How to attract an Aries Man

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People who are born between 21st of March and 19th of April fall under the Zodiac sign of Aries. Men born under Aries sign are ambitious, driven and real go-getters. They have high goals and because of their unrelenting, confident, and self-assured attitude, they achieve them more often than not too. They are really charismatic and romantic too and have a tendency to have a player's attitude towards their love-life. Their strong and magnetic personalities attract s many admirers, many of whom also have significant and imposing personalities. Hence, it can be hard to even catch the attention of an Aries man let alone hold it. Aries men make for attractive partners and they are lively people who love to feel the rush and live life to the fullest. They have a sort of a bad boy air about them which makes them really desirable to tons of women who will vie for his attention so you will need to be smart and measured in your approach if you want to bag your dream Aries guy. However, worry not as we have brought to you this comprehensive and extensive post which is going to tell you all about what you need to know to attract the Aries man you have your eye on and make him yours forever.

How to attract an Aries Man

The Aries Man - His Personality and Characteristics

As mentioned before, men under the Aries sign make for really magnetic and alluring personas. They are the alpha and the man who attracts the most eyes in any room they enter. Aries men are men of action and the present. They always are looking for the next hit of adrenaline, it is needed for them to feel like they are living. Aries men are lively and commanding in their stature, they are often the leading figure in any group setting they find themselves in, be it at work or with their family. And all this does not just happen for them, they also crave the attention, they may not always confess to this, but Aries men definitely need validation and appreciation of other people to keep them happy and content. It helps validate their own grand and powerful perspective of themselves. Aries men are spontaneous and adventurous and bold in the way that they live their lives. Hence, they can only be tied down by a partner who is equally feisty, outgoing, ambitious, and independent as them. Aries men like to be in control of their own lives so they have goals and desires which they work towards tirelessly to fulfill. All of these characteristics and traits make the Aries guy to be destined to be the top dog, the guy in the leadership position. And they love the power and position and admiration that comes with such heights too. So, a weaker partner just won't be able to keep up with the ram. Hence, Aries guys need a partner who is strong and independent and self-sufficient while also attached to them in a deep and unshakeable way. Aries men may seem like they do not want o get tied down but inside they are old-school romantics who are looking around so much because they want to find the partner who will accompany them through thick and thin, who shares their values and ambitions, and who will be able to challenge and surprise them always.

How to attract an Aries Man

Now, that you have learned about the outlines of the Aries man which you have set your eyes on, it is time to learn about the guidelines of behavior which will help you bag the ram. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to enamor the Aries guy to you in such a way that you guys will be able to have a fruitful relationship and you will make an enduring couple. Conduct yourself according to the following instructions and guidelines and the ram will be eating out of your hand in no time.

  1. Be Confident, Strong, and Independent
  2. Take care of yourself and your Appearance
  3. Be direct and don't shy away from challenging him
  4. Flirt in a way that shows that you are witty, smart, and sexy
  5. Be bold, adventurous, and spontaneous
  6. Let him Lead
  7. Do not try to tie him down or make him Jealous

#1. Be Confident, Strong, and Independent

In the portrayals of women in our society, they are often shown as meek creatures and damsels who need the help of a guy and these qualities are always shown as being very endearing to all men. In movies, men always leap to the aid of the woman and then they kiss and live happily ever after. Nothing like this ever going to happen with your Aries[1] man, as they like a woman who can hold her own and as much of a strong human being as any other, be it a man or woman. Aries men, being the magnetic people that they are, attract enough attention from shallow women who are all superficial. Sure, Aries men can be a bit of a Casanova[2] character and definitely are attracted to beauty so there will be many flings[3], relationships[4], and one-night stands[5] for them with beautiful women. However, only when a woman is truly strong, and a rounded and self-sufficient individual, then only she will be able to grab his real attention and keep it too so that they do not look elsewhere after that. So, always be confident[6] when around your Aries guy and exude your individuality, self-assuredness, and strength in any way you can. This will show him that you do not need anyone and are a person worth learning about and be around with. Also, you have to be skillful and smart and show that you are not just another average person, but a driven, competent, and amazing person who is destined to do big things and go places. Since Aries are ambitious and driven people, they find this trait in a possible partner to be irresistible and they respect and appreciate them more for it. So, do not go for cheap tricks of feigning weakness or helplessness to attract an Aries man because that will not work if you want to attain him for the long run. You need to be your own unique and remarkable person for him to even consider you as a lifelong partner. So, be confident, come into your own, and be driven, passionate and ambitious about yourself in front of him and he will soon be looking for every opportunity to get closer to you.

#2. Take care of yourself and your Appearance

Aries men live in the present and like to indulge in sensory and beautiful things. As such, they also are instantly attracted to beautiful women, and not just women who are traditionally pretty, but women who see their inner beauty and embrace their style and puts an effort in cultivating and exhibiting that style. So, you need to be putting efforts to making yourself look the best you can. Aries men like strong women but they also like to be their knight in shining armor. The protector of weak women does not appeal to them. So, this is a tough line to toe, but you need to be strong while also showing a feminine[7] side every once in a while and allow him to rescue you. This will endear him to you a lot and seeing you anytime will get his pulse racing. Therefore, make yourself look yourself beautiful in a feminine way but be bold[8] and courageous[9] in selecting your appearance and smear your flair all over you look. This will the most attractive approach to win the heart of an Aries man. Also, you need to be graceful[10] and well mannered. Aries men themselves may be a little wild and rough around the edges but they certainly want their partner to be high class and someone who people look up to and are secretly envious of. You should be like a queen to him. It will help a lot if you have classy and expensive tastes too to show him that you need and want the good things in life and aren't content with anything less than that. This will drive your Aries man towards you, even more, when he will realize that he wants to be the one to fulfill your desires. He also enjoys luxury[11] and wants to revel in it and if you are in tune with this quality he will appreciate you even more. So, go for expensive and classy designer stuff like dresses, perfumes, or expensive gadgets.

#3. Be direct and don't shy away from challenging him

Aries loves a strong woman who is not a pushover. So, do not be too gentle or vacillating of your intentions and opinions. Do not hesitate to present your opinions even if they are contrary to his for the fear that you might scare him off. Quite the contrary, this will make you more attractive to him when he sees that you are not going to discard your own thought in front of him but are willing to fight tooth and nail for them. This will ignite a fire in him which won't go anywhere until he gets you. However, Aries men also have a pretty big ego[12] and inflated sense of self so it will like walking a tightrope. You want to challenge him but not put down his views and opinions harshly. He will love that you are an independent being who has had a whole life full of richness which has formed your personality and opinions but if those qualities are too different and contradictory to his then he will have to give up the chase, however reluctant he may be. So, try to challenge him in any way you can to show that you are a worthy adversary worth having on the same side. You can provide a challenge to him in both the physical and mental realms. If you are able to overcome him in physical traits like a sport, it will drive him crazy for you. Overcoming him in light recreational mental endeavors like chess[13] or poker[14] will also show him that you are a competitive and worthy person who can take on anything and anyone and have a sharp mind. These qualities will make you irresistible to him and he will have to have you pretty soon. Although, be careful while toeing this line as you do not want to go overboard and make him feel small and unworthy as that would make him avoid you and could spell doom for your relationship. So, sometime it would be a good idea to concede to him if in argument or letting him help you out some time to show him that you want to lean on him sometimes. This will make you two's bond richer and you will be well on your way to having your desired Aries partner.

#4. Flirt in a way that shows that you are witty, smart, and sexy

Whenever people are trying to attract another person who they like, flirting[15] is one of the earliest and key tools which is used to attract the other and show them that you are attracted to them. This will be no different with the Aries guy you have been crushing on. You will need to make a good impression with your flirting and give him a peek of all the depth, mystery, and challenges you hold for him. The best way to show this through flirting is to be witty and smart while also being sexy but in a classy way. Aries man love to feel and consider themselves above other people so if you can show him that you can keep up with easily through a conversation, he will be instantly intrigued by you. So, be witty and charming when flirting with him and have funny and quick comebacks to show him that you can not be tamed or overcame that easily. Be smart and learned in a sophisticated way without seeming too uppity or condescending or snobby. Stay humble but also exude an aura which tells everyone that you are a smart and ideal specimen of a human being. Be sexy in front of him in a self-assured and confident way without dipping too much into the other end of trying and showing too much. This will signal to him that you are desperate and showing a facade which will be an instant turn on for any guy. He will be most attracted to you if you can be silly and with a sense of humor while also capable of tackling any lengthy or important topic. More than this, you ought to be somebody with aspirations and high expectations. He doesn't need somebody whose only motivation, or goal, is to be in a relationship with him, he needs a woman who can be autonomous and independent and leads her own life. Also, do not beat around the bush when going for it and hinting at him that you like him and that he should pursue you. When it comes to subtlety and measured approaches, they are not going to work with the Aries man. He will be clueless in that regard and you need to flirt openly and clearly at first to make your intentions and interest in him clear. However, do not make yourself too easy or available quickly. Let him know that you like him and are attracted to him but he needs to make efforts and engage in the chase if he wants to attain you. Men of Aries are ruled by Mars and hence are fighters and warriors, so they need to be stimulated, they need to fight for it to feel like they have earned it and even hold it in any significant value. So, if you just give yourself to him easily, he won't respect you or the relationship and such relationship will be on a timer and doomed to fail if it even happens in the first place.

#5. Be bold, adventurous, and spontaneous

Show your Aries man that you are also a wild spirit like him and like to grab life by the horns and take it on. Engage in fun and adventurous activities together, go on trips and hikes, and new places where you have never gone before. This will show him your zest for life and willingness to learn about it, live and engage in it, and just love it to the best of our abilities. This will make him feel amazingly close to you to see that you share the same passion for life and the world as him. He will absolutely love this side of you and in his mind, he will start realizing that you are not the one that he can afford to let go. He needs a lady who's imaginative and has a similar measure of intensity and energy as he has. On the off chance that he's into dancing, you should proceed to take tango exercises. In the event that he does karate, feel free to get in touch with a sensei and get into a dojo yourself. Show him you have interests as well, and he will be charmed and astonished. In the meantime, be like a riddle for him. He doesn't care to peruse his darling like a book which is completely open. Aries men are warriors and fighters and hence needs to feel like you are somebody in whom he needs to contribute a lot of time and exertion. He gets a kick out of the chance to chase, so don't make yourself his as soon as he starts to go after you. Continuously occupied with something, the Aries man will need his accomplice to be the equivalent to him, always by his side. He is straightforward and he anticipates that others should be the too. If he even gets a whiff that you are not being genuine and honest, he will lose pretty much any interest and respect for you so certainly avoid doing that. Aries men, being the wild boys they are, won't be that inclined to settle down, especially unless they have fallen hard for you and think that you are the one and only for them. So, when he has discovered the perfect lady for himself, he will be totally committed. Always demonstrate to him that you are driven and smart, and he will adore and respect you and would not want to stay away. The Aries man adores the rush, anticipation, and excitement which is provided by a new relationship. But when it starts to get somewhat normal and dreary, his interest and intrigue can rapidly vanish from him. With loads of vitality and eagerness for new and exciting things, he's not all that great when it comes to finishing what he has embarked upon as it is hard to hold his attention and he gets bored easily. So the solution for this is to stay unpredictable and spontaneous when you are together or even in bed. Challenge and intrigue him constantly with new and different things which pique his interest. Suprise him, make last minute plans, do weird things, just keep it interesting for him.

#6. Let him Lead

So, as mentioned previously, to make an Aries man fall for you, you need to be strong, assertive and independent but there is a fine line to be walked there. Aries men generally consider them to be the alpha males and have pretty large egos to support that. They have an authoritarian air and naturally consider them fit to be the leaders. An Aries man will certainly not find a woman who is a pushover and a doormat attractive at all but you need to balance it. He wants his partner in life to be strong, willful, and smart, but if you two are going to be together for long, he wants that you trust and respect him and his authority. He wants you to take cues from him to follow in his lead. He wants to be the leader, the big man, the head honcho, so he will be calling the shots and leading people most of the time, even with you. And you need to be comfortable with that and also respect his authority and follow him when asked. This will show him that even though you are a strong independent woman, you love and respect him enough to be able to follow him. This will show him your commitment to him and will stroke his big ego so that he will think that you are the perfect one for him he could ask for. Aries men are natural born leaders and you need to allow him to spread his wings in every realm he is in including his relationship.

#7. Do not try to tie him down or make him Jealous

These tactics are common for women when they are trying to bag their dream guy and it does work on many people but this is not going to work for men born under the Aries sign. Aries men, the bold, adventurous, and independent guys that they are, do not ever want to get tied down, so you cannot let on if you are trying to do that. You cannot be seen as trying to be a threat to his independence or he will be likely to bolt at the first chance. Trying to make him jealous to get him closer to you is also not going to work as disloyalty and your interest in other men will turn him off from you as he does to like disloyal people at all. If he is not at the top of the food chain in your eyes, he will look for someone who has that. So be straightforward with your intentions and do not try to swindle him because if he even gets a hint that you are trying to be manipulative and dishonest with him, he will likely severe any and all tie with you. So, be honest and straightforward with your thoughts and opinions and keep on living your own life without showing any explicit exertions which signify that you are looking for a man to settle down with or anything like that.

Things To Avoid when going for an Aries Man

Now that we have taught you about the things which Aries men find irresistible in a prospective mate, you should also be aware of any pitfalls and cardinal sins which you should avoid at all costs lest you want to lose all attention of your dream Aries guy. The following points are the ones which should e avoided at all costs when pursuing an Aries man.

If you study this post closely and follow the instructions given here, you will be able to get the Aries man you have been crushing on and will be able to nurture a loving relationship with him which will feel like a dream you always dreamed of.

How to attract an Aries Man

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