Hairstyles For Chubby Face

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Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips teeth within. Doesn't it all sounds so cute? Well, while we all must have loved it as kids, it is not the biggest liking now. A chubby face can look very huge and take away from the overall appearance of the face. Worst, it can actually make all eyes turn to your face structure rather than the features. Who want's that right? 

All face structure have their flaws, an oval seems too long, a square too manly and a chubby face too circle and big. Thanks to world of styling, there is a solution to all of them. However, the one we will be concentrating on today is a chubby face. Which is mostly round. The biggest task with a chubby face is to bring proportion to it and keep the hair long so that it looks elongated and narrow.

Hairstyles For Chubby Face

Again, thanks to the world of hair styling, there are tones of hairstyles that suit a chubby face. Let's look at them and find out the solution to this. You can alter it in whichever way you want, in terms of color or length but these hairstyles will most definitely pull you out of the chubby face problem.

Best Hairstyle For Chubby Face

Here is the list of best hairstyle which you can easily use in order to style your hair. They are low maintenance and you will need minimum effort to style them up.

  1. Waves
  2. Structure A
  3. Let's Go Pixie
  4. Bangs
  5. The Mohawk
  6. Blunt Look
  7. Long Layers
  8. Blonde Bob
  9. Long Sexy Bangs
  10. Side Parts
  11. A-Line Hairstyles
  12. High Bun
  13. High Pony
  14. Waterfall Twist
  15. Tight Curls With Fringes
  16. The Centre Part


Who does not like waves? They are young, peppy and goes very well the round face which naturally looks very cute. The trick here is to keep it loose and relaxed. You can take inspiration from the boho culture to rock this look the best. It must look like you are right out of the beaches. However, make sure that you have layers to your hair which will help in adding more volume that the round face need. Remember, there is just one rule here, the skimpier your hair[1] looks, the more huge your face will appear. So add as much volume as possible and that will come from layers. Plus, when you add waves to them, it looks more dimensioned and structured. 

How To Achieve it: Well, if you are someone who already have wavy hair then you are lucky. But if not, then you will need to first use some texturising spray on your hair and then using a curler add loose waves to it. Then use your fingers to separate them so that it looks sparced and not in one single place. Give it a side part as this will further add volume to the hair. 

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Structure A

Structure A or what we love calling it, the bob. This hairstyle is great when it comes to a round face. Anything that gives angle to the face is going to look stunning with a round face, just like the bob. It beautifully cups the face and the bangs in the front that almost looks like curtains to the eyes give it a very sharp angle. You can also plan to add an angle on the edge instead of keeping it round to better this look. If you love the idea of a boss lady and want to achieve it easily, well, this is your best bet. If you are bored of your haircut but also want something that is work worthy then the bob or structured A will go very well with it. 

How To Achieve It: All you need for this is a haircut firstly and to maintain it you will need volumising spray to keep it poufed up and some blow drier to finish the look. Keep it side parted as it will give justice to the name "Structured A" whilst adding sharpness to your overall look. Something that every round faced person wants to achieve. 

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Let's Go Pixie

The shorter the better. At least in terms of management. And well it looks amazing with a round faced shape as well. The same reason why a bob or blunt looks brilliant on a round face. Pixie is also one amongst them. The trick with a round face is to always keep your parting to one side. if you do it from the center then all the attention will come to your face because the maximum part of you forehead is exposed which catches the eye. So side part is the key. Also if you think pixie is very short, you can add in layers as that will volumise it a little. You can also opt for side bangs with it to assemble your look. When you get the hair[2] cut in pixie with a side part, you bring attention to the best of the best features of your face. This will make people notice your features which can also turn the whole game by giving an illusion of a sharp pointy face due to a cheekbone or the way your chin looks maybe. This is the exact middle ground between feminine and edgy so anyone can try it out. 

How To Achieve It: Pixie an go really wrong if you don't get it done form a professional. It shouldn't be something that you try at your home cause if you don't get the edges and the angles right, there is a chance that you can entirely ruin the look. When you add layers to the pixie you are in a way adding volume to the hair as well. After the haircut it is supremely easy to achieve. All you have to do it use some texturising spray and apply it on your hair. Using a comb, spike it up to add volume. 

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When there is a beautiful thing that is also functional, the effects of it doubles. Same is the case with bangs. Bangs not just looks amazing but also solves a lot of problems in terms of the face. if you have a face that is elongated, bangs can help in proportioning them. It also helps with a long forehead and they are great when it comes to round face too. However with a round face, a normal bang would do no good. You will need to add a lot of drama to it to justify it. A bang that covers the entire of your forehead will be best for it. You can also  maintain your original hair[3] cut but just add bangs and it will give you an entirely different look. The reason why it works well with a round face is because it brings all the attention to your eyes and you end up maintaining that eye contact instead of studying your face and realizing the curves of it. This hairstyle is a style statement and also gives the powerful look that you have been searching. You don't always need a blunt or a bob to be taken seriously. You can maintain the length and still get it this way. Add layers and go straight on the bangs. 

How To Achieve it: The trick here is to have bangs that fall flat without much drama on the texture of them. Make sure that the rest of your hair is in layers so that there is enough volume while the bangs are straight and on your forehead. Apply some heat protectant to your washed hair and start straightening your bangs. Be careful as it is very close to the skin and also, we would recommend wearing a glove to keep your fingers protected. Make the bangs poker straight and finish it with some serum to avoid any sort of frizz. 

The Mohawk

The Mohawk is a great hairstyle if you have a round face. It adds a lot of volume on the top of your head which gives an illusion of longer and elongated face structure. The longer the face will look the narrow and less chubby it will seem. However, you will need an exaggerated version of this cause the original isn't something that will suit a round face. You will need to have the bangs modified and also you will need to have hair[4] on the sides instead of going totally blunt. It is universal and can help you in getting a bold and edgy look. The look is so sharp that it will take away from the roundness of the face. It is a great in between of feminine and sexy. 

How To Achieve It: Getting this is super easy. You just need a trusted professional to get a perfect Mohawk done. Make sure it is slightly modified according to your round face shape though. You can get them painted however you want, add highlights, balayage them or even dip it in the color you want. You don't even have to maintain it much, just a little texturising cream and a brush through them is enough to nail it. 

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Blunt Look

Not a lot of people are comfortable to the idea of hair following on their forehead. A lot of people don't even like keeping long hair. And well, in that case the one hairstyle that can actually save the day has to be the blunt hairstyle. It is very professional and is a great pass when it comes to hair that you can wear to office. Blunt is supremely easy to maintain and does not require you to set it every second day. It is an extremely smart hairstyle and people will take you very seriously and you will be the lady boss of your workplace. It beautifully cups the face and enhances the facial features more than usual. While bobs might be too overwhelming blunts are the perfect. They end at the right length and you can alter them according to your preferences as well. 

How To Achieve It: The game here is all about the right haircut. It needs to have a crisp end and you can leave it as is. Another way to style a blunt is by pinning them to the sides. It is a great hairstyle for someone who is on the run and does not have immense amount of time to set them up. Also great for someone who wants to look tamed and well dressed without having to take the effort to do so. The best way to flaunt it is by keeping it in one single shade. If your hair[5] in thin, you can also opt for layers to it as that will add enough volume. 

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Long Layers

Remember that first transition that you did to your hair? Well, most likely for a majority of people, it was the layers. Layers just like bangs are both decorative as well as functional. They look amazing on all kinds of face, and has the right level of balance between casual and formal. You can easily rock them for your office as much as you can for your casual outings. There is reason why it is the staple haircut after your original hair[6], it is versatile, goes with a almost all occasions as well as dressing and is supremely low on maintenance. The reason why it is trusted the most is because of its functional value. Layers can pretty much solve all your problems. 

How To Achieve It: Have a narrow face, add layers below eye level to give it a wider look. Have thin hair, layers will take care. That is the soul reason it is so perfect for a round face. The layers if done on top will give an illusion of a longer face and if you do it a little lower on the hair then it will provide an illusion of a wider face, in both cases it will proportionately balance your face bringing attention to all the right things. 

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Blonde Bob

Bob is discovered to suit a round face the best. However, if there is one way to hype it up then it is blonde. When you add blond to your roots it gets all the attention to the crown of your face making it look longer and elongated. Blonde is also one of the shades which suit all kinds of hair[7] and face complexion. You just have to go a few shade up and down. The trick here is to add curls to it. Straight bob that is dipped blonde will look very boring and also flat. Add light waves to it, this will not just add volume but also give dimension to the hair which both helps a round face. A bob is very decent and your fix for bad hair day as well. Make sure to add some layers and waves to it. They will pretty much solve it. 

How To Achieve it: We will recommend going for highlights as this way everyones attention will go equally to your face as well as hair which will take away from the chubbiness of it. Get a blond which suits your skin tone. A wrong choice can flush your face and bring all eyes to it which will fail the purpose. If your skin tone is on the darker side then I will recommend adding a little copper-ish or rusty tone to the hair. Wash your hair[8] and while they are damp, using your fingers, apply some texturising cream and use a comb to brush trough it. Use your fingers and separate the hair into loose waves. 

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Long Sexy Bangs

A chubby face definitely means a lot of surface on the skin. While most of us love having a chubby face cause who does not like looking cute but sometimes we wish if we could in a way cut down that extra flabby skin off the face. That is when the long sexy bangs helps. They are perfect if you want to add a little fun to your otherwise plain hair. The way they swoop from the face, it very naturally proportionates the face dividing the attention to both the hair[9] as well as face. Who said office and casual times are the only things that you should worry about. What about the date nights? They need absolute most attention as well and the long bangs come in handy then. It is very naturally romantic and you can style them in zillion ways. 

How To Achieve It: Make sure you get them good and swooping. Don't let the stylist give you short bangs instead keep them at your cheek length to get the best look. A middle parting will look the best as the swooping hair will fall on both the sides of the face cutting that extra volume out. Just so that they don't stick to the scalp and look scanty, use some texturising cream and comb through the hair. This way they will get very natural beachy waves which will further help with a chubby round face. 

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Side Parts

This is more a stying technique than a haircut. A side part is advised and is considered the best for a round face. How deep you want the part to be can be your choice, the deeper it is the better your face will look. The side parted works exactly like the structures A and there is something very mysterious about it as well. It will give you the feminine look that you are looking for with the right amount of edginess. The side part works by giving an appearance of a lengthier face. This helps in bringing all the attention to your flattering features instead of the chubbiness of your face. Everyone has a better side so choose the one that best suits you and give yourself a deep side part. It in a lot of ways cover half of your face and by that it proportionately divides your face to make it look lengthier and narrower . There is always one of the sides which has more bounce compared to the other so opt for that, this way your hair[10] will not look scanty. 

How To Achieve It: Wash your hair and use a blow drier to add the required amount of bounce. Don't use anything apart from a serum on your hair as the more bouncier and silkier your hair will be, the better it will look. So just rub some non fizz serum between your palms and apply it onto your hair, blow dry it to set it and you can pin the sides if you like too. 

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A-Line Hairstyles

It is pretty obvious when you look at this hairstyle as to why it would work for a round face. Well, the angles in this hairstyle is where the magic happens. An A line hairstyle is what we call a graduating bob. It is not necessary that it will always be a blunt straight cut, it can also be done with layers and curls which will make the transition from long to short very subtle. The ideal haircut would include a hair[11] that is shorter at the back and longer in the front. It will start from the nape of the neck and come down in an ascending manner. You can decide where you want the maximum length to end and you stylist will divide it accordingly. However, people altered it due to their comfort or discomfort with it and went on to increase the length, decrease it or even add multiple alteration to it. You can do so for yourself as well. Just consider one thing and that is outline A. Rest everything will fit perfectly. 

How To Achieve It: Getting this absolutely easy. First you will have to decide upon the length of it. If you are  someone who prefers moving towards edgy then give it a original, short, starting at the nape of the neck cut. If you want the change but are not sure about the change then keep it a little lengthier. Add in layers if you want to add texture and if not then wash your hair and while your hair is damp, apply the texturising cream into the hair and comb through it. Spread the light waves through fingers to give it a very natural, effortless look. 

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High Bun

Enough about how to keep hair down and glamorous. Sometimes tied up hair[12] is beautiful too. And thank god for few hairstyles, there are certain picks that go very well with a chubby face. The high bun is one of them. There is are so many alterations and modifications you can do that the opportunity seems endless. You can go for something like a messy high bun, this way you will have the volume while having them tied up. The reason why a high bun works is because it adds length to the hair which makes the face looks elongated. However, the trick here is to make them look volumised as well so make sure to either opt for buns like a messy or braided one or back comb it real nice after using a volumanising spray to keep them pumped up.  You can also get your hair cut in bangs so this way when you tie your hair up, there is something that fall on the face as well. This way, you elongate the face whilst dividing it proportionately too. 

How To Achieve It: If you plan on getting the bangs look then I will recommend getting them chopped as front bangs. They will look much better aesthetically than the side bangs. As we said, there is a lot of options and a lot of things that you can do with the bun thing but the trick is to add volume in whatever you do. If you opt to tie your hair in a plain high bun, make sure you have back combed it and have also used a texturising spray so that it looks voluminous and large. You can also deck it up if you are attending event or add cute accessories whenever you go out with your friends for a day out. 

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High Pony

With a chubby face, one cannot imagine a hairstyle which will be away from the face. But what about those people who find it supremely annoying. And well, you cannot blame them after all. Hair that is always falling on the eyes as well as face can get annoying. That is when comes a pony into picture. It is that one savior which put us in comfort almost instantly. Well, but hair pulled back is honestly not a great idea when it comes to chubby face. In that case, you can opt for pony with bangs. Side or front, the choice is yours. What matters is having hair[13] some way or the other falling on the forehead. This way it will help in dividing your face's proportion in the most apt way. If the bangs also irritate you a lot then you can get a lot of layers done on your hair so that you pony does not look scanty. Make sure, whichever option you pick, keep your pony high. This way you will have a lot of volume and the height will also elongate the face causing an illusion of a lengthier face. 

How To Achieve It: It is very easy to get this. Whichever option you are comfortable with choose that, wash your hair, apply some texturising spray and pull all the hair up in high pony. Add light waves to it so it look voluminous.  You can also try the double pony tail. Divide the hair into two horizontal half. Tie the lower one first and then the top one. This add volume. 

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Waterfall Twist

Waterfall is not an everyday hairstyle but if you have a chubby face and you are planning to go out to an event or out with friends, the waterfall can save your alright. It is fairytale like hairstyle and looks best one people with a slightly longer length. It might look extremely complicated but it in fact very easy. All you need is a little practice and some attention. You will be good to go. If you are a fan of boho and you have a chubby face, you can always turn to the waterfall twist. The trick here is how beautifully this hairstyle drapes around the face giving an illusion of a narrower face. It brings everything in the favor of gravity and looks as if it is flowing down. This is one amongst the easiest way to look glam and make all eyes turn to you. 

How To Achieve It:  Firstly choose the parting that you want. Middle or side. Now, take one of the sides and take out one big chunk of hair from the rest. Divide it into 3 parts. Take the last strand and cross it over the middle. Now take the first strand which is closest to your face and cross it across the center as well. Now take the back strand and add a little hair[14] to it. Leave the front as is and take a section of hair from behind the front section. Cross the new section over middle. Repeat it till you get your waterfall. 

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Tight Curls With Fringes

The more the volume, the better it is for a chubby face. And if you go on to add fringes to it there is absolutely no way that the hairstyle will be a flop. Tight curls with fringes is just that. PERFECT. If you are someone who already has curls, well, you are lucky. For those who don't, this could be the opportunity to change your look and create something fab for yourself. It can be a complete transformation plus it will also solve the problem of the chubby face. Tight curls have the power to magnetize people and hold their glance. There is so much depth in curls that eyes tend to automatically go to them instead of the chubbiness of the face. Plus they uplift the face as well. Fringes on the other hand proportionates the face and help in giving an illusion of a perfect face. 

How To Achieve It: If you have curly hair you are lucky and you will need nothing more than a curl enhancing serum to get this look and of course bangs. But if you have straight hair then first, use some texturising serum on the hair[15], use a curling tong or rod and add curls to your hair. Straighten your bangs and be careful with your fingers. Make sure the curls are tight and close. 

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The Centre Part

Kim Kardashian is seen rocking this hairstyle a lot of times and she looks absolutely stunning. While she might not have a face that is very chubby, obviously, but a center part goes very well with a round chubby face too. If you don't want to go short but still want a clean polished look, the center part is your best bet. You can maintain your hair length and still avoid everyones eyes falling onto your chubby face. The way a middle parting falls on the face makes it look long and elongated. Exactly what a round face needs. Don't add layers to it as it will break the length but if you have scanty hair then you can think of volumanising it using some volumanising cream or serum itself. 

How To Achieve It: You don't have to do anything for this. That is the best part. It is the parting which will work for your benefits. Just make sure it is not messy and is as tamed as you can make it. This way you can the polished look and also hair that will work great for both parties and work. 

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Now that you have the list, get started and try them all. You can alternate between them and choose the one that best suit your face as well as hair.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 07/06/2019 

Hairstyles For Chubby Face

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