Happy nine months of pregnancy

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Hi friends,

I am Ramyashree, Today, I am going to share my HAPPY NINE MONTHS OF PREGNANCY.

I am anticipating for this pregnancy[1] for long years. Finally, that wonderful moment has come. The day I did my home pregnancy test[2], it revealed positive. I jumped with happiness which has no boundaries. My doctor confirmed my pregnancy officially. I am going to step into a wonderful world with a lot of memories which I am going to share with my little one. These happy nine months is a special journey for me and my husband. I started preparing my motherhood[3] and I am going to have a great bonding with my baby.


I didn't have any idea about pregnancy. I did not feel any pregnancy symptoms[4] in my first month. I just went to a home pregnancy test and got a positive result. I felt endless happiness and from that moment I started talking with my baby inside my womb[5].


My feelings started changing as my pregnancy progresses. I started getting morning sickness[6] and tiredness[7]. I had regular appointments with my caretaker. I am very much concerned about my little one's growth and health[8]. I had seen many new changes in my body. My feelings were changed a lot and always thinking about that happy nine months.


My first trimester[9] is going to end by this month and still, there is a long journey to travel. I am eagerly waiting to see my baby bump[10]. Still, I am feeling tiredness, cravings[11], and morning sickness. Even though I am enjoying this period very much by thinking about my little one.

Happy nine months of pregnancy


In my happy nine months, I successfully completed my first trimester and entered into a second trimester[12]. My appetite levels raised, feeling a little bit relaxed and I started to eat more healthy foods[13]. My partner and relatives started taking much care of me and I am very happy about those moments. I and my husband experienced a beautiful moment when we first heard our baby's heartbeat[14]. The doctor advised me to take a lot of fibre rich fruits and vegetables which is very much essential for baby growth[15].  She also told me to take more fluids to have a healthy pregnancy. I had more spinach, meat, eggs and dry fruits.


I am very much amazed to feel the fluttering sensation of my baby in my womb. At this moment, my heart flies like a butterfly. I can able to see my baby bump. After the ultrasound, my doctor told me that my baby is normal and very healthy. I gained so much weight by taking too much of healthy foods and also feeling some heartburn. I started buying some comfortable maternity clothes.


I am stressed and anxious about my pregnancy. Even though I can enjoy my happy nine months. I started feeling my baby movements and it is coordinating with me. I was so amazed to see my baby in my ultrasound. My energy levels raised up this month.


I successfully entered into my third trimester which is a very crucial period. I can feel my baby kicks and activities. Feeling baby's kick for the first time is an amazing sensation.  Busy with my appointments, diet and scannings. Stretch marks developed around my belly.


My stomach was very huge and my baby is moving vigorously in my womb. Even my partner can feel my little on movements and he felt very happy about that. I spent most of the time talking with the baby and trying to search her cute arms, legs and head. I gained so much weight and could not able to take a proper nap. I am also going constantly to the bathroom to urinate.

cute baby 


I started planning for my labour. With much tense and joy am ready to pack my things and stay in getting ready mode. My vaginal discharge increased. I am in my 38 th week and counting my days to see my little one.

Finally, after waiting for a long time, the day has come. I am in the labour ward with mild labour pains. Doctors, nurses were rushing to my room with medicines. I delivered my baby after 10 hrs of strong contractions which are the very hardest part of the delivery. I saw my baby in front of my eyes, with much relaxation I am very happy to my baby girl. My little girl wiped away all my weird pains which I suffered before giving birth. This is my best moment than anything in my life. Finally, I am back home with my princess after a long happy nine months.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Geeta Sundar on 02/05/2019 

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