Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length

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"Hair is a crown that we never take off" is a statement very well established. It adds a lot of character to our look and also screams our personality to a great extent. Someone with long hair sure loves a touch of girly to them. Someone with a bob cut loves to be on the edgier side, ready to take over the world. It defines your way more than you think it does. While black and white are great, sometimes grey is the best way to go. Similarly, while the riot between opting for short hair and long hair is justifiable, considering its entirely different looks, choosing for medium length hair is also not a bad option. There is a lot that can be done around this length and more than anything else, if short screams quirky and long screams mature, the medium is the perfect balance between both. 

Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length 

A lot of celebrities have been seen rocking this length with a variety of changes in the style and it never failed to impress us. While you might think it is easier for the celebrities to achieve that considering the stylist and hairdressers that run around them, you must know that the kill here is the styling and a basic haircut to make wonders. Opt from any one of these hairstyles for your medium length and see for yourself how your entire personality changes with it.

Double Buns

Face Type: Ideal for a heart-shaped face. Everyone like a kick of fun in their look and this hairstyle is the perfect way to achieve it. A medium length hair is a perfect length to make double buns as it is not too short to make a bun nor is it too long making it difficult to manage. This is the ultimate hairdo for a girls night out. You can also add a few hairpins and beads to decorate your bun. 

How to achieve this: 

For this, all you have to do is part your hair from between and take one section and comb it up. Roll it and make a small bun from it. Use a band and secure it. Do the same on the other side as well. You can use hairpins and u-pins to secure any loose ends. 


Side Braid

Face Type: Ideal for a Round shaped face. This is the easiest way of going from messy to princessy. It will make you look dainty and it is the perfect hairdo that goes with a dress or a gown. It looks very classy and using studded pins would enhance the whole hairdo. You can also add volume to your hair by making tight curls. It will pull your hair off from your face and give dimension to your face structure as well. It will also add a dash of charm to your look. 

How to achieve this: Take a comb and do a side parting. Take the side which has less ratio of hair and sections it into multiple parts. Braid each section and secure it with transparent bands. Pull the braids back and using a hairpin secure them all. Pin it exactly behind your ears. 


Half Up Double Buns

Face Type: Ideal for a square shaped face. 

If you are too scared to pull all your hair up and back, this is the perfect hairstyle to solve that problem. Half up double buns not only look cute but goes with pretty much all outfits. It is one amongst the fun hairdo to opt for and require minimum efforts. They look perfect with a pair of jeans, a skirt or even a dress. If you are too conscious about your face structure but want that hair away from your face, this is your best bet. 

How to achieve this: Take a comb and do a middle parting. Take a little hair[1] from the right section and twist to make a bun. Secure it using a band. Make sure to leave some hair at back, loose. The hair that you will be pulling back would be taken from the front. Repeat the same on the other side and you are good to go. You can add in bunny hair bands and studded hairpins if you are looking to decorate the look. 


Buns With Bangs

Face Type: Ideal for a Square Shaped face. Bangs are perfect for people who have a wide forehead.

They hide them naturally whilst maintaining the beauty of your face structure. While a bun with bangs can be achieved with all hair textures, it looks the best with curly hair as it adds volume and dimension to it. This hairdo will make you look very attractive and you can easily opt for it if you are looking for something trendy. This adds a touch of fun to the otherwise pullback hair. 

How to achieve this: If you have bangs it is perfect but if you don't, then just pull all your hair at the back and twist it to make the bun. However, instead of tucking the ends inside your hair, let it fall on your forehead. Now, either straighten the hair[2] falling on your forehead using a straighter or tight curl them. Make sure if you opt for curls, it is an overall curly hairdo and not a mix and match of straight and curly.



Messy Half Updo

Face Type: Ideal for an Oval shaped face. 

While we always want our hair to behave the way we want, sometimes it is just not possible. But that comes in our favour when we are looking for something intentionally messy. Just like the Messy Half Updo. This is one amongst the easiest hairstyles to add dimension and volume to your hair. This requires a lot of backcombing to actually give it the messy feel however, it works perfectly when put in a bun and paired with casuals like jeans or shorts. If you are a rebel this hairstyle is where your heart should be. If you think it is a plain hairdo, you can always spice it up by adding braids to it. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is comb your hair[3] back and right where your ear begins, draw a half circle from one ear to the other using your comb. This will help you divide the crown from the lower section of your head. Take the upper section, backcomb it and make a bun. You can also opt to make a pony instead of a bun. 


Dutch Braid Bun

Face Type: Ideal for a Heart Shaped face. 

This is the best pick even for days which are the most important like your wedding. A bride can easily opt for this and hence it is essential to know that the Dutch brain bun is a little on the dressier side. This hairstyle is made to look very classy and sophisticated however when paired with a leather choker and some Smokey eye makeup, it can also manage to look very edgy. This is a very easy hairstyle for someone with medium length hair. You can add in hairpins with flowers to dress your hair up or leave it as is for a rough look. 

How to achieve this: Part your hair on the preferred side and taking a chunk from the section with more hair start braiding. Braid it from the crown and after the first braid, start taking hair from the left as well as the right section. Keep a web in your mind while making this, it will give you a mental picture of the procedure. Continue doing so till you have near about 6 inches of hair loose. Now, take the braided hair together and tie it in a pony. Twist the loose hair up and make it in a low rise bun. You will need a lot of pins to secure this. 


Jumbo Bun

Face Type: Ideal for a Square Shaped face. 

For someone who always goes for exaggerated as an option, this is the perfect hairstyle. It is dramatic, it is extra and it will surely turn all eyes on you. Considering this requires a complete pull back, it is a perfect hairdo for someone who wants to flaunt their jawline and other facial features. It will also naturally make you look a few inches taller than you are whilst giving an illusion of a slimmer and taller frame. 

How to achieve this: If you are blessed with a hair[4] volume that only requires tying to make a jumbo bun, thank god for it. If not, use the sock method to do the same. You can also opt for extensions to add volume to your hair if you don't like the idea of using a bun and making it look artificial. All you have to do is pull all your hair back and twist and turn it to make a bun. A little backcombing will help with adding volume to the hair and making it look bigger. 


Braided Pigtails

Face Type: Ideal for a Heart or Oval Shaped face. 

This will straight up remind you of the cheerleaders with the cute uniform and pom poms in their hand. There is no way that you won't look cute carrying this hairstyle. It is easy to achieve and will not make you look like a kid. There are a lot of variations to it like a full braided pigtail or a half-braided-half-lose pigtails. It is versatile and will give you a different look every single time. This can easily turn a medium length hair into a beautiful hairdo. You can add your preferred variation of one strand loose and one braided and tie them together in pigtails. Whatever you do, you will be leaving a style statement for sure. 

How to achieve this: You just have to section your hair[5] from between and braid it either entirely or partially and tie it in the form of a pigtail. This requires minimum efforts and you can also just braid the front small section of your hair and secure it with transparent rubber bands and tie it with the other non-braided hair. It will give a very dainty and elegant look to the otherwise fun and quirky hairdo. 


Twisted Crown Buns

Face Type: Ideal for a Round Shaped face. 

One amongst the elegant hairstyles, a twisted crown bun is very easy to make and will make you look like a million bucks with minimal efforts. Just a basic bun is always boring. You can spice it up by adding a twisted braid to it. This will give your face a desired structure and bring all attention directly to your hair as well as your facial features. It will also bring all eyes to your jawline and make your face look sharp and edgy. 

How to achieve this: Take your hair and tease it first to add volume to your hair. Pick two chunks from both the sections of parting and braid them tightly. Take the remaining hair and make a messy bun out of it. Take the braided hair and crisscross them from above your bun. Tuck the ends of the hair using a pin. Your braided bun is ready. 


Headscarf Mohawk Hair

Face Type: Ideal for a Square Shaped face. 

For someone who is a daredevil and likes to experiment with their hairstyle, a Mohawk curl is a perfect option. It is bold yet beautiful and you will be given full points for your guts to try this on. Adding the scarf gives a structure to the otherwise plain hair and enhance the look of this hairstyle. This hairdo is perfect for someone with medium length hair as it requires pinning half the hair up which won't be possible with long hair. It will be eye catchy and attractive hence be ready to match the perfect outfit with it. All eyes will be on you and the best way to style this look is by wearing something vintage like striped or polka dots shirt. Pair that with bell bottoms and you are ready to rock and roll. 

How to achieve this: Comb your hair back and tie the part on your crown in a bun. Leave 60% of your hair down and 40 tied up in the bun. Take a section of the part down and tie it. Then braid it and pin it up. Do the same with all the hair[6] that is loose and keep braiding and pinning them. Untie the top knot and tight curl them. Your crazy look to take over the world is ready. 


Curl With Bangs

Face Type: Ideal for a Heart Shaped face.  This one is the perfect hairdo for someone who has wavy and straight hair. It brings a change within no time and a change that will give you a completely different look. The curls with bangs give structure to your face and bring out your eyes. You can also opt this hairdo if you are someone with a flat and weighed down hair. It will add volume to them. If you are someone with an already curly hair, you can get bangs to add a touch of unique to your look. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is tight curl your hair and the bangs. You can add in a band or a scarf right before your bangs start to add a little fun to your look or you can leave it as is. It is even easier when you already have curls. You just have to use a serum and curler to give it a more defined look. 

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Pulled Back Ponytail

Face Type: Ideal for all face types.  

If you like a casual look, you have tried this hairstyle sometime in your life. Not everyone is a big fan of their hair falling on the face and likes it pulled back. It just requires a band and a comb and while it might not be possible with short hair and look overly dramatic on long hair, medium length hair justifies a pulled back ponytail like no other hair type. If you are someone who always leaves the hair[7] open and down, this can give you an instant change in your look with minimum efforts. You can also add loose curls to your hair first before tying it up to give added volume. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is take your comb and pull the hair back and tie it using a scrunchie. Try to tie it as up as possible. This will make your face look elongated and make you look taller and leaner. Ariana Grande is seen rocking the high pony look every now and then. 

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Inverted Bob

Face Type: Ideal for all face type, except square. Bob hairstyles are in rage and even celebrities have been trying to get into this look recently. It is one of those haircuts that instantly cuts down a few ages and make you look young and perky. While a normal bob is great, an inverted bob is amazing. It adds volume to your hair and makes it bounce with every step you take. It would look adorable and if you throw in a scarf or a band, it will directly take you back to the '80s. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is take a trip to your stylist and get this haircut done. To give the inverted touch to the basic bob, use your hairdryer and a rounded brush and give it an outer curl instead of curling inwards. 

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Graduated Bob

Face Type: Ideal for all face type, except square. Bob is one amongst the trendiest option and the market has seen a lot of variations to it. From A-line to wavy, there is something in store for everyone. Graduated bob gives a very sharp look to your face whilst adding volume to your hair. You can either get a layered graduated bob or a normal graduated bob, both will add a character to your overall look. Just like any other bob, even this will make you look younger and cut down a few years from your looks. You know you have mastered the graduated bob look when your hair[8] resembles a wig. 

How to achieve this: You can get this look by a professional who has a good hand when it comes to a haircut as this needs precession. This would require you to get hair which is shorter from the back and elongated in the front. The elongated front is the reason for its sharp look. 

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Medium Length Layers

Face Type: Ideal for an Oval Shaped face.  

Layers are every hair stylists best friend. Someone looking for a change on their mundane hair is most likely to get layers from their hair stylist. It not only looks classy but also solves the problem of a flat and weighed down hair or thin tamed down hair. It adds volume and makes the hair bounce and perks. This is one amongst those hairstyles which won't take down the length of your hair but will give you a completely different look when you walk out of the salon. It provides a nice frame for the face and glorifies all your facial features. You can do absolute justice to this hairstyle by wearing it with off-shoulder tops and dresses. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is take a trip to your stylist and get layers added to your hair[9]. After that, you can leave the worry of styling it aside. It will look perfect when parted from the middle and left open.

Side Swept Hairstyle

Face Type: Ideal for a Round Shaped face.  

You must have seen that boss lady's in the movies with hair of the same length, blow-dried to cup their face and fit like a jigsaw. It is clean and precise. While this hairstyle looks very simple and boring, it sure adds a sense of power to your look because of its neatness. It will also make you look a few years wiser and give a very sharp look to your personality. The trick here is to keep the hair smooth and falling like a waterfall, naturally. 

How to achieve this: This hairstyle brings a change more because of the blow dry than the haircut itself. Just get a straight hair cut with a subtle side bang, a few inches shorter than your actual length. You can also opt to add a few layers to it. Blow dry them so they cup the face. Just take the side bang and give it a soft outward blow dry to give it that sweeping feel. 

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Medium Black Hair With Waves

Face Type: Ideal for a Square Shaped face.  

Wavy hair looks divine when the hair is darker in shade. It gives a neat look while making one look very stylish. You know the hairstyle is a rock when the former first lady Michelle Obama wear it every now and then. That is the beauty of having black hair[10] with waves, it can look stylish whilst looking formal. And the best length to support this hairstyle is a medium hair length. Get this look and you are sure to turn all heads to your direction. 

How to achieve this: If you have hair that has a nice side bang then you are good to go, if not, then we suggest getting a side bang cut. All you need for this hairstyle is a straightener or a curling iron. Keep the top part of your hair straight and add loose curls to the lower part of your hair. That is all that it takes to get this fabulous look. 

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Messy Waves With Bangs

Face Type: Ideal for a Round Shaped face.  

Anastasia Steele from fifty shades of grey made news for a lot of things but the things that remained with the woman clan was her daintiness and her gorgeous locks. It was the perfect girls next door look. Wavy hair with front bangs stole the show as much as the movie did. It is the perfect hair to add a touch of innocence to the otherwise edgy. A round face would benefit from this hairstyle the most as it adds a definition to the face, giving it structure. The trick here is to keep messing it to make it look 100% natural 

How to achieve this: This would require you to have two things. One, front bangs. Two, medium length hair. All you have to do is take your straightener and give beach waves to your hair. Use your fingers to mess your bangs and your hair[11] to give the aptest messy wave look. 

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Wavy Bob

Face Type: Ideal for a Round and Oval Shaped face.  It is already established that bob is making a rage when it comes to the hairstyling world. Everyone wants it and everyone is trying hit and trials with it. While someone might like the idea of straight bob and sharp ends, it might be too formal for a certain crowd. One cannot deny that a straight bob gives a very matured look to you, adding a few years to your looks. Well, that is when wavy bob comes to rescue. Not everyone has blessed straight hair and due to the environmental factors, most hairs tend to become naturally wavy. Hence, this style is the lowest maintenance and will add a touch of fun to your look. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is get a bob haircut done. It could be graduating or straight cut. The main key here is to use your straightener to create waves on your hair. If you are blessed with an already wavy hair, like most people, all you have to do is add a little bit of serum and define it more using the hair[12] styling tool once. 

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Asymmetrical Hairstyle For Medium Length

Face Type: Ideal for a Round and Oval Shaped face.  

If the word cute and dainty makes you cringe and edgy is what you prefer then asymmetrical hair is the way to go. This requires, as the name suggests, hair to be asymmetrical from the ends. You can try it on different lengths from bob to shoulder, it will look amazing in each one of them. Pair it up with your favourite jeans and t-shirt and wear wine lipstick and you are good to go. Style this look with bold jewellery as that will give utmost justice to this haircut. 

How to achieve this: The messier the look, the more it is close to the asymmetrical hair. It will require your hairstylist to cut your hair[13] precisely but when it comes to the end, just give it a rough freehand chop. This will require expertise as it should look good whilst being asymmetrical. To rock this style, part your hair maintaining the 80-20 ratio and tuck the 20% ratio hair behind your ear using a pin. 

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Cornrow Hair

Face Type: Ideal for a Heart Shaped face.  

Once you enter the world of edgy, it is very difficult to get out of it. The cornrow is one such hairstyle to satisfy your craving for something edgy. It will look funky and most definitely very different. While it looks very tomboyish and something that would only suit denim, it surprisingly looks classy with a dress as well. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do to get this look is to pull all your hair[14] back and section them into parts. Tightly braid each one of them and secure them from transparent bands. You can style it with scarf's or beads to get the hip look. 

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Casual Updo

Face Type: Ideal for a Heart Shaped face.  

While this looks very complicated and gives a feeling of hours and hours of efforts, it is quite easy to achieve. They are the perfect hairstyle to match with everything you wear from denim, dresses to even gowns. If you are late for an event and want a quick fix to your hair, this is the perfect way to do so. The casual updo is also your cheat sheet for days when you don't have a blow-dried, set and clean hair. This will quickly amp up your style and give your face a nice structure. If you are looking to flaunt that jawline of yours but don't want to spend a full pocket on getting it styled, this is your best bet. 

How to achieve this: While this looks complex, it is quite easy to achieve. Do a small parting on your preferred side and twist the front few hairs from both the partitions and pin it behind your ear. You will need to secure it from a spray if your hair[15] fails to stay in place. Next, pull all your hair in a bun and secure it using pins and bands. You can opt for whichever bun you like. Spray it again to secure it and keep it intact. 

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Casual Braided Pompadour

Face Type: Ideal for an oval Shaped face.  

You don't necessarily have to go through a haircut to get a cute and adorable looking hairstyle. Sometimes all you need is a comb, a few pins and a little patience to achieve a drastically changed look which looks cute at the same time. While edgy is not everyone's cup of tea, no one hesitates from a hair that makes them look cute. It is very easy to carry and does not lead to any consciousness. Casual braided pompadour is the exact same hairstyle. It is also one amongst the ultimate girl next door style. Try this on and smile wherever you go, you will attract attention like a magnet. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do is backcomb a section of your hair from the crown section and loosely braid them. Make sure to backcomb it once to give your hair the desired volume as the braid must look voluminous. You can leave the remaining hair as is. That is it. Your way of looking cute is that easy. You can also opt to braid the section below into thinner braids or use the whole hair to make the pompadour. It's your creative box, go crazy with it. 

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Layers And Headband Twist

Face Type: Ideal for an oval or a Round Shaped face.  

We all have discovered our love for layers and there are endless trial and errors with it. Layer with a headband twist is one amongst those creative trials which turned out to be a success. There is a lot that can be done with this hairstyle. The braid can be a side braid of one from ear to ear making a legit headband. You can leave the rest of the non-braided hair open for a casual event or make a bun out of it for a semi-formal event. The opportunities with this one are endless. Whatever you try and do with this hairstyle one thing is certain, it will leave you looking very dainty and gorgeous with minimum efforts.

How to achieve this: You will need to have layers for this particular one. If you want to replicate the exact style then get it cut or if you want to do it with your current haircut, it will work out just fine with that as well. All you have to do is part your hair whichever way you want, side or middle and take a chunk of hair from exactly behind your ear and start braiding it. If you are considering a side section, make sure to use the chunk of hair from the side which has a maximum ratio of hair. Braid that chunk and cross it above your crown and pin it on the other side, behind your ear. Your hairstyle is ready. 

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U-Shaped Hair With Curled Ends

Face Type: Ideal for all face type except square. 

This is a haircut that pretty much everyone starts with. It is simple with the very minimal drama going around it. The levelled up hair, cut in the U shape gives a very defined look and is perfect if you are someone who has restrictions in terms of cuts. If you are someone who prefers something simple with a touch of unique to it, U shaped hair with curled ends is your best bet. These were seen a lot in the '70s and managed to add a bounce to the otherwise scanty hair. You don't need heavy maintenance for this and considering it comes under the basic haircuts, it will not even cost a bomb on your pocket. 

How to achieve this: All you need is a haircut from your stylist to get rid of all the layers and levelling up all your hair into the shape-U. To achieve this look you only need a straightener to give soft curls to your hair ends. Using a straightener will give you a much natural sweep than the defined waves that you will get from curling iron or hot rollers. 

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Poofy Pony

Face Type: Ideal for an oval-shaped face. 

There is no hair length like medium hair length to get an adorable looking pony hairstyle. However, there is one hairstyle that looks better than pony on medium hair length and that is a puffy pony. It adds dimension and volume to your hair whilst making you look adorable. While we have been playing around the basic ponytails since ages, tweaking it a little to add a touch of fun is harm to no one. Add that poof to your pony to not only add volume to your hair but also make you look taller than your actual height. 

How to achieve this: All you need to do is pull all your hair back and take a small chunk of hair from the crown region and backcomb it to add volume. Now, make a puff out of the backcombed hair and pin it. Make sure you give it an outward push to add the puffiness to your hair. Use a spray or gel to keep it in place if you have straight hair that keeps falling. Tie the remaining hair mixing it with the poofed part and make a pony. If your hair fails to stand and you don't want to use the spray, you get readymade push-ups for your hair with Velcro to achieve the puff, you can use that. 

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Flowy Voluminous Curls

Face Type: Ideal for a heart-shaped face. 

If you are someone with thin hair or a very narrow face and wants to add volume to your entire look, this hairstyle is perfect. The voluminous curls, as the name suggests, add volume to the hair making it look bouncy and lightweight. While smaller curls tend to fall flat very soon, curls like these add a lot of depth to the hair. Someone with black medium length hair can easily rock this look. 

How to achieve this: If you are looking for something exactly the same, we suggest you should get layers done first. Curling is the after styling part which can be achieved by using either a straighter or a curling rod. Don't forget, this falls under the dramatic curls and hence will require a lot of your patience. 

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Curly Updo

Face Type: Ideal for a heart-shaped face. 

A lot of times people hesitate to do the updo as it makes their hair fall flat and the updo also looks very scanty. There is no volume and it is definitely not something that you can wear outside of the house as it will make you look straight out of your PJ's. But when you add curls to it, it automatically gives volume and a very romantic look at the same time. They go perfectly with denim as much as they melt with a gown. If you are going on a date, a curly updo must be your staple. 

How to achieve this: If you have straight hair, all you need to achieve this look is an overnight roller routine to wake up the next day with intense curls. Once you achieve that, all you need to do is tie them in a bun and you are done. If you don't want your curls to be very intense, you can skip the overnight routine and instead use a tong or a curling rod for it. While the above will give intense and natural curls, the rod one is easier and faster to achieve. 

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Layered Hair With Pinned Bangs

Face Type: Ideal for all types of face shapes. This is one amongst the adorable hairstyles to opt for when you are looking to style your medium length hair. They are perfect for a casual day with friends or for a movie and chill out. It requires minimum efforts and very low maintenance too look exceptionally adorable. This is also one amongst the most commercial hairstyle liked by both the hairstylist as well the wearer of it. It is versatile and there is a lot that can be done with and around it. 

How to achieve this: You need nothing but a layered hair and a side bang to achieve this look. Leave your hair as is and take your side bangs and tie it up on the crown area. If you have a chunk of bangs then you can also opt to give them a puff and then tuck it using a pin or a studded clip to add a touch of decoration to your hair.

The Shag

Face Type: Ideal for a square shaped face. 

This hairstyle dates back to the era of the '60s to '70s where everyone from people on the streets to celebrities were seen rocking this look. If you are a huge fan of the famous "Friends" series, you sure have seen the female protagonist Monica Geller rocking this look for an entire season. If you are a fan of retro and wants to add volume to your hair, this hairstyle is your best bet. It is also great for people who hate their hair falling on their neck and instead like it all up. The layers, the bangs and the messy shagginess of this look, there is nothing to not like about this hairdo. While it might not satisfy someone with the love for flowy long hair, it is perfect for someone who is looking for something easy to manage and something that is low maintenance. 

How to achieve this: All you have to do to achieve this look is to go to your stylist and get layers done. If he/she does not live under the rock, they already know what this look is all about. This hairstyle looks perfect when the hair touches the shoulders and is cut in close and intense layers. 

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Slick Back Hair

Face Type: Ideal for an oval-shaped face. 

We have seen all the A list celebrities flaunting this look from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt and even JLo. The sleek back hair is the epitome of classy mixed with all bits of sassy. Want to look like a million bucks and red carpet ready? Well, grab that gown and put your hair back, wear a chunky earing or neckpiece and look nothing short of a masterpiece. If you are not comfortable with a complete pull back, you can always add a parting and then make your hair sleek as this will be easier to carry. 

How to achieve this: This magical hairdo can be created with the help of gel and a comb. Make a parting if you need using the comb, make sure you have detangled your hair and pull it back while applying the gel onto your hair. Use your fingers to give a natural sleek effect. If you use your palms, it will look very greasy and old school hence to add dimension, use your fingers and comb back. 

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Hair and the structure of your body are the only two things that can bring a drastic change to your appearance. While gaining or losing weight requires a lot of dedication and hard work, hair can be played with every day, in fact, every hour. All you need is an appointment with a stylist and you will walk out of that door as a completely different person. And the beauty with hair is that sometimes it does not even need you to get a haircut. Just a bunch of pins and U-pins to create a look that you desire. So now, that the treasure of hairstyle for medium length is open to you, loot as much as you can and surprise people around you every day with something new and something different. Good hair speaks louder than words and in that case, you must give a lasting speech every single day!

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 16/05/2019 

Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length

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