Satya Nadella wife - Anupama Nadella

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Mrs.Anupama Nadella is the wife[1] of Mr.Satya Nadella[2] CEO of Microsoft[3] and daughter of Mr.K.R. Venugopal, former secretary to the PM, in-charge of Kashmir[4] affairs and social development. She was born in New Delhi in 1973, completed her schooling at Hyderabad public school[5], graduation in engineering[6] architecture at Manipal Institute of technology. Her husband is her senior while pursuing BArch in the Faculty of Architecture.

 Satya Nadella was born in Hyderabad[7]. His father was a civil servant of IAS[8]. satya Nadella studied at Hyderabad Public School. He got bachelor degree of engineering in Electronics and  Telecommunications from the Manipal Institute. He also has gone to the U.S. and got  MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin[9]. Then, he obtained his MBA[10] from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business[11]. Initially, Satya Nadella worked at sun microsystems[12] as a member of its technology. He got married to Anupama in the year 1992 and in the same year Satya Nadella started his career in the Microsoft field. On 4 February 2014, Nadella was announced as the new CEO of Microsoft, the third chief executive. He also wrote an autobiography " Hit Refresh "[13], in which he explains about leaving his job in order face one typical situation.

Satya Nadella wife, Anupama is the key person for the Nadella's family who holds the entire family together. The couple has three children, one son Zain Nadella and two daughters named Tara Nadella and Divya Nadella. Their family currently lives in Washington[14]. As a successful housewife, she is taking care of their three children while paying more attention to social welfare activities as co-chairman of It starts with the yes campaign - The Campaign for Seattle Children. Anupama is a skilled mother who struggled a lot to bring up their kids including a son with special needs. She always says that parenting was a learned art for me. The more we put into the well-being of our children, the better their long-term health would be.  She is also a strict mother who sets everything perfectly for their kids.

satya nadella wife

Coming to her motherhood[15], Satya Nadella wife says, having a newborn is hard; it's a long, 24-hour day. When my baby is motionless and has complete medical attention. A lot of questions raised in me," Did I do something which is the cause for this incident"?  These questions make you judge yourself hardly and feel judged. I noticed that most people have some kind of difficulties across their lives and that as a result, there is an understanding out there. This is what I decided to focus on. I was new to the Seattle area, and Zain's birth gave me the best of what this society had to offer when Zain was in the NICU. We got plenty of love and support from Zain's first occupational, physical and speech therapists and caregiver, who are our dearest friends now. Latest technology kept my son zain alive. Having a child with special needs is very difficult. Talking about it which lead to a various new path which shared the experience with various families with a similar situation in conducting different occasions for children with disabilities. This program not only impressed our family but also taught us to help others and being kind to others.

Today, Zain is a grown-up boy who is fond of spending more time with us. He has a great passion for music. He is paralytic and is completely blind. He has undergone many painful medical processes. Families with this kind of child with a disability develop their own way of adjusting with the existing situations. I learned a lot of lessons for being generous to others. And it taught me to find that generous for myself.

The couple also had a pet, called Winston which is a great companion for their kids, especially for their son Zain. Winston gives great emotional support to zain. Finally, the difficulties faced by them gave a lot of space to learn about kindness and happiness they earn while helping others.

Satya Nadella wife - Anupama Nadella

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