opt for something loose and comfortable. If the season avails then wear something flowy too. Considering their element is water, try opting for marine shades which will attract them the most. Colors like blue, green, purple will look stunning to them.

Get Ready For A Challenging Experience

If you are planning to indulge yourself with a Pisces man then be sure that you are going to put yourself through a challenge. They sure are very simple and kind but it can be tricky to deal with them sometimes. They are very emotional but they hate bringing that side of their out and in fact likes being the knight in shining armor. It might get challenging when you are expressing your heart out but he is being strong but that is the real challenge. He will one day become exceptionally comfortable and show his emotional side and then there will be no going back from there. While he will be maintaining a strong exterior his interiors are going to be very sensitive and it is important that you understand when to show a caring side and when a rough side to him. That is where the true challenge with a pieces man lies.

Presentability Matters

While they like their women to be as comfortable as possible but they cannot compromise on presentability. The pieces man likes a beautiful women not in terms of the body or features but in terms of how they keep themselves. If you want to keep them attracted to you almost always then make sure you are dressed well almost always. This does not mean you will go over the top with it. Just how you dress according to your personality how you conduct yourself and how you reflect back on people is what matters the most to them. They love natural beauty so don't let this factor trouble you a lot.

Keep It Undiscovered

A Pisces man is extremely friendly but only when he gets comfortable with someone. You cannot expect him to be comfortable in the first meet itself. Hence it is very important to do things in a very secretive environment when it comes to them and especially in the initial stages. For example if you have date with him and you have to decide the venue, then we recommend going to a place where it is just the two of your or very less people. This way he will open up freely will also get comfortable with the idea that you respect and understand them right from the very beginning. Try not to force them to open up as that can totally turn them off. They like secrecy till they are genuinely comfortable in sharing things with you. The best way to deal with this situation is to avoid places which are visually over stimulating and crowded.

His Liking=Your Liking

Apart from taking interest in his likes, it is also important to try and learn about his life in the most subtle way, This will help you both get very close to each other and also bring out the element of comfort. Try and get to know his friends. Meet them when he is around. If you like them then make sure that you mention it to him as he will appreciate that a lot. Emotions to a piscean is everything. When you express the relationship will boom. They are overly complex in their heads and they like to be around people who they think gets them. And the best way to do so is talking to them about things. But make sure, it should be more of a getting to know them rather than being a quiz. That can be a turn off for them again. They are confused, lost and dazed almost always and they take shelter of loneliness and opt for going to places that are secluded when these emotions hit, make sure you understand him so well that you can sense it and be his shoulder. This way your efforts will not go unnoticed and you will very swiftly slide into his life.

A Turn Off For A Pisces Man

Now that you have a detailed idea about how you can make a Pisces man fall deeply for you, you must also need to know a few turn off which can push a man away. While doing the right things might be great for you but doing the wrongs can worsen whatever efforts you have put in to right ones. So pick up your pen and that paper and note these points which will be a major turn off for your Pisces man.


By now you might have it pretty clear that a piescean man is kind, generous and loves it when their women is the same. They are also people who like to stay out of anything that is negative and can ruin their aura. So if you want to be in the good books of a piscean man then you will have to keep yourself clean to the T. Gossip for you might be just a little conversation but for them it will come filled with  a lot of negative vibes so stay clear of it. A Piscean man likes staying in his dreamy world and being detached by the drama that goes around, hence when you make him sit and listen to all you gossip, he might start to feel detached from you in order to detach from the goss. It has nothing to do with them being ignorant or impolite, they like the cutoff and would rather discuss deeper topics than topic which make no sense to them.

Don't Be Judgy

A Piscean man is an extremely kind man and anything to do with something negative can be extremely harmful. Hence, don't be judgy. This does not mean that you don't get to voice your opinion but make sure you don't seem very judgy about anything. It can put off your man and spoil his mood for the day. This way not just push your man away but also make him push you away. Piscean men are overly friendly when they get comfortable and hence attract people from different kinds of personality. If you even for once sound judgy about any one of them then you will be in deep trouble. So if you have 100% decided to be with a pieces man, then be sure that you will not be judgmental at all.

Never Be Unkind

A Piscean is an extremely kind man and he will hate it if there are people around him who is unkind. And especially if it is his girl being cruel or mean to people, there is no way he is going to keep her for a long time to come. So, if you are trying to win a a Pisces man, make sure that there is no way you are kind or mean to anyone. Also, it is not something that you can pretend at, you will have to be a 100% natural at it or you will piss your man even more. He will get to know if you are pretending to be, so make sure to only be around a piscean man if you are genuinely a kind woman and mean well for everyone.

Signs That Are Most Compatible With Pisces

While you might put in a lot of effort to get a piscean man and make him yours, sometimes, very naturally some people are more compatible with a piscean man. Here is who they are and well, if you fall into these signs then you surely have an upper hand.


Cancer is one of the signs that work the most with a Piscean man. They both are water signs and hence they work the best when it comes to compatibility. They are also known to be the most romantically compatible. Cancer is the one who brings intimacy to the relation. They also help nurture their partner and care about their likings. Pisces is the one who bring creativity to the relation and together they work brilliantly.


Scorpions are known to be very blunt but they are extremely loyal. One of the reasons why they work well with Pisces. Scorpions are also water signs and hence they work brilliantly with a Piscean man. They are pretty much the same minus the bluntness that a scorpion comes with. They are both loyal, loves expressing when they are comfortable and generous to people who they find genuine.


They are both very opposites but like they say, opposite attract great and the same is the case with them. Piscean man are very expressive and the Virgo is quite opposite to them. However, if you break that little barrier and get close to the Piscean somehow, they will see your shyness right through you and make you extremely comfortable. Virgo’s careful mind wouldn't allow them to act “like animals”, and a Piscean will find it so natural and real that they will automatically fall in love. 

Now that are aware about how you can attract a Piscean man, just follow these tricks and tips and they will work in the favor of you. However, there is one thing that you have to keep note of and that is to be 100% natural. The more you will pretend the more you will push a genuinely nice Piscean man away. They are extremely complex to break but when you know the right spot, you will make them fall for you head over heels. 

So the next time you are in this confusion of how to make your man fall for you, and he is a Piscean, you know where to drop by for tips. And always remember, a Pisces man is water. Powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you and deep enough to save you. So if you take a little effort and genuinely try a little hard, all of your efforts will work out and you will end up with a man who will be by your side!

Secrets To Win Heart Of A Pisces Man

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