Best Direction To Sleep

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A night full of sound sleep could be the inexpensive drug to cure anything that we face in our lives. Having a quality sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours in a day can make you be a perfect person in every means. You don't have to look for any other reasons for the problems you face when you don't sleep enough and properly. Sleep could bring the ultimate bliss in everyone's life. But have you ever thought that directions could also play a vital role in sleeping? I remember my grandma insisting me every time to face east while sleeping. Many times I have mocked at her for this without realizing how important it is. Apart from all the superstitious beliefs, there are plenty of scientific reasons to prove that such things are true and real. Leaping into those scientific reasons really made me boggle to a greater extent. And now I realize that the wisdom of elderly people should always be respected as everything had a million reasons behind. So, here I am to discuss a few important points that every individual should know regarding the directions for sleeping. You can refer this and compare it with your life to make the right move in the right direction. Sleep Happy and Stay Healthy!

Best Direction To Sleep

Best Directions To Sleep

Some days, we might have very disturbed sleep throughout the night. We will obviously put the blame on the dinner that we had on the last night. Or we might have a horrible dream that made you stay awake the entire night. And even some times, we might feel our life to be moving in the wrong direction with too many awful situations. Have you ever thought that your sleeping direction could be a reason for this? You may find it silly and meaningless. But you have to really believe it when there are things to prove it. So, following are the different directions that could be preferred and omitted for sleeping with its respective pros and cons. You can choose them based on your lifestyle and your needs. 


  1. East Is Best
  2. South, If You Must
  3. No To North
  4. West Is Alright
  5. North-East Is Okay
  6. North-West, It's A Never
  7. South-East, If You Want
  8. South-West Is Fine

East Is Best

Most of the times our ancestors keep on telling us to sleep[1] in the east direction[2]. When we ask for the reason, they just end it by telling that east is the best and an ideal direction for sleeping. Many of us would have even thought that it might be due to the meaningless superstitious beliefs[3] they have on everything. But then, we have to understand the fact that rather than being just a superstitious belief, there is a long history[4] behind this. Many of the researches have stated that one should always sleep in the east direction. Even some of our traditional cultures like Vastu Shastra[5], the Chinese Feng Shui[6] and the Indian Ayurveda[7] also depict the same fact regarding the directions for sleeping. There are a wide variety of benefits to the human body[8] when one sleeps in the east direction.


When you sleep in the east direction, there are high possibilities for your body to generate a lot of positive energy[9] in it. It is believed that all the actions of god lined up in between the east and the west directions. The frequencies that come from such actions of good will be extremely positive and highly energy boosting one. Every individual will have five types of essential energies near the navel[10] region. So, the frequencies or Satvik will get entered through your head in the east direction by morning. All those five vital energies will get activated in your body. This would make you feel extremely fresh and energetic throughout the day. In addition to this, there are seven ripple frequencies that can be achieved from the Sun[11]. These ripple frequencies will enter your body from the east direction and helps in the entire functioning of our body. These frequencies will create a positive vibe around you which is more than enough to start your day happily.

Optimized Memory And Concentration

East is the most recommended direction for all of the students, scholars, teachers and the freshers who had joined recently and seek for their promotions. Memory[12] and concentration power[13] are the two pillars in gaining knowledge or while learning new things. Sleeping in the east has always been a windfall in making people achieves many things. The concentration power and the focus towards their work and studies get increased to a greater extent when we sleep in the east. The retention power of your brain will get increased when you sleep. So, this will help your brain to grasp things very easily and also makes you remember them for a longer time. Also, they help in storing a large amount of information in your brain[14].

Gratified REM Sleep

It is always said that sound sleep could unravel half of your physical and mental problems. The east direction will obviously help you have a night of sound REM sleep. They help you to have a balance with the REM sleep as too much or too little of REM sleep is dangerous. All the cells in your body and your brain will get proper rest. This will also help your brain to have fresh and positive thoughts throughout the day. And this has a greater impact on your mood swings. So, you will have the happy and the satisfying feel in you throughout the day.

Sound Sleep To Stay Healthy

"Sleep is the golden chain that ties the health and our bodies together." As the saying goes, we can determine a person's health by knowing their quality of sleep[15]. Directions do play a vital role in making a person to possess a sound sleep and good health. Sleeping in the east can make your body to be fit and healthy. They will also help your circulatory system to get rejuvenated. So, your body can never be attacked by many of the major and minor health problems like heart diseases, blood pressure and other cholesterol problems. Other than preventing, they also help us to get away from any of the health problems and the obstacles that we possess or face in our daily life.


South, If You Must

Sleeping in the south direction is often termed to be the one that offers great prosperity and wealth to the individual. The person's life will be propitious if they start sleeping by facing their head towards the south direction. And even the Vasthu Sashtra says that south is also an ideal direction for sleeping. In this, your head will be facing towards the south direction and the feet will be placed facing towards the north direction.

Forces Of Attraction

For this, we have to go back to the magnetic poles theory that existed between the earth and our body. So when you lay your head in the south direction, then it means you are in the opposite direction to the poles of the earth. So, the positive charges from your head and the negative charges from the earth's South Pole will entirely be opposite to each other. This will result in exhibiting an attractive force between your body and the earth. So, both the opposite charges will get attracted towards each other. So, this will make the energy to be dragged inside your body rather than letting it go out from your body. So your body will not face any loss of energy like how it would happen when you place your head in the north direction.

Relaxed State

When the opposite charges get attracted to each other, your body will obviously be attracted by the magnetic poles. The force of attraction plays a major role in making you to be in the complete relaxed state. Since your body gets attracted, now all the muscles in your body will start to stretch. Normally we find great relaxation when we simply stretch our hands and legs fully. So, think of how relaxed and pleasurable you would feel when all the muscles in your body get stretched up. This could be the best relaxation you will ever have on that day. The entire tiredness that you had on that day will completely get rid of from your body. You and your muscles will have a refreshing and relaxed feel when you wake up in the morning.

Sound And A Restful Sleep

A sound and a restful sleep can be the best drug and a happy pill for most of us. So, why not to go for it when South direction could offer it? Having a relaxed feel will literally make you sleep well during the night times. South is often termed to be the direction of death sleep just because of the deep sleep it offers us. Sometimes, we might also go to that unconscious state of not realizing the things happening around us when we are sleeping. South direction would be the perfect one to get into such an unconscious state with a night of deep sleep. I can bet you that South direction could be the one to offer the best quality of sleep in the night times.

Fresh And Energetic

The force of attraction, stretching of your body and the restful sleep would have created a greater impact in your body. So, this would have entirely removed all the tiredness you had on the previous day when you wake up in the morning. Sleeping in the south direction is not only beneficial in the night but also on the next day morning too. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can literally feel that fresh and the energetic feel in your body. You will be able to work the entire day without feeling tired, lazy or sleepy. South will always be a boosting factor to you and your body. You can also feel that fresh feeling getting reflected in your lives too. You will stay more focused and motivated towards your work and life. And you will feel more alert and active for the entire day after sleeping.

The Deep Pockets Direction

South direction is often termed to be a glorified one. Also, it will be correlated to the well being of the individual. Many of the researchers and the ancient science also states that South will always render great happiness, fame, wealth and prosperity to mankind. Trust or not, this really works for many of the people living in and around the world. It is also believed that many of the most popular celebrities, politicians and sportsmen have also achieved greater things with the help of this. Also, many of the other people adopt this to achieve and gain many things in their life. You will become a renowned individual when you start sleeping in the south direction. The most important trait of this direction is that you will surely become a successful person in your field. You can seriously feel your life getting uplifted to a higher level after adopting this for some days. It helps in achieving your dreams and goals with a positive approach and feel.


When all the other directions offer health, South is meant for offering you the wellness. Wellness refers to the state in which all your body, mind and life stays in a healthy state. This is really an incomparable one that the South direction could offer to mankind. Stress, insufficient sleep and improper resting could be the root cause for many of the health problems to occur in our body. So, when everything goes on track you will never be affected by any of the health issues at any point in your life. So, your body and your entire life will be in a well-being state that could satisfy you to a greater extent. The state of obtaining the perfect inner peace can be obtained with this direction. You will have the real contentment in your life after adopting to sleep in the south direction.

No To North

Since the olden days, sleeping in the north direction is considered to be the one that should strictly be avoided. Sleeping in the north has a list of disadvantages when it comes to both physical and mental health. When many of the superstition has its own scientific reason, even the "No To North" also has its own reason left behind. Before knowing the reasons always remember that north is meant to be avoided at any cost. 

Loss Of Iron

The earth' magnetic field is very strong and we normally we all know that magnets get attracted to the iron. So obviously, this will attract all the iron content present in our body. Blood cells are the only place where iron can be found in our body. When they get attracted, there will be a change in the blood flow in your body. All the blood will be pushed towards the brain region as your head lies in the north direction. So, normally when you lie down, there are high chances for an increased flow of blood to our brains. But this factor will increase the blood flow to the brain to a greater extent making it abnormal.

Blood Flow To The Brain

Sleeping is the only time where our brain, body and all the other systems in our body takes rest for some time. So, the energy in our body will be used for the repairing and restoring process of different parts of our body. So, more amount of blood should be sent to those areas in our body which need to be healed. As specified before if we sleep in the north direction, more amount of blood will be sent to our brain. So, the body parts that should be healed will remain the same due to this. If the same condition continues for a longer time, then that particular body part might get severely attacked by any other diseases or health problems. So, avoid sleeping in the north to prevent the increased blood flow to the brain.

And the other important reason is that the blood vessels will also get affected. Normally all our hearts will be placed in an upper right position in our body. Have you ever thought about why it is not placed in the middle? This is because the heart should pump the blood against the gravity for making the blood to reach the brain. So, this is the reason why it is placed nearer to the brain in the upper position. But if you sleep in the north, the blood vessels in your brain will get more narrow as the distance between the brain and heart gets increased. Also, this will make an excessive amount of blood to reach your brain. At last, if the same situation continues then there are high chanced for it to get burst out or also can lead to the occurrence of hemorrhage. And sometimes, internal bleeding in the walls of your brain can also occur as your head part will get bulged due to the increased flow of blood.

Rise In The Intracranial Pressure

When you sleep in the north direction, then there are high chances for the intracranial pressure in your body to get increased to a greater extent. Intracranial pressure is the blood pressure in your brains. If the same situation gets continued in your body, then the entire circulatory system in your body will get affected due to this. So, your body will find an imbalance even when you are in the normal state. This will affect your mental and physical health. Also, this can lead to the bleeding of a small amount of blood inside your brain. But we may not be aware of it as the problem is very minute. But then, when this happens repeatedly then there are high chances for you to get greater health problems that can cause great damages to your brain. So, avoid sleeping in the north direction for avoiding the increase in the intracranial pressure.

Direction To Death

Many times we would have got a scolding for lying down facing the north direction in our childhoods. But have we ever thought why do they scold us for such a simple thing? But, there are a million reasons behind this which could make us astonished too. According to the Indian traditions, it is said that the north is the direction to death. And many of the other traditions also support this statement regarding the north direction. Indians have the habit of making the person lie down in the north direction after his death. When a person dies, it literally means he has nothing or he cannot do anything after that. So, it is stated that when you lie down in the north the same situation will happen to you and you might lose everything. North is said to be the direction that could take our soul directly to the god after our death. So, always choose to lie down in some other directions other than the north direction.


North direction is termed to be the most dysfunctional direction when compared with all the other directions. This is because when you sleep in the north direction, you will be surrounded full of negative energies around you. There are no possibilities for you to see some positive things in your life. According to the Vastu Shastra and the Chinese traditions, it is believed that if anyone sleeps in the north, that individual will lose everything in his/her life. It will make you lose all the health, wealth, prosperity, happiness and the glory that you have earned so far. You will literally lose all your family and friends. You will not have anyone to be with you. It is said that one can lose his/her entire life by sleeping in the north. So, never opt for sleeping in the north direction. It will offer many great awful moments in your life. So, do opt for sleeping in the other directions when you go for sleep.

Diminishing Concentration And Memory

By sleeping in the north, you will become an entire zero in everything. Your memory power and the concentration towards your work will get reduced to a greater extent. You will find it very hard to focus on a particular work. You will find yourself to be in a great disturbed position. You will not have any sort of happiness in your life. Many of the awful things will start to happen in your life. And you will find yourself to be a loser in your studies and work. The retention power of your brain will become extremely low such that it makes you be a loser in everything. You will find it very difficult to complete or understand even the small things that are happening around you. In total, you will become nothing and all that you would have in your life will be full of negative vibes and things. So, be very careful in choosing the direction when you go for sleeping. Even the small things in your life can do a major change and turn your life into an upside down in a single go. It is very important to be more cautious while sleeping.

Sleepless Nights And Unhealthy Times

“Health is the first amuse and sleep is the condition to produce it". As the saying goes, we have to understand the fact that sleep and health go hand in hand for making us live a perfect life. We cannot have good health when we don't have a night of proper sleep every day in our life. But, the north direction will never let you have a peaceful night with long and deep sleep. You will stay awake for the entire night and you will find yourself to be very disturbed even during the night times. So, you may find it very difficult to have a proper sleep every day. You will start to worry about your life as you start to lose everything one by one that you had so far. This worry will haunt you every day and you will end up with the sleepless night. You may also get those scary dreams which often make us feel very low and bad. You will have an absolutely dreadful experience when you start sleeping in the north direction. You will lose all the peace and happiness that you had in your life.

West Is Alright

West can be that one direction which offers a mixed feeling. It may not be the appropriate one for all the individuals in this world like the southern and the eastern directions. You may find it to be favorable sometimes and unfavorable the other times. It entirely depends on your lifestyle and the nature of the work you perform. You can't rely on this completely expecting that it would offer all the advantageous features to you and your life.

The Fame Facet

It is often told that west could be one of those directions that could offer you exceptional fame, prosperity, happiness and reputation in the society. It could offer you the complete satisfying feel in your life. Still, no proper researches or enough information can be found regarding the adoption of the west direction for sleeping. And there are very few people who follow the west direction while sleeping. So, you cannot rely on something which does not have proper information regarding the benefits and the harmful effects it could offer to you. But then, as far as west direction is concerned nobody has stated that they have experienced any harmful or serious health effects. Also, this is one direction that embraces richness more than the talents and achievements.

Best For Stress 

Sometimes we might feel overstressed due to the work pressure or due to some of the problems in our own lives. You might also have that anxiety feeling when you are about to do something very new. If you are going to try it for the first time, you will really get nervous and anxiety feels in you. In such time, you can go for sleeping in the west direction. This is because of the fact that the west direction will literally slow down all the process in your life. It makes your brain work very slowly by making it calm. So, you will not feel overstressed when you wake up the next day morning. The anxiety feeling in you will also get down and you will become normal. After you get recovered from the stress and anxiety, you can very well change the direction of your sleeping to the normal direction that you follow every day.

Rest For A While

Sometimes you might be going very well advanced in your career. So, you may find like you wanted some rest for a few days or you may feel like you wanted to have a break from your regular life. In such cases, you can opt for sleeping in the West direction. This will make you feel relaxed and free from all the work tensions that you had in your life. Your mind will be free from all those continuous business thoughts. So, you will have a proper rest and mind-free break during such days. When you get back to your normal life, you can go for the regular sleeping position.

Low Motivation

Most of the researchers and the Vastu Shastra state that the West direction is perfect for the entrepreneurs and business people who have already achieved in their career. It is not for a normal man to play the test game in his life with the directions. This is because, since this direction offers a great amount of luxury and satisfied feel it might also be a reason for the low motivation. You may not be focused on your dreams and goals like the people who sleep in the eastern and the southern directions. It is always better to avoid something before it starts affecting our life. Doing something when we are not aware of it is highly dangerous when it has the ability to create a great impact on your entire life. So, to stay on the safer side, it is better to avoid sleeping in the west direction. This is most important for those people who have higher ambitions, goals and dreams to be achieved in their lives. If you have a well-settled life with a permanent career, then you can very well explore this direction by adopting it in your daily life.

Neutral Sleep

Most of the traditional belief states that the west is not an ideal direction for sleep. It may not offer a night full of sound and deep sleep to you. You may find getting disturbed sleep when you prefer for the west direction. Sometimes you might also end up with those unsettling dreams during your sleep. You will stay awake and active even during sleeping time. So, your body may not get the complete rest it wanted from you. So, this can make you feel lazy and tired when you wake up the next day morning. This can prevent you from doing all your works correctly. You will find yourself to be more tired and you may require some more time for taking rest. So, this will eventually turn out you to be a lazy individual naturally. You will find yourself to be very inactive in doing your works. So this will offer you a neutral feeling at the end. You will be having both the negative and the positive feeling in your life.

North-East Is Okay

As the name says, sleeping in the north-east might be okay and not as harmful as the north direction to your body and life. But then, when there are no benefits that could be obtained from something, then why to go for it? Yes, the north-east direction has none of the beneficial factors like the south, east and west directions. In fact, there are some possibilities for this direction to harm your body with minor effects.

Opposing Energy Waves

If you sleep in the north-east direction, then your body will be facing half north and half south. However, your body will be affected by the magnetic forces between your body and the magnetic poles of the earth. Since your head faces north and the feet faces south, they will have their poles corresponding it. So your body will be facing toward the north to the south direction. But then, since your body lies in half position the magnetic forces of the earth will try to pull your body towards the south to the north direction. This will lead to the creation of the opposite energy waves. So, you will not get a sound sleep that could offer relaxation to you and your body. This will make you get a disturbed sleep along with the tiredness and dizziness.

Sick Days

There are no benefits when you start to sleep in a north-east direction. Even the health benefits are nil when you start to follow the north-east direction while sleeping. You may not be affected by any of the major health problems due to this. But then you will always have that sick feeling due to the insufficient and the disturbed sleep you have. Sleep is an important and vital condition for maintaining your health properly. So, it is better to avoid west when it doesn't offer anything to us.

North-West, It's A Never

Unlike all the other direction, north-west is moreover similar to the north in offering all the ill features to mankind. It is said that when one sleeps in the north-west, the person will lose the entire happiness that they had in their lives. They will face a situation where they lose everything that they had in their lives. It is generally not a recommended direction for sleeping as it offers only the unpleasant things to the person.

Planet Direction

We all very well know that all the planets including the earth revolve around the sun. So, the direction that is followed by all the plants during the rotation is from the east to the west. So, when we place our head in the east then, the rays from the sun will enter through our head and get exit through our feet. So as per the law of energy and magnetism, it is said that we will have a cool head and warm feet at the end of this process. But when we sleep in the north-west direction, then this process will occur in the reverse direction. So as a result, your head will be warm and your feet will be cold. This will make us have and experience awful moments in our life.

Insensible Emotions 

When you sleep in the northwest direction, then you will not have control over your emotions. You will not be in a state to realize what is happening around or how you are reacting to the things that are happening around you. You will find it very difficult to make your emotions to be in a very control state. This might lead to the loss of people and many of the other things that you have earned so far in your life. You will be ending up with a lot of misunderstandings with the person whom you love the most in your life. Such unstable situations in your life will make your life to be even harder and awful than how it used to be before. Emotions can make you be unconscious and will trigger you to do the wrong things in your life. So, it is very important to be very cautious in choosing the perfect direction while sleeping.

Frustrations And Irritations

When our lives don't go smooth and as expected, we will obviously have that frustrating feel. We will get irritated a lot even when we do small and simple things. The small mistakes that other people do might seem to be a greater one for us. We will lose all the patience that we had all these days in our life. We will be not in a state to accept the small mistakes that people do to us. The work pressure we have might make us feel even more stressed out. Sometimes we might break both physically and emotionally. You will not find peace anywhere in your life. Everything will seem to be a frustrating and a dangerous thing to you. Sleeping in the north-west direction can often put your life in danger too. Those nights of sleep in the south-west can literally make you feel for the entire life. You will feel an absolute negative vibration in your life. You may find yourself to be surrounded by all those negative things in your life. You will not know how to approach something in a positive way. All your thoughts and feeling will become extremely low, negative and highly irritated.

Low Soul Power

Many times we have heard that the power of the soul can never be quelled by any other external forces. So when you have a stronger and high soul power then you can literally achieve many things in your life. But when the soul power goes down, then it means you lose everything in your life. The decreased soul power makes you very weak by both physically and mentally. You will be not able to face your life with the confidence and strength that you had once. You will find yourself to be very weak and low even in doing small things. Soul power has that magic to make you gain everything from nothing. But when it goes down then it gets reversed and you will have an adverse effect on your life. All your personal and professional life will get spoiled to a greater extent when you sleep in this direction. Having a low soul power is highly dangerous for your life and will put your life at risk. So, do not choose the north-west direction for sleeping as you will end up in losing everything that you had so far.

Dreadful Dreams

The north-west direction can spoil your entire sleep by making you get some dreadful dreams. Everyone will always have a fear that those dreams might become the reality of their lives. This fear will never let you have a peaceful sleep during the night. You will end up being awake for the entire night without a night of proper sleep. When you don't sleep properly, then it will obviously reflect in your life. You might find it very hard to concentrate on your works. Things might not work as per your expectations. You will fail in finishing up the task efficiently on time. You will have that tiredness and the lazy feel in your life. You will be totally frustrated with doing the works in your life. You may not get the desired result at the end which you were looking for. You will realize the fact that you have started becoming very low on time. And you might face a series of failures in your life which will not let you have a peaceful night.

South-East, If You Want

Like the other direction, the Southeast direction is also known to be an ideal direction for sleeping. It does not cause any harmful effects on your sleep, health and body like the north direction. So, you can very well opt for the south-east direction also. Also, there is one advantageous feature that you would gain out of sleeping in the southeast direction at night. You will really have a new and satisfying experience in your life after sleeping in this direction.

Direction For Communication

Sometimes, we might find it very difficult to communicate with other people who are around us. You may not find a proper way to express your thoughts and feeling to the other person. You may find yourself that you lack in the communication skill. In such cases, you can very well opt for sleeping in the south-east direction. This can really help you with this. The south-east direction will help you to overcome the fear you have within yourself while communicating your thoughts. It will literally help you by promoting your communication skill to the next level. You will find yourself to be a bit creative while communicating things to the people. Also, this direction is well-suited for those people who wanted to have a very active lifestyle. This direction makes you be really active and creative throughout the day in doing all of your works.

South-West Is Fine

Sleeping in the south-west direction can also be beneficial to your life. Also, it adds a lot of advantages to your life by making you strong and healthy. You can go for this direction when you are on a vacation or when you wanted to take a break from your regular life. It offers you immense pleasure by making your life to be very smooth, neat and simple.

Peaceful Life

Sometimes you may not find a balance between your personal and professional life. You may not know how to balance both of them equally without affecting your life. You may find it very hard to satisfy both the expectations in your relationship and professional work. During such times, you can opt for sleeping in the south-west direction. You can also ask your partner also to sleep in the south-west direction. This will help you to find a way to sort out the imbalance that is happening in your personal and professional life. You will find your life to b moving in the correct direction in a very peaceful way. This can bring you a lot of happiness in your life. So, you will never get frustrated with your life or feel bad. This direction will make your mind to be in a calm state. So when your mind is in a calm state, you can think efficiently and sort out all the problems that you have in your life. You will be free from any stress, tensions or pressure in your life. You don't have to worry anymore about the imbalance with your life and work. Also if your partner also sleeps in the southwest direction, then it will be very easy for you to sort out your relationship problems as it will make them understand all your situations.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Geeta Sundar on 24/5/2019 

Best Direction To Sleep

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