12th Pass Govt Job for Female in India

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Government Jobs have become the notion for success and stability in our country and this has been the case for a long time now. Although getting a government job in India might be one of the toughest tasks to accomplish and the millions of candidates competing for just one seat makes the task even more daunting but that doesn’t weaken the spirits of people who are desperate to work and serve for their country. Despite all the hardships and struggle a person has to face while preparing and giving the exam, the reward of getting the job with a stable pay, job security, job satisfaction as well as the perk of getting a pension after the retirement lures them to work hard for years at a stretch. This is one area of jobs in India which has the least seats and most number of candidates. In this article, I am covering 12th Pass Govt Job for Female in India.

A 12th pass govt jobs for female means a Government job or securing a post or rank, as it is said in most government jobs, in the central government bodies, state government bodies, PSUs, PSBs or other similar bodies which do not come under private sector and are managed by the government in some way. The one thing which makes a government job slightly different than private jobs is the option it provides for general, OBC, scheduled castes, and scheduled tribes candidates. With reservations for some sectors and different cutoffs for a different sector of people in society gives everyone a kind of fair chance based on the income and their social status. There is even a notion for males and females as well so that women don’t get overlooked or misjudged in front of the males. That is why there is a lot of 12th pass govt job for female in India.

Need of Women in the Government

Even though we are living in the 21st century and the world has all developed and grown up, some parts of India are still lagging behind in the race for development. There has been numerous breakthroughs and schemes like Digital India, Smart India, and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao but still around half of the Indian families and their mindsets prevent the girls from studying for too long as they think that the sole purpose of a woman is to go and set up the home of their husband. They don’t have an identity of their own and in more cases than not, gets lost in the transition. Studying in a college then becomes a distant dream for them and an uphill battle that most girls lose to their parents. Sometimes even the situations and societal pressure can prevent them from studying as long as they would like to.

There are a lot of villages and places in India which doesn’t have a school and the even if they do, the schools are so far from the actual students that they can’t join the school even if they want to. And sometimes most of the schools don’t teach 10th and 12th which are the stepping stones for higher education anywhere. This is the reason why many of the female students study till only the 12th grade and not beyond. Another reason for women to get their own job is that they can be independent and are able to provide for not only themselves but also for their family. It has also been seen that if a woman reads and educates herself then she can collectively motivate her society and her surroundings to send more women to schools and make them literate. And since there is numerous 12th pass govt job for female available in the country the chances for female government officers at the helm of the country has increased a lot.

How to get the job

There are a lot of ways in which women can apply for various government jobs. There are jobs in which they can compete directly with males and other people for a seat of their own or can apply for jobs that are specifically made for females and target them. These jobs not only encourage women to try in the government sector and increase the representation women get in the government departments but also inspire other girls to try and reach that barrier or even cross that for a change. For until the women of this country won’t progress and reach the heights the other gender has reached, this country won’t really and truly progress.

12th Pass Govt Job for Female In India

1. Indian Armed Forces

Indian armed forces are the second largest armed forces in the world with over 1.2 million troops in an active condition and around a million reserve troops training day in and day out to show the enemy that they are ready for any battle at any time. They have been trained too ferociously and the fear of death is removed from their mindset so that they consider nothing else first but their country. The Indian Army has a lot of respect in the hearts of the people of India. They stay for quite a long stretch of time on the border or away from their homes and their families for months and even years at a time. When they come back they are received with a lot of love and gratitude from the whole society, and not just the family. A chance to be in the Indian Army and serve the flag is rewarding enough for anyone to join the army but the social status, the taste of battle, the fiery training, the steady salary, rapid transfers/postings, pension after retirement, chance to get employed in the government service again along with the thousand different benefits that come with it can persuade people to try for the Indian Army multiple times. This is a great opportunity and one of the best 12th pass govt job for female as they are encouraged every year to increase their participation and allow more of them to join their brothers in the battlefield. One can try for the army during the youth by joining the NCC and start growing their roots and knowledge.

Forms are easily available online for anyone to download and submit. The forms don’t even cost too much and some of them are free as well for SC/ST students as well as for females. This has been done to enlist more people from the lower communities and make them more strong both as an individual and as a society.

One has to adhere to the physical health requirements to be able to go further in the selection process. It would be fruitless even if you clear the written exam if you are not built according to the requirements specified by the Indian Army.

The physical test and training for the Indian Army are quite famous around the country. Students prepare for years to be able to have a chance at the physical test and actually clear the exam to become a soldier of the Indian Army.

2. Indian Police Services

When you say the word Indian Police in today’s society, most of the people will respond with either IAS or IPS jobs. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about the police - how can somebody get into the job. There are many different ways to serve your country by being a policewoman other than giving the UPSC, IAS or Civil Services exams. A person can be a constable, a warden, an intern, a fireman or anything else in a police station. There are vacancies being released every year for a lot of positions available to be taken. A 12th pass govt job for female can’t get better than this as there is a requirement of a lot of women police officers and constables in the force and they don’t ask for a special B. Tech degree or anything of the similar sort. You just need to be 12th pass student with any division. Indian Police are one of the biggest and toughest police force in the world. It is one of the oldest police force as well. Being a part of the Indian Police force is a matter of utmost respect and a reason for the sense of patriotism as it could and at most times does demand an officer or a constable to ignore or sacrifice their own life in order to save the lives of many more people she was supposed to protect.

A lot of positions are available in the Indian Police department up for grabs and their vacancies and job notifications keep coming out in different months of the year. Apart from the central government, you can apply to become a police officer in state governments as well. Seats depend on the size of the state and their availability as well.

There are a few sets of restrictions and physical requirements for both men and women to be able to get into the police department. One needs to have a certain height, weight, body build and also sharp eyesight. One needs to clear a written exam which is very tough and then needs to undergo a physical which is considered to be the toughest in the country.

3. National Seeds Corporation Limited

The National Seeds Corporation Limited is administratively controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and is wholly owned by the government of India as a Schedule ‘B’-Miniratna Category-I company. Its main job is the production of foundation and certified seeds for which it was established in 1963. Right now there are 60 crops which the NSCL is undertaking the production of around 600 variety of seeds. Its 65 Area Offices/Sub-Units along with 8 farms and 10 Regional Offices have around 12500 registered seed growers. There are around four established quality controlled labs at Bhopal, Suratgarh, Secunderabad, and Delhi which administer the quality of the seeds and also test them. There are chances of getting into the posts of Trainee Mate in Agriculture, trainee as a Data Entry Operator, trainee as a Stenographer or many other such posts after completing 12th for females. This job is primarily for Delhi and comes under Delhi Government Jobs.

This is one of the best 12th pass govt job for female as any female who has cleared 12th class is eligible to attempt this exam. Other qualifications include students from Diploma, Engineering, Law, Post Graduation and Under Graduation. The form for this job is released out in January of every year and has the last date for submission in the first week of February. Candidates can fill the form online by visiting the company's official website.

4. Central Industry Security Force (CISF)

Commonly knows as the Security Guards of India having a multitude of skill and a horde of soldiers who will sacrifice their lives without thinking even once for the security of the people of India. CISF came into existence in 1969 and has become one of the top 12th pass govt job for female in the country for the past few decades. Initially, it just gave security to Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and only had three battalions. Since then the CISF has expanded to employ more than one lakh and forty-eight thousand people and start catering to other areas too. The people who work here are responsible for the security of airports, seaports, nuclear establishments, sensitive government buildings, space installations, some power plants, and even some heritage buildings. The basic qualification needed for this post is a 12th pass so it is one of the best government jobs for females in India.

The form can be filled online from January till late February. It will cost only around Rs 100 for General and OBC people and is completely free for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

5. Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board (UP Police)

Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board is the committee responsible for hiring people in the UP police as constables, and many other posts. The vacancies come out every year and it has a lot of seats which give opportunities to an ample number of female students to secure a job in the UP government. There are some rules one needs to follow when filling up the form but they are fairly straightforward and really easy to follow. There are certain physical requirements of the body shape for both male and female candidates along with height and weight and also the maximum age limit till which a person can apply. It can prove to be a great 12th pass govt job for female living in Uttar Pradesh as well.

This year there are a total of 5419 vacancies offered by the UPPRPB for Jail Wardens and Fireman posts on which both males and females can apply.

The best thing about this job is that you need to only have a 12th class pass certificate to able to apply for this post and get a chance to earn the job. It doesn’t require any graduation.

One can submit the form by filling the form online and depositing a nominal fee of Rs 400 for the application form. There is no relaxation for OBC or SC/ST students in this job. There is a total of 5419 posts out of which there are 626 seats for females in the Jail Warden Post. The other posts include Constable on a Horse and Fireman.

6. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER)

JIPMER(Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research)is not only a college for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and training but is also a working hospital that provides inexpensive care to a number of people in Pondicherry or Puducherry. It comes under the control of the Ministry of Health and Familly Welfare, Government of India and the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). Although it is funded by the central government of India, it works autonomously without the interference of any external agency. JIPMER has the ability to enrol 150 undergraduate students every year along with 200 postgraduate students. This is one of the most unique 12th pass govt job for female as they can not only start working and earning money as a nurse right after clearing the 12th standard but also can study further to become a professional and maybe a faculty in the college or elsewhere.

There are some 70 openings this year in JIPMER for the positions of Nursing Officer, Technical Assistant, Junior Hindi Translator and many more.

The cost for the form is Rs 1500 for general and OBC students and 1200 for SC and ST students. Physically Handicapped candidates can get the form for free and this form is also available Online to make things easier and faster for all.

The jobs are for different categories, like category B and category C. There is a maximum/upper age limit of 35 years for most of the positions.

7. Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL)

Air India is India’s premier and the proud airline which provides both domestic as well as international flights to thousands of people on a daily basis. It has the biggest MRO in India which serves as the perfect place to get all the engineering requirements fulfilled. It comes under the purview of CAR-145 and is approved by the DGCA which carries the nomination and acceptance of additional managers who are experienced enough and competent for the job. It aims to be self-reliant in Preventive Maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance, Inspections or required Alterations as well as an overhaul of aero engines and specialized services, NDT and accessories etc. They require a lot of people to maintain their various infrastructures like Base, Line, Engine, Component Overhaul and Accessories Overhaul making it a suitable 12th pass govt job for female who have the knowledge of science and also have an interest in aviation and engineering.

There are 70 job vacancies for the posts in the government of Kerala and Maharastra.

The qualification of a person decides the eligibility for the post he/she is applying for. There are posts for 10th pass, 12th pass and B. Tech graduated engineers depending on their level of expertise and knowledge.

The form is filled online and costs just Rs 1000 for General and OBC candidates, whereas it is free for SC/ST and Ex-Servicemen. The form is generally made available in the second week of January for about a month from the release date.

There is a maximum age limit of about 55-60 years depending on what post you have applied for and which candidate category you belong to. A person needs to give an interview after a rigorous short-listing process and must have cleared the 12th class with PCM( Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics).

8. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

JNU is probably one of the most famous and well-known university in India hence it makes for one of the best places for a 12th pass govt job for female. It has a rich history along with a promising future which increases the reputation of a job in this prestigious university. Apart from studying, a 12th pass student can also apply for a job in this university granted that the posts that he/she is applying for has some vacancies left and the university is actively hiring as well. It was made as a centre for education and preservation of noble ideas in the minds of students enrolled in it so that they don’t just study the curriculum but go on to become great personalities and future leaders of the country and the world. For the thousands of students who get educated under this university, there is a requirement of a few technical and teaching staff who regulate discipline and ensure proper growth of the student.

Right now there are about 70 vacancies available in the JNU for the Delhi Government. These are for different roles and different posts.

The qualifications are bare minimum as some roles require you to be just a 10th pass while some ask for a 12th pass qualification and nothing more to be able to sit in the exam. The cost of the form is Rs 500 for general and OBC whereas it is absolutely free for SC/ST/PWD and females as well. This is why it is one of the best 12th pass govt job for female.

The form is available online for a month right after the new year starts for roles like a personal assistant, stenographer, junior assistant-cum-typist and office assistant. The maximum age limit is 35 years but there can be relaxation given to some people by the government for special cases.

9. Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)

A job in the Indian Railways might just be the most sought after job position for the youth of India for a long time. Not only is the job really prestigious and glorious, but it also demands high dedication from the employees and asks for them to work in really tough conditions, places and timings, sometimes with a little risk for their life too. All these challenges and difficulties make the job more satisfying and give that much-appreciated recognition to the person doing it as well. This is a very good 12th pass govt job for female in India. If a woman gets employed in the Indian Railways then she would be working in a mostly male-dominated industry and this makes a lot of waves and noise for the females all around the country. Young girls will grow up dreaming that a job in railways for them is also possible. Indian Railways is the fourth largest railways in the world according to its size and it covers over a hundred and twenty thousand kilometres of land in this country. More than 10 million people travel by the Indian Railways on any particular day. This vastness and busy nature of the Indian Railways along with a high dependence on manual labour and human control makes it one of the most employee-driven industries in this country. The Indian Railways recruit more than a lakh people every year during different drives for various different positions and roles.

Forms come out around the year for various different jobs in the Indian Railways and contain different criteria and requirements along with a different number of seats as well.

Almost all the jobs are for males and females alike but some require just males as of now. There isn’t much difference in respect to the selection of candidates as all have to go through a standard and common entrance exam followed by a rigorous shortlisting.

The cost of different forms is different and also depends on your gender and caste as well. All the forms can be filled online without any difficulty and now most of the exams can be given online as well.

10. Clerk Job in the Indian Government

When you hear the word ‘clerk’ you might not attach the job with much respect or appreciation but in reality, clerks are one the most important roles of many industries and companies. The clerks work freely without any interruptions or delays. They are the people that manage the work of their seniors in an order that makes it easier to understand not only for them but for others as well. This ensures smooth working of the company even when the work gets piled up over and over, as is the case in most of the government offices right now. Being a good clerk and obtaining a good clerical position in the respective office also opens a door for promotion and other top jobs later in your career. Clerical jobs are more suited towards females as there is no on-site work in this and most of the work involves sitting on a desk and working on a computer. These skills can be easily learned while on the job as well that is why students can look at this as a great 12th pass govt job for female in the country. There are a lot of different areas under the Indian Government where you can land your dream job and it doesn’t require that high qualification from the candidates. Just a simple 10th or 12th pass student or any graduate degree is enough to apply for these top jobs. You can aim to work in the central government, the state government, in a public school or something in the aviation sector, courts and even governmental banks as per their requirement.

Forms keep on coming out at different times of the year for different posts and different roles. You should be updated by regularly checking the official government sites about the job as well as other job portals online so that you can get notified as soon as a job is posted online.

Almost all the clerical jobs require just a 10th or 12th pass certificate and nothing more. There is no requirement of completing a diploma or be a graduate to able to apply and sit for these jobs. First, a written exam is conducted which is followed by various different processes for different roles. There is no discrimination or selective selection as both the males and females get the same opportunity to get the job.

How to Prepare for Govt Jobs

Cracking the entrance exam for various different government jobs is infinitely harder than it seems. Many students prepare for a year or more and make multiple attempts for various positions, just to get rejected every time. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and persistence to be able to clear the written exam and advance to the next round. Keeping this in mind it is really important that an aspirant does his or her preparations carefully and with full dedication to increase their chances of getting shortlisted. A 12th pass govt job for female doesn’t come easily and would require a lot of practice, studying, late night preparations, going to faraway places to give the exam, staying at filthy small houses so that you can be near to the centre and much more struggles that one can’t even think about.

In order to pass all the hurdles and land a job in the government sector, you need to be adept with all the rules and process of selection from the beginning to the end. There are a lot of different exams one can give for many kinds of roles but the selection process for most of them remains somewhat almost the same. You should be familiar with the details of the form, the important dates, the exam pattern for the role you are applying for, the whole syllabus and also the previous year's results and papers. These things will give you an insight about how the exam goes, what is asked in the papers, how you can manage the time well and at last how to clear the exam. First of all, there is a preliminary written exam, then a main written exam followed by a personal interview and a physical or medical test depending on the post.

The written exams can be cleared with thoughtful preparations, practice and mock tests, polish the concepts you have learned so far, repeat them so that they get cemented in your brain, practice them again and again and focus on your academics more. A preliminary written exam is the first hurdle and the most important one, as nothing else will matter if you are unable to clear this exam first. Clearing the preliminary written test will get you to the main written exam which is even tougher and has questions which are more related to the job that you are trying for and are not just based on general knowledge. These exams test your language capability as well, mostly for both English and Hindi. This is followed by a personal interview which is the most crucial part of the process. Aspirants should give a lot of mock interviews to make themselves prepared for the interviews. Be updated with the latest news and happening around the country and around the world as much as possible. Interviewers generally see what you are capable of, whether you have knowledge about the world or not and whether you are interested in knowing about your surroundings. Be sound about the topics that you studied in the written exam because it can also come up in the interviews. Read the job description of the post for which you will give the interview and also read about the post and the department responsible for the post. It will give you a good insight into the task you’d have to do if you are selected and will also give you an idea about what kind of questions they would ask. Be confident about yourself during the interview as the panellists are quite experienced in taking these interviews and will instantly recognize if you are confident or not.

The last step is the physical/medical test in which everything from your strength, determination, endurance, stamina, eyesight, and health is checked and tested to determine whether you will survive the onsite job and tasks or not. This test is quite different for different posts but has a lot of similarities with certain medical tests for different jobs like the army or police. There are a lot of institutes all around the country which provide coaching and prepare students to clear the written exam along with the physical tests and interviews so that they can do justice to the posts after getting selected.

How to Clear the Exam on Your Own

Most of the 12th pass govt job for female are really hard to crack and need a lot of preparation and practice to crack. This is the reason there are so many coaching institutes in the country which help students to clear the exam. Not everyone can afford to go to these coaching centres for a lot of different reasons. Like, they are too costly for no reason, have timings which can be hard to follow if you have a regular job or something else to attend to and can also be really far from the place a student lives so that they can join the institute to attend the classes. Here are some tips if you want to clear the tests at home without spending a lot on coaching centres including the hoax ones which guarantee 100% placements:

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