Cancer Man Traits

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People who are born between 21 June and 22 July fall under the sun sign of Cancer. Men born under this zodiac are emotional, considerate, and intuitive people. The crabs are known to have a hard shell but their underbelly is soft. These qualities translate quite accurately onto people born under this sun sign as well. They may appear to be cold and reserved of their intentions and personality at first but only because they are sensitive people who want to protect their true self until they know that they are safe and can trust the other one. Moon is the ruler of cancer men hence they are in tune with their emotions and they find nothing wrong with being sentimental. They adore engaging in a fulfilling and comfortable home life and have many qualities that make them highly desirable as life partners for many women. They are romantic by nature and exhibit many manly and chivalrous qualities which make women swoon over them. Despite this, they are reserved and shy people most of the time until they can get comfortable. Then, they make for one of the most loyal and loving partners anybody could ask for. All these factors make the men born under this sign to be extremely complicated to decode and really difficult to see the real fiber of their being. Since you are at this page that means that you are looking to understand the men of this zodiac sign better. This is a comprehensive and detailed post which will cover many facets of this personality and the major and significant traits that they possess. This page will allow you to get to know them better and then decide how good of a match will they make for you.

Cancer Man Traits

Now, without further ado, let us learn about all the major and significant traits of a cancer man.

Traits of Cancer Man

As already mentioned, Men born under the cancer sign[1] have highly complicated and shrouded personalities. This makes it difficult to understand and see their true nature. Moreover, cancer sign is ruled over by the moon[2], whose waxing and waning is translated into mood swings[3] for people born under the cancer sign. Just like the moon has different, gradually converting phases, so does the Cancer man has. Cancer men are known for their sentimentality[4] and moodiness. But this is probably the most apparent one, there are many more traits in a cancer man as no human being is so simple that they could be defined by just a few lines. Just remember that the sun sign of person can only reveal so much. It defines the broad boundaries of one's personality[5]. To understand a character fully, we need to study their individual birth chart[6] which reveals the effects of other influences. Let us delve into the world of Cancer men a little more deeply, starting with the traits which are considered as positives.

The Positive Traits of a Cancer Man

Let us begin with the positives here. First up is:

The Negative traits of a Cancer Man

Now that we have learned in depth about the trait and characteristics of a Cancer man, let us look at the negatives as that is pretty important too. You should be looking at all the significant traits of the person who you want to spend the whole of your life with. Going broadly, Cancer men make for reserved individuals who are quite introverted relatively. This makes it a little hazier to spot their whole image. But you do not have to worry as we are here to help you out and give you the low down on the negatives for Cancer men.

These are the most noteworthy negative traits which any Cancer man is highly likely to possess so now you are well aware of them so that you can make a fully informed and smart decisions. Now let see which zodiac signs are the most compatible with the Cancer.

Cancer Men Compatibility

Men of Cancer sign are agreeable people and generally go along well with all sorts of people. However, when it comes to long term relationships, there are just a few which are suitable and make for a snug fit. Let us look at each one of them:

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