Eyelash Extensions Pros And Cons

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Once someone told that it's in the eyes and always eyes. And it has always been a true statement in the aspect of a woman's life. The sparkling eyes are one of the aspects of making a woman to be a perfect diva. The very first thing you see while seeing a person must be their eyes. And you can't deny the fact that each and everyone will fall for those who have adorable eyes. Have you ever thought how glorious your eyes would look with a perfect curly, dark and volumized eyelashes? A wink with those extend lashes will obviously be a feast for the people's eyes who watches it. Getting back to reality only a few of them are blessed with such enticing features naturally on their eyes. The rest of them will obviously have imperfect lashes that lack either in the color, length or the volume. And their secret weapon must be the makeup which does the magic to hush up those flaws. The hasty advancement in the cosmetic industry has always boggled me in many ways. Starting from the small nails to the hair, the cosmetic industry has a way to make a dent to all our hitch.  Speaking about the yes, lashes have always been a great bothering one for most of the women. And here we get the solution with the help of eyelash extensions given by the colossal developments in the cosmetics. I know you will obviously start searching for the salons to book your dates to get those extensions done. But then, before you book your dates it is important for you to know its pros and cons. So, here we are to help you with this. Decide prudently before you plan to do something new on your face. 

Eyelash Extensions Pros And Cons

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension[1] is the process by which your eyelashes[2] can be extended and volumized artificially. This process will involve the usage of synthetic fibers[3] that will be attached along with your natural eyelashes. The synthetic fibers will be attached with the help of medical grade adhesives[4] that would look like a glue substance. These synthetic fibers are available in varied sizes starting from 6 mm to 18 mm. You can choose the size and length based on your needs and requirements. These eyelash extensions can be made in those specialized salons or parlors. And you will have those respected professionals and stylist to do them on your eyes. The most delicate and sensitive part of your body could be the eyes[5]. It is very important for us to be more careful when we plan for taking up a cosmetic treatment in that part of our body.  

Eyelash Extensions Pros And Cons

Never mind it's a natural or an artificial one, everything has its own pros and cons lined up when we start using them. But then, the most essential part lies in knowing them before starting to use them rather than searching for it after you face a side effect. Likewise, it is more important for a woman to know the pros and cons of eyelash extensions before you get done on your eyes. 


It's no more a surprise that eyelash extension is revolving as the public eye when it has a bundle of benefits behind. And the fast-paced life with the bustling schedules has been a great factor for such extensions to be in vogue. So, here you go with the list of benefits that these eyelash extensions could offer you. 

#1. Ravishing Look

Who will ever say NO to something that gives the perfect ravishing look to a woman? In that case, I can say that the eyelash extension is the best. Eyes with the perfect length of eyelashes are known to be the most enticing factor for a woman. So when you don't have proper length and volume you can very well go for those eyelash extensions that can be done artificially. I have heard many of them telling that the eyelash extensions have enhanced their beauty[6] and made them look really younger and attractive. Those nicely curled lashes[7] would obviously be an eye treat to the people who see you. All the eyes of the people in your surrounding will literally fall on you due to the gorgeous look it offers. You will literally feel much excited after having those eyelash extensions. Your ears will be constantly hearing all those appraisals such as the diva, gorgeous queen, glamorous woman and many more.  You will obviously have that confident feel each time when you look at your mirror. And I have heard people telling that the first time that they looked at the mirror after getting those eyelash extensions done is priceless and unforgettable. 

#2. No Mascara Tragedy

Though the development in the cosmetic industry[8] has made any of the new smudge-free mascaras[9] and eyeliners[10], they tend to happen most of the times. Those tragedies with applying mascara on your eyelashes could be the worst thing on a busy day. The flakes, clumps and the mishaps that occur will entirely ruin the beauty of our face and most importantly our eyes. Sometimes it might even end up with removing the entire makeup[11] and reapplying it. But the fresh look and the glow that you get in the first time will not be the same on your face. People often tell that they tend to get fine lines[12] and wrinkles[13] around their eyes while removing the makeup. Also, the skin region around your eyes will start looking dark with the constant applying and removing of mascara. But then when you have eyelash extensions you don't even have to think about all such things. You will never require to apply mascara for your eyelashes to look more glamorous. Your morning will obviously be awesome as you would look perfect with your gorgeous and curly eyelashes even after a deep sleep. I can assure you that even after waking from the bed you can look into the mirror. And the secret of your beauty lies behind those eyelash extensions. 

#3. No Makeup Days

Most of us spend almost half of our morning hours in doing all the works and the rest we end up with the makeup. It might be a busy day with an important client meeting. But then, you will not find time for putting makeup amid the busy office works. Finally, you end up being extremely dull and less confident with the dusky look. And there are days, where we have to apply a lot of eyes and face makeup to enhance our beauty. I hope almost all of us have been through these situations at least once. Let's put an end to all those awful days in our life. With the alluring eyelashes, you can enjoy those makeup-free days happily. Eyelash extensions will make you look gorgeous even when you go without any sort of makeup.  You don't have to worry about wearing the right concealers[14], foundations[15] or even the mascara. Perfect lashes could make your no makeup days to be a relishing one rather than misery in your life. 

#4. Personalized Lashes

Many of us try a lot of products to make our eyelashes look more glamorous. Sometimes we may not have our natural eyelashes with the perfect length. For some, the lashes might be very thin and less dense. You will be wanting for more volume and fullness. You might have the perfect length but the color or shape can be a paucity. To all your needs and requirements eyelash extensions can be the best quick fix. You might think whether I mean that you can get all the volume, fullness, shape and color at once. And yes, eyelash extensions are customizable and you can get personalized lashes as per your yen. You can even get those lashes specially personalized and customized for your marriage also. You have plenty of choices when it comes to the eyelash extensions. Perfect volume, length, dense, fullness shape and color could be obtained on a single go with these extensions. You don't have to anymore look in for a product to enhance your length and fullness of your eyelashes. A person who is a professional in placing these eyelash extensions could help you with this by giving proper advice on choosing the right lashes that would best suit your face. 

#5. Natural Feel

These eyelash extensions are attached artificially to your original eyelashes. So, some of you might think about why to go for something that gives an artificial appearance? But then, you are absolutely wrong. I accept that these lashes are made artificially but that doesn't mean in any way that it would offer an artificial look. And moreover, these lash extensions will make your eyes look more natural and attractive. You will never have the feel of having an artificial eyelash extension on your face. Maybe the people who are more familiar to you might find the difference. But the people whom you meet new would never find the extended lashes on your eyes. The artificial lashes used for extensions will obviously look more similar to the color and pattern of your original lashes. They will absolutely look seamless on your eyes and would never leave a clue to the people to find whether it is artificially done. These lash extensions might be fake but will never make your eyes look fake. So, you can very well opt for these eyelash extensions with no doubt on the look it offers. 

#6. Health Is Wealth

Anything that doesn't have an impact on our health is always considered to be the most essential thing in today's modern world. When everything comes with an effect on our health, these eyelash extensions will not create any bad impact on your health. Moreover, it is one of the healthiest ways of extending your eyelashes when compared with the other lotions, creams and other cosmetic products. They do not affect your eyes at any cost. You might think that the glue contains adhesive so it might cause some adverse reactions on your natural lashes to make them fall off. But then, the adhesives won't cause any ill effects unless and until your skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. Other than this, it will not cause any ill effects to your eyes or skin surrounding your eyes. So, you can very well go for these eyelash extensions without any fear of having ill effects on your health. But then, remember that people who have allergic infections and sensitive skin should consult their doctor before starting to opt for such eyelash extensions. This is because the adhesive glue might make the allergic infection to get induced and the condition might become very worse. 


No matter what cosmetic treatment you take up, everything has its own cons other than all the beneficial factors. You might have a bundle of benefits from it but then there will at least be one disadvantage. Likewise, even the eyelash extension has its own cons lined up. And some of the major and common cons that were told by the people who took up it are listed below.   

#1. Cost

No matter when it is for buying a cosmetic product or getting a cosmetic treatment done, the cost has always been a bothering factor to almost all of us. Maybe a few of them who are super-rich wouldn't mind it but the rest would always think about it. I must say that by now you would have known how gorgeous you would look with those eyelash extensions. So, how can you expect a low price for something that makes you look glamorous? And yeah, the cost could be a bit high for having a few strands of your lashes on your eyes to be done. The cost price of these eyelash extensions would range from $150 to $450 (Rs 10,449 to Rs 31,347 )for an initial full-set of lashes. This will entirely depend on the type of lashes you choose and the other factors such as color, length, volume any more. Also, it will vary if you want your lash extensions to be done by any of the top professionals or stylists. Once you get these lashes done, you will obviously require a few touch-up sessions to make them look perfect. You will be requiring this for up to two to three weeks once the extensions are done. This will cost around $ 140 (Rs 9752) for each session. 

#2. Temporary One

You might be very happy that these lashes don't give you that artificial looks like the one you get in your nails or hair coloring. But then, you have to accept the fact that those long, curly and volumized eyelashes are not yours and might fall off at any time. All of these eyelash extensions would only last for about a maximum of two to three months if you handle it with the utmost care and proper maintenance. After that, your eyelashes will obviously be requiring refilling to make your lashes look even and more bright. These eyelash extensions will be attached with the help of a glue material on your natural lashes. So, these glues would obviously come off after a few days and will require a refilling session to make your lashes look perfect. And sometimes it might also come off from your eyes when you don't maintain them properly. So, you will have to rethink twice before spending your bucks on a temporary one that requires constant care and maintenance. And the worst part is that you have to spend your hard earned bucks every time you go either for the maintenance or refilling sessions. 

#3. Long Process

Imagine a situation where you have to close your eyes and sit consciously for about 3 hours. And you can't take a nap during these 3 hours. It sounds literally horrible to even imagine. Isn't it? And yeah, to have those charming eyelash extensions to be done you have to undergo this horrible experience. Going for a manicure or a hair coloring would never be a troublesome as we could pass our time with our mobiles or magazines. Or we could even take a small nap by the time they finish doing them. But lashes don't give you that benefit. Since it's done on your eyes, it is important for you to be conscious and awake even after closing your eyes. And being in the same position and situation for almost 3 hours would require a lot of patience. And it might be an impossible one for some of the women like me who wouldn't mind having natural lashes rather than getting those extra lash extensions done. So, this would entirely depend on your patience level whether to opt for it or not. 

#4. High Maintenance

"For everything you gain, you lose something". This saying could be the best match that could replicate your experience after getting those eyelash extensions. Your mornings might not require those extra eye makeups every day to look gorgeous. But then, it needs a lot of maintenance once you get them done on your eyes. So basically, it's a clear give and take policy. Most of the women would opt for those extensions mainly as there will be no necessity to spend their time on applying makeups. But then to get the no make-up gorgeous look, you have to undergo some of the maintenance steps. Utmost care will obviously be required once you get them done. And there comes a list of ritzy products that you should buy for maintaining the eyelash extensions and preventing the glue from coming off. There will be an absolute need to change those cosmetic you use regularly. You have to spend your hard earned bucks on those cleansers, sponges, cleaning tools, brushes that are specially made for the eyelash extensions. And say no to rubbing or plucking when you have the eyelash extensions on your eyes. And yeah, here becomes the eyelash extensions to rule you entirely. 

#5. Need for Blow Drying

Have you ever imagined blow drying the lashes in your eyes? It might sound insane but then the truth is you will be requiring to do it. When you take a shower or wash your face, those eyelash extensions will get stuck with each other. Since they are glued you can't wipe off the water from your face and ears with a towel. This might make the adhesive in the glue become weak. So, when you wipe the area with a towel there are many chances for those lash extensions to come off separately along with your natural lashes. To avoid this you have to blow dry your wet eyelash extensions and dry it completely. The blow dryer will be small in the size of a pocket perfume which would be handy. And you have to brush your eyelash extensions to make them look proper without getting stuck with each other. Giving a gentle brush can make your eyelash extensions to be fine with even shape and size. 

#6. More Of Vigilance

With these gorgeous eyelash extensions, comes the great vigilance in which you have to be very conscious of everything you do. You might think that you have got those perfect lash extensions and thus you will have peaceful mornings. But then, the other side lies on the nights in which you have a rough sleep. Turning your face all around after getting the extensions during the night will make you have that horrible morning. Finding your bucks to be wasted after seeing the glued extensions to be scattered on your pillow cover could be the worst one. So, being conscious is very essential when you sleep on the bed at nights. You have to make sure that you sleep gently without disturbing your eyes and those extended lashes. You have to worry a lot on whether you are using the right cream and lotions that could never cause any damage to your glued extensions. Also, you have to make sure that you don't accidentally scratch or pull your lashes when you sleep.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 30/05/2019 

Eyelash Extensions Pros And Cons

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