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Human beings outgrew the need for hair centuries ago. They are just a remnant of the past and evolution is surely but surely getting rid of it. Meanwhile, until that happens women will always want to get rid of their unwanted hair on their body. It becomes a part of life and every woman soon discovers her preferred favorite method for hair removal. Although, it is a recurring process and people have to keep doing it over and over again as hair grows back out. That is why many women dream of and want to try a way which would get rid of there unwanted hair permanently. This is the reason we have compiled this post for you. We will detail all the ways using which you can get rid of your hair for good in this article. Now, let us dive in.

How to Remove Hair Permanently

  1. Electrolysis
  2. Laser Hair Removal
  3. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Method
  4. Comparison Between Different Methods of Hair Removal
  5. Papaya Remedy
  6. Turmeric Remedy
  7. Baking Soda and Gelatin Remedy
  8. Body Sugaring For Hair Removal
  9. Milk, Turmeric, and Gelatin Hair Remover Recipe
  10. Toothpaste and Alum Permanent Hair Removal Recipe
  11. Thanaka and Safflower Oil Home Remedy

Cosmetic Procedures for Permanent Hair Removal

Science has come a long way, and it has brought every field and industry with it. Nowadays, there are a few cosmetic procedures[1] available that promise you to remove your unwanted hair once and for all. Although, this statement isn't fully truthful. There is no method which will actually remove your hair in such a way that it will never come back in your life. However, there are methods and remedies which will help remove your hair quite effectively and then prevent them from coming back for a long time. Although, there is one method which could be said to remove hair permanently. It is called Electrolysis and let us learn about it in detail.


Electrolysis is one of the methods of hair removal. It is the only treatment which is approved by FDA which permanently removes unwanted hair[2] from the body. It works by destroying the growth center of hair in the follicle. In the process, a needle-like minuscule rod, which acts as an electrode, is inserted into the hair follicles and electric current is passed through to destroy the germ cells which enable growth of hair. The strength of the current is adjusted depending upon the area of removal and type of hair. It also uses shortwave radio frequencies to remove any existing hair and further preventing the growth of new hair. You can have this procedure performed by skin or hair care professionals at the clinic. Although, you should know that taking only 1 session will not going to remove all of your hair. This is because our hairs grow at different stages. So, when you have this procedure performed not all stages will be eradicated. The length and frequency of sessions will also depend upon the are where you want to perform the hair removal from and the density and type of the hair. This is a great method for permanent hair removal overall. It is a versatile method which isn't restrained by any hair or skin types. However, it is best for removing fine hair on delicate areas like facial hair on the chin or upper lip. The treatment is permanent and you do not need to do any maintenance or upkeep to stay hair-free. Although, there are a few tips which you should definitely follow before and after you have the procedure performed. 

Skin Care Tips 

Pre-Electrolysis session:

Post-electrolysis session:

Cost and Time Consumed: So, the effectiveness of electrolysis[5] method for hair removal is quite clear. It does not come cheap for the very reason. Approximately, one session of electrolysis can cost you anywhere between 2,500 rs to 4,000 rs. The price is not fixed as it can depend upon a variety of reason like the area and part of the skin and the number of sessions required to fully complete the procedure. Moreover, since this method works by destroying hair follicles one by one it is also a lengthy procedure which will span multiple long sessions depending upon the amount and area of hair removal you need. A single session can take from anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. You will need to attend multiple weekly or bi-weekly sessions for anywhere between 6 months to a year depending upon the area you want to remove hair from. 

Risks and Side-effects: Like any cosmetic procedure, this one can also have some side-effects and has some risks associated with it. If you are thinking about having this done, it is essential that you are also aware of any side-effects so that you are not caught off-guard later.

Laser Hair Removal

This is another one of the hair removal procedure which gets rid of unwanted hair from your body permanently. Furthermore, it can work on any part of the body. This procedure utilizes highly concentrated beams of light a.k.a. lasers to destroy the hair follicles which stops hair growth on the affected areas. This procedure is very safe and relatively painless. Moreover, it helps to remove the hair for good, which is what you and many others are after. All these factors make this one of the most effective and sought-after procedures for permanent hair removal. This method works by focusing a tiny laser beam on your hair follicles. The laser is specifically targeted with a particular duration and wavelength which is suitable to the treatment area. The laser burns off the hair follicles without affecting or harming any surrounding skin. Since the laser is basically an intense beam of light, darker shades of color absorb it more readily and effectively. Hence, the laser beam also heats up the melanin in the hair to only attack the hair follicles. This is a very effective method of hair removal but it will take a few sessions. Most of the people will have about 25% reduction in their hair after just a single session. Generally, it will take anywhere between 3 to 8 session to completely remove the hair. That is because the hair grows at different stages hence, it is not feasible to remove them all at once. This is a permanent solution to unwanted hair but you might need occasional yearly touch-ups to keep up the effect. Ultimately, this is a fantastic method for permanent hair removal which you surely won't regret. It is a permanent solution to the unwanted hair problem and it does that without damaging the skin at all. Hence, it is a highly precise method which needs skilled professionals to perform. That makes it a very safe procedure to have performed on your body. Moreover, it is also a much quicker process than some other procedures and also does not cause much pain at all too. It is much quicker than other methods as having the procedure performed at a small area like chin or eyebrows will generally take as less as a few minutes. What is more that there is practically no chance of any infections or scarring due to this procedure. 

Skin Care Tips 



Cost and Time Consumed Laser hair removal treatment[10] only works on the hair which is in the active growth phase. At most 70% of all the hair is in the active growth phase at any one point in time. Hence, you can not remove all the hair in one session. It is also very quick will take at most an hour for the most delicate and big areas. For most small parts it will take just a few minutes. You will have to perform around 6-8 session of this procedure to see visible hair reduction. As far as cost is concerned, it is quite comparable to electrolysis. In fact, it is definitely an overall cheaper method than electrolysis. On average you will have to spend about 2000 rs to 4000 rs per session. Since it will take fewer sessions, the cost will run lower. Risks and Side-effects Now, it is time to look at any risks or side-effects that this procedure can inflict upon you so that you are not caught blind-sided in the future.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Method

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is a variety of light-based skin therapy which helps to reduce hair permanently among other dermatological treatments. It was one of the earlier methods which we devised to help remove unwanted hair from the body permanently. The technology for such purposes has come a long way by now. And Laser hair removal is basically the king of these procedures as it is most effective. However, IPL still works. Laser hair removal would not have existed had it not been for IPL. It helped pave the way for better tech but it laid down the foundation. Hence, laser hair removal and IPL are quite similar methods as far as their workings are considered. However, unlike lasers, IPL uses light waves of multiple wavelengths on the skin. These scatter into the skin and gets absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair. Consequently, it kills off the cells in the skin which enable the growth of the hair to reduce your hair count. This procedure utilizes a broad and intense spectrum of visible light to get rid of your unwanted hair. The wavelengths lie anywhere between 500 nm and 1200 nm. This method works quite similarly to laser hair removal but it is not as effective. That is because it uses broad spectrum light which isn't nearly as powerful as lasers. It also won't remove all hair due to them being in different growth stages. Hence, you will need to have at least 12 sessions to effectively remove your unwanted hair. However, all these factors make it cheaper than laser hair removal at least. Since IPL depends upon the darkness of hair and melanin[11] to stop the growth of hair, it works better for people who have darker shades of hair. Thicker hair will also enhance its effectiveness as they will be able to absorb more light more readily. Hence, it is also better for paler skin types. It does create a risk of scarring and burns as some of the pulses during the procedure may just heat up the skin. IPL covers large patches of hair at once, unlike laser hair removal. But, it is not as strong or as concentrated as laser hair removal so it will take more sessions that laser. However, the cost of a single session is certainly cheaper. So, you will have to properly and carefully measure and compare the costs before you make your decision. Although, you can perform IPL sessions right in the comfort of your own home using a portable IPL home device. These devices can be a bit pricey but they will prove to be cheaper in the long run as you will have to pay for the device only once. Whereas, you will have to pay for each session when professionals are doing it. 

Home Laser Hair Removal Machines 

Nowadays, you do not necessarily need to visit a laser clinic or a dermatologist[12] to perform laser hair removal. There are machines present in the market which allow you to perform this procedure by yourself easily in your home using a portable machine. These home laser hair removal machines are moderately effective in removing your hair. However, they are not nearly as effective as medical grade machines which professional practitioners use in clinics and such. These portable laser treatment machines work the same as the other ones. Although, you should avoid using them on sensitive parts of the body like the bikini area due to safety reasons. You also should realize that you would have to do the process multiple times to remove the hair completely as the hair grows in different stages. All in all, these portable laser machines are great for maintaining your skin to stay hairless but otherwise, they won't prove to be as effective as some other methods. The laser hair removal machines halt or break the cycle of the growth of hair to help you with permanent hair removal. The laser heats up and consequently cripples the hair from the roots until it falls out. Follow these below-given steps to learn how to use these devices properly and safely.

  1. Firstly, cleanse your skin before you get on with the procedure. Utilize your usual ways for this.
  2. After that, shave the area of your skin which you are going to use the laser on.
  3. Then, target the area from where you want to remove the hair from by pointing the laser there.

These are the basic steps you need to perform to remove your hair. Keep in mind that you would have to perform this multiple times over some period to fully remove your unwanted hair. Take care of your skin and monitor its state carefully when performing the process. 

Cost and other considerations So, this one is a proven method but in a slightly weakened version. These machines will run you up to roughly anywhere between 12k to 40k depending on a variety of factors. The factors which affect the cost and quality are their efficacy, accessibility, and whether they are FDA approved or not. Ultimately, these machines will aid you to remove your hair permanently but it is not the way to go if you really want effective results and consider your unsightly hair a big problem. However, if you do opt for this method, whether to remove the hair or to maintain hairless skin, you should be careful while using it. You should always observe some safety measures to protect yourself from any unintended harm. Obey the following precautions to stay safe while performing the procedure on your skin.

  1. Wear proper safety glasses as intense beams of light can damage your eyes or cornea[13].
  2. Do not forget that the device is electrical so do not get it wet.
  3. If you notice any sign of harm of any anomalies in the process, consult your doctor immediately.
  4. Avoid using the laser on sensitive portions of your body and skin.

Comparison Between Different Methods of Hair Removal

Now, for this section, we will mainly be comparing electrolysis with light-based hair removal techniques. These will include both Laser hair removal and IPL as they are quite similar procedures in working and otherwise. To compare all these methods, we will first detail some categories or factors. Then, we will analyze the different methods based on those factors and how each method fares in that category. Now, let us get on with the comparison between the different methods of hair removal to figure out which one will suit you best according to your needs. 

Effectiveness - The laser is rapidly rising tech but it is not the most effective method for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is the only FDA[14] approved method of permanent hair removal. Once your whole procedure is completed, you will surely notice the permanent lack of unwanted hair. Moreover, you won't need to do any upkeep or maintenance as this method removes the hair for good. The light-based hair removal techniques reduce the amount of your hair by significant amounts by they will require further upkeep and sessions to keep up the hairlessness. Those methods provide permanent reduction of up to 80% or 90% of your hair. Lasers are more precise and effective than IPL as it is more targeted at the hair follicle to curb their growth. 

Efficiency - Electrolysis targets every single hair follicles and destroys it to effectively get rid of your unwanted hair. Hence, it is very accurate. It does not depend upon skin type or melanin or anything like that so it is ideal for all skin and hair types and shades. Moreover, it can be performed on any and all parts of the body other than the insides of your nose or ears. It basically stops the production of hair from the root to reduce and ultimately get rid of all your unwanted hair. Laser and IPL both target melanin as it is the dark-colored pigment in hair which is like a sponge for absorbing all the light rays to generate heat. That helps to destroy hair to reduce them and their growth and production. Since these procedures target melanin or dark colors, they will only work on people with dark hair color and pale or light skin. Hence, laser and IPL are not perfectly safe for dark or tanned skin. However, different kinds of lasers are available today, some of which do work just fine on darker skin types. So, laser hair removal does work on darker skin but IPL only works on pale skin. 

Time Consumed - Electrolysis is a time-consuming method as it targets hair follicles on by one. The other two methods are faster in this way as they can be used to treat large portions of your skin quickly and at once. The laser is good for smaller areas of the skin while IPL can go bigger surface areas as it can work on large portions of skin at once. As far as the number of sessions is concerned, laser hair removal takes fewer sessions than IPL. That is because a laser is more targeted and consequently more effective in removing hair properly. A laser hair removal procedure will take about 1 to 8 sessions which could be spread over a year or more whereas IPL will take about 10 to 12 sessions to finish. A standard session of laser hair removal could take anywhere between half an hour up to an hour while the typical IPL session will be done in 20 to 45 minutes. So the overall time consumed would be similar and will depend on many different factors. So, you should analyze your own specific details to assess the weight it will put on your pockets. However, it is a common misconception that electrolysis takes the longest amount of time. It is a quite diligent and targeted method of hair removal so its single sessions do not take a long time. But, it is still the most effective method which does not require any upkeep or maintenance. Hence, the overall time could be much lesser as you won't have to continuously deal with recurring hassles of hair growth in this method. 

Pain levels The pain level of electrolysis is highest amongst these methods but it still is not unbearable or anything like that. The pain is due to it is like a pricking or stinging sensation. Whereas, the laser is more like a rubber band hitting your skin by snapping. The sessions of light-based methods are shorter so you will have to feel lesser pain and discomfort than electrolysis. The light-based methods can heat up the skin to inflict slight pain and burning sensations. Laser hair removal is even less painful than IPL treatments. Some people consider it to be practically a painless method of permanent hair reduction. 

Cost The procedure of electrolysis is generally considered more expensive than the other two. Although not overtly so. Electrolysis is specific and different for everyone as it is tailored to their needs. It takes longer and has more expensive equipment. That is why its costs may run bigger but not necessarily so. That is because electrolysis is a permanent method and the cost may vary greatly depending on a variety of factors like the portion of skin, the type of hair, the standard of the place, etc. Since it is tailored also, its cost can vary a lot whereas the cost of laser and IPL are generally standardized as they work on sections of areas of the body. However, there is one factor we need to carefully consider. Electrolysis is a permanent method so won't need to spend any money once the procedure is fully finished. However, the other methods aren't really so you will have to keep dumping money in for future upkeep and maintenance. IPL is cheaper than Lasers for obvious reasons. Those reasons being they are cruder and work quickly and are less efficient. 

Safety and Side Effects 

All these methods are quite safe on the skin. Still, they are different and can lead to some minor side-effects which could inconvenience and annoy you. That is why it is important to be aware of all possibilities and consequences. Electrolysis can have a few side effects as it is a slightly invasive procedure. It can cause inflammation or irritation on the skin and form skin blemishes[15] like blisters or even keloids. It could also bring about a change in pigmentation in the treated area. That could go either way, it could lighten or darken it. Laser hair removal is safer and does not cause any major side effects. At most, it will cause some burning like sensation and effects. Your skin may look sunburnt or the like but most issues will resolve by themselves after some time. IPL  holds similar properties to laser in this department. It could cause your skin to look sunburnt and cause redness, irritation, or inflammation. These also apply for the laser hair removal but the risk is less. IPL can heat up the skin to give a burning sensation. 

Home Remedies for Permanent Hair Removal

Now, we have learned all about the cosmetic procedures which help you get rid of your unwanted or unneeded hair once and for all. But, these procedures can quite cost a lot of money. They require a lot of investment and not just in the monetary department but also in the temporal one. You will have to give a significant portion of your time over a long period to complete these procedures. So, you should be aware beforehand, of all the options that are available to you. We have compiled a bunch of remedies together which you can create in your own home, using natural and easily obtainable ingredients. These remedies will help you curb your unwanted hair growth and with regular use, you won't even notice any unwanted hair after a while. Then, let us dive headfirst into this expansive collection of DIY home remedies for permanent hair removal.

Papaya Remedy

Ingredients needed:

Raw papayaas needed
Raw turmeric rootas needed


  1. Firstly, peel your papaya and then cut it into small pieces.
  2. After that, take the papaya pieces in a bowl and then mash them with a spoon or fork to obtain a thick, juicy, and pulpy paste.
  3. Then, take a quarter-sized piece of turmeric root and grate it into zest-sized portions using the tiniest available holes of the grater.
  4. After that, mix both the prepared ingredients together in a bowl. Combine them well into an even and consistent mixture. Mixing half tbsp of turmeric with 2 tbsp of papaya pulp is a good ratio to aim for.
  5. Then, apply the hence-obtained paste properly onto the portions of your skin where you want to remove the hair from. Make sure you apply an even layer and cover the unwanted hair completely and use massaging and rubbing motions while applying it.
  6. Lastly, let the mixture stay on your skin for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off using with warm water. You are done!

You should be using this remedy once or twice every week to effectively and efficiently get rid of your unwanted hair for good. This remedy will lighten and weaken your hair and then you should shave or wax them off. Use this remedy again after resting your skin for a day. Using this remedy regularly will help you get rid of your unwanted hair for good. Papaya is an amazing tropical fruit. It is crazy juicy and delicious and is packed with many useful vitamins and minerals. It also contains an enzyme whose name is Papain. This is the compound which provides papaya with its hair removal properties. Papain works by breaking down the hair follicles to curb hair growth. Papaya is so nutritious that it will work on all skin types. Moreover, it will help to improve your skin and make it smoother as it exfoliates the dead skin cells and any other impurities. 

Turmeric Remedy

Ingredients needed:

Turmeric powder1 tablespoon
Gram flour1 tablespoon
Sesame oilas needed


  1. Firstly, take a mixing bowl and 1 tbsp each of turmeric powder and gram flour to it.
  2. After that, mix the two together well.
  3. Then, mix in a bit of sesame oil to the bowl. Keep adding and mixing it in until you can obtain consistency of a thick paste.
  4. After that, apply the hence-obtained paste onto the parts of your body which have unwanted hair. Use massaging motions with your fingertips for this purpose. Let the mixture stay on your skin for about half an hour.
  5. Lastly, wash it off with warm water and use gentle scrubbing motions to get rid of the mixture from your skin. You are done!

You will see that this recipe has removed some of your unwanted hair after you have washed it off. Use this home remedy once a week to get rid of your unwanted body hair effectively. Turmeric is a useful and strong root which is used for many purposes by people. It is quite popular in India and is considered very medicinal and beautifying as well. It is a standard spice which is also used extensively in food making. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin in it. It is a very useful and strong anti-oxidant for the body. Moreover, it is also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving too. Furthermore, it can also help you remove unwanted hair from your body as it curbs the growth of hair. Using this remedy regularly will make your unwanted hair slowly disappear for good over time. 

Baking Soda and Gelatin Remedy

Ingredients needed:

Baking soda1/2 teaspoon
Milk2 tablespoons
Gelatin Powder2 tablespoons
Cucumber juice1 tablespoon


  1. Firstly, take a couple of tablespoons of gelatin powder in a mixing bowl and then add in all the other ingredients in the required quantities.
  2. After that, combine all the ingredients well by stirring them together. Make sure you obtain a consistent homogenous mixture.
  3. Then, heat up the mixture by putting it into the microwave for about 10 to 12 seconds.
  4. After that, apply the warm mask onto your skin where you want to remove hair from.
  5. Lastly, let the mask dry off completely before ripping it out to remove the hair. You are done! Regular usage of this hair removal mask will eventually curb your unwanted hair growth. Soon, you will be hard pressed to even notice your unwanted hair as they would be on their way out for good.

Body Sugaring For Hair Removal

Ingredients needed:

Sugar2 cups
Lemon juice1/4 cup
Water1/4 cup


  1. Firstly, take a pot or pan and add quarter cups of water and lemon juice to it along with 2 cups of sugar.
  2. Then, combine the ingredients well by stirring them together.
  3. After that, put the pan over low heat and let it boil. Its temperature should get up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or about 120 degrees Celcius and not more.
  4. Then, turn off the heat once the above-mentioned temperature has been reached and let the mixture cool down for a bit.
  5. After that, once its temperature has gone down a bit to just easily-bearable warm levels, apply it onto your skin where you want to remove the unwanted hair from. Use a popsicle stick or something similar for this purpose.
  6. Lastly, let the mixture stay on your skin for a few minutes until it dries down. Then, just rip off the mask quickly using a quick jerking motion to remove the hair. You are done!

This is an ancient method of hair removal which has been used in Egypt for centuries. Hence, it is tried and tested. Regular use of it, whenever you want to remove your unwanted body hair, will lead to a permanent reduction in your hair. Soon, you will get rid of your unwanted hair and won't see them ever again. 

Milk, Turmeric, and Gelatin Hair Remover Recipe

Ingredients needed:

Gelatin powder1 teaspoon
Raw milk2 teaspoon
Honey1/4 teaspoon
Turmerica pinch


  1. Firstly, take some milk and then heat it up without bringing it to a boil.
  2. After that, take 2 tsp of the milk in a mixing bowl and add 1 tsp of gelatin to it.
  3. Then, add in a quarter tsp of honey along with a pinch of turmeric to the bowl.
  4. After that, combine all the ingredients well by stirring them together. You should obtain a smooth and homogenous paste-like consistency.
  5. Then, apply the mask onto parts of your skin where you want to remove the hair from. Use a brush for this purpose.
  6. After that, leave the mask on to let it dry off for about half an hour.
  7. Lastly, peel off the mask using jerking motions to remove the hair. You can use ice to calm your skin afterward. Finish with a moisturizer and you are done!

This is a great hair remover recipe. Use this remedy twice every week to get rid of your hair permanently. It can cause some redness or irritation so use ice to cool and soothe down your skin after ripping the mask off. 

Toothpaste and Alum Permanent Hair Removal Recipe

Ingredients needed:

White toothpaste3 tablespoon
Baking soda1 tablespoon
Alum powder2 tablespoon
Lemon essential oil2-3 drops


  1. Firstly, take a mixing bowl and add 1 tbsp of baking soda, 3 tbsp of any normal white toothpaste, and 2 tbsp of alum powder. Crush the alum into powder using a blender or something if you do not already have it in powdered form.
  2. After that, add in 2 to 3 drops of lemon essential oil to the bowl and combine all the ingredients well by stirring them together thoroughly. You should obtain a smooth paste-like consistency.
  3. Then, apply the hence-obtained paste onto your skin where you have unwanted hair using a brush. Apply it along the direction of hair growth.
  4. After that, leave the mask on your skin for about 5 minutes until it dries a bit and sets.
  5. Then, scrape off the mixture using a spoon or tongue scraper or something similar. Scrape in the opposite direction of your hair growth to remove the hair easily and effectively.
  6. Lastly, wipe off any leftover mixture from your skin and rinse the treated areas with lukewarm water. You are done!

This is a fantastic remedy for hair removal. Alum is a great ingredient which has been used for centuries for various purposes. Those include baking, pickling, and tanning. It was also used as an antiseptic for the treatment of wounds and such. It is also commonly used by barbers as it makes it much easier for the hair to part from the body. The white toothpaste also adds onto this property to make it easier to remove hair while also curing their re-growth. The other ingredients help soothe and nourish the skin so that it does not face any harm. 

Thanaka and Safflower Oil Home Remedy

Ingredients needed:

Thanaka powderas needed
Safflower oilas needed


  1. Firstly, take a mixing bowl and add enough Thanaka powder into it to cover all areas of your skin where you want to remove unwanted hair from.
  2. After that, add enough safflower oil to the Thanaka powder so that you can form a consistent paste.
  3. Then, apply the mixture onto the parts of your body where there is unwanted hair. Use a brush for this purpose.
  4. Lastly, leave the mixture on your skin overnight and then rinse it off in the morning.

This is a fantastic tried and tested method of permanent hair removal. Thanaka power comes from a native tree in Myanmar. It is used by women there for many cosmetic purposes for many years. It inhibits the growth of hair to help you get rid of your unwanted hair. You should use this remedy every day. After about 3 months, the results will become clear and you would have gotten rid of your unsightly body hair for good. 

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 02/05/2019 

How to Remove Hair Permanently - Natural & Cosmetic Treatments

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