How To Attract A Virgo Man

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In this colossal world, finding your perfect guy might be a great enigma for most of the women. You might encounter a lot of men living in this engaging world and there comes the perfect day. You meet a man with those enchanting mien and a winsome character. You get inside your fantasy world and start living your life with him. And all of a sudden reality hits you harder to look in for some information about him. You get to know that the hunky guy is a Virgo man. Hold on there, you don't have to worry anymore regarding this. We are here to make him all yours by elucidating his likes and dislikes in a person and especially in a woman like you. Comes let us get on to the road to reach our goal.

How To Attract A Virgo Man

40 Qualities To Be Known To Attract A Virgo Man

To a woman enticing a normal man can literally be a piece of cake. But when it comes to a Virgo man it can be a highly onerous one. You can never win a Virgo man in a single go as he seems to be a great mystery for many. You have to focus and work more towards your character and the way you carry yourselves in the public. And a Virgo man will be the one that many of the women would always crave for having as a life partner. This is going to be a real treasure hunt as you will be getting something that was out of sight these many days. Nothing could equalize winning the trust of a Virgo man because it is highly arduous. But then, once you win it then he is all your for your entire lifetime. A Virgo man will never make decisions that would make him to regret later. He will be the most lovable man who could show so much care and love on this earth. So, you can have a lifetime happiness in being his only charming life partner for the rest of your life. So here we go with the most important 40 qualities that you should work and some to be avoided when you really want to attract a Virgo man. 

  1. Splash With The Appearance
  2. Prove Your Honesty Every time
  3. Be On The Button
  4. Be A Clean Master
  5. Behave With Common Sense
  6. Avoid Being Judgmental
  7. Be Optimistic
  8. Don't Be Too Genial
  9. Avoid Loud Chuckles
  10. Show Love Towards His Family and Friends
  11. Season With Love
  12. Fortify Him
  13. Show Off Your Talents
  14. Don't Try To Master Him
  15. Win With Intelligence
  16. Be A Prudent Women
  17. Behave Down-To-Earth
  18. Hold A Fruitful Discussion
  19. Expel All Your Emotions Aside
  20. Don't Be A Grumble
  21. Evade From Being A Drama Queen
  22. Don't Be Super Elated
  23. Propose Your Suggestions In Private
  24. Balance Between The Light And Dark
  25. Don't Rush Up Things
  26. Wait For The Time
  27. Honor With Your Actions
  28. Avoid Being Over Covetous
  29. Don't Be Oppressive
  30. Stop Being Argumentative
  31. Concur With Your Mistakes
  32. Stand On Your Words
  33. Never Let Appearance Reflect Your Emotions
  34. Good Partnership
  35. Drop A Morning Text
  36. Do Not Wait For Replies
  37. Make Things That Lasts For A Lifetime
  38. Convos During Sex
  39. Do Not Jump Into Conclusions
  40. Let Him Make The First Move

#1. Splash With The Appearance

No matter whether it's a Virgo[1] or a Scorpion, appearance always matters for a woman to attract any man. And appearance seems to be a key point to attract a Virgo man. He always pays great attention and also values your appearance to a greater extent. A Virgo man always wanted his partner to be so simple but trendy at the same time. When it comes to appearance, everything matters a lot starting from the dress you wear until the hairstyle you prefer. So be careful in choosing the appropriate clothes with no messy hairstyles. He hates wearing too heavy makeups or too shiny and modern clothes. Unlike the other men, he will neither fall for your showing of clothes nor your body curves. But then, he cares a lot on how clean and tidy you look with proper dressing sense[2]. You must look very neat and fashionable in a professional way. Everything you wear when he sees you should be in a well-coordinated way such that nothing looks messy and odd. Try to choose the colors that could reflect your personality as he loves doing such things. Never give space for them to pick up any flaws in your appearance. 

#2. Prove Your Honesty Every time

"Virgo's don't want perfect. They want honest." As the saying goes, you can very well understand that honesty[3] stands first to a Virgo man. If you are looking to play games, then a Virgo man is not the one with whom you can win it. Before you start the game he will show you how it has to be played. So do not approach a Virgo man with this mindset. No matter whether it's a small thing or a big one, try to be very honest and the same in all the times. Try to be straight forward and do not hide anything about you from him. Be the real who you are when you are with him. He hates women who try to be someone else rather than themselves. Make him know all about your strengths and be a trustworthy woman as much as possible. Honesty and trust[4] are the two main pillars that can help you to attract a Virgo man. Things will really work and go well if you prove him your honesty every time. 

#3. Be On The Button

The best virtue to prove yourself to a Virgo man is being on time whenever and wherever you plan for a meetup or a dating. Punctuality[5] is known to be the most important trait in a Virgo man. You have to show him that you value his time and cherish his presence while meeting him. Being late while going to see him will literally make him start losing interest over you. He will never get convinced with your reasons when you are late. But then, try to have a valid reason for it that would satisfy and convince him in all means when you are late. Normally Virgo man Doesn't like waiting for any people in their life. They are more focused on their time and work. He would always prefer for a woman who values time than anything else. He might also go away from you when you don't have this quality in you.   

#4. Be A Clean Master

"Cleanliness is next to godliness" could be a Virgo man's favorite quotes. They pay more attention to the cleanliness[6] and perfections. They will always want their workplace[7] and home to be very clean and tidy. So, make sure that you keep yourself clean and neat when they see you. They notice for more details like how clean you maintain your nails, shoes and hair. It is one of the key features that could make you gain a Virgo man's attention. When you ask for him to visit your home, make sure that all the things are in a well-organized way. Do not leave anything unarranged or clumsy as a Virgo man would not like it.

#5. Behave With Common Sense

Trying to expose yourself with common sense[8] can be the best way to make him seeks his attention for you. Do not try to unload all your dramatic thoughts and meaningless dreams on him. He will never pay heed to all such things. And to him, it literally means a waste of time. And this will prove yourself as a woman with no specific goals and dreams in her life. So never do this when you are with him. Make sure that you use your common sense every time whenever he asks you a suggestion or opinion regarding anything. This matters a lot when you talk to him for the first time. Don't try to offer some stupid and idiotic replies and show yourself as more irresponsible at such times.

#6. Avoid Being Judgmental

A Virgo man always hates people who are judgmental[9] on anything. It can be their life or others but then being judgmental can make them run away from you. You can obviously share your views and suggestions regarding anything to him. But, do not convey it in a way that would look as if you are judgmental. Try conveying it in a very simple and polite manner that could make him understand your views clearly. Be a woman with a more feminine quality and strong at the same time. 

#7. Be Optimistic

Even when the situation is not fine, try being optimistic[10]. A woman who is optimistic seems to be the one that a Virgo man will look for. Giving any depreciating pieces of advice or comments will divert his attention from you. He will be no further interested in talking to you when he finds that you are not optimistic. Try to motivate him by talking about his strengths to him. He would always love to hear such things from you. He is a man who believes and wants the presence of positive vibes surrounding him. And when he finds you to be the source of his positive vibes, he would really fall for you.

#8. Don't Be Too Genial

Virgo men are not the one who is too social. But then it doesn't mean that they love being alone all the time. They can easily handle both situations very fine. Even when there is no one around them, they know how to enjoy their own company and still be happy. And they like social gatherings but not very too often. They entirely hate it when someone forces them to be to attend a social gathering. So, if you are a too social woman then Virgo men are not of your kind. Never try to attract them as it will never work at any cost.

#9. Avoid Loud Chuckles

Humour can be another tool to attract a Virgo man. But then, this gets applied with a limit. He will dislike all those loud belly laughs and most importantly when you are in public. Don't show your falseness to him as it will be very less attractive to him. He might seem to have a little bit dry sense of humour[11] but that doesn't mean he dislikes it. He will never show interest towards any dirty jokes and will never work with him. So do not try it with him as it might spoil your image with him. A Virgo man will love to be more sarcastic but not very often. They love to express things in a more ironic way that might impress you a lot. Try understanding his dry touches of humor and learn to laugh for it but not too loudly.

#10. Show Love Towards His Family and Friends

A Virgo man can be more focussed on his work and professional life[12]. But that doesn't mean that he will not show any importance to his personal life. Moreover, he loves his family and friends to a greater extent. He would always love spending time with his family and friends whenever he can. He would always look for a woman who can show the same love to his family and friends as he does. Show him that you do respect and care about his family people and friends a lot like him. Whenever you have a conversation, have the habit of asking about their well being. When he plans to visit his family or friends, do not fight with him to spend time with you. He will never do it as they will always top up his priority list. But then, he will always make you as a priority and spend his time with you.

#11. Season With Love

A Virgo man will always love to have home-cooked foods rather than going to fancy restaurants[13] and spending a lot of bucks. Delicious foods can make you win his hearts very easily rather than fancy foods. You don't have to be a master chef in cooking to prove this. Cooking even a simple dish in a more delicious way can satisfy him to a greater extent. A few savory skills in you can make him fall for you very easily. You can plan for a dinner date with him at your home by preparing his favorite foods by yourself. And most importantly the way you organize your dining table and the foods also matters a lot to him. So make sure that it looks very neat and clean rather than clumsy. This has an added value by proving yourself as a suitable domestic partner. A Virgo man will always want a woman who could be a perfect partner in both personal and professional life. 

#12. Fortify Him

Like every other man in this world, even a Virgo man can be very low and feel more insecure many times. He might be facing a very crucial and critical situation in his persona or professional life. And this must be the right time for a woman to gain his attention completely. He will obviously be looking for someone to make him feel better in such cases. So try to make use of that chance. And at the same time, he should not realize that you are doing this to attract him. Be casual and friendly with him. Show him that you will be supportive of him in every phase of life. Try to encourage him and help him to be back to normal. Do not go beyond the limits as he might unlike such activities during that situation. Moreover, it will be very obvious that you are doing all these with a plan of attracting him. So, try to be who you are in every situation. 

#13. Show Off Your Talents

A Virgo man will always love to have a partner who has their own goals to achieve in their life. He values the talents of others no matter what gender the person might be. He might look for honest, punctuality and trust in a woman. But that does not mean that he will be dominating or ruling over others. He loves to encourage your talents and also would help you to achieve them. No matter its in sports, music or academics, a Virgo man loves to appreciate and compliment your talent. So never be too late to show your goals and talents to him. Discuss briefly on your thoughts and goals to him. You can also try to support him in his professional life. If you are really capable of taking part in his professional life, then he would really feel happy about that. He will never say NO to your dreams and goals. And he will prove himself to be very supportive and a motivating man everytime in reaching your goals. 

#14. Don't Try To Master Him

Trying to be an equal partner doesn't mean that you can master him in some of the cases. Generally, Virgo men hate it when somebody tries to master them or criticizes them. Do not try to be dominating or overpowering him. He will always hate such qualities in any person. Make sure that you don't take any decisions[14] or plan something without consulting him. He will start disliking you if you do such things even though you know each other for years. Never try to become a master and win him in anything as it would literally irritate him. Ans most importantly do not expect to attract his attention the first time itself. Allow him to take the lead in everything at any point and he will be all yours for the rest of life.

#15. Win With Intelligence

Intelligence can be the best secret weapon to win any man's attention. A Virgo man will love being with a woman who is intelligent and brave[15] at the same time. More than beauty, a Virgo man will fall for the intelligence he sees in a woman. So, try proving that you are intelligent by dealing with any problems or telling some suggestions to uplift his professional life. This would mean a lot for him as he really respects a woman with such qualities. He would love appreciating when he finds a woman with intelligence and talents. He can never ignore paying attention when comes across such women in his life. So, make use of your intelligence as a weapon to make him yours. But then, don't be dominating him at the same time.

#16. Be A Prudent Women

A Virgo man is the one who is more rational in each and every situation of his life. So he will obviously look for a woman whose thoughts are constructive and feasible. Whenever a Virgo man discusses anything with you, try to be more practical than being unrealistic. Do not be over-imaginative when you are with him. He loves women who are more factual and efficient in each of the work they do. Expressing your imaginative thoughts and suggestions to him can make him easily hate you. And you can never win his heart at any cause if you do it.

#17. Behave Down-To-Earth

When you have a conversation with him, make sure that you go straight to the point rather than being flashy. If you try to show off your personality in anyways, then that must be the last day that a Virgo man pays attention to you. He will never love when women are too ostentatious. Make sure that you seem to be the most down-to-earth kind of person when he is there with you. This feature can literally win his heart to a greater extent. Try to have this quality naturally in you and do not make it obvious that you are artificially being down-to-earth. Virgo men can easily find such things as they pay more attention to details in your behavior when you are with them. 

#18. Hold A Fruitful Discussion

A Virgo man will always want to have conversations that can be useful to him or the other. So, avoid having rubbish and meaningless conversations. Virgo men like to talk about the important philosophies of life, news updates, politics, religion and science. He will avoid people who would have long conversations on meaningless things. He always hates when people talk about someone at their backs. And he will surely note down whether you have such qualities in you or not. So, try to have conversations that make him feel that your thoughts are similar to him.

#19. Expel All Your Emotions Aside

A Virgo man will never pay attention to women who are more emotional. The situation might be a critical one or a simple one, try not to be too emotional. He doesn't fall for such emotions easily and it portrays yourself being so helpless. No Virgo man will ever want to have a helpless woman in his life. You can discuss all the problems and the hurdles you face in your life. But then, he is not the person who would offer his shoulder for you to cry. He wants you to be very strong and bold even in the critical phases of life. And showing off your emotions can literally make him run away from you. So never do this to a Virgo man and he will never care you anymore. Make him know that you handle every situation in a rational way. And most of the times try not to show your tears in front of him or others. When you wanted to cry make sure that it is private. Learn how to control your emotions and this will help you to live your life happily with a Virgo man.  

#20. Don't Be A Grumble

A Virgo man naturally hates listening to complaints at any point. So don't be complaining about the problems you face in your personal and professional life. He would hate when you complain about your boss or colleagues to him. Because this would literally mean that you can't handle people by yourself. And a Virgo man would hate such kind of women. If you have any complaints regarding him or others do not express it as a complaint. Explain the exact situation you face to him and ask for his suggestions to get out of that. This will make him feel that your opinions matter to you in every part of your life. And this can make you hold his attention for a long time.

#21. Evade From Being A Drama Queen

When you wanted to be a drama queen, then stop looking for a Virgo man in your life. Because there can be no possibilities for any such dramas in a Virgo man's life. Try to be very loyal to him and even others. He also notices how well you behave with others and him. He always wants to have a very peaceful life with a simple lifestyle. When he finds yourself as a drama queen in any situations, then he will obviously make you get out of his life. So try to be more realistic and analytical than being dramatic. Also, don't look for too much of adventures when you are with a Virgo man as he is tied up with peace. 

#22. Don't Be Super Elated

Even when he reaches greater heights, a Virgo man will always carry out his humbleness in every work he does and the people he meets. He will never be super excitive on any of the things. And he will always want his partner to have this quality in her. Even you get to know about his biggest achievement or any other good news, try to stay cool and calm. And most importantly treat everyone with humbleness and care no matter whoever they are. And when you are extremely happy don't be too expressive with your emotions. A Virgo man always has a strong belief that happiness and worries are always a temporary one. So, try to express yourself in a more gentle way every time. This can really help you in attracting him by creating a greater impact on his heart.

#23. Propose Your Suggestions In Private

A Virgo man is not a dominating one but then he would hate getting suggestions when you are with others. And this gets matched with most of the men even with the other Zodiac signs. Every man will always want to prove that they lead their family or any relationship when they are in public. So, when you wanted to tell your suggestions or opinions towards his activities or plans make sure that it is in private. He will surely pay heed to your words and matter them if they are really worth when it's in private. You have to make sure that you both appear as a team when you are with others. Don't try to show off your personal life when in public as he would hate doing that. Try to be more professional and constructive wherever you go out with him.

#24. Balance Between The Light And Dark

Light and dark are the two important phases in each and every person's life. And a Virgo man will always maintain an equal balance with both of them in every phase of his life. Sometimes things might go wrong and you will have to go through a very tough phase of life. A Virgo man will always look for the one that can make it better and will not spend time worrying. And even when things are going perfect, he would always look for some things to make them even better. Both of the situations will go hand in hand every day. So, he will notice whether you have a balance between both of these. 

#25. Don't Rush Up Things

When you are with a Virgo man, you should never rush and do anything. Also, rush him to do certain things. This is because usually, a Virgo man will never take sudden decisions no matter what it is. He needs his own time to think over and decide things on his own. Give his own space and time when he needs it. Rushing up things will make him lose his interest over you. You can never gain it back from him once he loses the interest on you. 

#26. Wait For The Time

Forcing a man even for small things will never work in terms of a Virgo man. The greater you force him, the greater the distance will be between you. So never force him to do as per your wish. If you really have any wishes to be done by him for you, then convey it in a polite and gentle manner. Allow things to happen by its own rather than forcing each other. Also, make him have the feeling that he should do it for you. Then automatically things will happen and you need not force him for such things. A Virgo man is not a person who would listen and stay when you force him. So, try being with patience and responsibility. Being with a Virgo man, you really have to wait for the perfect time when things can really work out very well. 

#27. Honor With Your Actions

Summing up a bunch of words and trying to compliment and praise him will never work in terms of a Virgo man. He is not a man who gets attracted to just words. Moreover, those complimenting words would look simple and normal that makes you common among everyone. If you really wanted to compliment him, try it using your actions rather words. Make him feel that you really feel proud of having him in your life. Make him understand that you will stand with him in every part of his life. And don't be so dramatic in doing such things. Be natural and show your honest feelings towards him. 

#28. Avoid Being Over Covetous

Possessiveness can be the best weapon to show how much we love someone. But then, it should never become a trouble for the other person. And this powerful weapon can also turn against you and make them hate you. So be very careful in showing your love and care towards him. A Virgo man will never like a woman when she is over-possessive on him. It would make him feel that you are too clingy and a Virgo man will totally hate it. Try to be very casual with your natural attitude when you are with him in both public and private. But then this doesn't mean that you should never be possessive over him.  Just try to find out when he would love to see your possessiveness over him and then show it in such situations. 

#29. Don't Be Oppressive

Being harsh and rude can easily make a Virgo man hate you. Also, not showing your rudeness to him and showing it to others also matters. He is a perfectionist and always goes for looking deep in any person. So, make sure that you act very kind and gentle to him and to others. He loves people who show great kindness to others. And this can make you attract him and his attention very easily. Speaking rude words can spoil your relationship entirely. So, never do that with a Virgo man. Your kindness will make him believe that you have a good heart and your concern and care towards the people in your surroundings. This could be one of the qualities that a Virgo man will look for while choosing his partner. 

#30. Stop Being Argumentative

Virgo men hate when people are argumentative. Try to accept the critics he tells you. Don't try picking more arguments on the same topic. This might make him feel pissed off over you. And you can never make him love you like before. When there comes a situation for any arguments, try solving it cleverly and make it so simple. You may not believe but a Virgo man will notice the way you handle it and will start liking you for that. Do not complicate it by telling unrelated things and making him feel more aggressive. He always loves women who would prefer peace over fights. So be calm and patient all the time even when things go out of our hand. Try to sit with him and talk briefly and politely to sort out any of your problems. This will really work and make him have a feeling for you. 

#31. Concur With Your Mistakes

Whenever you commit any mistake, learn to accept it rather than denying it. Also, it would be better if you let him know about your mistake in prior rather than someone complaining about you. And this will project your honesty and make him give an excuse for it. But when he finds the mistake, do not try to deny it by giving some reasons or acting so dramatic. Because he can easily find whether you are speaking the truth to him. And when he finds you telling a lie, then there are no chances for you to enter his life. A Virgo man hates it when the people they love lie to them. So, try to accept your mistakes and ask for his forgiveness. Also, make sure that you make him trust you for the next time. 

#32. Stand On Your Words

Whenever you speak with a Virgo man, think twice before you spell anything out of your mouth. A Virgo man will always stand on his words no matter whatever the situation might be. So, he will obviously want his life partner to be the same at any cost. It is very important to stay to the words and work that you are committed with. He dislikes people who give excuses and escapes from their commitments and responsibilities. So, make sure that you stand on the words that you have given. This applied when you give it to him and the others. So, be very careful with your words and actions. 

#33. Never Let Appearance Reflect Your Emotions

You might be facing a very crucial situation sometimes. But never let that situation to be reflected in your appearance by expressing it in emotions. Stay calm and casual. NEver let people read your minds and life with your outward appearance. Even he knows that life will put us in a hard situation many times. But then, he will be looking for a woman who knows how to carry out herself even during those dark phases of her life. And he can never avoid showing interest towards such women who could act brave and strong even when life pushes them down. So, make sure that you are one of that kind of women who knows to control her emotions and prevent it from affecting the appearance. 

#34. Good Partnership

Though it's a professional or personal life, a Virgo man always will always treat a woman with equality. To him, gender doesn't mean anything and equality matters a lot. He would love to have a partner who could be equal to him. Your suggestions do matter a lot for him in each and everything no matter it's correct or wrong. So make sure that you get involved with much interest in all of his plans. At the same time, try to show him that you also treat him with an equal partnership. Do not underestimate yourself in front of him or with anybody else. A Virgo man will never like to be with a woman who has this quality in her. This can make him lose his attention towards you.

#35. Drop A Morning Text

Sending a morning text might sound old and out of date now. But then, a Virgo man will always love such things when that could be a reason to start his day happily. Send a morning motivational quote or a happy quote. This would make him feel that you want his day to be happy and fine. Also, he will feel more motivated and positive in finishing his works. When does his work with more positivity, he will obviously see yourself to be a reason for it. He will start liking you every day and show some interest towards you. Also, make sure that you don't send something very emotional as he might not like it. And for a change, you can send some funny texts that could make him laugh a little. 

#36. Do Not Wait For Replies

 Since you send a morning text doesn't mean that you will be getting a reply back every time. Replying back to your messages completely depends on his mood swings and mindset. Do not wait for the replies and assume that he dislikes you when he doesn't reply. Also, do not fight with him for not replying back to your messages. Understand his natural character and allow him to be with it rather than forcing him to change. And do not be sending the text messages too often as it might irritate him. He might think of it as a disturbance to him from doing his works. So, avoid sending unnecessary messages to him during work hours. 

#37. Make Things That Lasts For A Lifetime

A Virgo man is not the one who looks for temporary things in life. Whenever he does anything, he makes sure that it could last and benefit him for a lifetime. So, when he looks for a partner or a relationship, he will obviously look for a woman who could stay with him for a lifetime. He hates getting attached to the people temporarily. So, when you plan to love a Virgo man make sure that you will stand with him for a lifetime and not for just a few days or months. He looks for a woman who is really serious about it. He is not the man who gets would look for or satisfied with those temporary attachments like kisses and hugs. You have to make him understand that you really wanted to be a part of his life irrespective of any barriers. This can help you to get close with him as this will develop his trust in you. 

#38. Convos During Sex

A Virgo man believes that good communication can make them stay together more than having sex. So, he would love to have those short convos while having sex. Respond actively and talk with him by opening up. Speak about the feelings you have for him. Let him know how much you care for him and his life. Also, make him know your needs and favors. Give him some space to be more comfortable with you in bed. Do not force or rush up him to make things. He may not like it. Make him have a belief on you by satisfying him with all his needs on the bed. Be ready to console and protect him when he is extremely down. A Virgo man will always look for a shoulder to make them feel good when they are so down and they will expose it when you have your own private time. 

#39. Do Not Jump Into Conclusions

Usually, a Virgo man will be more specific and detailed while taking any sort of decisions. And he will obviously need his own time to think and decide to make things happen. When it comes to choosing his partner, he will really be more careful and even more specific with the qualities she has in herself. Sometimes he might take a longer time for deciding this. So, do not come into conclusions that he dislikes you. Also, when you find him sharing his personal things with you, do not conclude that he loves you and has some interest in you. He would have also thought you as a friend and shared that information with you. So, wait for the perfect time and act wisely that you provide his own time for everything. 

#40. Let Him Make The First Move

Though its a relationship or work, a Virgo man will always love to lead it. When you prove yourself to be the perfect one for him, he will really have the plans for taking your relationship to a greater level. In such a situation, he might express the feelings he has on you. Do not get too much excited during such times. With more excitement do not try kissing or hugging him on the first go. Allow him to make the first move on the bed. Do not rush up and ask him to do that. Leave him to decide when it's time for such things to happen. And when he kisses you, try to behave in a more natural way than being too emotional or too strong. You can never make a Virgo man lose their control or caught-up by being so romantic. They take their own time for everything to happen in their life.

How To Attract A Virgo Man

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