Best Hairstyles For Long Face

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Hairstyle can decide a lot about how your personality looks overall and how you come across. But they are no more just a look symbol. They have now started being used as functional tools to hide away all the flaws and accentuate all the features. While we get it that accepting your flaws is the the right way to go as this keeps you happier for a longer run but it is not absolutely wrong to find ways to hide them and only let the good features pop up. It is very important to have hair that is healthy and looks lustrous. But sometimes, it is not enough. If you pair up your good looking healthy tresses with a hairstyle that does no well with your hair texture or for that matter even your face structure, everything can come crashing down. There are a couple handful of face structures and they all need different kinds of hairstyles that compliment them the best. All of them have their own set of challenges and the task is to crack them so that you can nail the hair styling game. Sounds tricky right? And especially when you have no idea about the hair and what suits which. Well, today in this article, we will be addressing one such face types and the hairstyle that goes with it to help solve your problem and serve it to you on your plate, how you can rock this face type. The one we are talking about is an "Elongated Face". It is quite tricky, so here are the list of hairstyles that you can try out with this face type.

Best Hairstyles For Long Face

  1. Long Bob With Side Bangs 
  2. Long Layers With Forehead Bangs 
  3. Side Bangs Hairstyles 
  4. Pixie Style 
  5. Sleek Bob 
  6. Overboard Curly Hair 
  7. Puffed Hairstyles With curls 
  8. Side Parted Long Wavy Hair 
  9. Layered Chin Length Hair 
  10. Tousled Hair 
  11. Low Bun Hairstyle 
  12. Side Curls 
  13. The Sensuous Lob 
  14. A Line Long Bob 
  15. Shaggy Bob 
  16. Long Wavy Centre-Parted Hair 
  17. Chopped Bob With Swoopy Bangs 
  18. Straight Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob 
  19. Asymmetrical Lob 
  20. Medium Shag With Long Bang 
  21. Deep Side Parted Hair 
  22. The Edgy Cut 
  23. Brunette Bob With Purple Highlights 
  24. Edgy Textured Pixie 
  25. Mellow Curls 
  26. Side Ponytail

Long Bob With Side Bangs

There is no way one can go wrong with bob and bangs. They instantly lift your face up and makes you look very young instantly. You can also try lighter tones if your hair is thin and needs an illusion of good volume. While oval face or long face is very difficult to carry with a lot of haircut but if you master the right ones, you will be successful to bring that perfect proportion that everyone wants. Long bob and side bangs is the exact definition of that. The key to carrying a long face is would be to stick with the medium length hair like this one. The side bangs will make this look prettier and enhance the overall look. 

Tip: Use a round brush and a blow drier to maintain the neat look. This way they always be tamed and you don't even have to use heating tools to maintain or achieve this haircut. 


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Long Layers With Forehead Bangs

There will be a lot of mention of bangs in this article because they beautify the look whilst bringing the proportion and taking away from the length of the face. And as much as the side bangs looks great the forehead ones are the best. They cover up the forehead, grazing the eyebrow and cutting down that amount if length from your face. Plus the long layers are the most comforting haircut to go with. When in doubt, layers, they say. It is perfect even for people who have thin hair that gets oily very quickly. The layers will make sure they have volume on the hair and it looks equally fun. This look is perfect for everyone. From college going girls to working professional. It is neat but at the same time fun. 

It is one of those hairstyles which can take you from work to party instantly. All you have to do is make a messy bun with some pleats and ad don some studded clips. You will be all set.Tips: If you are one amongst those women who keep leaving their hair open, this is your best bet. Make sure you get it cut from an expert because your layers pretty much stay with you till you don't get a completely new haircut done. Also keep in mind the length of the bangs. They should be at a perfect length only then they will rock. 

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Side Bangs Hairstyles

While to some, bangs seem pretty normal and same no matter however you carry it, for others they are a godsend. If you are the former then side bang hairstyle will be your best friend. They are bangs, which means they will take away from the length of your hair[1] but they are also very different bangs which seems like an exaggeration from hair itself. Not something separate. While getting volume on your head is pretty easy, if you are looking for a change then you can opt for side bangs as they add volume to the sides. Side parting best justifies the look and shows all the layers of the bangs very well. 

Tips: You can leave it on your stylist to decide on the length as they will be a better judge. But if you ask us, we would say a medium length hair will give full justice to this look and you should go for it without a doubt. Highlights is also one technique which you can use that will look amazing with this hairstyle. 

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Pixie Style

The longer the hair the more difficult it will become to make them fit a long face. But if you have a long face and you are ready to experiment then a pixie is what you should go to. It is hair[2] that sits on your head and will not make your face look draggy. When chopped in a nice angle with long sideburns, it compliments long face like nothing else. You can also add in layers to it if one straight length is not your game. However, it is going to be a very different look and might not go well with a lot of your dressier outfits and event. So think before getting this done. You can always try to accessorize it but we are not sure how much of a difference will it bring. 

Tips: There are varied kinds of pixie cut based on the face type and the one that best suit the long face would be pixie cut with sharp edgy bangs. Go to your stylist and preferably show them the picture cause explaining it might be confusing considering there are so many pixie cuts available. 

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Sleek Bob

If I say boss lady, there is this image that automatically forms up in the mind. It is of a woman who has sharp cheekbones, an elongated face, someone who is wearing powerful clothes with powerful colors, a red lipstick and a sleek bob hairstyle. Yes, Sleek bob hairstyle. That is what it signifies. Power. It is more a corporate look then party but you can always find ways to alternate it a little to get the party look as well. If you are someone who wants to be taken seriously by people where you work, get this haircut done. This could be the first step towards it. If you find the hairstyle to be very boring, you can always opt for highlights to make it fun as well. 

Tips: The right way to master this look is by getting it cut exactly at a length where it grazes the neck. You can add in bangs to it but make sure to maintain the essence of this look, don't get anything done that is messy or shaggy or even untamed. 

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Overboard Curly Hair

If you think there is nothing in store for people with curly hair[3] then you are wrong. in fact curly hair is one amongst those hair types that can most easily bring that proportion to the face which might be very difficult to achieve with straight hair. Straight hair needs a lot of styling and cutting in order to compliment an oval or long face wherein all you have to do with curls is the use a serum or something to exaggerate them so that they are all over the place. You can go with messy or even neat. Whichever you choose, try to keep them shoulder length so that they are all around the face and not dragging down. Curls I believe are the only hair type which does not require a validation for occasions. Doing them a little neat will easily give them a pass at the parties and a messy look will justify your casual days. 

Tips: Try if you can have hair on your face in the form of bangs or very tight curls that fall on your cheekbone as they help as lot in dividing the face equally, taking away from the flaw of an elongated face. You can always wear scarves with curly hair. They look very vintage and add an element of exotic to your overall outfit. 

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Puffed Hairstyles With curls

This one has to be every girls dream hairstyle. It is the perfect princessy hairstyle that we have been seen our favorite actresses carrying in movies where they play a royal. Well, you can have that now and if you have a long face, this is absolutely perfect. You can keep the length of your hair long too but we still recommend medium. This way, the curls will frame the face really well. You can also add in side bangs to it and they will not take away from the elegance of it. You can try varieties of options to get the kind of look you want. If you like, then you can totally ditch the puff and go with all curls or you can go with an exaggerated puff with curls. The ball is in your court so play along. 

Tips: This hairstyle looks the best on someone who has thick hair[4]. It will not be the exact same if pulled on thin hair. Also, the advantage of getting bangs would be that, they will make for the most voluminous puffs. This way, on days when you don't want the puff, you can just curl your hair and leave your straight bangs falling on your forehead. 

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Side Parted Long Wavy Hair

Just like medium length hair, the rule with parting is a side one. A middle parting lets people see the whole of your forehead wherein if you side part, some part of your hair falls on your forehead diving the face proportionally. This look reminds us of the Egyptian queens. It is that exotic after all. You can tie them in a side loose pony for a casual look or leave it open whenever you wear it to parties. You can decide upon the waves as to how intense or how natural you want them. The deal with oval shaped face is to provide width to your face. Side parted waves are the best way to do it. The waves add volume to the hair and side parting gets all the drama going on in the sides rather than the top. Tips: If you are leaving your hair[5] open then we would suggest you to wear it with gowns with slits or plain gowns. They will look the best. Also, if it a party then go with intense curls wherein if it is a casual day then opt for loose waves that will look straight out of the beach.

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Layered Chin Length Hair

While this might sound pretty lame but always remember the thumb rules with long faces. You need to widen it, you need to add bangs as much as possible and your need to volumise it. Whoever invented layers was surely a godsend because apart from just making people look good, it is actually functional, and with drastic results. If you have long face but this hair then layers is your best bet. Try to keep the hair[6] chin length irrespective of the hair texture. Front bangs looks the best with them. You can make it a little shaggy to compliment the layers or you can also choose to keep it blunt. 

Tips: This haircut works really well because it cuts down the overall look and length of the face by giving an illusion for a smaller face. Try to get your layers done from around your eyebrows and not top cause if you do that, then it will add more length, making your face look even longer. So go for layers from eyebrow level all the way till the edges. 

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Tousled Hair

When the messy look entered the market it left people in awe. The liberty to look like we have just gotten out of the bed with the validation of looking presentable seemed like a joke few years back but it is finally happening. The tousled hair look is also great for the thin and long face because it adds volume to the hair, making it look wide. This is a look which has seen the darkness of the streets and the limelight of the ramp walks too. It is versatile and styling it as is will keep its charm intact. Also add in tiered bangs to it as they will compliment this look the best. It is quite surprising though that this look is capable of looking super chic. And why not? It is after all the classic French girl look. 

Tips: While you can go with neat bangs and tousled hair[7] we would recommend maintaining a balance by going tousled all the way. If two tiered seems to intricate then you can also opt for sparced bangs with this. If you want hassles to stay away from your life then this is it because it is known to go with all kinds of attire as well as events. So all we are trying to say here is Bonjour! Try this on!

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Low Bun Hairstyle

The most comforting thing about hair is how flexible they are. They can be twisted, curled and even straightened and they adapt to all of them. Ponytails or even buns, they provide their full support. The low bun hairstyle is just like those hairstyles which provides that support that a long elongated face needs. It is super chic. You don't need endless amount of pins to keep them in place as you have to with high buns and they are not even a headache. They are the best when it comes to accessorizing and will help you to stand out in the crowd. 

Tips: There is a lot that you can do with low buns. You can add in a few plates to make it look intricate. You can add in flowers, studs even colorful pins and all of them will look amazing. All you have to do is take a side parting, comb all your hair[8] back, twist them to make a bun and secure it with a band. You can accessorize them in accordance with the event. 

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Side Curls

Want that diva look in mind but don't know how to justify it with your long elongated face? Well, side curls are here to safe you. Curls, feathers, layers and even bangs, all of them add volume to the hair and the best part is how you have the control of deciding where you want the volume. In this case we always recommends the side. Therefore, the side curls are the perfect escape. You can just leave the hair[9] open and curl them and bring it one side by pinning them at the back or you tie them in a side low pony too. This is the retro look which will make you look vintage with a blend of modern. That modern can be side bangs. Tips: If you are going for the elaborate version that you will need hair spray to hold them in place. It can also be a gel. And of course the bobby pins. You can deck them up using flowers as well as studs if you are attending say some ones wedding or an event or you can go plain simple if it is a casual affair. The bangs will add character to your look.

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The Sensuous Lob

If you are not someone who likes a lot of things going around on your hair then the lob is perfect for you. It is a blunt cut and you have all the powers with it. You can decide upon the length and also the texture that you want. This will also help you stay away from bangs if you hate those hair[10] falling on your forehead or on your eyes. They create great illusion of an artificial width on the sides and is perfect for someone with an elongated face. While the middle parting looks the best with it, if you have a deep long face, we would recommend going with side. Tips: If you like middle parting better than sides then we suggest you go for waves. Add them to your hair and use some textured cream. This way the waves widen the face area and takes attention off from the elongated face. The ideal length for this one is right below the jaw. This would bring all attention to the jaw line and its structure. If you don't like it too simple then you can keep it shorter at the back and longer in the front. 

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A Line Long Bob

If fun isn't your taste when it comes to the clothes you wear or the way you keep your hair, then you can opt for the A line long bob. It is classy, sassy but at the same time very professional too. It requires bare minimum maintenance and you can play with a multitude of textures. Like we keep saying, the shorter it is, the better it will look for longer face. If you don't like the straight look, you can always add textures in the form of waves and curls too. It has become one of the most popular cuts and looking at it once justifies why. It is also great if you have thin hair[11] and you are looking for volume or if you have an elongated face and you are looking for some width. The A line bob has solutions to all. Tips: The A line long bob looks perfect when it is cut 1 and a half inch longer than the back. You can tell this to your stylist. A side part justifies this look like nothing else can. So add a lot of texture decorate the look with ribbons and bows and clips and flaunt them well. 

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Shaggy Bob

The more the merrier. We all have heard about that phrase but it is so true when it comes to hair as well. Of course! The dense the hair the lesser it will take attention to your face and its flaws. So if you are looking to take the attention away from your face and it's length in this case, then make sure you keep few cuts handy. They have to be layers, bangs, bobs and shags. Shaggy is that free pass you get which changes the entire situation. Just imagine the liberty to get up in the morning, putting on some makeup and heading straight to wherever you belong because shaggy does not need a lot of taming. We are not saying you are allowed to look like a mess but when it is done tastefully, it can save you from wasting so much time on setting your hair and washing them. Yes! Washing. Shaggy hair requires half the amount of washes that you were earlier unnecessarily using because your hair[12] called for it. Well with shaggy, the situation is nothing but a win-win. 

Tips: Try to get the shag cut a few inches above the chin as it will widen the face more when compared to a shag that is till the chin or below. Add as many rough cuts as possible but try to keep all of them starting your eyebrow level. This way the volume does not go up but instead spreads sideways.

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Long Wavy Centre-Parted Hair

If you cannot let go of your long manes but want the attention to your hair or anywhere else but not your long face then you can go for long wavy centered parted hair. When you side part with long hair they can look very skimpy. However when you middle part it and add waves to it, something that would exactly resemble beach waves then you add a natural width to it on both sides which will instantly take all eyes to your hair[13] and not on your face. Something that you want. The second reason it works so well for an elongated face is the fact that it covers the corners of the forehead. So in some way, not in the form of bangs, but it surely bring some hair on the face, helping with a good distribution of face proportion. 

Tips: All you have to do is to use a curling iron to achieve this look. Mild, soft curls is what we are looking for. That would be it. Even if you are making loose curls, make sure that you either use your finger or a brush to separate the waves for a much denser look which would make the overall face look even more wide. It will also provide a summery, undone look which will come off as very natural. You can also get a face framing bronde on this to further accentuate the look. 

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Chopped Bob With Swoopy Bangs

Swoopy bangs remind me of those early 90's shows because it was a rocking trend back then. It is also a very clever way to hide those forehead without having to have a side bang or a fully front forehead bang. It is somewhere between the both of them. The cutest thing is how it falls on the forehead like curtains drawn apart. Bob as it is already discovered goes best for an elongated face. It adds a sense of fullness and gives a very laid back vibe. Something that is very relaxing. The chopped bob with swoopy bangs is also very easy to maintain and requires minimum efforts. The best part with it however is how great it is even without styling tools. the more natural the much better with it. 

Tips: Try to keep the hair[14] parted from the center and not the sides. It would take away the character from the entire look. Try to puff them up naturally by scrunching them when they are a little damp. This way when they dry up, they will be all puffy and voluminous even without a blow dry. Can you see how convenient that is? 

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Straight Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

You could be one amongst those who have straight hair. And maybe you don't want to do anything with the texture. Well, don't lose hope. We understand that it can be a nightmare for people with an elongated face and straight hair. They are not the best combination after all. But there is fixture for everything and this hairstyle is that fix. The straight hair with tousled bob and blonde balayage is a look that you can carry without touching your hair with any of the styling tool. You get to keep your hair straight but still manage to add that width to it by making them wide. First of all, it is important that you realize that you will have to make it work somewhere or the other. If you want to keep your hair[15] straight then we suggest go for a bob. And not a normal bob but a tousled bob. This way, you can keep your texture and still avoid everyone measuring the length of your face in their minds. The tousled look can be achieved by getting a shaggy like cut done. 

Tips: We recommend you get a blonde balayage done cause your hair is already straight and even if it is not, there is fair chance that they come off as thin as well. The lightness in the blonde helps in giving an illusion of volume to the hair. Balayage is the most natural hair coloring technique cause hands are used to sweep the color on the hair so it will not even look too painted. Blend them well with the tousled bob and forget the worry about your face's length.

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Asymmetrical Lob

A lot of people don't like the basic lob because it comes off as very boring and mundane. Well, the industry thankfully started exploring and they came with solutions for pretty much all face types, hair texture and lengths. So if blunt lob is not your scene, you can always opt for asymmetrical lob. You can decide the asymmetry which is the best part. You can keep it shorter at the back and longer in front or you can keep one side shorter while the other side remains the same. It is your creative zone so go crazy with it. The trick here that the asymmetrical lob helps in covering half the face and making it look proportionate and not long. While the blunt cut look might bring discipline to the hair, the asymmetrical lob can bring dimension and textures. It also works by adding volume to the sides and giving an illusion of a wider face. So if you are someone even with thin hair, you can easily opt for this. 

Tips: Considering this hairstyle brings dimension and depth to the hair, adding colors in the combination of dark as well as light will work very well for it. If you don't mind using heating and styling tools then we also recommend adding curls and waves to it as this will further widen the face. The best way to master this look is by keeping it darker on top and fading it out as you come to the edges, just like an ombre. 

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Medium Shag With Long Bang

If you have an elongated face, you by now know how you will have to friend shags and bangs. They will be your best friends and will not even require a lot of maintenance to look great. All you have to do is go to a stylist you trust and get them done. Problem Solved! Shags quality of giving an illusion of a wider face is bang on. The bangs on the other hand beautifully cover the forehead which given an illusion of a smaller face. When used in a single haircut, this will bring you nothing but good compliments. The best part about shag however is how the mess can be controlled. You can decide upon the intensity of the shag and explain him the same for your convenience. 

Tips: If you are looking for a much tamer look, you can opt of a very shaggy look but if that is not your cup of tea then you can also opt for something that has less shag in it. This way you will get what you want but you will not be going out of your comfort zone too. Make sure the bangs end on your jaw line and keep them parted from middle for the best look. 

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Deep Side Parted Hair

Side parts are a win win when it comes to face that is long. And when you decide to go deeply parted then there is no way that you will grab attention for any wrong reason. The deep part is a hairstyle that can be very easily rocked with anything. It you deck them up, you can wear it with gowns or even something couture. But if that's too much jazz for you, you can always opt for a rough tousled look with it too. Textures with style look really good. Don't take away its charm by keeping it straight, instead, opt for options from curly, wavy or even naturally tousled. The more rough and edgy it looks the better for you. This also needs bare minimum amount of maintenance. The reason why it works so well is that it brings all the attention to the eyebrow and cheekbone. This way people's attention won't go on the length of your face but would instead, on your face features. 

Tips: You can opt to color the hair in highlights or balayage. If your soul says bold then go for something bright like green with a dark root. If subtlety is how you play your games then opt for shades of browns or maroons or even burgundy. 

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The Edgy Cut

When you are a wild kid from your soul, something basic like a layer or a shag might not appeal to you. However, there are a lot of hairstyles that can look exceptionally amazing on your long face and still make you look very unique. The edgier look can take the face framing to another level. It will end beautifully right on your jaw and bring attention to your jaw line, cheekbone and eyes. You can also add highlights to the look. Opt for bright colors if you want to go totally bold or you can also opt for something subtle like browns and coppers. In both cases your hair would totally look different. You can also opt for uneven length if you are feeling crazy or go for basic symmetry. The choice is yours. People might like it, people might hate it, but no one will be able to ignore it even for a second. 

Tips: Adding colors make the biggest difference in this look. You can opt for lighter shades as they will add warmth and also give an illusion of a widened hair structure which would take away from the face's length. This is one amongst the hotter hairstyles. If you have corporate restrictions then leave this hairstyle to rest as it can come off as very bold. 

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Brunette Bob With Purple Highlights

Bob is the perfect hairstyle for someone with an elongated face. It grazes the jaw line beautifully and the eyes walk with the hair avoiding the face length. You can also add bangs to it. If you are okay with front bangs then they will further enhance the look. However, if you cannot go all out then opt for neutral highlights instead. If you want to further rock this look, all you have to do is add in highlights to them. The purple ones look the best on them. There are tones of different kinds of purple which have different stories with each one of them. Opting for a bright purple would dictate your comfort with something edgy and bold wherein one blended with brunette would look subtle and melted in. 

Tips: If you opt for this option be ready for immense amount of bleeding of color that you will face with this highlight. Keep touching them up every 1 month to retain the exact color. Also make sure you use a purple shampoo with it and if that is not following under your budget or is inaccessible then go for a color protect shampoo instead. Try to avoid as much styling tools as possible they also fade the color. 

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Edgy Textured Pixie

One cannot do much around pixie cut is nothing but a myth. It sure gives very less choices of doing different things to it but the ones that you can do are good enough. The edgy textured is one of them. If pixie looks very boring to you and you want to add character to it, then you can add an edgy, textured look. This would require you to give a rough cut to the edges making it look very sharp. You can also use some texturising cream or spray and give it a very rough look to it. You can add some really interesting colors to it to make it look full of dimensions. Someone with thick hair can best rock this look. Thin hair can end up looking very skimpy too. 

Tips: You can also ask your stylist to use razors to give the rough look instead of giving it a neat one with scissors. You can use creams and serums that would make it very easy to give spikes and textured looks. the fringe can be left straight and without texturising it. This will give a very unique overall look. 

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Mellow Curls

Remember the epic look that Carrie Bradshaw rocks and made a statement with. You can have a completely boring and simple blunt cut but with the Bradshaw curls, even they can become supremely interesting. It has become quite iconic and a lot of people are seen rocking this look after they saw her and got inspired from her charming hair. They can be easily rocked with gowns and even denims. You can wear it with denims by adding a band and you can deck it up with glitzy bobby pins. It was also rocked by Sarah Jessica Parker in sex and the city and we think that is when they became the classic symbol. 

Tips: Curls might look very voluminous but don't hesitate and go ahead to use volumizing serums to make it look much more denser. This way they will add width to the hair and take away from the length of your face. I mean, Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker who both made this an iconic look also have long faces and you know how it looked on their faces. So if you are looking for the same charming look then go for this.

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Side Ponytail

Side ponytails are the best because they are the most comfortable to carry and require almost nothing to maintain. You can also add in braids to it to make it look fun. You can also add in puffs and bangs too. Side ponytails are those clean slates which can be altered whichever way you want and however you want as per your convenience. There are endless possibilities here and all you have got to do is take the risk of trying. Of course, opt for a low tied pony instead of a high one as that can end up looking not so flattering. Ponytails are classic and are a Savior especially in those last minute plans that gives less than 5 minutes to get ready. 

Tips: If you have straight hair then we suggest back combing them a little as that will add up a little volume to your hair. Otherwise they can get oily throughout the day and end up looking very greasy. You can also opt for a volumanizing spray if your hair is very fine. Deep part your hair as that will add a very dramatic and chic look to your overall appearance. The parting also cuts the forehead diagonally giving an impression of a smaller face. 

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 Ooph, there is so much that you can do with an elongated face. Didn't know it yet right? Well, yes. There is a lot and you just have to plug the switch to experiments on and you will be on a roller coaster ride for life. The opportunities are endless so get onto trying. Hair is very important as it pretty much decides your overall look. It helps in beautifying your personality and a little change in it can bring an entirely different outlook and personality out. Now that you know that just caring for them and making them look healthy is not enough, go ahead and try out the different hairstyles that will best accentuate your face and look. If can decide you personality and you can choose to represent it the way you want to. A bob and a blunt for when you want people to take you seriously, a tousled one when messy is your liking. A sleek straight one when you are looking for something chic and a crazy curl one when you want to go with something wild. The possibilities are endless and all that you have to do is try them out and let you hair speak the story. We hope you liked the rundown of our best hairstyles that would compliment an elongated face. Try them out and explore the horizons of being awesome.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Nagakeerthana S, MD (Dermatology) on 20/05/2019 

Best Hairstyles For Long Face

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