Emo Haircuts

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Piercings, black hair, raw edges, punk look, front bangs.When we say all these words there sure might hit a word in your mind. A bell. Is it Emo? Well, it has to be! Emo is not just a style statement but a whole community. They were a set of people who chose to express themselves through what they wore and the kind of music they listened to and wrote. Well, surprisingly, the world of fashion and trends saw and opportunity their and pounced hard. There was a time, somewhere almost a decade back when everyone wanted bangs. Well, we to some extent think that origin resides in the world of emo. 

After all you cannot think of an emo look and not imagine someone with bangs. The best part about them is that the might sound very weak but when it actually comes to expressing, they are the most confident of the lot. Have you looked at the colors that they go for? Someone who is basic and casual will surely not opt for it right. Well, they are the emo's. While, you might not be lucky enough to be a part of that community because it is long died in a lot of ways bu if you also want to express yourself and don't know how to do it, well we have the solution. Dressing emo is super easy. 

Emo Haircuts

All you need is black clothes or things that comes heavily printed, but when it comes to hairstyles, well, that is where it gets tricky. So here we are, opening to you, the gates of emo hairstyles to choose from and how you can nail them to the T. It is simple and all you need is a handful of courage. So shall we?

Best Emo Hairstyles

  1. Emo With Long Layers
  2. Short Emo Blond
  3. Deep Part Emo
  4. Curly Emo
  5. Wavy Emo
  6. Emo And Ponytail
  7. Tousled Crown Emo
  8. Hot Pink Emo
  9. Sophisticated Emo
  10. Fiery Red Platinum
  11. Spikes With Bangs
  12. Turquoise Streak
  13. Cropped Emo
  14. Front Fringe

Emo With Long Layers

Once you have chosen the Emo path, you have already chosen something punky for you. However, this does not mean that you have to give up on your long manes. Going crazy with your hair[1] does not mean you have to go short with it. You can keep it long and still get the look that you desire instead of chopping them short and loosing all the hair which you spent so much time on, growing. The emo with long layers is the solution for all of it. This way you can keep the length and still get this look. The layers work brilliantly for pretty much all hair kinds and the emo is no less. The way to nail this look is by adding a little mess on the top and keeping the remaining hair straight and long with layers. This is not a look which will go for anything that is formal but if you have chosen the emo haircut then we are pretty sure you already knew that. 

How To Achieve It: You will need to have finely chopped layers right on top i.e. your crown and then your will add decent spaced out layers below. The lower part of it will be neatly cut but the mess will be created right on the top. 

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Short Emo Blond

The best way to rock an emo look is through opting for short hair. They make it look assembled and also neat. The shorter one is the true and standard emo hair so if you are going for something classic then you can definitely opt for this look. However, if you want to master the classic emo look to the T then you need to have the blond element to it. Blonde makes it look very punk and will help you get the look that you have been trying to aim. Don't forget, the key to mastering the emo look is to add layers so don't forget that. If you have blond hair then you are at luck. However, if not, then you surely need to color your hair to it. If you want to save yourself for a complete root damage then we recommend keeping your original hair color as is and then adding blonde to the rest of the hair. 

How To Achieve It: This is quite simple. All you have to do is cut your hair[2] short and give it multiple layers so that it gets a nice shag to it. Also, give it rough edges and color it blond. Global will be best for it so you can either do that your hair or leave the roots and do it to the rest of your hair. Make sure you add in bangs to it so that it gets a more assembled look instead of one which is just scattered. 

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Deep Part Emo

If we have to describe the characteristic of a classic emo look then we will fail because that is the thing about the emo's. There is nothing standard about it. The deep parted look is one amongst them. The length depends on you. This is in fact more of a styling tip than a hairstyle in itself. When you deep part your hair, apart from looking stunning, it also gives a nice angular touch to the face. Choose the side that you are most comfortable with and shift your hair to that side. Thats it. That is all you need to nail this look. You can create multiple different kinds of hairstyle[3] for this look. All you have to do is pin them, up or on the sides and you will be good to go. 

How To Achieve It: This is quite simple. All you have to do is get a haircut if you want to or else maintain the same and give it a deep side part. You can also add in low and highlights to further add dimension to this look. Pin the deeply parted hair and that will give you an entirely different look yet again. Something that will look as if one of your sides is shaved while the other has long bangs. 

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Curly Emo

When you think about emo, the only thing that pops up in mind are those pointy straight long hair. But that is not all. You can also master this look with curls. Yes, you heard that right. If you thought straight hair is the only way you can nail this look then you are wrong. Also, if you thought there is nothing for curly hair you are wrong again. Why should you compromise on those beautiful natural curls just so that you can nail the classic curly look. The best part about this look is how it very naturally adds dimension to this look which sort of lacks when it comes to an emo look. It is mostly flat but when it comes to the curly emo, you get that plus the standard look as well. 

How To Achieve It: There are two cases here. You either have curly hair[4] or you can curl them in order to achieve this look. Decide what you want to do with this look. You can also pin some of that hair and create a different look. The length is up to you again, but the longer it is the better it will look with curly hair. 

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Wavy Emo

Wavy emo is the one which fits perfectly right between the straight and the curly. Fun fact, wavy is actually no hair type. It is the climate and other external plus internal factors which cause the hair to go wavy. The only two hair textures are straight and curly otherwise. The intensity also changes because of the climate and other factors. Wavy emo is a very nice and interesting hair type for an emo look. It is feminine while being its classic edgy. Anything wavy can make the hair look extremely delicate, so will this. You can further pump this look up by adding a few colors onto it. A good ash blonde which is the color of the decade we presume, will look great with a wavy hair. It will give a nice modern flair to complement the wavy emo cut. 

How To Achieve It: Like we said, wavy is not a natural hair[5] type. Hence if you have it great, if not then you can always choose the natural ways of making it wavy. This will add dimension to the look and also add great amount of depth. If ash blond is too light for you and might make your face look flushed then you can opt for other shades which fall under the category like a rose gold or a caramel. 

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Emo And Ponytail

Emo ponytail is a more sort after look. This is something that you can use if you are planning to tame your hair but you sill want that emo touch to it. You can add in whichever kind of ponytail you want to add to this look. A braided one, a loose one, a high pony or even one which is tied really low. You can go crazy with the look or keep it simple and one toned. The choice is absolutely yours to make. Our most and personal favorite when it comes to ponytails and the emo look is the fishtail braid. You will need to have long hair for this but the final look will be dreamy. Plus if you don't mind coloring your hair pastel then you will look nothing short of an edgy mermaid with this look. 

How To Achieve It: It is fairly simple. Add in the kind of look you want for your hair[6]. Simple, bold or feminine. Choose the hair color accordingly. If feminine is your choice then add in shades like pastels and pinks or lavenders. If bold is what you like then go for fiery reds. Go with the simple ponytail or fishtail braid it to add a completely different style to your look. 

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Tousled Crown Emo

Tousled is our most favorite look and we love it almost everywhere. We get that when it comes to the emo look however, it can be a little too much. Opt for it only if you think you can handle the wildness. It is not going to be easy. You will need to have a confidence to carry it if you want to master this look. The trick is to keep the top or as we call it the crown shagged up. You have to add the tousled look to it and keep the remaining as is. While the normal emo look is messy in its own, the tousled further adds the casual touch to it. So opt for it only if you are confident enough to carry it. That is the only way you can nail it, not otherwise. However, make sure that you add a lot of texture to your hair because this look cannot be achieved on smooth straight hair. 

How To Achieve It: The trick is to add in a lot of layers on top of the hair[7] and cut it into short length. Make it as tousled as you want. You can also use the texturising cream to add the tousled look to it. That should be enough to create the look. Shorten the layer as tiny as possible so they stand out. 

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Hot Pink Emo

Pink is secretly every girls favorite. Even if they seem to be the punks. This look is exactly for them. It is a the most easiest way to express the feminine side of you without having to look like a walking Barbie. The best part about this look is how you can add multi dimensional pinks to this to make it look 3-D like. This is also the easiest way to add in loads and loads of drama to your overall look. This will also remind you of those K-pop look you must have always been dreaming of. Remember however that there is going to be a lot of pink and you will need the right attitude to carry it like a boss. 

How To Achieve It: You will need a professionals help to get the right shades of pink if you are looking to nail this look. Add in lot of layers if you need dimension or let it sit smooth if your want that fairy tale kinda finish. The one think to keep it mind with this one however is to add in dark and light pinks. Only then it will create magic otherwise it will end up like someone threw a huge blog of bubblegum on top of your head. 

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Sophisticated Emo

You must be scrolling through this article and you might be getting a cultural shock if you are someone who likes things simple and sophisticated. But who said we don't have anything for people with those wishes. Going for something edgy is not every ones cup of tea but that does not mean that you should deprive yourself from the pleasures of it. You can still have it but you will need to make a couple of compromises. Your hair[8] will not be as crazy as the standard emo but you sure can make do with it. You will not believe it but this look can actually make you land that dream job of yours as well. It is slightly formal but it also screams how you can have a creative outlook towards everything. This can actually work in your favor and make you get that job. This is sophisticated, classy but still a little punk. A lot of celebrities have also sported this look so you know that it is not too wild and is something that will easily qualify for your work space as well. 

How To Achieve It: It is quite simple. You just have to make sure that you don't end up adding to many layers to the hair. Keep the crown area as minimal as possible and do the layers to the remaining hair. Just so that it does not end up looking like any random hairstyle[9], make sure that you add in rough chopped edges to the hair. This will make it punk without having to look extremely and overly wild. Also, keep the colors very neutral. Play with shades of browns and caramels for the best results. 

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Fiery Red Platinum

Reds is not everyones cup of tea. It is bright, bold and needs a lot of courage to carry as well. It might seem very scary in the beginning but if you have the right attitude to style and flaunt it, it can actually make a statement. So you have two roads which we can see for you here. You can either go with a neutral color with the red to tame it down a little or you can choose to go all out and opt for shades like platinum. However, make sure that your complexion plays a huge role in this selection. The length is also something that you will have to consider when you choose this selection. Think before opting for short or long. We recommend that if you plan on going all out with reds and platinums then keep the length short so that they make a statement but they are not in the eye. And if you opt for something subtle like a red with black or browns then you can easily go for longer length as it will very well tame it down. 

How To Achieve It: The perfect way to flaunt this look is by opting for a darker root and then adding the lighter shade whichever it is on the top. If you are experimental enough then you can also try out shades of red instead of mixing a completely different color. Just keep in mind that whichever one you choose, they skin well with your complexion and the length of your hair[10]. Also, add in texture if you think that the coloring is looking too bold. It will certainly tame everything down. 

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Spikes With Bangs

Sometimes for some people, going plain or standard is not enough. Sometimes there is a need to go that extra mile. Well, that is when comes this hairstyle in picture. It is bolder then any other emo when it comes to the cut but is still very authentic and punk like. The best hair color to rock this look will be hands down black. In fact the darker it is, the better it will be in terms of the final outlook. This might give you the bad girl vibe so get it done only if you are ready for this. Also, make sure that you consult with people around you before getting this because it will change the look entirely. This is in fact more of a style than a haircut honestly. When it comes to hair in respect to girls, they are mostly more softer and longer. So even if you get them cut real short, you will need a lot of gel and texturising creams and sprays to hold them in place. Add in shades like blonds and platinums to further escalate the look. Or else you can opt for the classic black which is our favorite too. 

How To Achieve It: We love this look but you will need to be bold enough to carry it like we said. So Firstly if you don't have black hair then paint them black. If you do, well, then you are lucky. Get fine layers done on your entire hair[11] and make sure they are the finest on the crown. You need a lot of volume on the crown if you genuinely want to nail this look to the T. Now straight your manes, apply a lot of hair gel or texturising cream on the hair that sits on your crown and let it sit. Bingo! You are done to rock your world. 

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Turquoise Streak

When we think of the color turquoise we think of a lot of things including calmness, femininity and creativity. We mean, who does not like having all these quality speak out just from the haircut and the hairstyle right? Well, what if we tell you that you can also add "edgy" to that list. If turquoise is a good option, then turquoise on an emo haircut is beyond amazing. The best part about it is how you can vary the saturation and get a completely different color. Again, you can mix and match color or play around the tint, shade and tones of turquoise. Both of them will give you and entirely different experience. An overall turquoise will scream confidence while when you blend them well, it will mean you like a little normal to the otherwise crazy. So opt accordingly. Also, we recommend a shorter hair[12] with this as they will look best but you can also maintain a longer one if you don't want to compromise on the length. This is also one of the looks which will look pretty normal even after being a part of the emo family. 

How To Achieve It: Get a finely layered haircut to get started with this look. Choose the option, whichever you want with the color. A blonde or brown touch with it or an overall turquoise. Once done, curl the edges of your layers and make them into graceful waves. This way, it will look edgy but also throw in slight touches of feminine to it. Bangs will further enhance the look so make sure you get them. Don't do anything to them just swiftly comb them to one side so that they look like they are fixed there. 

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Cropped Emo

Long hair is no doubt supremely difficult to maintain. The effort of making them look healthy, protecting them from breaking or even the split ends, with long hair comes a lot of tension. That is why short is what we like. Less maintenance, less cost and also think about the amount of shampoo and other hair care products that you will be saving with it. If you are someone who likes short hair[13] and sport them almost all the time then we are sure that you also love the pixie cut. It is smart, it looks formal but at the same time so much chic as well. What if we tell you that you can add a touch of fun to it by fusing punk and emo with it. Yes, this look is just that. Cropped emo is a pixie cut with longer bang and layers that add the element of dimension to it. It is short, it is sassy and is also a haircut that oozes oomph like it is no ones business. It is also a look which can be easily sported even in offices as it can easily pass for a formal one. You don't even have to add in bright colors to it and instead can opt for something natural or maybe just your original hair color. 

How To Achieve It: To get started on this look, you will first need to chop your hair really short, however, make sure that you leave your bangs long. This is what will bring the element of punk to your look. Now once done, straighten all you hair. Make sure you use heat protecting gloves cause you cannot straighten your hair which is short without burning your hand otherwise. Create gentle soft spikes on your crown using some texturising spray or gel. Finish with a light hold spray and you are set. You can easily carry this look even for your work place. So what are you thinking, get going already!

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Front Fringe

We spoke about the sides a lot. But what if you are a fan of front bangs more. Well, the front fringe is your deal here. It is even more punk because if you want to nail the exact same look then you will need them in a lot of volume and you will need them to me almost blunt. This look can be easily categorized into bold and outrageous that is why it will fit only a wild soul. Not every ones cup of tea this one. Also, if you are a working professional we will kindly ask you to say a sweet goodbye to this one as this is never seeing the light of the corporate look ever. Oh, until and unless you own the company of course. This will look straight out of an anime movie so think before getting it done. It is one of the hairstyles[14] which scream, don't come close, danger ahead. Even if you have a subtle persona, this will scream bold. So if you have it in you to carry it like a boss then go ahead. If not then better keep far off from it. 

How To Achieve It: The first thing that you will need with this look will be a lot of courage and confidence. The second is a lot of volume. The trick is to get as much volume as possible on the top. This will help in adding a lot of volume to the bangs as well. To rock this look to the point, opt for a color that is bold and that screams punk. We will recommend pink. Then straighten your entire hair out and brush it properly. Blow dry it so that it gets good amount of volume and finish the look by light hold spray. 

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Now that you know how and what an emo hairstyle[15] look like and till what extent you will have to go to achieve it, we are sure you are all set to experience this roller coaster. Oh no, we are not exaggerating. Just once hop onto the this ride of entering the emo world and it will in many ways open you to the world in the most mysterious way possible. Simple or exaggerated. The choice is yours. 

Keep it close to your personality but don't forget, this look is more about putting yourself out there and experimenting till your drop. Let the journey BEGIN!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 27/06/2019 

Emo Haircuts

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