Oblong Face Hairstyles

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There are so many different kinds of face cuts. And then there is a lot of hairstyles that goes with it. It is also weird how all of them have such different characteristics. Some have sharp jawlines while others have cheekbones that chiselled like they are made of dreams. That is the part with the characteristic of the face, they can light up the entire face within no time. 

However, sometimes, the face shape can turn out to be a negative characteristic, taking away from the beauty of the individual features. Well, what do you do in a situation like this? Do you let it be as is and of course plastic surgery is not an option? We get how painful it can be to have pictures where all the attention goes to your face and nowhere else. 

Oblong Face Hairstyles

Well, that is when comes hair to the rescue. There is a lot of hairstyles that can fix the faces problem in a go. And the one we are solving today is a face that is oblong. When you have an oblong face there is a fair chance that you will want to treat it really soon without much change. So here is a quick list of best hairstyles that will suit an oblong face and accentuate the features instead of bringing the attention to the face structure.

Best Hairstyles For An Oblong Face

  1. Layers With Bangs
  2. Banged Pixie Haircut
  3. Chin Length Hair
  4. Tousled Messy Look
  5. A Line Bob
  6. Textured Bob
  7. Loose Warm Layers
  8. Retro Curls
  9. Side Sweeps
  10. Chunky Braid
  11. Braided Up Do
  12. Curly Bobbed
  13. Thick Side Swept Bangs
  14. Low Curls
  15. Sophisticated Bob

Layers With Bangs

Bangs are like the top game when it comes to an oblong face. They can bring a great deal of proportion to the face. They beautify the look whilst working functionally as well. The two common bangs kinds are side and front and as much as the side bangs look great the forehead ones are honestly the best. They cover up the forehead, graze the eyebrow and cut down that amount of length from the face. The best way to rock this look is by adding layers to them. When in doubt, go with layers is what they say and we cannot agree more. It is perfect even for people who have thin hair[1] that gets oily very quickly. It pretty much solves all sorts of problem. Have oily, greasy hair, layers will help you. Need volume, add layers to them too. The best part about the look is how versatile and promising it is. The age has no boundaries with this hairstyle too. College student, granny, old lady or even a working professional. Works well with everyone. Plus it is a lot of fun. 

Tips: If you are one amongst those women who keep leaving their hair open, this is your best bet. This will need expert hands so get it from them. The layers need to look gracefully cut so that it falls right onto the face. This is also one of the haircuts which will grow in the same manner so get one which will be perfect. Keep the bangs grazed and not cut in a blunt. That won't go well with the layers. 

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Banged Pixie Haircut

Longer hair[2] can be really difficult to maintain. The longer it is, the more difficult it will become to suit a long face. It can give an illusion that the face is long and elongated. However, if you have an oblong face and you don't mind experimenting a little here and there then you must go for a pixie. It is a complex haircut and you must get it only if you are ready to confidently carry it. It will sit right on top of your head and will not make your face looks long and elongated. When you cut them in nice angles, and side bangs, it will compliment the oblong face really well. To give it textures, you can further add in layers to it as well. However, be sure that this is not a look which will go with all kinds of hairstyle until and unless you are confident about carrying it. It might not even go with events where you need a dressier look. You can always choose to accessorize it a little but we are not sure how big of a difference it will create? 

Tips: There are different types of pixie based on your specific face type. But when it comes to an oblong face, the pixie cut with sharp edgy bangs are perfect. The best way to get this look is by showing your stylist a picture of what exactly you are looking for. This way, there will be no confusion and you will get what you were dreaming off. 

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Chin Length Hair

If going extra small is not your deal and pixie sort of scare you off then you can opt for a chin length hair for sure. The thumb rule with bangs is that you have to widen it in order to take attention away from the long face. When you add in bangs and layers to it, you add in volume to your hair and that will help you with your problem the most. The reason why you hear layers so much is because it is pretty much the solution to everything and all you have to do is add them to whichever hair cut you want. Whoever invented layers was surely a godsend because apart from just making people look good, it is actually functional, and brings a drastic change in the entire look. Also, if you have a long face but thin hair then layers are your best bet. If you have greasy hair[3] then you have to get into that as well. Maintain the length of the hair to the chin and it will be perfect. The layers added to it will improve the hair texture too. Front bangs look the best when it comes to a chin length hair. You can make it tousled as well neat. Do whichever way you want to go. 

Tips: This haircut works really well because it cuts down the overall look and length of the face by giving an illusion for a smaller face. Try to get your layers done from around your eyebrows and not top cause if you do that, then it will add more length, making your face look even longer. So go for layers from eyebrow level all the way till the edges. 

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Tousled Messy Look

While most of us don't like things messy in life but when it comes to hair, it can be totally different. When the messy look entered the market it left people in awe. The power to look like you have just gotten out of the bed with the validation of looking presentable seemed like a joke a few years back but now it is possible. The tousled hair or the messy look as it is known is a great hairstyle when it comes to hair[4] that is thin. When it is messy, it adds width to the face which is very important when it comes to a long face. This is a look that rose from the shady streets and saw the limelight of fashion magazines as well. This look is a versatile one and styling it in the right way will help keep it intact. If this look seems too plain for you then you can add in tiered bangs to it as they will compliment this look the best. However, if you think that this look is only casual then you are getting it all wrong. If styled in the right way, it has the power to look chic as well. 

Tips: While you might think that cutting basic bangs will do the cut for this look, you are wrong. It will not. Go for the tousled look and all over. A sparced bang with a tousled overall look. You can also choose to go intricate and adapt the tiered bangs look. If you always run late and you don't know how you can quicken you're getting ready process then you should opt for this look. It will work just fine. So all we are trying to say here is Bonjour! Try this on!

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A Line Bob

A lot of times fun and peppy might not be your style and you might need something better than that. In that case, go for something formal. Like an A line long bob. This look is classy, sassy but at the same time very professional too. It is also one of the hairstyles that require bare minimum maintenance. You can also play with a multitude of textures when it comes to this look. Like we keep saying, the shorter it is, the better it will look for a longer face. If you don't like to keep it straight and it seems too boring for you then you can add in textures in the form of waves and curls too. It is one of the most popular looks and this cut justifies it why. This will also go perfectly with thin as well as greasy hair[5] as it adds a lot of dimension to the look. The A line bob has solutions for all of that. 

Tips: The best way to nail this look is to make this A line long bob looks perfect when it is cut 1 and a half inch longer than the back. If you think you stylist might confuse it to give you a very shorter look then you can show them a picture to perfect it. A side part justifies this looks like nothing else can. So add a lot of texture decorate the look with ribbons and bows and clips and flaunt them well. 

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Textured Bob

Textures bob is also one of the great hairstyles that you can go for. As we said, the shorter the hair the better it will be for an oblong face. This look is extremely dramatic and when you make it super short, maybe up till the chin it is going to make you look extremely sharp and smart. Add in side bangs to it if you are looking for a feminine look and front bangs if edgy is your style. There is one condition with this, however, and that is that you will need to have thick hair to rock this look. Thin hair can make the hair look very narrow and not so attractive. However, when you add texture to the hair, even your thin hair[6] will get a lot of volumes and make it look rich and elegant. 

Tips: The best way to do this is by cutting your hair chopped in layers. Make sure that the layers are really small so that even if your hair is thin, you can add volume to the hair. And if you have thicker hair[7], the layers will add much dimension to your entire look and also make it very healthy. Also, add in highlights like blond and light brown as they will further volumise the look. 

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Loose Warm Layers

Loose layers is a very delicate and elegant and they go really well with both casual as well as formal outfits. The trick is to add the layers at the right place. It is also a great bohemian touch you can add to your daily life. Without much effort, you can have a look which will be supremely feminine and also give you this dainty look. The relaxed the curls the more casual the look will come together. The trick here is to add layers which starts right at your cheekbones and then goes all the way down. This way, you can have your longer manes which otherwise make them face look even longer but the layers will break them and give dimension to the look, making it look great. The layers starting at the cheek also helps in widening the face because of the extra volume. 

Tips: Make sure that you add in light and dark highlights so that the hair[8] looks multi dimensional for the best look. Also, make sure you give it middle parting to justify this look to the max. While we understand that the middle parting can make the face look even more longer but when you add in layers to it, it will look fabulous. Keep your length as long as you want with this hairstyle and don't worry about saying a goodbye to your long healthy manes. 

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Retro Curls

Don't we all love curly hair? Hell yes! And do you know what is better than curly hair? Retro curly hair. If you are looking for a romantic roman look with minimum efforts, the retro curls can put you in place. This look is very versatile. It can look beautiful with flowers which will make it apt for weddings, you can leave it loose on the sides and it will give you a decorated casual look or you can go with a high up high low look for something that is casual as well as decked up. Make sure you don't go with tight curls as that will take away from the look but if you are planning to perfect the retro curl then add in subtle wide curls. This look is not something that you can make on hair[9] which is freshly washed. It will have fly outs and the look has to be clean in order to look perfect. So make it either on hair that is a day old or use some serum to bring them together.

Tips: The best way to do this is by using a natural way of adding curls to the hair. The look is going to be very natural and it will not look made up. All you have to do is dampen your hair and braid it very loosely. You can also roll strands of hair and pin them when they are damp so that when they dry out it gives you that nice loose curls. 

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Side Sweeps

Side sweeps are a great way to work with an oblong face. The way they work is by bringing the face into the right proportion. The deeper the part, the better the look. It gives a very edgy look and something that looks exceptionally smart as well. It is the perfect hairstyle for pretty much all times. Be it casual, formal or even dressy. A little decor on this look will make it perfect for events like a party or some special event and leaving it as is will make it perfect for casual times with your chicas. This will make your hair look very stunning and also it does not require for you to maintain it a lot. You can either cut them really short with just long bangs deeply parted or you can also have long hair[10] and tie them in a low pony and then side part it. This way you also get to keep your long manes and still style them in a classy way. 

Tips: The best way to style this look is by giving it a deep part, as deep as possible. This will give you a complete change in the look and make it look over all sharp and smart. So if you are looking for a look similar to what we explained, then get it done and it will need most minimum maintenance. 

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Chunky Braid

We all love our long hair and just because you have an oblong face does not mean that you will quit the idea of keeping them long. You can keep your long length and still rock it very well. The chunky braids are what comes in handy for a situation like these. The thing that you have to make sure braid it from side to side in order to add width on the sides. This will help in adding that extra volume onto your sides which will widen the look instead of making your face look elongated and long. When you make a side to side chunky braid, you bring attention from side to side giving an illusion of a wider face than an elongated face. You can keep it very simple and casual or you can deck it up with accessories to sport it on an event. This is a very feminine look so we will recommend opting for it only if you want to rock that kind of look. If you are into something edgy then we guess not. 

Tips: The best way to rock this look is to add texture to the hair. This will help the hair[11] the best in order to style it in whichever way you want. Comb your hair, take all the knots out and then back comb them in order to create that volume for a thick braid. Start from one side and braid it all the way to the other and pin it up. Accessorize it if you want to. 

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Braided Up Do

Up dos are a great way to style your hair when you have an oblong face. However, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to making an up do. Make sure to never add more height to your head and instead make an updo which will widen your look. This will be much better for a narrow face as it adds a lot of volume to the face and makes them look wide. You don't even need long hair[12] to do this if you were worrying about that. Short hair can very well do this too. And this works for all kinds of short hair. If you have very short hair, all you have to do is just pin them up to give the illusion of a bun. You can always keep it very simple and make a bun with side braids. This will help a face that is elongated the most. It takes all the hair away from the face and brings all focus to features like jaw line, cheekbone, lips and eyes. While the bun will bring the whole look together the braids will add texture as well as fun to the entire look. 

Tips: An up do or bun made on top of your head or at a higher level would defeat the purpose of balancing an elongated face. You can also give it a completely different twist and make a low bun instead. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the fact that your braids are on both sides as they will widen the face and make it look better instead of long. 

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Curly Bobbed

You might be looking for something curly and here is the one for you. Who said a Bob looks good only with straight or textured hair. Curly hair can equally rock a bob. Curls say it or not is every girl's favourite and the most amazing thing about it is the number of ways it can be altered in order to rock on different occasions. Someone with straight hair can also achieve it but the only way for it is through a curling iron. This looks best with tight curls and not loose beachy waves. The curls or waves add a lot of dimension to the hair. Apart from that, it also adds texture to hair[13]. Curly bob just like messier falls on the casual section but you can style it for important events as well. 

Tips: The best way to carry this looks is to keep it very natural. Texturize your hair a lot and then curl it really well. Make sure they are tight enough so it looks multi-dimensional. You can also opt to achieve the curls naturally by dampening the hair and tightly braiding the hair and sleeping over it. The next morning when you untie it, it will be tightly done. 

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Thick Side Swept Bangs

When it comes to face that looks oblong, the best way to deal with it is to get your bangs covered 1/3rd of your face. A lot of people are not very comfortable with bangs that fall straight onto the forehead. So an alternative for that can be this look. It is originally a side bang but the way it falls on the face, it looks like it is front. You can imagine Dakota Johnson's look from 50 shades and you will get what we are talking about. The thing about this look is how it beautifully covers half the forehead and conceal the length of the face. When you mix it up with a messy look the look will come out very rocking. 

Tips: You can also add in great colours to this hairstyle and it will further enhance the look and make it look rocking. Use some texturizing cream on the hair to make the hair[14] look great. Also, use a curling iron to add loose curls which will work like magic with this look. 

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Low Curls

A lot of people don't appreciate what a low curl can do but they are super classy as well. In fact the most classier of all. They need minimum effort but they will end up looking very clean a look if you try. They work best when you have a longer length so that the curls can spread out real good. This is not something that will look good with a short one. Keep the hair[15] as smooth as you can. Don't even add texture. This will be the best. Also if you are planning to style the look, we recommend going for it on the second day of wash as they will naturally settle in and give a cleaner look without the fly outs. It is super simple and apart from the length of it, there is minimum maintenance almost everywhere. 

Tips: Add in great high and low lights to this look and they will work wonders for the hair. Also, make sure that your hair is always extremely sleek. Use serum if required. They will keep the fly outs away and keep the look super neat. 

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Sophisticated Bob

Sometimes, you just want the professional look. If you are someone who likes things simple and sophisticated then the bob will nail it for you. Apart from that, if you are looking for something that is sharp and professional then this is what you get for sure. A sophisticated bob is a type of bob where all the layers of the hair are cut in one single length and blow dried inside in a way that the hair cups the face. When the hair is in this shape, it gives an illusion that your face is rounder rather than longer. It gives a very round-like shape to the face, and this takes peoples eye in a way that everything looks rounder and not elongated. This is perfect for someone who is looking to rock the perfect professional attitude. It is sharp, it is sophisticated and it is slightly edgy at the same time. This is also very low maintenance and requires minimum effort to style them too. 

Tips: As we said, it needs minimum maintenance. So when it comes to this sophisticated look, all you have to do is dry them in the ward. That is it. That is all you need. They go brilliantly with power suits, t-shirts and even dresses. The best part about this is how you can add waves and textures to it and suddenly the look will become party like and casual. If you are trying to nail the professional look then you can team it up with glass. This will help bring attention to your jaw line as well as the cheekbones and take attention from your long face instead. 

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Now that you know the best hairstyle that will suit a long face, try them out, alternate between a couple of them and see which one best suit your personal style. This way you will rock the look and be under everyone's spotlight without really being noticed for the wrong reasons. 

So go ahead style them right, dress and show up!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 20/06/2019 

Oblong Face Hairstyles

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