How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

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Ants are an amazing and awesome lifeform when we look at the things that they can do. Their abilities and resilience have made them one of the most abundant life forms on the planet. Consequently, it is inevitable that they butt heads with the self-proclaimed masters of this planet; we human beings. We consider ants as a pest as they are everywhere, no matter where you go on the planet and their sheer numbers and proclivity towards invading our homesteads make us enemies of one another. Ants truly can spoil the perfect serenity of a home. They steal and spoil our food and cause numerous issues concerned with hygiene. Moreover, many of their species like to bite and their bite is usually much harder and painful than one would guess it to be when looking at their size. Together with this, their sheer innumerability seals our enmity with them as there is no managing them or domesticating them, it is just annihilation.

It is actually quite surprising that these tiny creatures can be this annoying and troublesome, strength in numbers we suppose. God forbid that you leave any food items or sweet stuff outside, even if you spill a drop or morsel, these hungry insects just seem to sniff it out, like a shark does blood in the water. Soon enough, there is a whole around the block queue of these tiny ants waiting for their turn to have a go at the goodies. Ants are some of the most hardworking lifeforms on the planet and they possess abilities too which baffle us constantly and make us wonder how it came to be. However wonderful they are, they are still a pest. And their practically infinite makes it okay for us to eliminate them. So, we have made and brought to you this post which will help and teach you how to deal with these pesky buggers.

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Now, there is a wide variety of species of ants around the world and none of them are technically called sugar ants. That is fine, we give this name to the ants which are around our homes and like to invade them for food. Ants have attracted this name because they seem to be especially attracted to sugars and sweet things. However, ants can eat any food items and even things which are not food like plain garbage, grime, and even wood. Ants like heat more than cold so that is why there is onset or explosion of them in the summer season. These ants like to live in nests which they usually make out of dirt and their nest looks like a tiny volcano made out of the dirt. However, they are not too picky and can also make their nests in closed spaces, holes, crawlspaces, etc within your home. You may have noticed a crack or a hole in the corner of your walls from which a line of ants must be emanating. Yes, there is a good chance that they are settling in their quite nicely. However, mostly the ants will make their nest outside your home but they have very strong senses and smell receptors so they can still suss out food from inside your home and then make a beeline for it; or is it called ant-line? There is actually so much more which can be learned about these ants but that is not why we are here, are we? We are here to discourse on the best methods and remedies which will free you from the oppression of these minuscule monsters. Therefore, let us dive deep into the nest of methods and remedies for sugar ants removal from your home.

First up in this long and useful list of techniques and solutions is:

Boric Acid / Borax

Boric acid is actually a naturally occurring mineral compound which is quite poisonous to all sorts of pests. It can also kill off the ants invading your house. And it is quite safe for people too, however, you should keep it away from children if there are any in your house, or pets too. It is actually a slow-acting poison, so the ants which ingest or take will take it to their colony which will help kill off the nest and other ants in the colony. The thing with this is though, that ants won't consume this by themselves as they will find it to be repulsive. So, basically, you are going to have to trick the ants into consuming it, which it turns out, is not all that difficult really. Since ants like to eat so much junk, all you have to do is mix some boric acid with something which is sure to attract the ants. One great option is Honey. Ants love honey and you can mix boric acid with an equal amount of honey and then set it out to attract the ants. The ant will ingest the honey not knowing that it is laced with boric acid and that will be their downfall. Alternately, you can also add some baking powder to the recipe. Baking powder can kill the ants who ingest it so it can be very effective in getting rid of the ants. You can make your own ant traps using this technique too. Just prepare a mixture of honey, borax, and baking powder. Then, spread it over some cardboard strips and leave those strips out where you suspect ants nest are or from where they are infiltrating your home. You can also make other recipes with borax which work just as well. For instance, you can take 3 tbsp borax and mix it with 1 cup of sugar and 3 cups of plain water to prepare another ant killer solution. You can use a cotton ball dipped in this solution and then placed at critical places to repel the invasion of ants. Some other ingredients which you can mix borax with to attract and then get rid of the ants are jelly, maple syrup, or peanut butter. This remedy is also sometimes termed as ant baits because we have to bait the ants with sweets to supply them and the whole colony with borax to exterminate them.


Vinegar is more of a repellant of ants rather than a killer of ants. That is fine, that property has its own uses and can be effective in eliminating the ants from your house. Vinegar can actually kill the ants if it comes in contact with them, which won't happen by itself as the ants will go the other way when they sense the vinegar. However, if you find an opportunity to directly spray some vinegar on the ants, it could be quite effective in eliminating them. Its usage is simple, all you have to do is dilute some vinegar with just water an then store the solution in a spray bottle. Now, you can use this spray bottle to spray vinegar wherever there is a risk of ants invading or where they like to come for their meals, for example around your kitchen counter, or your dining table, or your pantry. Just make a boundary with the vinegar solution and the ants won't dare cross it. However, this is not a foolproof method as it will only work as long as the vinegar and its smell is present. And the smell of the vinegar goes away pretty quickly on its own. Still, if you see an opportunity to spray the vinegar solution directly onto a row of ants or their nest, go for it, it can be effective for thinning out their numbers. You can also spray the vinegar solution everywhere from where you think ants could come in or where they are nesting. Like, you can spray it in corners and hard to reach places like cracks in walls, attics, and stuff. This is a really economical and effective solution for kicking the ants out. Also, one more thing, go for white vinegar as that is more effective than other varieties due to its lack of sugar content.

Lemon Juice

Now, lemon juice is quite acidic and can kill off the ants if sprayed on them directly. It can also clear up the pheromone trails of the ants which are essential for them to navigate and find their way around the world. You can simply make a solution of lemon juice with some water and then store it in a spray bottle to use an anti-ant spray solution. Just squeeze a couple to four lemons worth of lemon juice into a 250 ml spray bottle and fill it with water. Now, your weapon is ready. Whenever you see a row of ants marching towards their food or colony, just whip this out and spray it directly on them. It will kill them off and disrupt their trail too which will make it much harder for them to survive. What is great about this remedy is how simple, straightforward, and economical it is. Moreover, it is also not poisonous or anything so can spray it around without much worry.


This is a greatly aromatic, and strong flavoring condiment which people like using in their dishes to add some extra zing along with great health benefits. However, not many know that due to their strong odor and characteristics, cloves make for a fantastic ant repellant remedy. In fact, cloves are really effective in stemming a whole host of pest infestations. Moreover, it can spread around a unique aroma and soothing aroma around your house which is a great plus. To utilize them, just spread around some whole cloves around the house and in the area from where the ants are likely to come or where they stay. You can spread around clove in baseboards, under tables, near door and window frames, and more to repel the ants and keep your home ant-free.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves is another great condiment and tasty addition to food dishes. However, many people who are familiar with this ingredient and use it a lot in their kitchens, swear by its properties of repelling ants. Hence, this will certainly count as the simplest and most hassle free and clean method of repelling and getting rid of ants from entering your home. All you need to do is place some whole bay leaves in the areas where the ants are likely to be or coming through. You can place some bay leaves on your kitchen counter, or at the entrance of your pantry to prevent the ants from invading and spoiling your food stores. They are just leaves and will just stay there without making any mess or threatening anyone's health, well, other than the ants and the pests. You can also stuff the leaves in the cracks and holes from where you suspect the ants might be crawling in through.

Soapy Water

This is a very simple and easy remedy to follow. You just have to prepare some soapy water and use it as a chemical weapon against the ants. How do you make soapy water? It is as simple and uncomplicated as its name. Just take some dish soap or liquid soap and mix it with water and then store the obtained solution into a spray bottle for ease of spraying. The great thing about this remedy is that if you use a fragrant soap, it can help improve the smell of your home. Moreover, it also clears off the pheromone trails of the ants so it becomes even harder for them and their colony to survive. hence, you can use it to basically build invisible walls and plug places from where the ants must be finding an entrance to your home. 


Cornmeal presents an interesting way in which you can eliminate the ants. Cornmeal is actually a meal which is obtained by grounding maize. It is quite attractive to ants. However, the thing is that the cornmeal is not exactly good for ants. They find it hard to digest it and hence can die by eating a lot of it. Moreover, this is a simple but effective method to dismantle the whole ants' colony, trojan style. The ants, thinking that they have struck the lottery of food, will carry the cornmeal back to their nests and everyone will have a feast and then everyone will die. Moreover, the cornmeal is fully safe and you can use it even if you have kids and pets and stuff without any worry of anyone's health.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are usually discarded as a waste byproduct by people whereas it could be very useful in repelling the ants from invading their homes. Coffee grounds possess a very strong smell which might be the reason which throws the ants off and scramble their senses so that it is harder for them to survive out there. People believe that it can also repel a whole host of other insects and pests too so you can use the coffee grounds rather than discarding them to prevent the invasion of bugs and stuff into your home. People also mention that coffee grounds can also halt the reproduction of ants as it contains nitrogen content in it and that can kill off the eggs of the ants. Either way, coffee grounds are a safe and simple way of repelling and getting rid of the ants from your home.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth, referred to as DE from here on out, is a great remedy for exterminating the ants and their colonies quite effectively and efficiently. What is great about this is that it is fully natural and organic. DE actually is fatal towards ants and other insects too. When looked at through a microscope, it is revealed that the particles of DE are very sharp and practically like razors for minuscule beings like ants and insects. So, spreading it over the insects and ants can kill them as the sharp edges will cut them. Insects and ants can also eat this and that also leads to fatal results for them. However, there are different kinds of DE available in the market for different purposes and you need to get and use the food grade DE which is mostly used for pest control. This particular kind of DE is perfectly safe for people so you can utilize it freely without worrying if you have pets or kids running around your house. You can actually use DE in a few different ways. First, if you somehow manage to find the nest of the ants, it will be great for eliminating them as you can sprinkle the DE right in there to exterminate the whole colonies. You can also prepare a spray by mixing it with some water and storing it in a spray bottle. You need to use about 2 tbsp of DE for every liter of water.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been fantastic for us for a variety of uses. They help us with all kinds of problems with our bodies and around our homes even. This goes to show that all of our problems can be solved if look towards natural solutions and what nature provides to us. Not all of the essential oils will be effective in exterminating the ants however there are a few which can be very useful in getting rid of the sugar ants. You can go for peppermint essential oil as it is fantastic for repelling the ants and killing them if sprayed on directly. Other than peppermint, you can also use clove essential or tea tree oil. To make your own anti-ant essential oil spray, mix half cup each of water and white vinegar together and then add about 40 drops of your chosen essential oil to the mixture. Blend the ingredients together well and store in a spray bottle for usage. Lastly, just use the spray on the entryways from where the ants are likely to invade or if you see a trail of them, you can also spray it directly onto them to kill them.

Ant Traps

You can also create your own ant traps which will trap the ants to it for easy disposal. However, this method won't help you exterminate the whole colony but rather it is good for thinning them out and preventing them from reaching to places where you don't want them to reach at all. The concept that is in play here is that we will use some sticky substance which is also attractive to ants so that they come running for that sweet treat. But when they reach there, they realize it is a trap but by then it is too late as they are already stuck and unable to move. So, the things which will be good for making the ant traps should be something like honey or corn syrup. To make the ant traps, just take some cardboard strips and then spread the honey or the corn syrup or something other sticky and sweet over them. Now, place the simple ant traps in places where ants are likely to enter from or where they like to attack, basically wherever there is likely to be ant foot traffic. The ants will be attracted to the sweet stuff and once they are on the strips trying to eat, they will stick to the substance and will be unable to move. Then, you can do with them as you wish. However, if you do not wish to make your own trap for whatever reasons, there are many brands and varieties available in the market which you can make use of. If you are suffering at the hands of sugar ants, makes sure you get a trap which contains something sweet as bait. Many of these also contain insecticides in them so exercise caution when using them in your home.

Ant Sprays

Speaking of market products, there are also readymade sprays available which you can use directly on ants to kill them. Generally, these kinds of sprays are not for repelling the ants by coating surface but rather to kill them once spot them or their colony. Many of these are great and eliminates the ants instantaneously, so if you see a row of ants beelining for that tret on your kitchen counter, just grab a spray and exterminate the whole queue. Follow the line back to their entrance or nest then spray it there to plug any gaps. There is a variety of them available and you can get safer ones which you can use indoors without much worry. You can go for orange guard ant killer spray which is very effective and kills the ants as soon as it is sprayed on them. This spray is natural ingredients based so it is quite safe and non-toxic. It contains d-Limonene which is extracted from orange peels. This compounds actually kills off then ants when it comes in contact with them and also is quite effective in repelling them. There are other brands too which you can look for if you can not find this one.

Duct Tape

If you need a quick fix for ants invading your home, you can use duct tape to halt their progress if you have some lying around. This method could be effective if you do not have anything else and it is cheap too. You can just place pieces of tape on the routes which the ants take to invade and march into your home. The ants will get stuck on adhesive as they are not strong enough to break free by themselves. However, they can catch onto this and once they do, they will avoid the tape strips like the plague. You can also use any type of tape for this purpose really. Just use whatever you have lying around like the double sided tape, black tape, electrical tape, or whatever will work just fine. You can also add on some sweet stuff like syrup or honey or plain sugar onto the tape to make it more attractive to ants and make a better ant trap. You can also utilize duct tape to plug the holes and entryways which the ants like to use to infiltrate your abode.


Tips, Tricks, and Other Measures for Getting Rid of Sugar Ants

Now, we have looked at a bunch of remedies which are really useful if your house is being invaded by ants and you do not like it. However, there are many methods and steps which you can adopt which will prevent these pesky ants from entering into your home in the first place. So, you won't even have to think about dealing with them and evacuating them from your home anymore. These instructional points will bring you up to speed on what to do and what not to do so that there are no ants around you or in your house. Read on to learn about these tips and tricks. 

That is about all from us regarding how to get rid of sugar ants from your home. These remedies are tried and tested and are sure to help you get rid of your sugar ant infestation.

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