Satya nadella shared his life experience - A human being should have empathy for others

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Satya nadella shared his 1st interview experience with microsoft just after graduation Satya Nadella says, “I just completed my graduation then.There were interviews for engineers in Microsoft.I applied.Richard Tait,a manager interviewed me.He hadn't asked me any question on engineering.But he asked me one question. Manager: You are going in a car.a small girl is crying as an orphan beside the one is beside her.what will you do? Me: Sir,I will call quickly to 911….which is emergency number. I had not been selected in the interview. After the interview process was over,I went to the manager Richard,and asked him why he was not selected. To this Richard replied…..'A human being should have empathy for others.while a girl child is crying alone beside the road,why can't you thought of getting down the car and console her?! '

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