Long Blonde Hairstyle

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They say when you don't know what to do with your hair, just go blonde. Well, we agree. Apart from looking fabulous, the shade blonde can also help in many ways when it comes to different face types. It can open up an oval or elongated face, slim a round face and help a heart shaped face to beautify its features.

If you are someone who is a natural blond then you are lucky cause we are talking about some of the ways how you can flaunt them. And if you are someone who isn't blond but don't mind going one then we will just advise, "do it already". It is only going to benefit you in long run when all people will see is your hair and how it enhances you overall beauty. So lets dig in and find the best hairstyle that will suit a long, blonde hair. Trust us, these can change your life.

Long Blonde Hairstyle

Best Hairstyle For Long Blonde Hair

Glossy Ash Blonde Waves

There are just so many things that are great about this hairstyle. Starting from its shades of course. The ash as a color found its popularity a couple of years back inspired from a lot of tv series and became peoples favorite within no time. It is your dream of having a fairytale world in reality. At least this is the closest you can go. Now coming to the second shade which is blonde, it acts as a great base for the blond as it helps it to settle down easy on it. A hair that is painted ash in color can be too much for the eyes to take and also too much for the person who has got it done. Thanks to the blonde, you can now achieve it with the undertones of ash mixed. And when you have two beautiful shades merging, the best way to flaunt it will be adding curl to it. This will add dimension, depth as well as character to the hair. Also don't forget to add in shine using serums to make your hair look extremely healthy. 

How To Achieve It: Considering we are talking about long hair, that goes without saying. You can get a lot of layers cut in them if you have scanty hair, just for added volume or you can leave it as is. All you have to do is get a bond base if you don't have it already and add ash highlights to it. You can also opt for balayage but we vote for highlights. Once done, use some texturising spray and run them through your hair. Now, using a tong, curl it to give very loose waves to it, almost as close to beach ones. You can leave it loose or tie them up.

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Blonde Balayage And Layers

Balayage is also a great hairstyle that looks amazing with blond hair. There are such wonderful possibility. You can make the light to transit into dark or vice versa. It is something great for someone with a chubby face or an oval face as in either case it will help in opening up the face and helping you flaunt your best features. considering this is a long hairstyle, opt for layers from below your cheeks as that will make them look great for times when you don't have the time to go to salon. Just a little dry shampoo and the layers will do its magic. And when you hand paint it, the effect is sure to flatter all. The blend will look extremely natural and it will look as if it is your actual hair[1] shade. 

How To Achieve It: All you have to do is find the color that you will blend your blond with, It can be a lighter brown or you can have darker roots and bake that balayage into blond. It is a field and you are the player. Paint it like you want. Decide upon the layers according to your face cut and hair condition. If you have an oily scalp then give layers right from the very crown as this will keep them voluminous. Similarly, if you have an oval face, add them right from your cheekbones. This will give an illusion of a wider face. 

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Angled Ombre

You must have seen this trend on your favorite influencer because this hairstyle is in rage. Ombre is basically a gradation from light to dark on a hair. It looks beautiful because it melts in like magic. However, if there is something even more beautiful than ombre, then it has to be angled ombre. An angled ombre can be visualized like the letter A on the hair. The lighter shade follows the outline of an A and the hair[2] is colored accordingly. This basically means the front of the hair will be in the lighter shade and where that hair ends, the natural ombre begins. You can opt to have long bangs cut to make the transition seem even ore natural. The trick here is to always keep them in layers and waves. Straight hair will make it look like blobs of color and stains, so to avoid that, opt for natural waves. 

How To Achieve It: It is not something that you can easily avail at home. You will need an experts help with it because the right angles must be decided and it is not something that you can decide on your own. So first thing first, get it done by an expert. While blonds don't suit all, you can always choose the second shade as per your skin tone. Also this is perfect for you if you have a round face, the lighter shade around your face will give an illusion of a slimmer face. 

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Darker Roots

When you have hair in which the roots peeps out with a darker hue, it looks very rich. You can paint the rest of the hair in preferably a blonde icy shade but make sure to keep the roots dark. And you can have a start difference in them. This will also help in keeping the maintenance low and if your hair color is in the right shade then you can also protect your roots from color as you will not be needing any hair[3] color on them. This is for someone who has straight hair. We understand how treacherous curling your hair can get every single day so this is an alternate option for that. It will make the hair free flowing and the blend will look extremely natural. 

How To Achieve It: Make sure that if you plan on doing this at home then get yourself gloves because your top half and the rest of the hair will need a good blend to make it look natural. You can do this at home if you have hair coloring experience. Opt for shades like platinum and ash blonde to justify this look. Don't do anything to add texture to the hair. In fact keep them straight and flowing. 

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Simple And Caramel

Blonds are mostly for people with a fair skin. If someone with a dusky skin wears it, they will end up looking extremely flushed. Well, that is when comes the shade caramel. It is from the blonde family but slightly on the brown side which make it perfect for people with a darker skin tone. The best way to flaunt this look is by keeping them in one single length and adding a few highlights to it. The highlights will add texture to the hair and make it look class apart. It is an extremely rich hair color and is a perfect example when it comes to "beauty is in minimalism". If you have thick hair[4] then this is perfect for you and if not, then you can always use some volumising spray to pump it up. Use the crumple set from the styling tool to give it that rough rugged look. 

How To Achieve It: If you are done with all your experiments then this can be the hairstyle that you can fall onto. Firstly, you can cut the hair to one single layer and get rid of all the split ends. Secondly the color is so minimal that it will look very natural. After getting them cut, just get a global of the caramel color done. You can do it at your home as well. Once that is done, you can blend in lighter brown, ash or even blonde into it based on your preference and add the crumpled look to it. 

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Champagne Blonde

Who can deny something that has champagne in its name. Just like how beautiful and gorgeous those champagne look in those bottle, very similarly they will melt down on your hair too. Champagne is a shade which is very recently discovered in the world of hair coloring and since then has picked up its pace. It has a cooler undertone and is very near to the icy blonds that we have already fallen in love with. If you are someone who naturally has blonde hair then champagne is the best way to liven them up. It acts like a pop of color, true to its definition and adds a sense of movement to the hair[5]. While most of the time we speak about adding waves, here we will recommend going for coil. They will enhance the look even more. 

How To Achieve It: Get this pop of champagne done from an expert because it is on the lighter side and if something goes wrong it will be quite visible. Get them dyed and once done, all you have to do is use some texturising cream, apply it onto your hair[6] and then coil them using a curler. You can sometimes add in waves and sometimes keep them dead straight too. This way, you will get different looks all the time. For this look, you can also get layers and swoopy long bangs done. 

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Platinum Ombre Curls

This article is going to be a great play around straight, wavy and curls and this particular one talks about the latter one. There must have been a time in the nearest future when you opened up your Instagram and all you could see was platinum. And well, you cannot blame yourself for spotting it, it was legit everywhere. From Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian. It is a shade which is not new and has stood the test of time. One amongst the classic, it is a shade which can throw a very cool and relaxed vibe. We will not lie about the fact that it is easy on maintenance. Not at all, but when you can look like a million bucks, why not spend a couple of hundreds to keep them intact. Of course if you don't want to go all platinum you can dip it with other shades like blue and purple but the OG is the classic. 

How To Achieve It: Again, run to your hairstylist and go to the one you trust the most because you will need touch ups and you cannot put a finger on someone who would rather mint money and not give you the work that you desire. Ombre is the most difficult hair[7] coloring technique to tap so make sure that you opt for a great hair stylist. You can go with the classic Sansa Stark look which was all platinum with a tinge of  blonde with light waves which you can achieve naturally without the heat treatment. Or you can add in a tinge of purple and brown like Vanessa Hudgens. 

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Beachy Rose Gold

Find us a girl who does not love rose gold and we will take a bullet. Well, not entirely true, we mean there are girls who like goth but who does not love rose gold. At least it is our most favorite. The color is extremely chic with its own edge to it. Don't we all wish to have that tan skin and beachy waves always. At least that can help keep our spirits alive. Well, sadly the tan is not something that you can easily get but the hair you can. In fact at the comfort of your very home. Rose gold is a shade which looks best with both straight as well as curly/wavy hair. But if you have hair[8] that is a little flat, we recommend adding waves to volumanise it. It will also help in adding depth to your hair. You honestly don't even need a lot to maintain them as it will work just fine with your original hair color too. 

How To Achieve It: You can decide on the way you want to add rose gold to your hair. Making your dip entirely into rose gold is not a great idea because that way it will lack character. However, when you mix it with browns or even blonds for that matter, they add great level of dimension which will look amazing on your hair. The beachy waves can be achieved by twisting your hair when they are damp and securing them with clips. And you though you will need heat styling tools to glam them up! 

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Shaggy Blonde Hair

It is not necessary that you will have to have short hair to give it a shaggy feel. You can have that same look even with long hair. It is very easy to achieve this. All you have to do is give yourself close layers. Where you want to give it totally depends on you. You can add a lot of shaggy layers onto your crown if you have thin hair or greasy hair. This will help add volume to the top of the hair[9] and solve the problem of thin greasy hair. Plain hair can be very boring but when you add a little shag to it, it makes a statement in itself. You can also add layers to the bottom of the hair as it will give your face a structured look. 

How To Achieve It: You can either keep your hair entirely blond or add brown highlights to them to further enhance the look. Either ways, it will look great. All you have to do is get layers cut to your hair. And when you plan on setting them, all you have to do is blow dry it. You don't even need texturising spray or anything. A good wash and blow dry is all you need. 

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Platinum Highlights With Side Bangs

Platinum has sort of become the color of the season. It is everywhere and everyone wants to have a little bit of it to themselves. However, we agree it is not easy to carry it and flaunt it. While blond in itself is too difficult for a lot of people to carry, platinum is so much more complex. That is why, when having a global platinum done is too intense, you can opt for a platinum highlight. This way, you can mix shades like caramel blonde with platinum. It will look very subtle and also suit someone with a dusky skin. Add in side bangs to it and you will give yourself a unique identity in terms of your look. You can also opt to give the bang one single shade instead maintaining highlights on them. There is a lot you can play around when it comes to platinum with highlights and bangs. 

How To Achieve It: We will recommend getting longer swoopy bangs as they will look much classy with a longer length and especially when it is blond. Next you need to get platinum highlights all over. Blow drying them is more than enough to set them well. Make sure you blow dry your bangs as well. The more swoopy they look the rich your overall appearance will. 

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The Classic Vintage Up do

We all would love to go back to the era of corsets and dramatic curls don't we. While they might sound uncomfortable, we all want to at least for a day live that life. Everyone who is at least a millennial first saw the modernized vintage look in the movie Titanic and we fell in love with the romantic up dos and the low cut necklines. Well, the classic vintage updo is just that. While most of them time we speak about formal and casual, sometimes one needs something beyond them as well. Something extravagant. And that is why we have brought to you, this classic look. It is great when paired with gowns for events or even for a wedding. You cannot steal the drama from it and it is in fact its essence. The classic vintage can be decked up or kept as is. You are sure to make a lot of heads turn with it. Make sure there is a lot of volume to create this look. 

How To Achieve It: Like we said, volume is the key here. You will need a lot of them in order to justify this look to the max. However, having super silky hair will also not help you, so use some texturising cream to help you with this look. After that, use a blow drier so that your hair[10] gets the volume. Once done, make a twisted bun and swoop your hair into bangs and pin it up like curtains falling on your forehead. 

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Ponytail With Braids

It is not necessary that you leave your hair open whenever in long length. In fact, you can do so much more when you tie them up in a pony or even a bun. This one however is a combination of both and hence we know is a perfect pick. Ponytail is a great way to pull all the hair away from your face and accentuate the features to its extreme. However, it is not necessary to give it a boring touch, in fact, you can play around it and add a little bun with some alteration to it. You can add in braided buns to it to add character. This way your hair will be simply done and still have its own character. If you keep the ponytail low, it also helps in adding a touch of class to your overall look. These long blonde hairstyle with buns look extremely elegant, feminine as well as alluring. 

How To Achieve It: All you have to do to get this look is comb the hair[11] back and take the top part of the crown and make a braid using it. Tie it up in a bun by twisting it and secure it with pins. You can either keep it straight or also add loose curls to the hair. You can make cornrows or even plain braids, whichever you are most comfortable with. 

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Relaxed Fishtail

Fishtails are great when you are looking for an elaborate hairstyle. It is perfect with casual as well as for formal events. The best way to flaunt this hairstyle is to wear it with summer dresses. They will make you look extremely elegant and feminine. However, there is a chance that fishtail might make your hair look very scanty. So when you want to add volume, opt for a relaxed fishtail which will give justice to the look while being a little different. Most of the time the fishtail is tightly braided, however you can give it a different look by adding a touch of relax. On the top, it will look like it is a half up half down hairstyle however when it comes down it turns into a braid. If you are having a bad hair day, this hairstyle can be a great savior. 

How To Achieve It: It might look very complex but it is honestly not. To prep the hair[12], firstly use some texturising cream and apply it onto the hair. This will help give a sense of volume with texture which will help in holding this hairstyle. All your have to do is give a middle parting to the hair and then take hair from the sides and twist it and pin it to secure it. Once done, take the rest of the hair and braid it in a loose manner. secure it with a hair tie. 

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Ash Blonde Up do

Up do's are a great way to style your long blonde hair. When you don't know what to do with your boring blond hair you can always tie them in an updo. Up do's have emerged in the past and now they look completely different from where they began. They are casual, elegant as well as comfortable. They are more than enough if you are planning to up your styling game too. You can add in braids, you can add in twists or just use some texturising cream so that the hair behaves the way you want it to. However, if you want to nail the perfect up do, all you need is a side bang, a bouffant and a low bun. All of them together can master an updo. When you have different pieces of hair pinned in different directions it all come together to make something awesome. 

How To Achieve It: Begin with adding texture to your hair[13]. That is how it will look multi dimensional and not extremely flat. Once you are done with that, all you have to do is decide what kind of updo you are going for. Weather it will be braided, pulled, twisted or plain. Make sure you use a hair dryer to give your bangs a swooping effect. 

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Low Textured Ponytail

When one says ponytail, something boring and something that a sick person does to the hair might come to mind, however that is not all. There is a lot you can do with your ponytail. And especially when it comes to a low ponytail, it can make you look ready for formal as well as casual wear. If your hair[14] is not feeling the best then all you need is this ponytail. If you are still stuck with the high pony, you need to get out of it ASAP. It is something that has seen its fair share of light even on the ramps and thus prove to be exquisite. When you are having one of those days, you can close your eyes and jump straight to the ponytail. However, if you feel it is too boring, you can always make it a little textured by adding some character to it. You can also choose to add a little braid to it to amp it up a little. 

How To Achieve It: All you have to do is comb your hair to loose all the tangles and then tie them in a pony. You can just use some texturising cream so that your pony gets a life and looks volumised rather than being very skimpy. Also, you can back comb it a little to add that extra volume to it. Give it a side part to jazz it up or you can pull all the hair back if that makes you look more good. It is all up to you and play as you like. The best part about it is how you can deck it up for event and they will work just fine. 

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Mohawks And Pompadours

We all know by now that mens and womens trends keep shifting into each other wardrobes every now and then. And especially when it comes to hairstyles, there is no boundaries whatsoever. If you have hair[15] that is long and colored blonde, the best way to give them justice is through tying them in a dramatic attire. This might not be suitable for all sorts of events but it will sure set your statement right when you decide to flaunt it. Falling under that category is the Mohawks and the Pompadours. Both of them are two extreme hairstyles and thus need careful attention in terms of its assembling. If you decide to go for this look, make sure that you know your hair and how it behaves really well. Pompadour are famous hairstyle amongst men but when you mix it up with something like a Mohawk, it can blow the mind away. However, instead of choosing a normal Mohawk go for a bubbly one. 

How To Achieve It: Doing this can be a little complicated so we recommend taking help even if you decide to do it at home. The trick here is to A. Have a lot of volume on the head and B. Patience. First section your hair into 5 parts. Prep you hair good by adding volumising spray to it. Now take the top section and in it away. Take the remaining section and puff it up and pin to secure. Now, do the same for all the section till it looks like big bubbles made out of your hair. Now take the crown section, puff it up and secure that too. 

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There are endless option if you are ready to give yourself a chance. You don't necessarily have to keep it simple and boring but you can in fact have a lot of fun around it too. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you keep your hair in great health cause blonde when done to a damages hair can make it just worse. 

So keep them healthy, keep them stylish and don't fear experimenting a little sometime. Who knows, it can change your personality and how people looked at you 100 %.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 13/06/2019 

Long Blonde Hairstyle

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