Burgundy Hair With Highlights

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Isn't basic very boring. Everyone likes trying new things out and well, no one is wrong in that. We always try to do something different. Something that will make us look different and unique out of the crowd. And it is important. This not just helps one in building their confidence but also promote a healthy living. The more happier you are with yourself, the more confident you will look which in turn will make you happy. it is a viscous circle.

While a lot of times dipping your hair in one single color seems like a safe way to go, it is not great to do it with all the colors. Some of them can be very overwhelming and you will need some kind of support with it so that it looks comfortable enough. Very similar is the case with Burgundy. It is a beautiful color, speaks femininity, volume and power all at the same time. While it looks beautiful even individually, a lot of people might not be very comfortable with the idea of it. That is when enter highlights.

Burgundy Hair With Highlights

Highlights is technique of hair coloring where streaks of hair is picked using the weave pattern and they are dipped in certain color. It does not touch the root and is in fact 2 inches below from it. This also makes it a very safer option to hair coloring. Using highlights of shades that balances the color burgundy can be tricky. A lot of time the work needs a mixing of three color in total to make it work. it is a little tricky to work with but the efforts are all worth it. Considering it is tricky, we are here to help you select the best ones so that you decision becomes easier.

Best Burgundy Hair With Highlights

Let's quickly look through the list and figure out the one hair highlight that we are most comfortable in when it comes to hair coloring. Read through their pro's and con's and opt for the one that best impresses you.

  1. Sunset Burgundy
  2. Burgundy With Tasty Ash Highlights
  3. Burgundy And Brown Tints
  4. Black With Burgundy
  5. Burgundy Magenta
  6. Coffee Burgundy Twist
  7. Burgundy Blonde
  8. Burgundy With Purple Blends
  9. Rose Gold Burgundy Hair
  10. Metallic Mauve
  11. BoysenBerry Transition
  12. Raspberry Burgundy Mix
  13. Light Burgundy

Sunset Burgundy

We all love the effects of sunset and when you can replicate it on your hair and carry it everywhere you go, your mood will be sure shot awesome. Sunset burgundy is a hair color[1] that is inspired from the sunset as its name suggest and looks the most natural when one does it in highlights. The streaks that peeps from the shades of burgundy free hand technique of painting the burgundy hair with sunset inspired highlights add a sense of depth and movement to the hair. It not just enhances the look of the hair but also spreads across a bold side of yours because of fiery shades in it.

It will be a very soft and subtle transformation from burgundy to shades of oranges and pink but it will for sure leave a very strong impact. The trick is to add the highlight in a balanced way so that it does not look burgundy dominated. This will it will melt instead of looking like patches.

How To Style: Firstly, even before learning how to style, it is important that you understand how you can achieve this perfectly. You will have to first color your entire hair to burgundy and then add shades like oranges, burnt reds and a little purple to it as well. When it comes to styling, we will recommend this on hair that is long as the shades will best reflect out of this length. Secondly, the best way to flaunt it would be curling it from the bottom.

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Burgundy With Tasty Ash Highlights

Ash in colors have become quite a favorite pick for a lot of people when it comes to fashion. It was seen rocking the jackets, the trousers, the beauty industry as well as the world of makeup. The one sector where it cast its spell apart from these were the hair color[2] industry. People were being bold enough to go entirely ash and the ones who found it difficult to carry, mixed it with browns and blonds. It will look amazing on hair that is cut in blunt or even hair that is spread out in long locks. While ash might not be the best for complexions that is way too fair or way too dark, but when you add a touch of burgundy to it, it automatically becomes approved for skin tones ranging from the darkest to the most fair.

How To Style: Get your hair cut in blunt for a much smart and formal look and add get them rooted burgundy and add ash highlights to it. Make sure to keep the ash 40% white the burgundy remains 60%. This way the distribution will look very subtle instead of being to overwhelming. Add layers to it so that it looks bouncy and voluminous as they are very important for colors that are light like ash or pastels.

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 Burgundy And Brown Tints

There are few shades that naturally goes amazingly well with all skin tones without much effort and brown is one of them. Most people have naturally dark brown hair which is confused with black and a lot of people have prominent light brown hair. A lot of times because of excess sun exposure, hair also tend to loose its pigment making it turn lighter in shade. Whichever may be the reason, brown is something whose transition sits quite beautifully on the hair. If going bold is not your cup of tea and you like taking tiny small steps, a transition to brown is perfect.

If brown seems way too basic then you can also opt to throw in burgundy for a little fun. Brown and burgundy can not just look a very rich color but also brings a great amount of attention to the face and in turn the features. They will suit both a dark as well as a light complexion. It is safe and hence will look perfect even in college and work environment.

How To Style: Considering this style is very easy to carry even in corporate world, you don't need much to do here. It is the hair color[3] that can easily take you from work to party without much hassle as well. It is not boring and can be styled in multiple ways. If you are looking to deck it up say for a wedding or a formal event, you can do a half up down hair and accessorize it based on the occasion. Some flowers for wedding and glitzy clips for a formal event is enough to pump it up. The length can be absolutely your choice. You can opt for long tresses and if not that then short blunt cuts will justify this hair color[4] as well.

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Black With Burgundy

Black is the most conventional hair color[5] and looks amazingly well with all complexions. It is an extremely exotic hair color[6] to have and you can get that bohemian look quite easily with it. While Asian's might find it quite boring considering they are born with it, for people from other part of the world, black is the most seductive hair color[7] to have. The effect multiplies when you mix it with a shade like burgundy. If experimental is your game then you must opt for the black with burgundy look. It is not for the light hearted so opt for it only if you are ready to carry it well. Both the shades seem very easy but when you wear it, it has a stark difference which will need someone bold to carry it.

How To style: You don't have to do much when it comes to black and burgundy. It is a statement in itself. You can let them lay loose or you can also opt to tie them in a sleek low pony for a classy look. You can very easily carry it to your work place. Opt for low buns, low ponytails, braids for office and half up knot and half loose down hair for casual days. The best outfit to wear with this hair will always be black. it will bring the badass attitude out.

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Burgundy Magenta

A lot of times going to extreme bold is not an option. That is when you have to take a side way and settle for something that is bold enough yet not very out there. Shades of pink is just that. There is a certain level of happiness that crosses the mind when we come across the color pink. It is young, feminine and is also a power statement. While a lot of us are not confident enough to carry this color, it is not necessary that we should give up on it.

Making it work is the best way and the magenta burgundy is the exact middle ground for it. Magenta can be very out there and bold. It is too bold even when compared to other shades of the pink. But when it is mixed with burgundy in the form of highlights, it very subtly mixes in. While balayage can be too overwhelming for this color, highlight is the best pick. It is there but it never looks extra dramatic.

How To Apply: The best way to get this look would be to burgundy in a global way and then add the magenta. This way it will distribute equally and looks blended in, rather than looking very patchy. It is very unique and the shade is immensely vibrant.

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Coffee Burgundy Twist

Who does not like a coffee early in the morning. Well, imagine the same effect on your hair. Something you can carry with yourself every single day. Imagine its uplifting effect on those gloomy work or college days. This reddish purple transition on the hair will look magical and you will need nothing but great confidence to rock it. They look the best when done on a complexion that is fair.

It will reflect best out of it. The color will look rich and very matured and will be perfect if you are looking for a transition that will look perfect for your work needs. If you are a fun soul and likes keeping away from matured things then I will recommend not getting into it because it is shade that is slightly more for the old soul.

How To Style: You can do this either on long hair or short hair as well. Adding layers will help this look a lot. When you mix coffee with burgundy it automatically adds a sense of depth and dimension to the hair but if you plan on intensifying it further, you can give curls and waves to them. They will also look great with your normal hair texture and does not need much effort. Just make sure that they are well kept and is not very frizzy.

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Burgundy Blonde

Feeling experimental but don't know what to do with it? Well, blond can most definitely pull that up a notch. Most of us hesitate going completely blond. I mean it is too strong for the eye and very bold. Not everyone is comfortable carrying it but that is when comes highlights in picture. You don't have to say a goodbye to blond just because it is extremely out there, you can always take the high road and opt for it in the form of highlights. If browns and coppers seem very boring to you, you can opt for burgundy with blonde highlights.

They are not at all basic, looks very different and unique and is also very peppy. Not advised for corporate environment or if you want a serious, matured look. This is a much fun look, something suitable for a college kid or even for someone who does not face any restrictions in terms of their work of education environment. It is peppy, it will add colors to your character whilst enhancing your overall look.

How To Style: The best hair style that goes with this look is a graduated bob. Don't ever keep it non textured or plain flat and straight. It will take away from the look. Add curls and volume with a little messy look to justify the hair color[8] the most. In fact the messier it looks, the better the shades will reflect. With a burgundy base and blonde highlights even without trying much you will attract all eyes to you. Try to crunch them between you fingers while you hair is damp to get that rough messy look.

Burgundy With Purple Blends

We all have discovered that transition colors are the best. They very beautifully blend in. However, if you think that it is only browns or neutral shades that have transitional colors then you are wrong. In fact all of them do. Pink, reds, even yellow for that matter. Same is the situation with burgundy. They can very naturally transit to purples. And well, who does not like purple. Unlike pink it is not very feminine and is in fact quite bold. It is the right in the middle of pink and black so it is feminine but not very girly and is bold but not as dark as black. And we all know how well the middle road is. It is always safe but best when it comes to experimenting too.

Burgundy and purple both are shades that are slightly towards the dark and hence does not require much effort with it. You can keep it longer or also continue with long tresses. As far as you have a burgundy hair with roots and purple highlights you don't have to worry about looking fabulous at all. It is suitable for both short as well as long hair and is very versatile. You can rock it for your work s much as you can for concerts. They are the best of both worlds.

How To Style: The best way to style this hair color[9] is to add texture on it using a texturising cream or by using the natural way to achieve it. The smartest way to rock this look however is to keep it in a graduated A line hair cut . It will look the best in this haircut and will throw a very smart look as well. You can pair it with power suits, skirts, shorts and even denim. They are versatile and very easy to carry. 

Rose Gold Burgundy Hair

Rose gold has taken the market by storm and it looks beautiful on hair. However, a lot of people might not be comfortable with a head that is entirely rose gold. It is after all shades of the metallic and a global with it can be very tricky to manage and handle. And that is when the burgundy rose gold highlights come in the picture. It will merge in beautifully and will look like a dream. This hair color[10] mostly look more burgundy than rose gold. The rose gold is more like a shadow on it than being a dominant color. It looks like a real gem sitting on the head and overall color will look extremely rich.

You can keep it whichever length you like. Bob, graduated bob, blunt or even layered long tresses. You can select whichever length you like and this hair color[11] will look a blast on it. When you paint your entire hair burgundy and add a touch of rose gold to it, the effect is nothing short of magic.

How To Style: Curls and waves done to a rose gold burgundy hair looks great. Make sure to add textures to it to make it look great. It will not look very flattering if you lay it flat instead of adding curves or waves to it. The more you keep them in a half up half down the more it will great so try that hairstyle the most with it. Avoid ponytails as it will look clumped in a single place and take from the beauty of its shade.

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Metallic Mauve 

Mauve is yet another color from the family of purple that looks mesmerizing. But who knew that it can blend in with a burgundy this well. Everything in the shade of metallic looks great and so does this. It is a great ash like color which has immense amount of colors with the right balance. This way it looks like there is a change there but it never looks like its too bold. It is a shade that you can carry wherever you wish too. Like to have a little feminine side to yourself but want to keep it to the neutrals, well, the metallic mauve is your best save.

There is no restriction even when it comes to the complexion. You might think that it being a part of the metallic family might keep it away from darker complexion but that is not true at all. It is as we mentioned a fine balance between the lot and can be easily rocked by all skin complexions.

How To Style: Knotted pony's are the best way to flaunt this or tucking in one the side using a pin will do a great job too. It is a great shade and you just have to deck it up based on the occasion. If it is a wedding then a half up half down hair will look perfect with it. If it is a casual event then tucking it behind your ear using cute or fancy pin would do too. The mauve is quite a versatile color and a lot can be one in terms of decking it up.

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BoysenBerry Transition

We all have watched those vampire movies and swooned over the hair that most of them posses. We have also always liked their hair apart from the intense dressing and makeup. A lot of times it is very difficult to put a finger on the hair color[12] that most of them have but we have found the answer to it. The authentic shows that showed the vampires dressed in black always had the boysenberry hair. It is very powerful but equally difficult to carry as well. You will need to have the right amount of attitude to carry it but once you get it, there will be no stopping.

A hair globally done boysenberry can be overwhelming but when you mix the tinge of burgundy to it with blacker roots, there is no way you can make it balance and look in your favor. The best way to do this is by using highlights as when the shades of boysenberry and black will peep from the burgundy it will look very natural rather than looking like a blob. Plus it will look very well put together instead of looking confusing.

How To Style: The best part about highlight is how naturally you can make all the colors blend in. When you go with balayage, with shades that are as powerful as boysenberry can get difficult to give justice to. But when you use highlights, it looks as if it was meant to be a part of it. If you are scared to look out there then always keep them tied in some way or the other. Either make it half up half down, buns or even a modified pony just make sure you don't leave it open. And if you are confident, well, you don't have to think much. Just go with the instinct.

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Raspberry Burgundy Mix 

This cocktail is our favorite because the colors in it are extremely rich. They are two very alike shades but when you blend in the highlight technique, they both speak volume and also come out as two completely different characters. This is what every teenager wanted in her life but hesitated getting. This needs expert advice even when it comes to styling it because if you decide to leave it as is every single day, there is a fair chance that you will make something this amazing also go down the lanes of mundane. Keep playing with them when it comes to styling. If you have hair that is long then play around it with intricate buns that you can mix with braids.

You can also throw in a pony tail as this hair color[13] will do justice to something as simple as that as well. However, note one thing for sure, volume will work best with this hair colour so always keep your hair voluminous.

How To Style: The opportunities are endless. First understand the occasion, second decide how much you want to deck it and third DO IT! As mentioned if you continue to leave your hair open because of this color it can turn to look very boring after 5th or 6th day. If styling them every day is very difficult then just add a braid tucked behind your ear for a change. The smallest intricate detail will look amazing with this.

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Light Burgundy

There might have been instances where you must have thought how these two colors will go well together while reading this article. Not all burgundy are same and you need to figure out the one that best suit your complexion in order to make it look naturally flowing rather than having a face that is blushed. This is one of the mermaid impressions that can be followed in order to make all heads turn to you. A lot of times darker shades can further make you look very dark or make you look extremely white. In cases like these finding a middle ground is very important.

The lighter shades always work. Same is the case with burgundy. If darker seems very dark when you mix it with shades like blond or rose gold, then you can always opt for a much lighter and subtler option in the form of light burgundy. It is almost brown with a tinge of brown to it and looks very beautifully settling to the eye unlike the original burgundy which is on the extremes of violet.

How To Style:Whenever you opt for rose gold, blonds or even ash as highlight to the hair, always opt for lighter burgundy as the transition will look very natural unlike how it will look with darker or the original burgundy. If you are someone from the darker complexion side you can blend this in with the darker burgundy and make it all about that instead of adding in a completely different shade. This will look great too.

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Now that you are aware of the list of best burgundy hair color[14] with highlights, pick the one that best suit your personality. It should always be you wearing the color not the other way round. But also, you might not be very comfortable with the idea but you might get used to it in someways so give it time before jumping into the conclusion.

Up your game of hair color[15] with a splash of burgundy onto your life. There are endless tones when it comes to burgundy. Starting from wine, deep merlot, cabernet and bordeaux, the family of burgundy have a lot which should be given a chance if you think it is worth it. Apart from looking fabulous on hair, it also helps in framing the face and accentuating the facial features in a much better way.

If you are bored of your otherwise brown/black/red hair, this can be a solution to that problem quite easily. Give burgundy a try and see how fruit full it will turn. Go pain the town red..oops..BURGUNDY!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 16/06/2019 

Burgundy Hair With Highlights

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