Hairstyle For Indian Men

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Fashion. beauty are majorly to do with women, at least it is assumed so. However, the world is changing and with that the preferences too. Now, men are also interested in entering these business and the first thing they are most concerned about is their hair. 

If you thought men don't have much options when it comes to hairstyle then you are absolutely wrong. There are tones of options and all of them can vary according to the face complexion or even the face structure. A hairstyle can change a persons personality and how they are presumed. A clean look can give out a very disciplines personality wherein something messy can mean you are someone who likes to keep things fun and casual. 

Hairstyle For Indian Men

However, if you are confused which hairstyle will best suit you and your face, keep scrolling and you will find your best match.

  1. Messy Quiff
  2. Faded Sides With Spikes
  3. Side Swept Quiff
  4. Slick Back Hair
  5. Buzz Cut With Beard
  6. Man Bun
  7. Messy Hair With Fringe
  8. Rugged Ponytail
  9. Neat Pompadour
  10. Curled Up
  11. Classic Crew Cut
  12. Subtle Undercut
  13. Back Mohawk
  14. Caramelized Boho
  15. Curly Shag
  16. Braided Rows

Messy Quiff

Quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles for men and the messy quiff is one of the alterations to it. If you thought the undercut and pompadours are the only hairstyles that rock the A list of best hairstyles for men, you are clearly wrong. The quiff is right up there with them and it can make one look really casually sexy. If classic is what you love, the messy quiff is the best pick. It has survived the test of time and looks gorgeous even today. When you team it up with suits, you will end up looking extremely dapper. And it is also great for times when you want to go out with just a casual T and ripped denims. If you are tired of the classic look and are looking for something that is slightly on the fashionable sense, you can close your eyes and go with the messy quiff, it will save you every single time. 

The messy quiff is a hairstyle that best suit a sweet heart face. If you are worried about this look for your professional environment, you don't have to worry about it at all. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to not make it very messy. It shouldn't look like you are straight out of the bed but instead should have a subtle unkempt touch to it. 

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Faded Sides With Spikes

If you plan on adding details to your look then the faded sides is the best pick. However, spikes can be the cherry on the cake to it. It is one among the most amazing hair[1] effects to taper a man's look. There are a lot of fades which you can choose from. The tapered, skin fade, skin fade undercut, high fade, low fade and even bald fade. This is one of the looks that is more towards the casual and you can rock it by pairing it with denims, t-shirts and moccasins. The best part about the faded sides with spikes is how great it looks with all face types. It is versatile and you can do a lot around it. 

Spikes emerged in the 90's and everyone starting from celebrities to people on the streets were seen rocking this look. It is slightly punk but when you mix it up with faded sides, it becomes slightly more formal and something that you can opt for your work as well. To nail this look, keep your facial hair[2] similar to that of your hair. This will help in balancing the look. If you cannot do without your long beard, make sure you keep them trimmed in a straight and sharp pattern around the face. This will help in maintaining the clean cut look.

Side Swept Quiff

Quiff as we have know is one amongst the smartest hairstyle for men. If you are trying to find an effortless haircut then the side swept quiff will be your best. It will give you a very stylish look for day to day life and build your personality stronger than before. However the trick here is to let your hair grow to the maximum so that you will be able to style them better. Once you have grown them to a good length, all you need is swooping it to the right and using some texturising cream so that it stays in place. Side swept quiff is more towards a casual look, however you can keep them tamed enough and carry it to your workplace as well. 

When you keep the beard slightly grown it looks great with side swept quiff. The best way to style this look is with a 3 piece suit for formal events, denim and a crisp shirt for semi formal events and khakis and t-shirts for casual events. If you are worried that you don't have enough volume on your hair[3], you can use a blow drier to set it as it will add great amount of volume to your hair.

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Slick Back Hair

If you have seen those vintage movies and you have absolutely loved the hairstyle that men have downed back then, then it is the slick back hair which you are eyeing. Be it Jake in Titanic or the famous Ryan Gosling from notebook. Both of them have rocked the slick back hair and apart from their acting, they were most definitely loved for their looks which includes this hairstyle. The best part about this look is how simple and convenient it is but so romantic at the same time. The slicked back hair has been co-existing since a really long time which has bought a lot of transitions in its overall appearance. However, if there is one thing that stays the same about it, then it has to be its chic tamed look.

It is extremely low on maintenance and all you need to achieve this is some stay cream or texturising cream, a comb and a blow dryer. When you have to slick back your look, there is a possibility that it can sit flat on the crown. This will not only take away from the classiness of it but also ruin the dapper look. Well, that is when comes hair drier to rescue. All you have to do is apply some texturising cream to the hair[4] and quickly comb it off. Now using a brush, comb through the hair while using the blow drier. This will make the hair stay while providing a good stay. 

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Buzz Cut With Beard

We understand that there are times when we just want all the hair out of our head. Reason could be endless. Infections, the heat, the effort to keep them maintained. All of these together can be too much to take and you might come down to a conclusion of shaving your head. However, don't lose hope. There is buzz cut which will save your style. This might need a lot of courage to flaunt it and carry it with style, but it sure can make you look smart while solving the problem of maintenance. However, if you think that it is going to be plain boring then you are wrong. There are a lot of variation to buzz cut that has come now which you can use as per your liking. 

The most easiest way to keep a buzz cut is by maintaining a beard with it. The complete face comes in great synchronization and it together looks well kept. The most common buzz cut has been the one that feels like a sandpaper. This means you have hair[5] with about half an inch of hair on your head. This is very close to the military look and can give you a smart look which will make you look dapper and confident. 

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Man Bun

This hairstyle does not need any sort of an introduction what so ever. Man buns are now slightly on the low but if I time travel back to a couple of years, the man bun was on everyones mouth. Man bun have seen an evolution of time when people tried a lot of things with it. From a messy one to an exaggerated one, it has seen the light of trends and fashion every now and then. Man bun is extremely easy to maintain which might sound very surprising considering there is so much length in this hairstyle but it actually needs nothing more than the styling creams to keep them in place. 

The trick with man bun is to maintain good volume with it, otherwise it will look really bad. And for the volume the best think would be either using a texturising spray and back combing the hair[6] or else you can use the volumising spray directly onto your hair as it will give enough volume so that your man bun look full size and not like a small ball sitting on your head. If you are someone who has a less sharp face, you can go for it as gives an illusion of a longer face. 

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Messy Hair With Fringe

There are some things that are quite directly directed to women. Something that we discovered in the beginning however, with changing trends a lot of things that only belonged to women is now entering the mens section as well. The fringe and messy hair being the one. Definitely not something that will suit a formal event but if you are someone who likes setting a statement and a different identity of your own, the messy hair with fringe can be your best bet. Yes, we know, you must be thinking, messy hair and fringes, wouldn't it be extremely feminine to carry but surprisingly no. It looks amazing even on guys. The game here is about having the confidence to carry it. Once you get that, you will be turning heads with this hairstyle. 

The length of your messy is something that you can totally decide yourself. It depends on your face type as well as on your preference. If you have a longer and elongated face, we will recommend not going for longer hair[7] as it provide an illusion of a longer face. Similarly if you have a round face you can opt for a longer hair. Nerdy glasses look amazing with this look. It is something that you can style with your suits as well. Experiment with your look considering  the hairstyle is a statement piece and the more you experiment, the more you will look straight out of a fashion show. 

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Rugged Ponytail

If man buns made its mark in 2013, ponytails saw its fame long before that. Celebrities from Shahrukh Khan, Brad Pitt to even M.S Dhoni, the ponytail  cast its spell almost everywhere. You might not be the one who likes keeping hair short and for them ponytail is the most comfortable option to go to. There is yet again a lot of variations when it comes to ponytails. You can keep it tame, you can keep it half up half down or you can go with our favorite, the rugged ponytail. The fact that it is rough, edgy and something that goes with your persona makes it the top choice in our books. If you have long hair[8] either you don't have corporate environment to worry about or you are from a field where it is allowed, in either case, you get the full liberty to innovate and try crazy things with it. 

If you are a huge fan of the messy and rugged ponytail then we will recommend going with a lot of layers when you get a haircut done, this helps in getting the rough look easier without having to use stay sprays and other products. The way to achieve a rugged ponytail is by letting a few strands loose while the rest of the hair is tied up. You can also use texturising spray as that will make it much better. If you are someone who has a round face, the layers will make a huge difference to it. It will provide a wider look and not bring all the attention to your face. 

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Neat Pompadour

There is no way that we wouldn't have had pompadours on our list. It is a staple for a man who wants to look dashing and to an Indian man it is no different. Apart from being a dashing hairstyle, it is also one amongst the most versatile. We mean, if there is one hairstyle that suit both eighteenth century men as well as David Beckham, it sure justifies its claim of being versatile. Also, apart from being a fashion statement, if you are looking for a hair style that will also be very functional, then you can opt for this. It pulls all the hair away from your face and onto your head in the most stylish way. However, if you think it is for someone who wants to throw fashion statement then you are wrong. It was also initially worn by men to keep the hair[9] from falling on the face and god knows when it became a style statement. 

All you need for this is some cream and a comb. Just apply some cream and comb your hair up. It will give you a neat look and you will be able to flaunt it in the most amazing way possible. The best outfit to rock with this look is suits. A 3 piece suit will look extremely good with this hairstyle but it can be messed up a little to rock it with a denim and t shirt look as well. Originally, pompadours were for women but it later crept into the vanity of men and got famous from Elvis Presley who in a way became an ambassador for this look. 

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Curled Up

Curly hair and men can be very difficult. While it is preferred by women world wide, it can get very tricky for men to style it. After all, men cannot clip them up in order to style it and hence it becomes very difficult to maintain and style them. But one cannot ignore the fact that a guy with curly hair[10] looks vintage and classic. However, the image of curls on men is not that great. We mean, even if you as an individual think about curls, the first thing that comes to your mind has to be someone who is in power and ruling in the most negative way possible, someone like heathen from Game Of Thrones. 

However, one cannot ignore that it is still a style statement made and wearing it everyday will provide you with an identity which will be very different from others and unique at the same time. Apart from being a style statement it is also a talk amongst the ladies. And this is for two strong reasons. First, a curly hair[11] means you have a lot of hair which means you will not go bald anytime soon and second, these can transfer to their kids in the form of genes. Whatever hairstyle you try, most of them ends up looking the same but with curly hair, the base itself changes which gives a completely different look. 

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Classic Crew Cut

The game of hairstyles become difficult when you look for not just style but practicality too. With just style, you can try out a lot of the above listed haircuts but when it comes to practicality the classic crew cut takes the award. Almost all the men are working and when you have a weather like India, which is always so hot, having hair that is a lot on the volume is not going to help. You need something that is short, crisp and full of style. It is the classic crew which will fulfill them all. Crew cut is one amongst those hairstyles which has been worn from the 18th century and men since then have been rocking it. It is basically short from the top, tapered, and was initially also known as small pompadours. The trick to nail this look is to keep the top short and rest of the hair[12] even more shorter. You can decide upon the length in this situation however don't keep it very long as it will end up looking like a completely different hairstyle than the crew cut. 

The classic crew cut is the best of both worlds without a doubt. It is functional as in it works very well to support extremely hot weather and also comes very easy on maintenance. Apart from being practical, it is also great when it comes to style. If you think its length will be an hindrance and you will not be able to style it, well, you are mistaken. In fact it is great to style it because you absolutely have to do nothing with it. It looks dapper with suits, amazingly great with casuals, if you have tattoos it is just going to work for you in all ways. If you think it very boring, you can also add in few cuts and make rows which will expose your scalp a little. This way it will get its own personalized touch. 

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Subtle Undercut

Undercut is one amongst the most youthful and versatile hairstyle. It is one of those hairstyle that can easily cut down a couple of years from your age. We say it is versatile because it dwells well with curly, straight and even wavy hair[13]. You don't necessarily have to keep extremely short hair for this, you can keep it as long as possible but it is the undercut that is the game changer here. If you want to rock the classic subtle undercut, then you must have a good amount of hair on your head as that will justify the look the most. A good 5-6 inches will be great. All you will need after that is some texturising spray and a comb to set them back. More length can also mean you can style it in different ways. 

Undercuts can be easily styled with formal wear and a little variation here and there can make it look stunning even with casual outfits. You can also toss in few hair color if you are feeling experimental but this will need a lot of courage and confidence to carry. There is something for everyone when it comes to undercuts. Have a long face, add in bangs with it, have a round face, keep the hair above the undercut a little messy and textured. 

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Back Mohawk

Not everyones cup of tea. Those are the only few words that come to our mind when we hear about this hairstyle. If you see yourself going into a studio than those boring square cubicles then this hairstyle should be on your priority. These are mostly preferred by punks and hence requires a lot of courage if you are planning to carry it on day to day life. If you are bored of the pompadours, the slick back and the undercuts, and are looking for a change, then the Mohawk can be your best bet. However, if you don't like it sitting on top of your head or if you have a longer face and you don't want to add in extra length to your hair[14] then you can opt for a back Mohawk. This will give you the look but it will be sitting at the back of your head. Which also makes it completely different from the other. 

If you want to keep it a little simpler then you can opt for a pompadour Mohawk as it will look tame but still be the hairstyle that you wanted. When celebrities, soccer player and even rock stars are wearing it, you can do it to. Add in a dash of color to your Mohawk and it will make you stand out even more. All you have to do is add some texturising cream to your hair and using a blow drier add a little volume to the hair. This way it will get its volume and you will be extremely close to your classic Mohawk.

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Caramelized Boho

Boho is the most loved styled for being relaxed. It is the right hairstyle which will provide you the right enthusiasm to pass your week from Monday to Friday and then when you are through it, you can flaunt it to your friends on the weekends as well. Casual can be very vague and very monotonous. The boho can be the vanity transformation that you have been looking for in terms of boho which will pump up your style and put you back in the A game. Boho also mean someone who is experimental and who re-defines their style. While Boho are great styles, adding a shade of caramel to it will further enhance it. This can help in keeping the hair spread out and it will make your face appear narrower. So this is perfect for someone who has a round or a chubby face or even a square face. 

The trick here is to keep the look extremely messy and casual. Something similar to how you would look straight out of your bed. Boho is for people who don't have a care in the world. But this does not mean you can only rock this with casual. As mentioned, they can be a fresh whiff to your formals as well. All you need is some blow drier to keep them volumised and a little back combing or messing using your fingers whichever works for the best. 

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Curly Shag

Curly hair can be very difficult to maintain. You have two options with it. Either you can straighten it and then make your hairstyles or your can intensify the curls using creams and then style them. The latter one should be the choice if you have a curly hair cause straightening them everyday can lead to you harming the quality of your hair. Shaggy curls look very vintage and you will look straight out of "The Breakfast Club". If you are a fan of lengthier hair[15] but don't know which way to style it then the curly shags can be you best it. This however will only work if you have curly hair or if you are ready to curl them. 

This hairstyle is simple and stylish and also your run to for times when you are in a rush and don't have time to set your hair up. You can do this with whichever length you want. Don't keep it awfully long considering it can look very shabby. Instead keep it shoulder length to max as this will look classy and while making you look like a hardcore gentlemen. Add in layers to this hairstyle which will make a couple of them standout and open up your face. This is perfect for someone with an oval face as the sides look wide. 

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Braided Rows

Who said braids is only game for women. You can be a man and like long hair too. And it is also possible that you might don't want to go with a bun or a pony and instead want something different. In cases like these, if you are spontaneous enough, you can go with braided rows. You might think that men and braid is something that is very new considering men have started being very experimental now. However, the braids has lasted for more than you think. Recently it has come to notice because of the technology however it existed since stone age. There are 3 major options when it comes to braids for men. The cornrows, the intricate braid or the long braid. 

Corn rows emerged from Africa where it was a staple hairstyle for a lot of people. It later became a style statement and saw its light on the ramps and in the world of fashion. This will need you to be very confident with your hairstyle because A, it is not very basic and B. your scalp will be visible through your rows so you should only carry it if you have the confidence to. All you need is some texturising cream, comb and a little practice. You have to braid your hair very tight to master the braided rows. 

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Now that you know the best hairstyle that would suit an Indian man, we would recommend giving them a try. It will also help in finalizing the one that best describe your persona. You can also consult your stylist and they will also help you with this. You can always alternate between the lengths and select between whichever way you want it to be but make sure you don't take away from the essence of it. 

Well, people say life is too short to have boring hair, and we agree to it absolutely. A little tweak here and there is all it takes to completely change your personality. This will also help you to stand out amongst them all.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 11/06/2019 

Hairstyle For Indian Men

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