How to know if a Cancerian Man likes you

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Men born under the zodiac sign of Cancer can be a bit reserved and bashful at first but they have the potential of providing you with one of the richest and most fulfilling relationships you have ever had. They make for a complex, emotional, and romantic personalities and they will devote themselves and everything they have to you if they truly fall in love with you. However, you have to treat him and your relationship with sincerity, loyalty, and investment too for him to truly fall head over heels for you. Cancerian men are known to be in touch with there feelings and hence your relationship will also be a deep and emotional affair which will fill you with strong feelings of love and affection. He will always be looking to make you feel cherished and special. There are so many good things in store for you if your relationship with a Cancer man goes the distance but it could be hard at first to discern his true feelings towards you. Since Cancerian men are romantic individuals so it is more likely than not that they had many girlfriends before. And that means that they had their heart broken a fair share too, so he will be guarded and protective of his feelings at first. This makes it quite difficult to suss out his true feelings and intentions for you. Cancer men wear their hearts on their sleeve and do fall in love relatively easily so that could be confusing too to figure out the true extent of his feelings for you. That's because it is never as easy as black and white and there is always a spectrum, even in the attraction between two people. That is why we have compiled and brought you this post which will help you figure out how much the Cancer man you have set your eyes on actually likes you.

How to know if a Cancerian Man likes you

Signs that a Cancerian Man Likes You

Now, the following are some surefire signs which will clue you in that the Cancer[1] man you have been crushing on also likes you back, and a lot too. So, be on the lookout for these signs with your cancer guy and they will help you understand him and how he really feels about you better. Cancer men are generally sensitive and emotional people[2] who are in touch with their feelings. But sometimes it is hard for them to share their true feelings about you as they keep the most precious secrets[3] guarded deep into their heart[4], especially at first when they are unsure about how you feel about him. Hence, it could get confusing and unclear when it comes to his feeling towards you. These signs will help you decipher his behaviors[5] so that you can make your decisions depending on how your relationship[6] is going. Now, let us start with the list of signs, the first one of which is:

  1. He shares his feelings with you: As I mentioned previously, cancer men are in tune with their feelings and are not shy[7] about sharing and revealing them. This is the most common and clear sign that he likes you. He will go deeper and deeper with his feelings as you spend more and more time together. He will find it hard to share his true feelings about you unless he thinks that you like him too. Then, he will tell you how much he likes you. Cancer is a water sign along with Pisces[8] and Scorpio[9], and water signs are associated with being romantic[10] and emotional people. So, he will be eager to tell you and share his real feelings towards you, you just have to coax him just a little by showing that you care for him. Once that happens, he will happily tell you all about how he feels and will be ready to share his deepest darkest thoughts with you about anything and everything. Since Cancer man is emotional, he would like to connect to you in a similar way too. He will be upfront, direct and honest[11] with you about his feelings and would really appreciate it if you could reciprocate with the same. He would want to make you feel as comfortable as he can emotionally and would like it if you can also be honest and upfront about your feelings, whatever they may be. Cancer men like to approach things and be authentic with everything they do. They do not lie or try to swindle you. So, if a cancer man is telling you that he likes you, you can rest assured that it is true and his feelings probably even run deeper and he is just afraid[12] to share them all at once for the fear of rejection[13]. If he deals with you in an upfront and honest fashion and is forthright with you about his feelings, you could be assured that he likes you.
  2. The way he gazes at you: This is one of the simplest, easiest and earliest signs which you could spot to find out how much your Cancerian man likes you. If he is looking at you a lot, always gazing at you and smiling with you then you could be certain that he is into you. He would be looking for ways to connect with you, talk to you, or just plain be around you. He would be looking to make you smile and even tease you a bit to get closer to you and start building a relationship with you. If you are seeing all this and you like him too, then you should be ready to move ahead with a great relationship with him.
  3. He is completely devoted, true, and loyal to you: Loyalty, integrity, and fidelity are really important to a Cancer man so he would be completely true towards you and would expect the same thing from you. Since Cancer men are emotional and romantic, they want to connect with you on a deeper level. He would show it and make it clear to you that he is loyal[14] to you and you only. This is his way of trying to connect with you and see if you could be his life partner[15] if you also reciprocate those feelings. If a cancer man is in love with you, he would not be shying away from it. He would want to dive into it with you by his side. He would be completely ready to embark on a relationship together as Cancer man actually prefer commitment. He won't be wishy-washy when it comes to his feelings for you and if he even has an inkling that you are not completely loyal or ready to commit, he would be ready to move on. If a Cancer man loves you, he will be trying to do anything and everything for you and he would want you to be as happy and content as possible. He will be supportive of your dreams and wishes and would love to be the wind beneath your wings to make you fly as high as is possible. He will be up for doing anything for you, if you ask for anything, he would sprint to do it for you. If you see that the Cancer man really wants to commit with you and is completely loyal to you and practically is at your beck and call you can be assured that he is falling for you hard.
  4. He invites you over and wants to share his Home with you: Cancer men are very home and family oriented. That is the way they see which lead to true happiness. So, their home is very near and dear to their hearts. It is a place to which gives him warmth and safety and a place with his family in it, the people he loves the most and who support each other in a way which allows everyone to keep on leading a fulfilling life. All this is reflected in their homes which are the coziest and most homely places you could find. They have a warm lived in air and really comforting to anyone within those walls. They cultivate and nurture their homes with as much care and passion as they put into everything else. Cancer men are often emotional beings which necessitate them to have a cozy and safe place to retreat to, where everything is empathetic and soothing to them. It is almost like an extension to them and their lives which also reflects a lot about them if you look closely. If a Cancer man is falling for you hard, he would want to share this part of himself with you by inviting you over to hang out with you in his home. He could want to do various things with you in his home so that you could feel like an integral part of his life. He may want to cook for you, meet his family, watch movies, spend an afternoon with his friends, or just hang out with you. All these are important signs which could clue you into how much he adores you and wants you in his life.
  5. He will cook for you: Cancer is a zodiac sign which is associated with caring and nurturing personalities. They could be the most wholesome partner that you ever dreamed of. If a Cancer man is into you, he would be looking for a chance to cook for you, feed you. He wants to nurture you and make you feel like you are cared for and he would do any little or big thing for you. He also wants to impress you by showing his skills in the culinary arts. Cancer men are commonly food lovers and in a hands-on way too. He would love to involved with you with the meals. He would be interested in foods which you like, your favorite foods, the foods which give you comfort and make you happy, he would remember all this and would love to cook the foods you like at the first chance he gets. Food is an important part of their life, mental state, and it is a deep and great way for them to connect with the people they like. They want to take care of people they feel that connection with and love seeing you smile while you are enjoying the food he made for you. He basically wants to take care of you and cater to your every wish and whim.  Cooking food for their love interest means a cancer man is trying to pull out the big guns and he really wants you in his life. On the flip side, he would also love it a lot if you exhibit an interest in food and cooking in a meaningful way. If you could cook for him too, that would be the fast lane right to the center of his being, so that is one thing to keep in mind if you want to enamor him even more to you.
  6. He wants you and his family to meet and get together: Cancer men are family oriented people and hence are close to their family members especially their parents and siblings. And if there is a girl in his life who he likes and feels strongly about, he would be itching to share it with the people who have been closest to him all his life. He is an honest and genuine person and if he feels this strongly about someone, he would feel it right that he tells his family. Moreover, since Cancer men are family men, he would want for you to meet his family as soon as he starts seeing a future with you. It is the strong foundation he would want to build his relationship on. If his family and you get along, it would be like a booster for your relationship and he would actually be thrilled to know that his family likes his girlfriend for once. This is a matter of critical importance for a Cancer man, the bond between you and his family. That is because Cancer men are loyal and committed people and if he decides that he wants to spend his life with you, it is important for him that you and his family get along because they are also there for all of his life and he would not be able to even imagine a life without his family. If you could somehow become best friends with his mother or sister etc, you can't imagine how good it would be for your relationship. It will make him feel like you are already a part of his family and you will be forever ingratiated into his life. There is one more thing which could bring you closer to him or give you strong clues as to whether he likes you a lot, and that is his mother. A Cancerian man is generally quite close to his mother and respects and adores her, so if the mother likes you then you are already halfway in. Then, staying in your Cancer man's good graces is an excellent idea.
  7. He is up for some Public Display of Affection: Cancer men can be quite shy and closed off at first or when with someone they do not feel a connection with. But if he is really into you those barriers will fall away. Cancer men are physical and sensual people and he would want to have his hands all over you but only when you guys are in private. In public, a cancer man will have some trouble and shyness when it comes to showing his affection. When you are alone together, he would want to and will be the one to initiate love, he would love to embrace, kiss and cuddle with you but once in public, he would not be completely his true self. However, as time goes on and your relationship is moving along smoothly into deeper territories, he will stop caring what other people think about his love for you. At that point, he would be all over you even in public and would not hesitate to give you hugs and kisses in front of anyone. If he is physically affectionate towards you even in front of his family members, you could be pretty sure that he is already head over heels for you. Although, all this will only happen when he feels comfortable with you and the place your relationship is in. Also, he would not be moving along with any of this if he does not think you are up for it or even like public displays of affection. But if you want him to announce his love and affection for you by displaying it publicly, make sure that he knows that you like it. You could initiate public displays of affection yourself at the start to let him know you are completely okay and up for it even. After that, things will move forward quickly. Though, remember, that it will depend upon you completely, he would not move an inch or try to force anything if he feels you are uncomfortable, otherwise a Cancer man knows how to make you feel loved with his physical actions and affections.
  8. He is trying to learn everything about you: Once a Cancer man figures out that he likes you a lot, he would be trying to get all up in your life. He would be genuinely interested in knowing anything and everything about you. He would not have to make any effort for this. Your conversations would flow over anything and everything, he would be trying to learn your deepest darkest desires along with everything inconsequential like what kind of shoes you like. He wants to know so much about you so that he could connect with you as deeply as is possible while also learning about your true self so that he could make you truly happy. He would be really eager to you know what you like, what ticks you off, where do you like to visit, what you like to do in free time, basically everything that we do in our lives and what makes us human. He would love having deep long conversations with you at all times and will listen to your stories and musings with deep interest and affection and a sparkle in his eyes like he is witnessing something precious. He would also enjoy sharing his stories and preferences and love discussing them with you. Basically, he would be looking to intermesh both of your lives and the first step for him would be to know all he can about you. Moreover, Cancer is the sign whose people are most predisposed to be interested or learn about astrology so that could be a topic of discussion between you two. Since he would love having long conversations with you or spending lots of time with you, he will be looking for opportunities to do that. If you are thinking that your Cancer man is definitely spending or trying to spend all his time with then that is a surefire sign to know that he likes you very much.
  9. He actually likes and wants to take you shopping: A Cancerian man holds value for his stuff and material things. There is a good chance that he might be into collecting things which he likes. He might have an eclectic collection of, say, books, movies, maybe he is fond of gadgets or even antiques; it could be anything which he likes really. So, he understands the value and importance these things can have in one's life. Thus, he would also like to nurture and support that feeling for you too by taking you out shopping and buying things for you. He likes to have such stuff and collections not just to have them or hoard them or for just plain materialism; there is always a more meaningful connection he feels with his belongings. Like if the things have a nostalgic purpose and remind him of his childhood, or to keep a spark of creativity alive in daily life, or he feels a sense of calm and security with them, it never is just simple and out in sight but there is a poignant reason more often than not. This is why is an important and precious feeling to him and he would want every good thing for you too. So, if you like to shop and he is into you a lot then he would definitely be up for taking you there; He may even volunteer for it. He would buy you things if he thinks you need them or if mention to him that you want it to show you how much he likes you. All in all, this is a great sign for your relationship and you would like it a lot too.
  10. He will show some jealousy: If your Cancerian man likes you and is into you big time, then he would definitely exhibit some jealousy. If any other men fawn over you or show interest or if you do that with other men then your Cancer man's jealousy will be apparent. When he likes you or is falling for you, he will see you as his and he does not want to share you at all. He will be protective of you and may even be a little clingy depending on the man. These are all signs that he is way into you. If you see your Cancerian man getting jealous, you need to defuse the situation by assuring and affirming him of your loyalty, care, and faithfulness to him. A Cancer man wants to be in a committed relationship with you if he likes you and he would certainly want this from you to otherwise the relationship will be a no-go for him. He would be completely loyal and faithful to you and he will expect that in kind. And if he even gets a hint that you may be flirting or holding affections for someone else, he would get really jealous and possessive of you. These are surefire signs to see how much your Cancer man likes you. He will also be quite protective of you. It is hard for him to control this tendency if he is with a person who he likes very much. He truly wants what is best for you and wants to keep you safe at all costs as nothing will be more important to him. All this may sometime come off as him being too controlling but you just need to communicate with him openly if you want to rectify the situation. Remember, if he loves you, there is no length too great which he won't cross if you ask.
  11. He wants to share his deepest thoughts, dreams, philosophies with you: A Cancer man is a philosophical and brooding person who likes to understand and learn about the world and human condition around him. Consequently, he could get quite philosophical and contemplative about the world and if he likes you a lot then he won't hide these thoughts from you. He would want to share all his dear deep thoughts with you and would like your take on it. He would love it if you approved, and he would always be looking for your approval or adulation. Cancerian men also have a tendency to be connected to dreams in a deeper way. He looks for meaning and causation within them and hence is always up for dissecting and analyzing one. He would be looking for you to be his partner in crime in this. He will share his dreams with you and will also be willing to listen to yours and your thoughts on them. He loves finding meaning in dreams and their tangible connections to the real world and our psyche and would really be thrilled if you also show any interest in this field. He would love to find out your deepest and darkest thoughts and desires too. He has to know what your philosophies are about the world we live in, the life and love we experience, and the sorrows we face inevitably. This helps him form a deeper and more meaningful connection with you and he will actively be looking to bring this about if he is falling for you.  So, if this works out between you too, you will have a richer and deeper bond which will be profoundly romantic and unshakeable and both of you will be better for it.
  12. He wants to learn about your spirituality and what you think about religion: This is a sort of an extension of the previous point where he wants to connect to you in a deeper, more mature way. As mentioned previously, Cancerian men are more predisposed to be interested in astrology and this carries on to other forms of spirituality, religion and deeper contemplations about life and what comes after. All this is due to the Cancer being a water sign which is more connected to the spiritual dimensions of life than others. Hence, his spirituality, or religion, or his beliefs and foundations are important for him. And it is also important for him to know about yours and how they align with each others'. He may exhibit spirituality in a variety of ways; He may be into star signs, numerology, meditation, tarot, crystals, etc. he may believe in unseen forces and spiritual elements around us like chakra, energy, and auras and would be willing to learn if you also believe in any such phenomenon. He will be looking to include you in his spiritual activities like tarot readings, reading numbers, balancing chakra, analyzing auras, meditation or whatever he likes to do. He would want to know if you had a religious upbringing and whether you are religious and if so how much. He would also share the same with you. He would be looking to learn what your thoughts are on God and what happens after we leave this physical world. This allows him to connect to you in the deepest of ways and feel in sync with you and test you two's compatibility.
  13. He would be willing to make plans for the future with you: If you see this sign you can be pretty sure that he is falling head over heels for your rapidly. A Cancer wants a deep and committed relationship as he wants to feel safe and secure in it and he wants you to the feel the same way. So, if you if he wants to make future plans with you then you can be sure that he likes you a lot. He may want to move in together or get a pet together. He would want to know what your plans for the future are, what you want out of life, whether you want to get married, or have kids, if so how many, where would you like to live, etc. He would be willing to have any and all of these discussions with so if he wants to start building a life together with you. He would be completely ready to commit to you in any big or small way; He would be ready to move with you into a new city or start sharing bigger things like renting a place together, sharing vehicles, cell phone plans or even getting a pet together. If he likes you, he wants to build a life together in which you guys make decisions together and are inseparable from each other. Consequently, if your relationship is in the early stages, he would be looking for chances and opportunities where you could open up about your plans, hopes, and desires for the future. When you have been into it for a bit, he would be actively looking to make plans for the future with you and he would definitely want you in it and all over it.
  14. He is very passionate about and with you, in every way: Cancer men are passionate guys who are in touch with their feeling so they feel deeply too. He would be looking for ways to show this both emotionally and physically. He would be really into anything you talk about and would love to comfort you by showing physical affection. He would hug you a lot to comfort you and also get closer to you. He would be looking to pull out all stops when you are dating and he likes you a lot. He will make the big romantic gestures as he wants you to be completely filled with love and admiration; He wants to make you the happiest he can all the times. He would take to fancy places for dinner dates and he would basically be looking for any romantic activities to do with you. He would take you to romantic candle-lit dinners, or go on an under the moon hike, going on long walks and drives together. He would be willing to give you everything he has and he will also love you passionately in the bedroom. He wants to show you how much he cares for you any and everywhere. This is his way to deepening you two's bond in every way that is relevant in the world we live in. You will feel like the most important person to him and he will focus all his attention and passions on you. He will also love you in a passionate and tender and caring way. he would not be looking for booty calls at 2 a. m. or anything like that. He will be attentive and will always put your needs first. He always wants for you to be comfortable before moving ahead with anything intimate. He will pamper you, take you to dinner to a fancy place, buy you flowers and gifts, take you to your home without expecting anything. All in all, he will make you feel like a queen and the most special person to him.
  15. He shows it by doing little actions: Sometimes Cancerian man could be a little reserved with their feelings at first due to being careful and guarded of their heart and feelings. However, if he likes you, he will show this by doing little actions around the house and with you. He will surprise you by romantic gestures like bringing you flowers to your work or finding out about your favorite restaurant and then taking you there. If you guys have moved in together, he would be doing chores around the house without you even asking, he would love cuddling with you and just binge shows while holding you in his arms. He will always be looking for little things through which he could show his appreciation for you and how much he cherishes you. If you spot any of these signs, you can be pretty sure that he is way into you.
  16. He is willing to embarrass himself just to make you smile: Cancerian men are generally broody and somber most of the times because they are so contemplative and introspective. But if you see him cracking jokes when around you, or acting silly or goofy, or just generally trying to make you smile in any and every way he can then you can be pretty sure of his attachment to you. This shows clearly that he is willing to do pretty much anything, even if it is way out of his comfort zone, to make you happier and more content. Your smile will be like a precious resource for him like water is to a man lost in the desert. He would jump at any chance he gets to bring that about.
  17. He will be intuitive towards your feelings and desires: Cancerian men are observant and introspective, this lends them an accurate intuitive mind which he will do his best to tune on to your needs and desires. He will use his instincts to do things for you which sometimes even you didn't realize you needed. He will just do things for you which he thinks will be good for you or need without you ever asking or even acknowledging it. Seeing you happy would be the prize which he will be looking for and he will be satisfied as long as that goal is reached. A Cancerian man would not be the type of guy who would neglect you to go to a bar with his buddies or anything like that. He will always be thoughtful towards your needs and desires and those would be the first things in the priority list for him. This is why every woman seeks a Cancer man as a boyfriend because they are so loving and considerate towards you and all their time and efforts go towards keeping you happy and protected. He will always be there for you, to listen to you, to lend you his coat when you feel cold, open every door and pull out every chair for you. You will love to be in a relationship with a Cancerian man.
  18. He may avoid you at first: This sign is only exhibited at first when he is just coming to grips with his feelings for you. The nature and constitution of Cancer men lend itself to them experiencing a lot of heartbreak over the years as is mentioned previously. So, when he first realizes how strong his feelings are for you, his brain will try to avoid it to protect himself. His feelings of being helpless and vulnerable will surface and it would be hard to figure out what to do and how to move forward. So, consciously and more often sub-consciously, he will start avoiding you and maybe even a little down in the dumps and irritable when he is around you. So, do not worry, just know that it is a transitory phase before he truly comes to grips with his feelings and faces his emotions head-on. When he decides that he definitely likes you a lot and wants to make you his, he will start probing for any hints about whether you hold any affection for him or not.
  19. He will be by your side as much as he can: Once he has realized how much he likes you, he would not like to let you go, even if it is just a little distance. Once, he knows that he can trust you he will open all of himself up for you to see. He will also be looking to spend any time he has with you. Everything else will fade by for him. Anything he likes to do personally, he will give up to spend more times with you, he will blow off his friends for a chance to spend some extra time with you, basically, he would be willing to do a lot. He will also try to bring you closer by sharing every intimate and personal thought with you.
  20. He will do anything he can to catch your eye: In the start, he would do a lot to grab your attention. He will put a lot of efforts into his looks just so that you find him attractive. He will hit the gym harder to keep it all up for you. He would take up new things which you like just so he could get closer to you and catch your eye. He will do all this and more because he sees you as a true partner and he can not let any chance to be closer to you get away from him. He will try his best in this regard if you guys haven't started dating.

Sure, every person has unique traits and behaviors which are specific to them. But all of the above-mentioned points make for a common thread amongst all of Cancerian man. You will find many of these in your Cancer man if he likes you and is falling for you.

Compatibility of Cancer man with other Zodiac Signs

Cancer is a water zodiac sign and those are ruled by the moon. Considering all this, Cancer men are most compatible with Earth and Water Zodiac signs. Therefore, women with the following zodiac signs make for a great match with a Cancerian man.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Cancerian Man

Now, just like everything in life, nothing is perfect. There is a good side and a bad side to everything and it is the same in the relationship with a Cancer man. There are dizzying heights to be found here but you should know about the downsides too before you get into anything too serious. So, let us start with the positives which you will relish when dating a Cancerian man:

Now, let us looks at a few negatives which you should be aware of before getting in too deep:

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