Layered Wavy Hair

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There are tones of hairstyles in the market and all of them have their separate stories to narrate. whoever said that hair and the color can speak a lot about the person and his preferences was right. It totally does. But there is also one thing that cannot be ignored. Hair can take a lot of time to prep which in a way defeats the whole purpose of fast everything. That is when the wavy layered hair comes in picture. 

Layered Wavy Hair

Even if you have hair that is silky straight, with a curling iron, it will not take more than 5 minutes to get natural waves. If ironing is not something that you like, you can always opt for the natural means of curling them. Before jumping onto the ways you can style them, lets look at the hairstyles that are available as options when it comes to layers and waves. Get your coffee, pen and paper and start scrolling.

Best Layered Wavy Hairstyles

  1. Wavy Blond Medium Hair
  2. Layered Hair With Tousled Waves
  3. Medium Shaggy Highlighted Hair
  4. Brunette Bob
  5. Platinum Blonde With Brown Waves
  6. Graduated A-Line Bob
  7. Spiral Curls
  8. Peek-A-Boo
  9. Piece-y Wavy Bob
  10. Even Layers On Textured Curls
  11. Ombre Layers On Low Curls
  12. Shaggy Layers And Bangs
  13. Layered Long Bob On Frizzy Curls
  14. Choppy Bob With Jagged Edges
  15. Side Parted Wispy Hair

Wavy Blond Medium Hair

Medium length hair is the best. It is the best of both worlds. Long hair can be too difficult to handle and short can become very complex to handle. Amongst them comes the medium length hair which works just like a savior. And well, if you think that the medium length hair is the best part of this look, then you are wrong, the best part about this look has to be blonde. Blonde can bring out the facial features very well because it is a light shade and it provides the face a nice frame. Blonde can also add dimension to the hair and make it look naturally textured. This is perfect for casual events or even if you are going out for parties. You can accessories it for events or keep it tame with black plain hairpins. 

How to style: The first thing to do would be getting your hair colored blond if  it isn't already. If the blond is too much to take, then you can opt to go for light brown highlights with blonds. You can also keep the roots dark as a different option. You can also use texturising spray or cream to add dimension and depth to the look. If hot tools works with you, you can add beachy waves to it too. You can either leave them open or pin one side using studded pins or simple-plain hair pins. 

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Layered Hair With Tousled Waves

The best part about layers is how well it goes with all kinds of length starting from very short to even hair that is extremely long. Layers is also perfect for people with extremely thin hair that tends to get oily very soon. It adds a level of bounce to the hair and you can decide where to add that bounce too. If your crown is where everything gets oily, then you can add a lot of layers near the crown which will bump the crown up and if you have a narrow face then you can add layers from cheeks below. With times changing, everyone is opting for a more relaxed look. It is track pants over dresses, and overdone hair with much relaxed tousled hair. It is the easiest way to get out of things without having to spend hours on dressing your hair up. 

How To Style: All you will need for this look is some great quality texturising creams and a curling rod. You can use your fingers to spread the curls out to make the waves look very natural. If your hair is very silky smooth, then I suggest back combing them to add the tousled look. Also you can crunch them between your fingers when they are semi dry, this also helps in giving a tousled effect. 

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Medium Shaggy Highlighted Hair

The trend says shaggy is the new clean and you must opt for it too. When you add highlights to it, it further adds dimension to the hair, making it look very rich and giving you the hair that you always see on your favorite celebrities. Medium length hair is the epitome of classiness. While long can look very traditional and short too bold, medium length hair the perfect balance between the both as it can be altered and given both the looks in a single go. And the highlights add the fun element of course. You can opt for colors that best suit your style or that best personality. Bright shades for a bolder look and subtle neutral shades for a much tamer and professional look. You can easily achieve the shaggy look by first getting it cut in close layers around the crown and then using texturising creams or naturally crunching them in between fingers. 

How To Style: All you have to do is get them highlighted first. This will pretty much give you the look that you are expecting out of this hairstyle. For a bolder look you can opt for greens and blue and for something neutrals, browns and blonds will work too. Make sure that you match them with the situation as well. A bright green might not go well with a professional look but when you keep it dark, you get both an edgier look and also something that's appropriate for your work environment. Same goes with shades like blues and reds.  

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Brunette Bob

We all have fallen in love with the hair[1] that our favorite influencer carry on a day to day basis. It always look magical and natural. Well, the trick there is the shade brunette. It is the most rich color available and even if you opt for a complete global with this shade, it will not overwhelm or disappoint you a tad bit. And of course when you pair it with a bob, there is no way anyone can stop you from looking fabulous. It is all in one. Chic, feminine, edgy and beautiful. If you want to add a fun side to your otherwise boring and routine life, a bob can be a fun change. The length of it can be totally up to you, you can choose shoulder length if you want to look fun but serious at the same time or you can opt for below chin for something totally different and bold. 

How to style: It is quite an easy hairstyle to flaunt. The bob hairstyle in itself is a statement. Something that require minimum maintenance to look fabulous. When you cut them short, they pretty much get natural waves in itself but if not, you can opt to give them by either using tongs or the natural way of adding textures. We would recommend going with highlights when it comes to brunette because it might look really flat on hair that is straight. So maybe, mix it up with browns and shades of brown-copper to justify this look the most. The rougher it looks, the more satisfying it will be to the eyes. 

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Platinum Blonde With Brown Waves

While you might think that it is only the fashion industry that sees the face of trends then you are absolutely under a false notion. From something as minimal as makeup or even the shades goes by the process of becoming a part of the trends. Same goes with hair. The platinum shade entered the market and took everyone by storm. Suddenly every other celebrity or even second person you crossed on the road had platinum hair[2]. Of course it saw variations in it when there were blue platinum and something in the shades very similar to rose gold but the authentic blonde platinum is what stole peoples heart in the beginning and became either everyones top pick or at least their dream shade to get. It is extremely feminine whilst being edgy. It is the stepping into your own fairytale world where instead of being a fragile and dainty girl from the village, you are the fierce and the bold queen. However, going global platinum is a very difficult step, not something that everyone will be comfortable with and for them is the brown waves. This way, the roots remain very natural while the hair speaks drama.

How To Style: If you have brown hair[3] then all you have to do is decide upon a technique for your platinums. The best amongst all would be highlights. Because of its shade, it will bring out your best features and make you face naturally glow. You don't even have to do much when it comes to styling it. They are a statement in themselves. 

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Graduated A-Line Bob

Graduated A- line  bob is also a great wavy layered hairstyle which will look extremely stylist without much efforts. They are called graduated because it is shorter from the back and longer in the front. If you plan on maintaining this hairstyle for a longer period of time then note that you will need trimming every month to keep them in their best shape. But apart from that, you will nothing in terms of maintenance. The graduated A line looks the best when there are layers to support it. If you have hair[4] that is bouncy, voluminous and straight then you can opt for one which is without layers, and this is very unlikely to happen as well. In most cases, opt for layers in it as it will make it look dimensional, textured and aligned. And apart from that, it can solve the problem of a narrow face, a huge forehead, oily scalp or hair and less volume. It is not the most wanted hairstyle for nothing after all. 

How To Style:There is not much that you need here. All you have to do is get you hair[5] cut in a good graduated A line bob which has a lot of layers. You can decide upon the layers based on your problematic areas. If it is the scalp then add majority of volume there, if is the face being too narrow then start the layers from eyebrow below and if it is the forehead then graduate the layers by adding bangs to it as well. Use a good amount of texturising spray to add the depth effect to it. 

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Spiral Curls

While light waves is something that everyone likes, it can become pretty common as well as boring. Well, if you want an out from this, you can opt for curls instead. A lot of people hesitate getting them because it can be extremely difficult to get used to and a little complex to deal with in terms of maintenance and styling but isn't that the best part. There is so much that you can do around it. And the best part about spiral curls is how it can be done on all kinds of length. On longer hair it will look very dreamy and when you replicate it on short hair it will add great amount of volume. Spiral curls are also a great way to volumaize hair. So if you face the issues of having extremely thin hair, you can opt for spiral curls. 

How To Style: It is going to be a good dress up game when it comes to spiral curls. If you have long hair then you options are vivid. You can just add curls to the ends and either leave them loose or tie them up in a half up-half down hair[6] and finish the look by accessorising it. This will be perfect for events like a wedding or something that is formal but exclusive. You can also opt to curl them from the top as it will make you look fun and peppy. You can tie them in pony later or leave it loose. 

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This one is specifically for someone who has a long forehead. Most preferably someone with an oval face. We are talking about the peek-A-Boo hairstyle. While people with different face shapes can also rock this look but it helps an elongated face the most. This requires you to have long wavy bangs paired up with long wavy hair. The wavy bangs fall so beautifully on the face that it almost looks very natural. It also makes the hair look of good health and going with the flow. These are a great option for your hair as it can fit in all kinds of occasion. They will look as charming as ever be it on your important meeting or even on your day out with friends. If you want a look that will make you look mysterious while being very sexy then this is where you will say bulls eye. It might be a little overwhelming then the swooping bang will fall right in front of your eye but the way you will rock a feminine look, trust us, it will be worth it. 

How to style: The best part about this look is how versatile it is in general. Pulling the hair[7] back and tying them in a knot when the bangs fall on your face can give you a very smart yet nerdy look. Something that will be a great pass in the office. Team it up with nerdy glasses and you will confuse people in which category to put you. Geek or gorgeous. Similarly you can tousle them and leave it open for a casual day out. Some texturising spray or a curling rod is more than enough to achieve this.  

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Piece-y Wavy Bob

Not everybody likes the symmetric aligned look. A lot of people like experimenting, how much ever small of an experiment it might be. It could be just a streak of bold color that they do to their hair or something as simple as a going from a long to extremely short hair. The asymmetric look is just for them. While it is very difficult to achieve this on long hair, if you have hair that is short or if you plan cutting them short then the blunt or the bobs are the perfect cuts to give that touch of asymmetry to it. There are multiple ways you can achieve this. You can opt to keep just the edges of the bob in asymmetry, chopped in rough edges while the rest of the hair remains wavy. Or you can opt for one side totally trimmed while the other remains wavy. The first one is for people who likes the change but not too much, while the latter is for people who are bold and edgy and will be able to carry this look with easy.

How To Style: You can create a disaster if you leave your hair[8] straight if they are uneven. Until and unless you give it a blunt look. If you have layers and you pick the rough edges, then make layers a compulsory thing. This way the transition will seem very smooth and the hairstyle will melt in rather than looking like two entirely different blocks. You can also choose highlights or lowlights to make the transition seem even more natural. If you have dark hair opt for lighter highlights and if your roots are lighter then opt for deep dark highlights. This hairstyle totally depends on the level of extremes that you can go up to. 

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Even Layers On Textured Curls

This is extremely versatile and most celebs are seen rocking this look as well. It is very simple and it will look beautiful on long hair. When you give swooping layers to your hair which are evenly spread, it gives a very feminine look as well. You know you are going to look class apart when someone as amazing as Carrie Bradshaw rocks this look. This is her most staple hair to keep and she looks fleetingly beautiful with it. The trick here is to add as much texture as possible so that the layers stand out. It will look very flat if you reciprocate it on hair[9] that is flat and straight, make sure you add enough texture and evenly spaced layers to the hair. Don't keep it very close to each other as it can turn the look from glamorous to very peppy which if you have chosen this look then you surely are not going for. 

How to style: You will need long manes to do absolute justice to this look. Try to keep the crown of your head without any layers and add the layers from cheekbone and below. This will make the look very naturally beautiful and make it look very feminine. You can middle part your hair as it will make the hair fall exactly like a waterfall. You don't have to do much when it comes styling it. Just blow drying it is more than enough to achieve it. 

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Ombre Layers On Low Curls

Low curls are great when it comes to layers. The hair looks model ready and when you add ombre to it, it further adds dimension and character to the hair. Ombre is not a trend that going to go away anytime soon. It is extremely low maintenance and does not require much efforts. A lot of celebrities have also rocked it and while the balayage and the highlights might have become very traditional and old when it comes to hair[10] coloring, the ombre is still very fresh and can make you look like a million bucks. It is also a great way to protect hair from the harmful damage because if you opt for colors that are very close to your root color, you will not have to touch the hair color to your roots and the transition will be starting from the mid of your hair. This way, even if the bleach ruins the quality of the hair, you can keep the look till you want and then chop them off for hair that isn't touched by any sort of chemical. Opt for curling rods to give dramatic curls to your hair. If you want to keep them protected from the heat, go by using natural methods like twisting or clipping to add those wavy curls. 

How To Style: You will need to get layers that starts from your chin if you have extremely long hair[11], probably something that touches the waist. And if you have short hair then you can have your layers start from the eye level. To keep it looking floating, opt for layers that are spread evenly and not very close to each other. Opt for ombre that is close to your root color. This way the transition will look very rich and natural. This look can be easily rocked professionally in offices or to a day out. The best way to flaunt this look is by either leaving it loose and open or by tying them either in a pony or half up half down hair. These reflect the ombre shades the best. 

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Shaggy Layers And Bangs

Sometimes we hate when hair is all pulled back and is not falling on our face. These are times when we either have a face that is extremely chubby, or we have a forehead that is quite big, or even a face that is too huge like how the square face looks like. Bangs that fall on the face are a great savior in situations like these. Shaggy hair and bangs is one such hairstyle. When you keep your hair[12] shaggy the maintenance of it goes down to almost nothing. This is the look that we all wanted since forever. Well, I woke up like this is literally true with this hairstyle now. We all have been stuck in situation where we are getting awfully late but setting the hair is very important too because stepping out without is a strict no-no. Well, the shaggy hair can save you that time. A comb even from bare fingers is enough to give justice to this look. 

How to style: All you have to do it get layers starting from your crown. Keep them tight so that it gives full justice to the shaggy look. The best bangs with it would be front bangs that fall directly on the forehead. You can keep them sparse as it will match the shaggy hair appropriately. Medium length hair will look best with this hairstyle. Try keeping them below your shoulders. 

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Layered Long Bob On Frizzy Curls

When looking for volume, the best way to achieve it is by mixing layers, curls and waves all together. There is no way your hair will look tame or greasy with this. While layers is something that you can cut, if you don't have natural curls, you will have to do it to your hair[13] by using curling iron. This look also expect you to have curls that are very tight and curls that are frizzy. To achieve this, you will either have to use texturising cream or back comb it to get that frizz. If you have hair that is extremely greasy and gets you washing your hair every alternate day, then you can opt for this. It might take longer than usual to get this look but it will be worth it. Plus it can be one of those hairstyles that completely change your look without much effort.  Taming the hair down is from the past now, it is all about going big or going home. So get this look and become a statement in yourself. 

How To Style: If you don't have curly hair then there is no way to get this look without using the ironing rod. You can also try to use some texturising spray before back combing to add that frizzy look. The intension here is to achieve a messy look not something that would damage the hair quality so opt for products and tools that are save for your hair is won't harm it. But if you cross all these hurdles, you will be left with hair that will match the celebrities and their ramp looks. Accessorize it if you wish to. 

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Choppy Bob With Jagged Edges

The simpler the look, the better it is. With fast food and fast fashion, the world is pacing at a speed that is very difficult to catch. In that, if you have to waste time decking your hair up by styling them for hours, it wouldn't help one bit. Well, that is when comes the bobs to rescue. Bob entered the market a couple of years back and everyone made it their's. People with hair[14] that touched their lower waist got this look because of how smart it was. Looking professional whilst being fun was never easy but with the bob, it was like walk in the park. But then people got bored out of it and experimentation around it began. That is what saw the entry of the choppy bob with jagged edges. Symmetry makes things pretty sober, and a lot of us like is wild. The choppy bob is for them. It is one amongst those hairstyle that are the best of both worlds. Apart from looking fabulous, it also helps in accentuating the collarbone, the cheekbones as well as the overall structure of the face. 

How To Style: This is quite easy to get and maintenance of it is extremely easy too. All you have to do is get the hair chopped in bob with a lot of layers starting from the crown and then instead of keeping the edges in one sync, cut them in a rough, wild way. This would be mostly done by using the scissors vertically on your hair, right on the edges to give a choppy look. They will work perfectly in offices, team it with geeky sunglasses and suits to look powerful and it will equally justify a t-shirt and shorts day as well. 

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Side Parted Wispy Hair

Side parted hair on waves and layers look beautiful. It is a look that most brides prefer on their weddings as well. It is dreamy but at the same time very easy. Side part with wisp is the hair[15] that the ultimate girl next door carries. It is easy, it is smooth but it is sexy at the same time. The layers add a gentle tousle to the otherwise straight look wherein the side part enhances and cups your face in a frame. This look is perfect for people who have a round face, an oval face or even a square face. If you opt this for an oval face, make sure you add layers from eyes and below as adding it on top will give an illusion of a longer head. You can opt or an elongated graduation instead of keeping it straight and in layers. If you want the look to be extremely serious then opt for something close to blunt. 

How To Style: Because it is wispy, opt for shades like purple platinum, faded pink or rose gold to suit this look. They will do ultimate justice to the look. Just because we are suggesting pinks and purples does not mean you can go for the bright ones. In fact stay away from them and keep them on the subtle side. Do it in the form of highlights. If you don't have naturally wavy hair then give them natural waves by twisting the hair through a band while they are damp and sleeping on them overnight. 

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Now that you have an idea about how crazy you can go with layered and wavy hair, try them to change your look. Hair speaks volume about a persons personality and gives away the kind of person you are. A bolder look can mean powerful wherein something that flows and have rose gold on it can mean feminine. Choose the style right because the hairstyle will be right when you wear the hair not the other way round. Keep it as close to natural as you can and you you will have nothing to worry!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 05/06/2019 

Layered Wavy Hair

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