Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

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It is always best to have hair contact before eye contact. However, the choice between hair down or hair up is always frustrating. Leaving hair down can be very casual but tying them up can make one very conscious about their face. While there might not be any rules or corporate laws about how you  should be keeping your hair but there are obviously certain self awareness that pops up when it comes to where you are going and how your overall appearance should look.

But how would you feel if we say that you can have the best of both worlds without compromising on either. Yes, you read that right. The hair up and hair down hairstyle is the best of both worlds and you can quite easily get that and rock it to different events.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyle In Vogue

If you think that there is not much you can do with your hair when you go with hair up and hair down then you are totally wrong. There is a lot that you can do with it and here we are, trying to help you out to figure the go to hair up-hair down hairstyle which will help you whenever you are in a rush.

  1. OTT Half Knot Up
  2. High Half Ponytail
  3. Semi Crown Half Up do
  4. Half Up do Clipped
  5. Flower Half Knot
  6. Slanted Braid Half Up do
  7. Crisscross Half Up do
  8. Donut Half Do
  9. Accessorized Half ‘Do
  10. French Half Knot
  11. The Twisted Crown
  12. Hair Tie Half Up do
  13. Braided Pouf Half ‘Do
  14. The Curls Half up
  15. Tousled bun

OTT Half Knot Up

For some of you who don't know, OTT mean "Over the top". In this case, it will be a hairstyle that will be dramatic, exaggerated and as the name suggests, "Over the top". Just to prove how crazy you can go with this look, we start with the OTT half knot up hairstyle. Be assured that this is not something that you can rock easily. It need the right attitude and the courage to do so. It is not the girl next door look, it will be bold and also something that you won't easily be able to flaunt at your office. It needs special events like a night out with friends or some sort of a music concert.

How to do it: This hairstyle looks the best when done on straight hair[1]. How OTT you want the hairstyle to be totally depends on your. You will be taking a section of your hair and tying them on top. Now, you can add colorful rings of bands to them or you can make multiple buns, one on top of the other. It is all yours and you can play around it as much as you want to.

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High Half Ponytail

This is a much subtle transformation to the OTT half knot up hairstyle. This is something that you can easily rock with casuals and even formal. It is definitely not an entirely formal look but if you are planning to dress smart, then a high half ponytail is the best bet. However, the best hair volume to support this hairstyle would be thick. When you tie your hair up, your face is exposed and when you have thin hair[2] it can make your face look extremely big. Hence, having hair that is larger than life will be awesome for this hairstyle.

How to do it: This is a very simple hairstyle to achieve. However, if you have straight hair, we would recommend you to add texture to your hair by either using a texturising spray/cream or by curling and adding waves to them. The simplest way to do this would be by holding your hair as you would a half ponytail and tie it with a big elastic band. Now, make sure that it is tight and secure so that the ponytail stays in place and does not become loose as it can take away from the look. 

Semi Crown Half Up do

Ever wanted a quick updo when you are planning to go out to party but not sure which look to go for? Well, the semi crown half updo is the perfect fit for occasions like these. There is a reason why all princess in those Disney movies were given this look, well it looks nothing short of a fairytale on the crown. This is a great hairstyle if you are looking for a transformation from day to night. You can also play around the braid by plating it in different ways. More intricate for a fancier event and a simple plain braid if you are looking for a casual look.

How to do it: This is a very simple hairstyle and all you have to do is gather some hair[3] from one side of your head and divide it into three sections: top, middle, and bottom. Using a sharp toothed brush weave a stitch of the regular braid and then drop the section of hair that was on the top. Continue adding new sections of hair from the top and continue weaving the stitch. Continue till you see a water fall like braid and pin them on opposite sides of the head.

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Half Up do Clipped

This is easier than the crown updo as all you have to do is tie the hair at the back. This is also very feminine and goes very well with skirts as well as dresses. You can use fancy pins if you want to dress it up or you can opt for basic black hair pins. It is one amongst the easiest way to dress your looks up. You can choose to curl the loose hair if you want to add dimension to the hair. This is something that you can carry for both office as well as your casual events. Changing just the pins will be more than enough to glam it up and take you from day to night.

How to do it: All you have to do is comb the hair back and then take one section from each sides and pin it at the back. You can also go for a middle parting and then section from each section and pin it at the back. Use a tong and curl your hair[4]. Use your finger to spread the curl out so that they look beach worthy. Also use serum on the hair as it will soften, smooth and add shine to the hair.

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Flower Half Knot

Going OTT is not the only way to dress it up, you can always tweak your hair[5] and set it in such a way that it looks perfectly beautified for special ceremonies. The flower half knot can be whatever and however you want it to be. You can try to make a bun and using that, the flower half knot or else you can just take thin strands of hair from the sides and flowers using that. Note, that this will need you to use a lot of texturising spray or setting spray for that matter to hold the flowers in place.

How to do it: The best way to use this hairstyle would be by using a pointed end of a sharp tail comb and section off two-inch wide section from the front hairline, up to the crown. Weave a Dutch braid all the way and then tie it using an elastic band.  Wrap it around to form a bun. Spread the braids a little so the it looks like a flower. You can also opt for a specific section rather than choosing a thick chunk.

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Slanted Braid Half Up do

This is also one of the alterations to the basic braids and all you have to do is braid from one side to another. Note that, thin hair wouldn't look well with this hairstyle, so make sure that you back comb before braiding the hair[6] or maybe using a texturising spray or cream will work too. But note that it is important that you use one of them if you plan on keeping them intact for hours. You can use curler to add dimension and depth to the hair rather than keeping it bland. From the back, it is going to look like a diagonal braid that will go from left to right or right to left. Whichever you choose to.

How to do it: This is extremely easy to attain. All you have to do is comb the hair back and take the crown section and comb it again. Take it to either one of the side and start braiding it right from the top. Anything that has density will make a good cut for this look. You can spread the braids as this will voluminous the look.

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Crisscross Half Up do

The criss cross is the easiest way to make a simple haircut look extremely great and intricate, however, it is not so difficult at all. The criss cross half up hair so can be your cheat code for looking extravagant without having to spend hours in the salon to achieve it. The inspiration comes from the pattern zig zag which has inspired not only bags and dresses but also the beauty industry. And it was time for it to shine on the hair[7] department as well. Thus came the criss cross half updo. The best part about it is how well you can play around it. You can have it starting from the very top going all the way down or you can opt to do the criss cross only to few sections. Note, that if you have hair that is extremely soft and silky, it will need texturising spray to hold that in and if you have a wavy, slightly dimensioned hair, well, then you are lucky.

How to do it: This is supremely easy and all you need is a pointed comb and a lot of patience. The easiest way to achieve this would be investing on a braid maker which is a plastic tool that helps in making a braid. Considering the criss cross would go on the back, using the braid maker will make the process quite easy. To start, back comb your hair at the top to add volume to it. Now, place the braid maker at the back and begin criss crossing sections of hair from each sides. Once you reach half the hair, secure it with black pins and let the remaining hair flow. Curl the remaining loose hair and set all of them using a spray.

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Donut Half Do

This is the most beautiful looking hairstyle and you don't even need a lot to create this. If you are looking for something extremely cute, you can opt for this as this is an almost ballerina hairstyle which would instantly make you look adorable. If you are wanting to look trending, elegant, and extremely graceful at the same time, then the donut half do hairstyle is your best bet. You must have gotten into situation where you have to instantly go out but your crown seems very oily, in this case, a donut half do will help you the most. It gives an illusion that the hair[8] isn't oily and nor is it greasy. This way, you will always be ready and on the go.

How to do it: The easiest way you can achieve this hairstyle is by using a donut bun. All you have to do is gather some hair from the front and tie it in a half ponytail. Place the donut bun at the base of the ponytail by passing the ponytail through it and then hold the bun band in place. Keep one hand on it and arrange the ponytail hair around it with the other. Insert an elastic band around the bun band and brush the remaining hair down. From the ponytail, take two small sections of hair and start braiding them. Wrap these braids around the base of the bun and pin them using pins.

Accessorized Half ‘Do

A lot of times, twisting and buns might not excite you as much as a proper set and accessorized half do would. Well, all due thanks to the world of trends, now you have endless options. You can actually choose from artificial flowers or real flowers for starters. Then there are hair clips and studded pins that can further accentuate the look. You can also opt for quirky clips if that is where you want the look to go. Also there are so much options from bows to hair bands that you will be spoiled for choices. Something might look very bold to you but you might be able to carry it off really well. Do give all kinds of hair[9] accessories a try before finalizing on the one that you are most comfortable with. You can also choose to go bold by opting for bands that are multi-colored. The best accessory with buns are bows and bands with pearls or studs, if you are looking to accessories a twisted half tie then you can opt for fancy clips or artificial flowers. Which accessory you pick also depends on the event that you are going to. Something like a wedding or an event demands intricate flowers, wherein a lunch date with friends can easily get a pass with some cute clips.

How to do it: This is more about how you want to the look to look rather than the actual hair style. You can opt from any of the above, a half bun, braided or crowned half updo, plain updo, OTT. Whichever one you choose, find an accessory that best suit that hairstyle and you are done. There will be absolutely nothing that will be able to stop you from looking fabulous.

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French Half Knot

Well, we might not say it enough but we all love everything French don't we? There is so much class with such simplicity that there is absolutely no way to you can avoid it. The French half knot is exactly that. It is simple, curated using two of the best things. First the French braid which adds volume to the crown and second the French knot which does not even need a lot of hair or volume to the hair to make it happen. You can always curl the hair that you are leaving down to add some dimension but this is one of those hairstyles which you can easily rock even with thin and extremely straight hair[10]. If your hair is greasy on top then you can definitely go for this one.

How to do it: If you have nailed the perfect French braid then this is going to be super easy. More like a 10 minutes work. For this, section off your hair from the front hairline to the crown. You can clip off the rest of your hair for convenience. French braid the parted section and once the reaches the crown, weave a normal braid till down. Use an elastic to keep it in place. Now, wrap it around the crown to form a bun. You can also opt to French braid and leave the other half loose. Once you secure the braid, you can roll the remaining hair into a knot.

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The Twisted Crown

If you were thinking that pulling the hair back is too bland and you might look like you are straight out of church but doing the half bun thing is too bold or maybe your hair wouldn't support it, well, then the twisted crown is the middle ground that you have been looking for. A twisted crown is a very delicate hairstyle which helps when it comes to a quick fix but for an important event. It can glam up the look instantly and opting for a couple of accessories to glam it up like a flower or a delicate clip to bring the effects of dainty to the look. This hairstyle is understated and mostly come in the casual looks but when you deck them up right and nice, there is no way it cannot walk even the runways or the red carpets.

How to do it: This is an easier one too. all you have to do is take some hair[11] from one side at the front and twist it. Spread the twist to make it look bigger and fuller using your fingers. Do this gently or else you might end up ruining the whole look. Now, pin the twist near your ear on the opposite side. Do the same for the other side as well. Make sure not to pin it behind the ear but close to it. Now, to add more dimension and character to it, repeat steps 2 and 3 with thin sections of hair as well. Pin them in the same place but make sure they don't bundle up and in fact form layers. Voila! your twisted crown is ready. You can also choose to accessorize it with some a beautiful clip or some artificial or real flowers. If your hair cannot hold the twist, I recommend using some spray on it.

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Hair Tie Half Up do

I am sure we all have done this at some point in our lives. It is our basic ponytail with such a portion of hair falling down. Ariana Grande is seen rocking this look almost always whenever she performs on stage and we love her for how adorable she looks then. Well, if you want to match the same level of cuteness, then I would recommend you try this look as well. Of course it does not have to be the old school half pony and half down look. You can obviously play around and try to do something with it to tweak it up as well. For starters, you can bring that classic wired pony tail look for the first 5 inches and then let them flow and you can also opt to add layers and waves to them which will make the look a little more matured. This is definitely not something that you can wear to office but you for sure can do this for your Sunday brunches or those day out with your chicas. Even when you go out partying and want to keep things subtle the hair[12] tie half updo will support you to the maximum of its capacity. Also if you are someone who hates when the rubber band shows from your ponytail, this can be a fix to that.

How to do it: Well, we have all mastered this look from our childhood but for those who didn't try it, here is how you can do it. Just take some section from the crown area and comb it upwards separating them from the rest of the portion. Now, tie them in a pony using a band or an elastic. To score this look, grab a strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it on top of the elastic. Tadaa! You have the look.

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Braided Pouf Half ‘Do

We all have seen the famous shows like gossip girl and the suits and it gives enough inspiration when it comes to dressing and the way you can style your outfit. But apart from those, it also helps in understanding the hairstyles that can quite easily help us look someone who is a hot mess to someone who looks like they belong to the family of elites. Well, the braided pouf hair was seen on a lot of them and it shows how elegant and dainty this hairstyle it. There is so much you can do with it. The pouf for instance can be altered to varied heights depending on the occasion. A lower for casual outings, a mid for office parties and an extravagant for events thats mostly black tie. When it comes to the braid, there is so much you can do in that section as well. There is the famous douche braid that will take you back to feels of royals, then you can opt for French which is delicate of simple plain if you don't want a lot of drama on your head.  It feels very vintage like and when you will rock it with gowns and dresses, you will be the one under the spotlight.

How to do it: For this we would strictly recommend using a texturising spray or cream as you want the pouf to stand. Using your fingers, spread the texturising cream thoroughly on your hair and then comb them backwards. Now, take section from each sides, make sure they are thick chunks and start braiding them in whichever way you like. Secure it with bands and leave it. Now, comb the hair[13] which starts right from the forehead and give it a pump-up. Secure it with bobby pins. Use a lot of them. Now wrap the braids around it like a fence and pin it. Curl the hair that is falling down and accessorise if necessary.

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The Curls Half up

Well, if you though we don't have anything in store for curly hair then you are wrong. This article is written to make your task easy and not bump it up. So we won't ask you to straighten your curly hair to rock this look. Instead, we have here the curls half up look which keep your hair as it is but still bring it to fit in this category. The look that we have in mind for you is something that will make you look like a movie star. You don't have to use the straightener at all but you will need some serum to flatten the hair on the crown. This way the crown will be flat but the rest of them will be as curly as you want them to be. You can pin the flattened one at the back, this way your hair will not look extremely voluminous but it will not even lose its original charm.

How to do it: For this, first you will have the section the crown hair[14] and apply a greasing serum, the one that will give you a very wet look. You can opt to straighten them first and then adding the serum or you can directly use the serum to flatten it out. Once done, take them back and pin it using a studded pin or plain black hair pins. You can also use some shine serum on your curls that adds dimension and depth.

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Tousled bun

If you are a rebel and this hairstyle seems very tamed for you then you can go for the tousled bun. This is the perfect look if you also have hair that gets oily soon and is very thin. This hairstyle will add volume to the hair and also make it look very spread out. The tousled is a great look when you are looking for something punk. If you are looking for something relaxed and ruffled then the tousled bun is your best bet. Looking for a balance between a well-groomed chic and a rough look? Well, the tousled bun is your best bet. If styling your hair and constantly wasting hours and hour together on keeping them in place is not your ball game, then the tousled bun will be your best bet. If you have straight hair then you can use some texturising spray and serum to add volume to the hair so that the tousled bun looks voluminous.

How to do it: This is quite easy. Start with volumanising the hair[15] using textured spray and cream. Comb all the hair back and take one section of it and tie it in a pony. Now, take the hair that is falling down and curl them nice. Use fingers to separate them so that it gives a very natural look. Take the one in the bun and tie it up in a messy way to get a tousled look. You can also use your fingers to mess them a little to give the tousled look which will make it look very naturally messy. This honestly does not take a lot of efforts and you can go ahead without using the cream or spray.

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Now that you have an idea about how you can style your hair when you are in a rush, you can note them down or come back to this article whenever you are in rush. Oily greasy hair, unwashed hair, out of time, this hairstyle is a solution to all those problems.

So the next time you are stuck in a place where you don't know what to do with your hair but want to make them look all glammed up, the half hair up half down hairstyle will be your go to pick.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 02/06/2019 

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

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