Blonde And Caramel Highlights

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Sometimes all you need is a tad bit of an inspiration when it comes to hair. They are a tricky business and needs the right cut and the right color on them which will help uplift both your overall appearance as well as your hair in particular. When it comes to hair color in specific, there are a couple of them which has proven its worth over time and continues to be the most favorite and preferred hair color. These are caramel and blonde. 

Both of them are very subtle as they can melt into each other and with other hues like magic. You can cut your hair short or even leave them long but when it comes to these two colors, they will not disappoint you one bit. But selecting the right shade can be tricky. After all the best way to give justice to this hair is by adding them through highlights. So to help you out with it, we are here with some of the inspiration that will clear your mind and make your decision easier.

Blonde And Caramel Highlights

Best Caramel And Blonde Hair Highlights

Let's look at the list and choose the one that best suit our face, complexion as well as out attitude.

  1. Butter Scotch
  2. Buttery Blonde Hair
  3. Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights
  4. Pearl Blonde Highlights
  5. Caramel Chin Length Bob
  6. Red Hair With Blonde Highlights
  7. Salted Caramel Highlights
  8. Ash Blonde Highlights
  9. Roasted Hair
  10. Black Hair With Blonde Highlights
  11. Sunset Caramel Hair
  12. Blonde And Brown Hair
  13. Mocha Caramel Hair
  14. Dark Brown Hair With Silver Blonds

Butter Scotch

Caramel is one of the most rare hair colors which look stunning on all skin complexions. Someone extremely dark can flaunt it as well as someone with a fair skin tone. However which base you pick changes the dimension entirely. For example if you go with something like this, then you will be adding caramel to extreme brown making it look like a butter scotch ice cream. It not only adds depth to the hair[1] but also gives it this movement. They are such conventional colors that they will  blend in with whichever length you choose for them. Just make sure to add on curls or waves to it to further make it look rich. 

How To Achieve It: This is the easier part. You honestly don't need a specific hair cut that will help uplift this look. All you need is brown roots to which you will be adding caramel as highlights. Highlights will best justify it. To style it, all you have to do is using a curling iron wrap your hair strands onto them very loosely. This way you get the look but it also looks very natural. 

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Buttery Blonde Hair

We all love the season F.R.I.E.N.D.S and we absolutely loved how Rachel Greens dressing was in the show. Well, including her hair[2]. They had this Californian sunlight kiss onto them which were almost always welcoming. Well, if you are a fan of that, then this look will surely entice you. Buttery blonde is an actual shade which is a very subtle mix of blonds with light browns. This also makes is very easy for someone with a dark complexion to adapt as highlights. We recommend not going for a global with this but highlights can work wonders. The best part about this look is how dimensional it is. Has a lot of character and speaks volume. If loose waves remind you of beaches, the butter blonde hair will surely help you out with in the same manner. It is blissful and provides a sense of warmth to the entire look. 

How To Achieve it: The best part about this hair color is how you can leave it straight and also add in curls. The straight hair which in most highlight cases looks very bland but when it comes to the butter blonde highlights, you can very well manage it. Try keeping it in a blunt if you are looking for a formal look and you can later add in curls to it to make it fun as well. 

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Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights

When it comes to one of the most comfortable hair color, it has to be brown. It is something that everyone can wear whenever they want. It is fun whilst being very professional. You don't even have to worry a lot when it comes to brown and complexion. Everything pretty much suits everyone. Dark brown hair[3] with caramel highlights is one such excellent hair color. For us, it is a walk in the season of fall. Warm yet breezy. Rusty and vintage, yet modern and quirky. The best thing about these two shades is that when you combine both of them, it melts in and leaves a very enticing look. So if you want a change in your look but are too scared to go all out, this hair color can be the best bet. It is formal, sexy, enticing and attention grabber all at the same time. 

How To Achieve It: Note that this hair color can give two totally different look when they are in mattes or when they are glossed up. Glossed up will make it look very rick and also give you a very matured look while the matte one will form a sense of mystery around you so choose according to your liking. The trick here is to have a base which is dark brown and adding highlights which is dark caramelized. Try doing it when you have manes which are long enough to flaunt its beauty the best. Leave it straight or add soft curls, call is yours. 

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Pearl Blonde Highlights

Those pinterest boards can be very intimidating sometimes. While the whole world is falling in love with the platinums, it is sometimes not everyones cup of tea to flaunt it in the best way. But that does not mean that you quit it. You must opt for an alternative which will give you a look very similar to it yet won't be that bold a decision. In cases like these, the shade pearl can be the ultimate savior. The fantastic thing about it is that it has a lot of hidden shades in it and your inspiration can be anything. If you want to go all crazy you can opt for platinum purples and blues which are very prominent in a pearl. But the one that we are going for today is the Pearl blonde. It is a slightly pale color which add highlights to hair[4] in the most subtle way. Pearl is also one of the shades that you can easily opt for when you don't want to change the color of your entire hair and want a subtle change. It is a very sophisticated look and the best part about it is how naturally it blends in. 

How To Achieve It: Laying them flat will bore you out very soon so when you get them colored, I recommend leaving it as is for at least a good 2 weeks and then adding in waves on a day to day basis. This way, you can have the most fun with a color or shade which is very safe. It is in fact such a dull change that it looks very blended in with the color. If you have naturally blonde hair then you are at luck cause this highlight will just melt it. And by any chance if you have a darker shade, this highlight can ad a pop of color that way. 

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Caramel Chin Length Bob

Bobs have literally conquered the world of hairstyle and is the first choice whenever people want a change. And fair enough. It is a look which can turn tables for you and take you from classic to classy in seconds. While keeping them pin straight can make you win your corporate war, adding some flirty curls and waves will help you win your social life back. It is the ultimate choice whenever someone wants to cut down a couple of years from their age and want to look peppy. It is 2019 and it the time to embrace your features the best by going short. And the best hairstyle[5] to help you achieve it is bobs. But what can make it look better? A dash of caramel spread evenly in terms of highlights. Just imagine having hair on which caramel is settled like it is dripping from the roots. Deep isn't it? 

How To Achieve It: If sophisticated and classy is your go to style and you see yourself wearing pencil skirts more than shorts then this hairstyle should be right under your sleeve. The way to nail this look is getting your hair cut in a sharp chin length bob. The highlight to this will be ,well, the highlight. Add caramel in terms of highlights and finish it by adding gloss to it. When it comes to styling, you can choose to keep them straight for your meetings and add in waves when you are going out. Best of both worlds isn't it? 

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Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

I think the only time warm and cool undertone clash and blend is in situation like this. Red is one of the most common hair color that people tend to get in the early hair color experiencing stage. But it is one of the most versatile look in the history of hair colors. At one point it can look fun in the other it can look fierce. A lot of colors have different stories behind it but the backbone remains the same. However, when it comes to the color red, all of them can narrate a different set of story every single time. A red is known to be fierce and when you commit to a look like this then be assured that you have to confident in what you carry on your head. To further add to this complex color is blonde highlights. It in a lot of ways tames the red down. They are the true fire and ice combination. However, there is one single note, never let a hair color like this fall flat. 

How To Achieve It: Picking it from where we left, it is very important to add dimension and texture to the hair which can be easily achieved using layers. They apart from adding dimension, also solves the problem of face which is too round or long or even hair[6] which is greasy. Most of us are not born red heads so to nail this look, you will first have to go with coloring your head red. Then further add in the caramel highlight to get a look which is very fiercely settling. The best way to flaunt this is by blow drying the hair or curling them. The denser it is, the better it will look. 

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Salted Caramel Highlights

Just imagine the effects of a flashlight, well this color is just that without causing an irritation that it does. When you look at this shade, just like how its name suggests, it will remind you of the salted caramel ice cream. It is a very subtle color with a hint of the vacation vibe to it. However, with shades like this, one has to be very careful and one must add in a lot of layers and volume to the hair[7] otherwise it can take away from the look and feel of the hair color. You can also give it a very sharp look by cutting the edges sharp and pointy. These are the best way to flaunt this look without much hassle. This is perfect for someone with fine hair and look almost dream like with it. As much as we love ice cream version of it, the hair color is so amazing that it will satisfy us exactly about that level. 

How To Achieve It: Like we said, fine hair can benefit the most from this look. All you have to do is color you hair in this shade and you will be done. The best way for it is to have deeper darker roots peeping from the sultry caramels. So paint your roots into a dark brown and then give salted caramel highlights. And whenever there is the word salt in hairstyle[8], there is no way you can let go of waves. Those beachy waves are the foundation or the backbone of anything salty so add them. This way the brown will peep in real nice and will look very natural while doing so. 

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Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash blonde will instantly take you the world of snow and ice and all things nice. This shade has also found its popularity in the year 2018/19 and is almost on everyones head right now. But a lot of people have also gone entirely wrong with it too. The game with the ash blonde highlight is all about proportion and placing everything at the right place. However, people mess it up. Ash blonde belongs to a cool undertone family hence looks the best on someone who is either very fair or fair. Someone with a darker skin can flaunt it too but they will need a darker blend with it to justify this look to the maximum. No doubt there is a lot of character and story behind it but doing it wrong can ruin all your efforts. The one benefit with ash blonde however is how well it can blend with both the warmer and well as the cooler undertone so select wisely and flaunt it in the best way because this hair color deserves it. 

How To Achieve It: The best way to flaunt this shade is by going a graduating bob. This is perfect when it comes to ash blonde hair[9]. You can leave the roots to black if you are confused which path to go. This way you don't even have to worry about it suiting your complexion. Black is a great balance. Try to keep them in light waves so that whenever you choose to go straight, it will be like a shocking change which will surprise everyone. A gloss is a must when it comes to this shade otherwise it will end up looking way too dull. 

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Roasted Hair

Nature can give such great inspiration when it comes to trend. Same is the case with hair color. Just imagine a roasted almond. We love it in our chocolate and also as dried fruit but what if you can have the exact same shades sitting right on top of your head? Well, it is not a dream and is quite possible. the roasted hair is a combination of browns, blonds and caramels. The trick here is to blend them so well that they look exactly like a roasted almond. Which it will, if you get it right. A lot of people like the warm tinge caramel which is slightly on the orang-ish side but if you are looking for a drastic change and also for an alternative and a bend towards the cooler tone then this can be your next best friend. It is what we have seen most celebrities rock on shows but the perfection of it will keeping awing you every single time you look at it. 

How To Achieve It: The best way to flaunt this look is by doing it to longer manes. When long, hair[10] can dictate the color better cause there is a lot of space for it to do so. This will look more like balayage but is in fact highlight. It will begin right from the top in very subtle and lesser number but by the time it reaches down the consistency increases, making it look dense. One more way to further bring all attention to them is by adding curls just to the bottom part. The hair will look extremely rich and also enticing. 

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Black Hair With Blonde Highlights 

Black is the most conventional colors. There is a lot that can be done around it and it pretty much dwells in everything. It is also one of the shades which suits all irrespective of their undertone. Be it a warm undertone or someone with a cooler one, when you opt for blacker roots and base, everything pretty much melts in. Dark is also one of the hottest trend that never tends to go out of fashion. People might stop wearing lighter clothes but dark saves it all. Same is the case with hair. And why not, after all it is sexy, appealing as well as sophisticated all at once. It can give a lot of depth to the hair brining hair to live. However, plain black hair might not be the best option if you are looking to leave a statement. You will need something to further enhance the look and that is when enters highlights. While there are a lot of highlights which goes with black hair the best in our case goes to blonde. It will add a contrast to the color black and further grab attention towards it. 

How To Achieve It: If you are an Asian there is a most likely chance that you already are in the color black but not stereotyping, if you are not the one then get them dyed black. While you might like the transition and you might want to stop right here, we suggest don't. Carefully take the blonde and add onto the black as highlights. However, there is one tricky thing here. When you leave hair[11] straight with black and  blonde, it can look really flat. Hence we recommend going for loose curls, waves or even a crumpled effect. 

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Sunset Caramel Hair

If there are two things that is extremely beautiful, it has to be the sunrises and the sunsets. They look beautiful and when you bring it to your hair, it can uplift the whole of your appearance and brings attention to your face as well as the hair[12]. When the shades of gold and browns come together, it is such a beautiful mix that it all just blends in. The best way to flaunt this look is by maintaining it onto a short cut. With short hair, these colors come out really well and it all looks assembled rather than spread out on a long hair. It is going to transform your entire look and with minimal effort. This can be perfect for the times when you have a romantic date and you don't have time to spare to go to the salon. A blow dry is more than enough to set it and flaunt it with your favorite dress. It is also perfect for casual as well as formal events. 

How To Achieve It: This one is pretty much very simple. All you have to do to achieve this is get your hair colored in caramel with a medium brown base. This is not going to be very bright sunset but in fact a very subtle version of it. The best part about this look is how well it sets in for all kinds of events. When you are out with friends, you can just leave them sparce, straight when out for a formal event or curled and waved when out on a date. 

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Blonde And Brown Hair

Remember when you wanted to get your hair colored but then your mother said no and you took near about a week to convince her and then she finally agreed to something subtle? We can bet our lives that you opted for dark hair and a light highlight on top of it. We can also bet that there is a fair amount of chance that the shades involved were blonde and brown. They are the most common and conventional hair color. A lot of lucky people tends to also get this hair color very naturally. However, if you are not one of them then you must get it. We mean why not, it is sophisticated, it brings a change yet looks subtle. It also looks perfect when not styled. With most hair color, the tricky part is styling them in order to keep them looking great. But when it comes to blonds and and browns, the shaggy look also forms a great style. You don't even have to worry about getting a specific hair cut done to flaunt this. It will look just fine in your original hairstyle too. As far as the hair looks healthy, we don't think there is anything you should worry about. 

How To Achieve It: Like we said, nothing. This needs nothing more than the hair coloring. We however recommend prepping your hair so that the after coloring part look amazing than looking dry and dead. Keep oiling the hair[13] and you can crazy with this. Curl it, wave it, crumple it or even leave it straight. Its all your choice. The only thing that we will recommend is to getting a polish done to it so that it does not look dry and matte. That will steal the essence of this look.

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Mocha Caramel Hair

While excessive coffee might not be great for the human body but when it comes to hair, the coffee is the perfect shade. It is dark, intense and can give exceptional amount of dimension to the hair[14]. The best way to flaunt this look is to however add in highlights. Mocha has been standing out in the hair color industry since time unknown. Where the blonds and browns have been taking the industry by storm, this brunette shade is balancing and reaching as equivalent to that. The thing about this hair color is exactly how you feel when you have your mocha caramel coffee. Opulent, rich, dense and textured. This hair color is that and so much more. If you are looking for a look which is safe and has been a classic since forever then you can most definitely go for this.  If you need a lot of dimension then we recommend going with a shorter length but instead, when you want it to free flow, then just opt for a longer mane. 

How To Achieve It: It is pure magic and if you want to nail the look then we recommend opting for a professional to perfect this. The look is all about the blends. It is the right balance between browns and the brunettes in the form of a melting caramel color. All you have to do is pick up a dark chocolate base and then add the caramel brunette highlights to it to perfect the look. If you plan on keeping it straight then make sure you add in curls or waves and if you prefer leaving it long then add in waves right at the bottom to give it a very rich look. 

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Dark Brown Hair With Silver Blonds

A lot of people tend to confuse silvers with platinums but there is a different there. Silver will give you a very matte and rusty look wherein platinum is more of a glossy and shiny appearance. The silver can be easily associated with grays wherein the platinum is more towards white. While the platinum is gaining a lot of popularity, it can be too overwhelming for a lot of people to carry. So whenever it comes to something subtle and something settling, you can always opt for the silver as it will blend it with the brown the best. Also, a lot of people very naturally have a brown hair color, so this mean you don't even have to color your roots and in fact can just get away with the highlights. 

How To Achieve It: While highlights needs foils, I recommend doing this particular one with with free hand so that your browns blend well with the silvers. There is nothing better than curls that can define this look better. It is quite easy and low maintenance. Just make sure you use purple shampoos to maintain the color and also opt for natural ways of curling them instead of iron as it will fade the color. 

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Now that the scene is clear to you, you can pick up whichever highlight best speaks your personality. It can be lighters or darker. The trick is to find the one that is the most comfortable and that brings the maximum of you out. Hair[15] is the best jewel a woman can wear. 

And one must keep polishing them to make them look young forever. In this case, the polish is the highlight. So pick up the brush or hand it over to a professional and let them paint your hair into something amazing!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 29/06/2019 

Blonde And Caramel Highlights

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